A Night Out with Luke

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We decided to go out to a local club and watch our friend’s band play. Luke had had a rough day at work, and the loud music and a few drinks were exactly what we both needed. We sat towards the back of the club in a booth with our friends. The music washed over us and we relaxed easily into conversation and our drinks. Luke and I have always been friends more so than lovers. We both sat there talking, and having had enough liquid courage throughout the evening, I decided it would be fun to play with him a bit. I started telling him a story that included parts where it was absolutely necessary to touch him. I started by just placing my hand on his shoulder, and without losing my place in the story, continued on. My hand slid down the middle of his chest and down his stomach, stopping at his belt. He tensed a bit, not knowing what I was going to do next or what my intention was. I know he saw the look in my eye, the mischievous look I always get when I’m playing with someone. As I concluded my story, my hand fell to his thigh, we both laughed and fell into a silence. After waiting a couple of seconds to see what he would do next, I moved my hand and finished my drink.

Thinking I had toyed with him enough to prove my point, and that I had the upper hand in the situation, I was pretty proud of myself. He suggested we leave, and as we gathered our things and walked outside, it was only then we noticed that it was raining in a torrential downpour. We jogged towards his truck, getting soaked in the process, as there was really nothing we could do about it. Halfway there, he reached out and grabbed my arm, and pulled me into a dark corner of a building near the parking lot. He pushed me against the brick wall, pinning me with his body and keeping his face only inches from mine. I was completely startled by this, thinking I was the one making all the moves that night and he was only playing along. Apparently, I was wrong.

Just feeling him laying against me, feeling his breath getting heavier as we stared at each other and anticipated what was coming next, drove me crazy. I just stared into his eyes, seeing who was going to make the next move. Who would lose their self-control first? The anticipation was too much and I leaned forward and kissed him roughly, with him diving into the kiss with as much enthusiasm as me. His hands started groping my body through my wet clothes, the rain still pouring down on us. I grabbed at his shirt, his shoulders, his ass, anything I could to pull him closer to me. I felt his hands tracing over my breasts, circling around my hardened nipples and down my stomach, then back up to my breasts under my shirt. He kept teasing my nipples, pulling, twisting, circling, until I could feel each sensation rocket through my body and my pussy started getting more wet with each touch.

I could feel him harden through his jeans and I touched him as he kissed me, groaning into our kiss when I touched him exactly how he wanted. I knew where all of this was headed and knew we wouldn’t be able to finish it where we were, so I pushed him away and told him we needed to get to his place fast. We finished running to his truck and started driving back to his house. Unable to keep my hands to myself, I reached over the seat and started rubbing his dick, making him hard as a rock, as he drove. He tried to smack my hand away, but I’d reach over again, hearing him moan in approval of what I was doing to him. I unzipped his jeans, reached inside and started lightly tracing his head with my fingers. We came to a quick stop and he threw it in park immediately. Instead of reaching over, he got out and started to walk over to my side of the truck. My door flew open, but he blocked me from getting out. He pulled me to the edge of the bench seat, and stood between my legs, pulling my hair back and biting my neck. His hands went all over my body again, playing with my breasts, sliding down my stomach and between my legs, feeling how wet I was because of him.

He unzipped my pants and slid them down to the ground, pushed me back so I was laying across the seat and licked my stomach. He looked me in the eyes as he inched lower, licking and sucking my inner thighs and then barely moving his tongue over my pussy. He spread me wider and took a long, slow lick across my clit, sending shockwaves through my body. He’d lick me slow and easy and then faster with more intensity and then back to slow and easy, driving me crazy. His middle finger slid inside me easily and as he slid it in and out, he added another finger and then another. I began to feel as if the world was spinning, the fireworks building from my toes and then rocketing the waves to the top of my head. I grabbed the dash to steady myself as my orgasm kept washing over me.

He stood up slowly, licking his lips and I could see his chin was dripping with my juices. He pulled me out of the truck, made me turn around so my back was towards him and pushed me forward so my ass was right there for him. He rubbed himself against me, and I could feel how ready he was. Without much warning he slammed his cock inside my pussy, as I gasped at how good he felt inside me. He waited to move, letting me adjust to him, and then he started to fuck me, sliding all the way out and then entering me again. He did this over and over, and I started begging him to fuck me harder and give me more. He took his time, making sure he kept control and I was losing it. He grabbed my hips and kept me from moving on his cock. He controlled how fast and how deep. He increased his speed but kept pounding into me, and I could feel him fill me each time. Keeping one hand on my hip, he reached his other hand down between my legs and started fingering my clit again. In seconds, I was cumming again, shaking and squeezing my pussy around his cock. He came inside of me shortly after, and held himself inside of me as we both came down. He laid on top of me, his breathing still labored and deep. Finally, he slipped out of me and he pulled me up so I was standing against him again. Without trying to get dressed for the walk inside, he pulled me along to continue our games indoors…

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