A Great Ride

I had just gotten a new motorcycle and my wife and I decided to take a 2 day trip on it and just to get away. We have an average sex life and played the games a few times in the past but for the past few years it has become somewhat routine.

We packed a couple sets of jeans, tee shirts hit the road. It was a typical summer week and the ride was wonderful. As the miles from home got more and more she would occasionally slide her hands up and down my back, tickle my neck, reach around for a quick feel.

As the day became dark we found a nice little town, stopped got a room , cleaned up, changed and rode to a little bar which also had a few bikes parked outside. The place served food so we ordered and began to drink some cold beers. It was the typical small town place and being new people would stop by to talk and of course talk about bikes. The bikers were great and the evening progressed to where my wife was actually pretty well drunk.

When she is drunk she flirts quite a lot which actually turns me on. The guys were flirting back and I’d catch a sneak hug or whisper.

She wanted to dance and I didn’t so one guy offered to dance with her. As the slow song played they danced and I watched as he would grind into her pussy and kiss her neck, his hands would cup her ass pulling her into him. She responded and I watched.

There were four of them and one asked if it was okay and I said “of course, have fun”. Each guy danced with her and she actually began grinding back into their erect cocks as they danced. When the songs ended and they came back to the table to have another drink I suggested they follow us back to our room to continue the party.  My wife offered no resistance at all to this suggestion and off we went.

Once back at the room, one guy got ice, they pulled out more beer and I turned on the radio. We sat around and I said “Honey why don’t you dance for us?”

She smiled and began to dance very sexily for us, the guys were loving it. I asked her if she was “hot” and she said “yes” so I suggested she remove her top. She began to slowly unbutton her top and let it slide from her shoulders. The guys voiced their approval for her 36D’s and white sheer bra.

She massaged her breasts and reached behind her to unsnap her bra and let it fall from her exposing her erect hard 3/4″ long nipples. One guy asked me if I was okay with all this and I said “hell man we are on vacation” At this time he grabbed her to kiss her and another guy unsnapped and lowered her jeans and then her panties leaving her exposed to us all.

She looked at me and I smiled and nodded.

The guys all started to remove their clothes leaving her to see different sizes and shapes of hard cocks. One had about a 9″ cock and the others were 6-7″ range. I was loving this and disrobed also. She was led to and laid out on the bed, then surrounded by 5 men, all rigid and ready to fuck her.

One guy parted her legs exposing her wet open pussy. She was moved where she was sideways on the bed so her head was tilted back and pussy ready for whomever wanted her. One stood in front of her face and put the tip of his cock to her lips. As if on command her lips opened and he slid his cock in her mouth. He then began to mouth fuck her, she grabbed out to another cock and was masturbating that one.

The man between her legs got down and placed the head of his cock at her pussy and just drove it hard into her making her gasp out loud. She began to  moan out loud as he began to fuck her hard. It didn’t take either man long before they were spurting cum inside my wife’s pussy and mouth.

As fast as this was over with two more took over. One guy laid on the bed and literally lifted my wife up and down on his erection, she came immediately and ground down on it. He grabbed her head and pulled her face down to kiss her which she eagerly did.

This left her asshole exposed to the others, one guy spit on her hole and put his finger in her ass as she squealed her approval. He withdrew his finger and as she was on the other cock he slid his cock into her asshole and drove it deep. She went wild and was fucking both cocks at the same time, her head lifted and it found a hard cock waiting to be sucked.

I watched as one was fucking her ass, one her pussy and one her mouth. As the men stroked her she was nuts with pure sexual want. When one would cum in her she demanded another. It was a weird night as it went on.

One guy placed a chair in the floor, got her up placed her arms over the top, her knees on the seat and he fucked her ass as we all watched and then a guy would stand in front of her as she sucked him until he filled her mouth.

My wife had cum leaking from all her orifices and it ran down her chin and over her breasts. She just kept on fucking as long as they wanted. I had her pussy, her ass and came all over her face that night. It was about 3-4 hours of pure fucking before the guys tired and left.

The next day she complained all day about her pussy and ass hurting while we rode but never said she regretted it. Now she loves to go on our 2-3 days outings.

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