a meeting with sir part3

I heard his footsteps go down the stairs. Omg the vibrator restarted. There was someone else in the room. Hello I whispered who you are. The person did not answer. The buzz from the vibrator got closer. I felt a wet tongue flick over my nipples oh god that feels good. I opened my legs to receive the vibrator I was in heaven. This was so exciting and so horny. I heard footsteps on the stairs then I heard sir walk into the room. The buzz stopped. SLAPPPPPPPP. I told you not to speak unless I spoke to you. I never spoke I protested. SLAPPPPPPPP. If you want this to continue you better start doing as you are told. God I want to cum so bad that I would have done anything. I’m very sorry sir I did speak to your friend and im very sorry sir. My hands were released from the cuffs and I was led a few steps. Turn around and sit on the bed that is right behind you I was told. I sat on the bed.mmmmmmm this is going to be good I thought a lovely 3 some. A cock brushed my lips and I eagerly took it in my mouth. A pair of hands came from behind me and started playing with my boobs. I want you to lays back and open your legs sir demanded. My god the wet tongue felt good this was an expert working my clit. Sir asked if I was enjoying the experience? I don’t want the evening to end sir. He stuck his hard cock into my mouth and I sucked eagerly. I am going to swap places with my friend I was told. I just want to be fucked sir I told him. All in good time was the reply. The friend came away from my throbbing clit. That was very good sir. I’m glad you liked he said. I felt the friend come onto the bed their knees were place either side of my shoulder. Ok sir said I want you to raise your head slowly. Omg I screamed it’s a female we have had a female with us all the time. I tasted her warm pussy and licked her clit. Sir entered his throbbing cock into my wet soppy pussy. You can remove the blindfold now if you wish. I whipped off the blindfold and looked up to see a blonde woman looking down at me with the biggest grin I think I have ever seen. This was so unreal I told her she had a great tongue and that I really enjoyed her. Sir stopped fucking me and came and sat on the bed next to us. We just looked at each other and burst out laughing. The rest of the night was spent fucking and licking in every way possible. The night has never been repeated but I still think about it and have a quiet little play with my self thinking about it

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