A Rainy Night Gets Even Wetter

She stood on the pavement across from his office, attempting to shelter in the shop doorway from the heavy rainfall. The light was shining out of his office window, so she knew that he was still there. He had been a late meeting and she waited for the last people to leave. She didn’t have to wait long thankfully. The rain was starting to seep through her coat to her skin underneath, and she felt goose pimples starting to cover her body. It wasn’t with the cold though, she knew that, because she had hardly noticed it. In fact her body felt on fire. It was from the anticipation of what was to come in a few short moments. Pulling the coat closer round her body, she ran swiftly across the road and then through the main door, making sure to lock it behind her. Up the stairs she went, slowly to avoid any noise which would indicate her arrival. She wanted to surprise her lover. Slowly she walked down the corridor, pausing momentarily outside his office door. Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she knocked. “Cm’in” was the reply. She turned the handle on the door, and as she did so she notice the tremble in her hand. As she entered the room, he raised his head from the work he was completing and looked at her. His immediate recognition and the warmness that flooded his face, showed how pleased he was to see her. “Hello Baby,” she said. “Am I interrupting you?” “No Issy, I had just about finished” he said grinning at her like a Cheshire cat. She walked over to Shane and just as he was about to rise from his seat, she put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him back down. Then bending forward, she took his face in her hands and kissed him. The kiss was light on the lips but at the same time extremely sensual. Still kissing him she knelt down between his legs and removing her hands from his face, started to fumble with the fly in his trousers. He gently moved her hands away and undid the zip himself. Her hand then masterfully slipped inside his underwear where it caressed his hardening cock through the fabric of his trousers, before releasing it out. As she looked upon it she saw that the head has risen out from inside the foreskin. Slowly she started to stroke the length of his shaft, feeling the heat of it and then after only a few short strokes the head was glistening with precum. A lover of precum she bent down and with her tongue licked the head clean. Her already laboured breathing and strong sensations between her legs told that she was very aroused.Shane threw his head back closing his eyes and groaned. He groaned even louder as she took as much of the length of his cock into her mouth as she was able. Holding firmly on the base of his cock she worked her mouth up and down the top two thirds of his cock as her hand worked on the bottom third, wanking him into her mouth. She could feel the base of his thick shaft bulge with cum.She felt the weight of his hand on the back of her head, as Shane regulated the speed of her movement to what he wanted and at the same time edging his cock deeper within the recess of her mouth. He wanted to feel the tip of his cock hit the back of her throat, as she expertly could deep throated him. She looked up, whilst still working away on him and their eyes locked. Signals passed between their eyes, signals that only pass between two totally compatible lovers. Issy stood to remove the coat, which until now she hadn’t realised was soaked through. She slowly unbuttoned it without taking her eyes of Shane, who had now taken over stroking his cock. Under the coat Isobel wore nothing but her underwear. Before he even touched the crotch of her panties Shane could see the state of arousal she was in, by merely looking at her raised and hard nipples, which like his cock earlier were straining against the fabric. He watched the droplets of rain drip from her wet hair and run slowly down from her shoulders, over her chest and soak through her bra. The water had made the bra transparent and he could see the dark circles of her nipples. Shane stood up and walked the couple of paces towards her. Reaching down he slipped his hand between her thighs and gradually worked it up to her panties. He could feel the dampness of them and pressing firmly felt the outline of her pussy lips and with a little probing, her hardened clit. He removed his hand and raised it towards his face in order to breathe in the smell of her off his fingers. He loved her sex smell, the smell of the pussy he was going to enter, fuck and cum in.Reaching round behind her back he undid her bra and slowly slipped it off her shoulders and down her arms, exposing her breasts with their hardened brown nipples. He lowered his head and took each one in turn into his mouth, rolling his tongue around the nipple buds and gently biting them with his teeth. She moaned and instinctively touched her pussy. Standing straight again, he slipped a thumb in either side of her panties and slowly slipped them down over her thighs to her ankles. Issy slipped her feet out allowing Shane to take them and press them to his face, taking them into his mouth, before slipping them into his trouser pocket. Standing again, he then took a step back in order to take in the full vision of her fantastic nakedness and only then did he spot his initials shaved into her pussy hair, marking it as his, and only his, territory. He traced the along the initials with his finger, looking into her eyes and smiling at her. Issy was too far gone to smile back. She was ready. He took hold of her waist and turned her body round so that she could sit on the edge of the desk, resting one leg up on a chair. Shane started to undress, as Isobel slowly caressed and tweaked her nipples. Now naked too, his heavy cock strained in front of him as he knelt in front of her. He then fingered her, parting the lips of her pussy with the insertion and looking at her light brown triangle of pubic hair. The heat and wetness enveloped him and his cock strained. She groaned deeper as he pleasured her. He knew that she needed oral by this stage. He moved in and licked her public hair, then tracing his tongue along her slit. He loved the taste and smell of her sex juices. His probing thick tongue then caressed her clit with gentle circular motions, before sliding it up her cunt. Back to her clit his slick tongue roamed, drawing it out enabling him to gently suck it between his lips. Doing so he pushed two fingers into her cunt and started working them in and out, in and out while he played and bit the large clitoris sticking out of her pussy. As he finger fucked her, she writhed and pumped him. He pushed a third finger in and she let out a deep gasp, as her pussy hole was stretched wider. Issy lent back against her hands and pushed her cunt harder against Shane’s face, rubbing herself around his tongue and urging him to fuck her harder with his fingers. He could feel the muscles of her cunt wall tighten round his fingers and tire them with her in and out thrustings. He was going to fuck her now and so pulled his fingers out to do so. Shane stood up taking his hard cock in his hand and rubbing his hardness along the length of her pussy lips, he coated himself with her juices. Positioning his cock at the entrance of her cunt, he took hold of her hips and viciously thrust himself into her in one movement as far as he could go, before pulling almost out and squeezing it back in again. Each thrust was getting harder and more forceful, taking her breath away each time. She pushed out against him, wanting his cock as deep inside her as was physically possible. With each invasion of her cunt, he uttered a deep grunt, so deep it must have started in his groin. As the intensity and speed of their fucking got faster he suddenly withdrew. Isobel let out a gasp of disappointment and uttered breathlessly, “No, baby don’t”

He turned her round with her back to him. She gasped knowing what he was going to do next to her. A mix of trepidation and eagerness swept her in equal measure.

Pressing her head down in the desk he opened her legs and stepped between the
m. Holdin
g his cock in his hand, he rubbed it up and down the length of her crack, coating it with more love juice before positioning it at the entrance of her ass. He placed the palm of each hand flat against her buttocks and pushed them apart in order to open her ass a little more. As he did this he eased the head of his cock into her, which was aided by the fact that he was well lubricated with her pussy juice. She let out a cry as the delicious pain was swiftly swept away by the arousal. He wanted to gauge how deep she wanted him so he remained still in her. The feeling of having him inside her tight ass but not moving, was driving Issy crazy with desire and so she pushed back against him taking his rock hard rod half way into her. Shane was over come with the need to pump her hard again and gripping her hips tightly, with his fingers making red marks on her skin, he thrust the full length of himself deep into her. Isobel stifled her scream by putting her fist in her mouth, as her other hand worked away at stroking her clit.

Shane held her head down on the desk and closed his eyes, concentrating on the tightness surrounding his cock as he hammered away at her ass. He opened his eyes and looked down to see his cock invading her and spotted a slight amount of blood there. The sight of this stirred feelings in him that he could not explain. He wanted to fuck her till she was raw and bleeding more.

Isobel’s clit was throbbing and she could feel a deep pulse inside her cunt twitching away. She scolded herself for not having had the forethought to have brought along her vibrator, so that both her fuck holes could have been filled. Her cunt muscles twitching away inside her would then have had something to contract around. Having said that, she knew if that had been the case she would have orgasmed by now and wanted to wait for her lover. Shane still pumping away at her tight ass, felt the cum rising once again in his cock from the base to the head and so he withdrew, controlling the sensation.

Issy moved away from the desk and lay down on the carpet at Shane’s feet. She raised her knees together and rested the soles of her feet flat on the floor. Caressing her breasts, she slowly parted her legs and let them fall open in front of him. One hand slowly meandered down her stomach towards her pussy and using two fingers she parted her pussy lips and started to gently stroke her clit. He watched as her hips started to gently gyrate and thrust upwards towards him invitingly. He wanked himself for a moment and soon brought himself to the edge of cumming before he stopped. He leaked more pre cum.

He knelt down and grabbing both legs at the ankles raised them, as he leaned forward towards her. Her ankles were virtually on either side of her head. As he gazed down at her, her pussy was open and so wet that her cunt juices were running out of her and now trickled towards her arse hole.

“Fuck me you dirty bastard” she begged staring at his cock, her voice hoarse with desire. “Come on fuck it up into me good and hard. Leave my cunt raw, leave it bleeding you bastard” Shane smiled to himself… how well they were suited to each other, hadn’t he just had that very same thought only moments ago.

With that he entered her with such a brute force she thought he would rip her insides. His fucking motions became animalistic. The sweat was dripping off his face and onto her tits as he rode her.

“Take it you dirty whore. You dirty fucking bitch, you cant get enough of it can you!”

As he fucked her deep and hard her body rose to meet each thrust. His chest pressed her naked chest and his public hair mingled with hers. They fucked on and on finding a rhythm so in tune with each other. The cock sliding in and out of the wet pussy was making wet sounds and his two hairy balls banged against her. Cum was rising in each of them as they neared orgasm. They staved off the need to cum time n time again by slowing. This made them moan and groan more loudly, becoming continuous. He adjusted position up on top of her and she knew he was going to do the final cum run on her. She knew he was gonna fill her with cum in a moment. With this she felt her own orgasm rising in her body and she could feel his cock twitch, as he too was on the edge. For a moment she thought she would cum first and shouted “Baby, I’m cumming, fuck me harder!”.

And the perfect lover that he was, Shane obliged, grunting loudly with each thrust, almost manic and out of control.

Isobel cried out as the orgasms over took her body making her spasm and jump and at the very same moment Shane exploded, pumping and spraying every drop of cum deep up inside her. They fucked and fucked as the orgasms ripped through them. Shane continued to pump her cunt even when all he had was spent, as Issy outlasted him. Finally they collapsed.

As their orgasms ebbed away, they remained in that position, his cock still semi-hard inside her and final drops seeping through his tip. Their breathing was ragged and heavy but as they recovered she kissed his forehead, which was covered in sweat. He raised his head from her chest where it had been resting, and kissed her with a gentle passion.

“I love you, baby” she whispered, to which he replied “I love you more” and they laughed. You can send comments / suggestions direct to the author at shandisfantasy1@hotmail.com

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