A Dream That Was Reality

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So we are in my apartment….that I get later on in life and we are sitting on the couch watching TV and I don’t really know what we are watching. I am rubbing your dick through your pants and you are starting to blow in and kiss my ear and neck. I turn and give you a look that says grab me and never let go. So you go in for a deep tongue kiss and we make out on the couch and grope and prod at each other trying to take our clothes off.
We get our shirts off and I throw you off of me and say hey be right back you are looking at me sad and I run into my room and grab the black thong with pink bows and the bra that matches it. I grab the stockings and the garter belt and I run to the bathroom I put everything on…spray some perfume and I walk out in my getup with my black stilettos and say hey good looking…you turn and your mouth just drops you leap from the couch and grab me and push me up against the wall and start kissing up and down my breasts and neck and start caressing me all over.
I pull you up and I tease you a bit with my tongue then I dart into your mouth and we passionately kiss as you caress my ass and breasts, you gently give my ass a squeeze, then I pull away and walk over to my drawer and pull out the dildo we bought and I wave it at you and give you a smile that beckons you closer.
We kiss passionately again and you throw me on the bed and jump on top and start kissing me up and down all over….you are so turned on by the outfit that you rip my thong off and my stilettos because sex with them on might hurt. You lower your hand to my now very wet pussy and tease my opening and my clit.
I moan in happiness and I beckon for you to plunge your fingers into me…you must feel that I want them so you plunge one finger in and go in an out fast, then you put the second one in and twirl them both making me moan louder. Then you shove in the third one and rapidly go in and out, then you plunge in that fourth one and I am full so you twirl and plunge in deeper making me almost scream then you pull out and tease my clit making me squirm.
Then you start kissing me up to my breasts and then bring your fingers to my mouth so I can taste how wet I am. I suck on the four fingers you put in me and you go wild so you kiss my lips and nibble on them and kiss your way back down to my pussy and then you start to tease my opening with your tongue then before I know it you plunge your tongue into my wet pussy and start lapping up my juices and darting in and out making me scream in ecstasy.
You start licking my clit making me squirm and moan louder. then you kiss all the way back up to my mouth and dart your tongue in and out of my mouth letting me taste my self in every lick, you shove your tongue deeper into my mouth and meet mine and we kiss passionately again and you reach behind me and grab buttons and take my bra off and lick and nibble my breasts making me moan.
Then you come up and look at me with a look of oooooo your in for a great ride
you grab the dildo and lube it up and then you lube up my ass and gently push the dildo in and out making me moan louder and I yell faster so you move the dildo in and out faster making me scream then you push the dildo all the way in and leave it there…You take off your pants and your boxers and position yourself near my hole and start to tease me and I cry after a few teases that I want you so you shove it in deep all the way to my cervix.
You plunge in and out hard and fast and slow and gentle making it exciting because you change the pace of everything. Then you ram in harder making me scream so loudly that my body begins to buckle and I cum all over your dick but you haven’t yet in me so you whip it out and tell me to bend over the bed and you ram it in and go faster and harder again making me scream, you pull out again and tell me to get on all fours and you fuck me from behind. The pleasure is so great I cum once more all over your dick.
You pull out and lower your head to taste my juices, you lap and lick and then smile and turn me sideways and fuck me that way till we both cum at the same time. You reach over and grab the dildo and maneuver it to my pussy and start fucking me in and out with it
I grab at your dick and begin to suck on it and run my hand up and down your shaft making you moan as I moan louder. You become hard again…this time you lube up your dick and then my ass again and you leave the dildo in my pussy as you plunge deep into my ass making me scream as you move in and out. You fuck me there for awhile then you pull out place your dick between my boobs and begin to fuck them till you cum all over my breasts and into my mouth. I lick you clean and we collapse in each others arms.

~more on the way~

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