A Skinny Ugly Lady

A Skinny Ugly Lady
By Rick

Jane was working in the accounting department she was divorced and 55 at this time . I would see her once or twice a week when she had questions for me . She was short skinny and a heavy smoker . It looked to me as if she had never out grown her training bra . Her hair was died blond and short and unkempt . She dressed as if she could not care less what she looked like . Her two redeeming characteristics were her sense of humor and the fact that she was always clean . The company was going to have a clam bake on Saturday and not going would be bad for your career the boss like to see how you interacted with others on a social basis . I wasn’t surprised when Jane asked me on Friday if I was going to the clam bake . I said that I was but wasn’t looking forward to it because my doctor had put me on medication for my back and I couldn’t have any alcohol while I was using the medication. I never expected her to ask if she could ride with me but she did . I drink a bit and don’t want to get a DWI she said. Sure I said and she gave me directions to her house and I said I’d pick her up at 11 AM . The two big girls that I had been playing around with had quit and gone to California for better jobs so I didn’t mind helping Jane out . I had heard that she had a drinking problem .
I found her house easily enough and she was ready when I knocked on her front door . She was wearing blue jeans and a flannel shirt and looked like a slightly effeminate guy. She had her usual cigarette in her mouth . Do you mind if I smoke in your truck ? No I said it doesn’t bother me . She smiled and said thanks . I opened the passenger door for her which seemed to impress her . She climbed into my Toyota 4×4 pick up . I had her put the seat belt on because the local police love to issue tickets for not wearing seat belts and Oneida County is famous for no seat belt tickets . It was chilly out even for upstate NY in June . We were about the tenth vehicle to arrive at the clam bake . The boss was there to greet everyone , one of the few times he lowered himself to talk to us peons .
Jane went straight to the lady’s room . The boss came up to me and asked why I had brought Jane . Your not dating are you ? No she just asked me to drive her so she can have a couple of beers and I wouldn’t want to put the company at risk . Very good he said I like that . Don’t you drink ? I’m taking some medication so I can’t for a while. We talked about my back problem for a couple of minutes and then about how my department was doing . He seemed to be pleased . I had earned a couple of brownie points so I was happy . Jane was working on her first beer . She came over to me and asked if I wanted a sip . No thanks I said the doctor said no and I’ll be good for now . Well don’t be to good she said and winked and walked away . I spent time talking to everyone I could still trying to show the boss that I could socialize with everyone . Jane had a lot to drink and kept on coming over to me and reminding me not to leave without her . Don’t worry I said I won’t forget . One of the other managers came over and asked me if there was anything going on between Jane and I. I said no I was just the designated driver . Then I have more respect for you . Well I wouldn’t want her to have an accident and sue the company and she asked me yesterday so what was I going to say? Well she’s a lezzie from what I hear . She certainly dresses like one I said . I had some hot dogs and potato salad and talked to a lot of people.

By 7 P.M. I was tried and Jane was pretty well smashed . The Boss had left an hour before so I went to her , she was talking to our personnel lady who was suspected to also be a lesbian . When ever your want to leave just let me know I said . She smiled and said ok shortly Rick I’m just chatting with Eileen here about retirement . You aren’t any where near old enough to retire I said and walked away. She seemed to be pleased by my comment . I went to the table and got another soda . I had just finished the soda when Jane said I’m ready whenever you are. So we went to my truck I helped her in , she was a bit unstable from to much beer . Oops she said as she lit the filter end of her cigarette . She tossed it out and lit another. Home James she said . I just shook my head and drove.
I pulled into her drive way and said hold on I’ll help you get out this truck is a bit higher than a car. I didn’t want her to fall and hurt herself . I helped her up the steps she handed me the key to the house and I opened the door for her . Come on in and have another soda she said . I said I could use the bathroom . It’s over there she said waving her hand toward the back of the house . I found it and when I came out she handed me a cola .
I thanked her . Sit down I don’t have that much company she said . I sat on the sofa and she sat next to me . Everybody thinks I’ a lesbian but I’m not she said . I never said that I said . They think I’m a lesbian because I live alone and have short hair she said ignoring me . Well I’m not . But god beer makes me horny and hot ! She took her shirt off and she had no bra on . Their small she said but what doesn’t fit in the mouth is a waste . She fingered her nipples and they became hard I leaned over and licked them . OH ! OH ! she said that’s nice and pulled my head into her chest . I slipped my hand into her jeans and started to fingered her pussy . Damn she said that feels good. I pulled her jeans off and her panties and kneeled down in front of her and licked her pussy . WOW! Don’t stop! I sucked on her clit and she came . Her hips bucked and she kicked my back with her heals. I kept on licking and sucking on her pussy . Where did you learn that she said and came again. Oh I’ve been around I said . Her pussy was very hairy and she was bucking and moaning . Damn she said I don’t have any rubbers and I need to get fucked . I have some at home I said . Lets go she said and got up and headed to the door . You had better put some clothes on I said . Oh Yea she said and pulled on her clothes. She gave me a blow job on the way to my apartment . It was fun ! When I got her in my apartment she had her clothes off so fast that I thought she had ripped them . I took her to my bedroom . I opened the drawer to the bed stand and took out the condoms and KY jelly and turned on the TV and put a porno tape on . Oh I like that she said . I undressed and started to kiss her and fondle her tiny tits . I was fingering her when she came again . I needed you she said as her hips bucked and her nipples tightened up even more . I pulled her over and licked her pussy again and she was coming over and over . Her pussy was so wet with cum that I didn’t need the KY . She pushed me back and grabbed my cock and stroked it until it was hard . She opened a condom and put it on me and squatted over my cock and sat on it . I slid into her pussy and humped as hard as I could . She was moaning and groaning and coming and enjoying herself .

I came but she kept on riding my cock until she literally passed out I had to catch her or she would have hurt herself or me . I put her under the sheets ad cleaned my self up. I crawled back in bed and fell asleep. I woke up with her hands on my cock . Oh your awake she said . Thanks for the fuck I needed that . She was drinking one of my beers and smoking a cigarette . She had turned off the TV and VCR . She was naked and for a woman that had been drinking since noon was speaking pretty well . I looked at the clock and it was a little after midnight . It’s a new day she said lets fuck again . I said sounds like a plan to me . She had taken a shower and looked almost attractive . I reached over and put my finger in her pussy and licked on one of her nipples . She was very , very happy . It took a little bit longer than earlier for her to cum but when she did she actually shook all over . She lit another cigarette and said now eat me. I pulled her over to the edge of the bed and spread her legs and started to suck on her sw
ollen clit . She pulled my head ba
ck and said mind if I smoke while you eat ? I’ve wanted to say that ever since I saw that line in Deep Throat . No I said as long as you don’t use my ass as an ashtray .
She giggled and almost swallowed her cigarette when she came . Damn your better than my ex ever was . He hated eating pussy . She came a couple of times in a few seconds and said STOP! I’ll pass out again . I was hard again . Well look at that she said a hard cock ! I put a condom on and she said let me get on top again I love it . She rode my cock until it was limp and she couldn’t keep it in her . When she got off of me she said You won’t tell anyone at work will you ? What I said and have to share you ? NO WAY !
She smiled and we both fell asleep .

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  1. Kate

    well for one your story has a good plot but you need more details and please
    stop saying ” she said or I said so often…it spoilt the story.
    Overall good. :)

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