A Fantasy Craving Reality

A Fantasy Craving Reality

He walked into the bar that afternoon and sat near the door. From his view he could see every seat in the room. He ordered his beer and leaned back in the high saloon chair to look around. He saw her through the bar pass-through window sitting in the dance hall, and she was looking straight at him. She had watched him from when he first came into the bar and sat down. He smiled at her, and she returned it with a slight wave of her hand. Neither of them moved from their seats, yet their eyes stayed steady on one another.

She pulled a lollypop from her pocket and unwrapped it slowly, watching him. She put the red round candy on her tongue and moved it slowly around, getting it wet, before wrapping her lips fully on it and sucking it deliberately in and out of her mouth. He watched her, their eyes locked on one another until the candy was gone, and she had only the stick left in her hand.

He stood and walked towards the doorway leading into the dance hall, and once through, he saw her slipping out the main door to the outside, her head turned back to look at him, her eyes beckoning him to follow. He trailed behind her to her car at the end of the row of parked cars in front of the bar. She leaned her back against her car, her legs spread and arms stretched across the length of the car roof.

When he came to her, she pulled him in towards her body, his chest and hips being hastily propelled against her. She reached up to his face and kissed him, the cherry candy flavor still on her tongue mixing in his mouth and washing over his tongue. She hadn’t kissed him the last time they saw one another, so she wanted to make up for that loss. She kissed him hard and long, holding his back, pulling him tight to her body. He reached down with his left hand between the car and her back and took hold of her ass, pulling her up hard against his now firm and turned on cock. His other hand covertly found her left tit, trying to hide his move from anyone who might be looking from the street.

They finished their kiss, though their tight embrace did not fade.
“Oh, I want you again,” she breathed into his ear. “Did you keep tonight open for me?”
“What do you think?” he replied. “I want you again too.”
She smiled at him with a tilt to her head, “Why wait till tonight?”
She slipped her hand down to her car door handle and opened it. He went around to the passenger side and got in.

They drove to the mountain, and off onto a dirt road away from the main highway. As they drove, he teased her, reaching over to her tits and hardened nipples. His caresses and squeezes made it a little difficult to drive, but she managed. He took her hand and pulled it to his crotch, now bulging at the zipper. After a moment of her pressured massage his jeans couldn’t contain his cock any longer so he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and let himself out completely. She gripped him tightly in her fingers, and wanted to quickly find a place to stop the car.

“Turn into this spot in the trees.” He said.
She parked the car, and pulled a large soft baby-blue blanket from the back seat. “I knew you would save tonight for me, so I came prepared!” she said with a giggle. She got out of the car and ran into the shadowed forest that surrounded them.

He again found himself following her, she was always leading him on. He walked through the trees not quite sure which way she had run off to. He saw a wave of blue through the dense trees, and saw she was laying the blanket out onto a bed of soft pine needles. She stood still waiting for him to join her in the secret retreat of the forest.

When he came upon her she took hold of his shirt buttons and began to undo them, her eyes locked onto his. Once his shirt was off, she got down onto her knees and pulled down his already opened jeans, pulling them down to his shoes.

“Your shoes and pants are coming all the way off this time…” and she quickly added, “but that can wait a bit.”

She took his long thick cock in her hand, and leaning upward she began to softly move it across her face and lips, her tongue occasionally and slowly jutting out of her mouth to taste it, and to tease it. Finally, like the lollypop, she placed the head of his cock onto her tongue and moved it around, she moved her tongue all around it, getting it wet all over and under its rim. She wrapped her lips softly around its fullness, and slowly sucked him into her mouth, pulling him in deeper and deeper till the length of his cock was fully wet and slid easily in and out of her lips.

She held his hips and ass and began to move her head back and forth, sucking him in and out of her throat, more quickly now, and he began to quietly moan with his enjoyment. Soon, she was sucking hard and fast, reaching up to his tightening balls and cradling them gently in her hand. His knees began to tremble with every sigh he made, his head feeling light, and high.

He felt tingles in his legs and back as she sucked him, slurping him in and out, and his cock began to quiver inside. After what seemed a long time of her unending lollypop he finally held her head and pulled her off. He fell to his knees and then onto his butt and then his back, feeling like the world was spinning around him. He just couldn’t stand any longer.

She licked her lips and smiled, spinning in her own pleasure as well. She stood and began to remove her dress and shoes. She layed her clothes next to the blanket and began to remove his shoes and pants. Stretching out beside him and onto her back, she looked up into the trees and licked her lips again. He was so delicious to her.

He rolled up onto his elbow and wrapped his arm around her, then moved his hand across her hard nipples, slowly letting them rub through his fingers. He groaned deeply and grabbed both tits together in his hands and shoved them into his mouth, moving from one to the other fast, trying to take both of them into his mouth at the same time. He was on top of her now, his stiff cock rubbing between her thighs. He gave up on two at the same time and settled for the fullness of one tit filling his mouth, while he gripped the other tightly in his hand, pulling her nipples with his teeth and his fingers at the same time.

He kissed and licked up to her neck, then kissed her, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth. He moved up to let his cock rub onto her belly, and she held it against her stomach with her hands, tightly stroking it up and down. He moved down to her tits again, licking them all around and sucking again on the nipples, moving down to her belly.

She moved with eagerness and excitement, as he reached his lips to her thighs, pulling her knees up on either side of his head. She moaned quietly knowing what was coming.

He began to lick her pussy, slowly, calculatingly, knowing that licking her with his mouth open to let the cool air touch her pussy as well made her squirm with intense pleasure. He moved his tongue up the length of the inside of her lips, and then back down to do it again. She tasted good to him, and he opened his mouth to envelope her pussy fully in his mouth. He drove his tongue hard into her, in and out, and then against her clit, moving it hard back and forth with his tongue, and then back inside her again. He ate her intensely and with passion, tasting every bit of her wetness. She moaned and cried out with each wave of obsession until the joyous sting deep inside her cunt let loose, and she came with full delight. She thrust her hips up into the air pulling his face upwards and she savored the orgasm completely. He continued to eat and lick until his throbbing cock would wait no more.
He moved up towards her face and kissed her hard again, moving his tongue deep into her mouth allowing her to taste the residue of her wetness and cum still in his mouth. She pulled her legs up around his hips, feeling t
he warmth of his cock rubbing against her moist cunt, until it set itself head first a
gainst her. He plunged his cock into her open hole, and slipped it back out again slowly, then hard and fast again, thrusting deeper into her, then out, then in deep and hard. He began to move quicker, pulling himself up onto his hands, and onto his knees slightly. Soon the rhythm was set in motion as she too began to jut her hips up towards him, and they moved together, meeting one another in a loud slap with every thrust.

Having already got off previously, she was primed and ready to orgasm again, and was already on her way. she cried out, and whimpered and breathed heavy with each flutter of joy running through her pussy and stomach. She held her tits in her hands tight, then reached her fingertips to him, softly running her nails down his chest as she let out a scream of joy, letting each pulse of pleasure fill her entire body.

Now it was his turn finally. He pulled out of her and took hold of her hips, jerking her onto her side and then her stomach. He pulled her ass upward and she got onto her hands and knees. He shoved his cock back into her and began to pump her fast and hard as she violently rocked back and forth against him. He felt the quivers coming as his balls tightened even more, and then driving his cock as deep as he could go inside of her he let loose his surge of cum, letting the entirety of his orgasm swarm him fully with enjoyment. His moans were deep and quiet, and she knew he was as melted in satisfaction as she was.

After the final wave of trembling tingles left him he slid out of her, leaving her dripping of his cum. He layed out onto the blanket and she fell forward onto her stomach beside him. They lay quietly for a while, just looking at one another.

She smiled, and finally said, “So, are you still keeping tonight open for me?”

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