A ritual

It was a ritual that I knew nothing about. I was the center of the entire thing, everything would be made around me and I didn’t know about any of it. It started by me meeting a guy in a restaurant I ate at frequently. He told me his name was Jim. Each day I was there he was also there, sitting close to me talk with me day after day. Eventually he invited me to his clothing shop down town. I told him I would drop by and visit him because he said he had something for me there.

I walked in to his shop that looked like it was clothing for a slave. Everything there had some type of restraint or it had access to get inside the dress to your most personable parts. I walked around the large shop for a good half hour before Jim saw I was there. He came over and showed me some dresses, and asked me what ones I liked. Being a man I looked at some of the more accessible ones and told him one and another which I liked.

Jim offered me a cup of tea and I almost jumped at the offer. It would get me away from this weird stuff. Soon we were talking in his office, laughing and joking my thought were becoming clearer and I had no fear of anything, in fact the opposite was true I wanted to do things I never did before. It was then Jim asked if I wanted to try on the one dress and I said yes. Jim went to get the dress and told me to strip naked which I did without any thought what so ever. When he returned with the dress I put it on, immediately I felt over come with a sexual need to serve, not only to serve sexually but as a woman as well. Jim tied my hands to posts that were in his office out stretching my arms apart. The dress had restraints in the wrists of the dress and a tight fitting waist clincher. The bottom part of the dress was like a bunch of rags tied together and if one moved to quickly it would open and expose the person.

I stood tie to posts as Jim now opened the dress to reveal my lower naked body. He sat in front of me and shaved my legs and anything below my hips of all the hair. He then stood and did the same to my upper body leaving only the hair on the top of my head. Everywhere else I was smooth as silk.

After Jim was done with shaving me he gave me more tea, serving me by tilting the cup as I drank. I was intoxicated with the tea and it made me extremely horny to say the least. Jim moved a chair under me and told me to sit down, as I slowly lowered myself I could feel my ass being invaded but in a good way. I passed out for a moment when Jim was returning from closing his shop.

I felt I was unable to lie at this point and this was when Jim started to ask me questions. ‘Well Tim, do you like being a little girl? He asked.

‘Yes but I want my first fuck’ I replied. Jim smiled and even let out a slight smirk.

‘Do you want to be my sex-slave? He asked

‘yes’ I said without any hesitation. Jim then untied my hands and made me follow him out of the office and down into the darkened store. As we walked through the store he would ask me what I should be wearing as his slave and I picked out a few things as we walked. Jim had me wear a wig and fitted me with a bra and crotchless panties.

‘Have you ever sucked a cock before?’ he asked and unable to lie I confessed the few times I did in college. I looked at myself in a mirror and thought I was gorges as I moved from side to side. ‘Show me how you sucked cock’ he said as he flaunted his cock in front of me. I fell to my knees and was suck his cock with great joy and pride. Then he started to shoot his load ordering me to swallow it and without thought down it went. Jim lead me over to a chair that had a large dildo sticking up out of the seat. ‘sit on the chair and take it into your ass, you know you want it’ he taunted me. I sat down taking the dildo into my ass, not all at first until Jim told me to rock back and forth, then the large dildo raised up and went ever deeper into my hole. As I rocked on the chair like a small child on a rocking horse more people gathered around, some were naked with leather harnesses and their cocks sticking out hard as rock. Others mostly women were in clothing that showed their breasts and ass freely. Jim had me get off the chair and lay on the floor face up hands at my side free of any restraint. A woman knelt on all fours with her pussy directly over my face, as a man began to screw her from behind. She was becoming very aroused and started to dip as she orgasm onto my face. Then the man pulled out and came all over her pussy as it fell freely into my mouth. ‘Clean his cock with that mouth of yours Jim ordered and his cock was pushed deep into my wet mouth then I was ordered to clean her cunt with my tongue as I did so she came once again pushing his hips down so hard half of her cunt was in my mouth and I could not breath but she soon got back onto all fours.

‘You are a woman so get on all fours bitch’ Jim ordered me, slapping my ass. I got onto all fours and a hard cock was soon deep into my ass as the guy held my hips as he fucked me wildly. Then another hard cock was thrust into my mouth and he too fucked me wildly, forcing me to concentrate not to gag as his cock went deep into my throat. I could feel the guy who was fucking my ass came all over my ass and his cum gently dripped down off my balls. The man who was using my mouth held the back of my head forcing his hard cock as deep as it would go and held it there until he was done almost making me pass out from lack of air.

‘Get up you dumb whore’ Jim commanded and I staggered to stand as my head started to spin, I was given more tea and made to sit on a hard cock until I felt better. ‘I feel better now’ I announced not long after and Jim had me stand as he introduced me to others in the room.

‘Whore this is master who you will take orders from’ he said having me shake the man’s cock in place of his hand. ‘Kiss the man’s cock, don’t be such an idiot’ I gently bent over and kissed the man’s cock. ‘Sorry master’ I replied. After doing the same thing at least a dozen times I was marched around the store putting on dresses and having my picture taken time and time again.

One master told me to dress in a school girls outfit and flirt as if were a teacher and I wanted to fuck him. I sat in a chair spreading my legs wide for him to see then after all the other students left I undid his pants and rode his cock until he shot his huge load deep inside my ass, then he made me suck and lick his cock clean. The next master had me stripped naked and a collar and leash attached. Then he had women fuck me with a strap on while other women suck on my cock making me cum all over myself. The master told the women to leave us alone then ran his cock threw my cum and made me suck it all up before fucking my ass and leaving his own cum deep inside me.

The last master I remember was a man who loved to see me take things up my ass. He made me slide down the stair railing and take the large knob into my ass as he took pictures. Then he made me put a stapler up my ass and staple paper as I jumped up and down, he then tied me to a desk with my head hanging over the edge as he face fuck me and when he was ready to cum he moved his cock so he shot up my nose on both sides making me gag as it ran down to the back of my throat.

I slowly woke up in my own bed with a stranger fucking my ass. I let him finish then asked him to leave. I walked into the shower and cleaned up. My ass was sore but every time I touched it I would get aroused. After a very long shower I went to work but could not sit as my as was to tender for that. I decide to talk to Jim and ask what happened as I was not sure.

I walked into Jims store and found Jim. ‘What happened yesterday’? I asked. He looked at me ‘nothing why?’ he said handing me a cup of tea.

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  1. breeze

    Tanya Martin…damn! It’s been awhile… Loved your story. Glad to see you are still writing.

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  2. masterhank

    Tanya – Anothr great story. Keep them cuming!

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