A storm is brewing

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I had an experience the other night that was so fantastic I had to share. The weather was changing I and it was getting ready to rain and storm. I got off work at 11p and enjoyed standing outside at work feeling the strong wind and the storm brewing far in the distance. The breezes made a chill in the air, and cleared my head with each new breath. After chatting with friends I started the 20 minute drive home. I had the windows down, no need to worry about messing up my hair, it was late and I was on my way home. The radio was playing nice music and I was feeling my best. As I traveled home I could see the lightning in the distance. I called and spoke to my lover by phone who discussed the days events giving no indication that he was about to give me a special gift.

I pulled in the garage and noticed a note placed on the entry door. This immediately got me physically hot, I new he was going to tease me. I eagerly got out of my car and saw the note with picture. The picture was of a couple having sex, I was wishing it was us already. The note said to remove all clothing except my bra and panties and to meet him outside. He must have noticed that I put on some of my sexiest lingerie before leaving for work. I removed the rest of my clothes and sprayed some sweet perfume and went to meet him. As I opened the door, the cool breeze hit me as did the darkness. My body felt the chill and I got even more excited. I called for him by name, I could not see him in the dark of night. He called for me to come into the yard. Once I got outside I could see a small candle burning, like my desire for him. He had a blanket bed made on the grass complete with lots of big pillows. I felt extremely exposed, being in the front yard late at night with only my bra and panties. He was watching me and I could not see him yet. The winds were strong and I could hear all the trees fighting the winds that were bringing the changing weather.

Once I got to the bed, he asked me from the darkness to lay down. I was already so aroused by the environment that I called for him to come to me. He approached from the darkness and to see his naked body caused me to fill my body with my wetness. I arched my back and looked to the sky, there must have been a million stars, the storm clouds had not arrived yet. He laid down next to me and started stroking my body with his hands. By the time he stroked my nipples and got to the point of touching my panties, I came for the first of many times that evening. Being pleased that he could get me off that quickly he allowed my to remove my panties where he continued to please me. He stroked the entire mound area with his hands but still taking his time making me crazy. The wind howled as my clit begged to be given the attention it deserved. He finally got to my clit and worked it gently with his thumb and finger, letting it roll around and flicking it slightly. After a few moments I came again, then he had taste the orgasms he was causing. He buried his face against my warm pussy and started licking my clit and moving towards my hole. At this point I gave in to the whole experience, the wind the stars and just let the pleasure take over my body. I could not even describe each flick and stroke because I was so damn hot I just started cumming and he licked it up.

Now he wanted his rock hard cock in my cum drenched pussy. It slid in with little resistance. I could feel the heaviness of body approaching mine. The warmth of his chest against my skin that had been exposed to the wind felt great. He finally removed my bra so that nothing was between us. He then began to make love to my like young lovers. The passion that I felt was so overwhelming that I came again with only a few strokes. He then started getting verbal, I’m not even sure he was aware of it. He started telling me how good it felt with moans and words of desire. This made me hotter and now I wanted him to cum deep inside me. I could tell he was holding back and that he wanted to cum. We continued to fuck as though we were new lovers. Sensations were at an all time high all of my body was gyrating to meet each thrust. He could take no more and finally plunged his harness in my hole and shot his love in. This caused me to spasm once more and let my body welcome his juices.

He stayed in me until his body was no longer hard, I like that a lot. We then stroked each other with loving looks. Our bodies were completely pleased and now aware of the cold air all around us. We snuggled under the blankets and with out words laid under the stars. It had been so physically fulfilling that we began to doze on and off. I could hear him sleeping with full physical satisfaction. I rested enjoying the after sex high. I began to realize that the stars were gone and heavy clouds had arrived. We quickly gathered our things and snuck in the house. We collapsed into our warm bed and quickly fell asleep.

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