A Strange Fantasy

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A Strange Fantasy
By Rick

Have you ever had a dream that was so real that when you woke up you thought it had actually happened? Even worse it was about someone that you would normally not be interested in?
Well that happened to me last night. I woke up with a hard on and wasn’t sure I had been dreaming.
The woman it was all about is a nice lady but not at all my type. She is a waitress that I see almost every week but I have never had any sexual interest in her at all. Lets call her Joan, not even close to her real name.
Joan is a very nice looking woman but way to thin for my taste. She is also a smoker, I don’t mind smokers, but I don’t smoke so they aren’t my first choice in playmates. I happen to know that she is in a relationship with a nice guy and they are both happy. So what triggered the dream eludes me. I have lots of sexual dreams but usually about someone that turns me on while I’m awake! Anyway here is the dream.
The entire thing starts as I’m having Friday night dinner where Joan works. My wife is with me, as usual. Joan seems to be a bit flirtier than she has ever been. I just assume that she is a bit stressed out because this is her second job and it is Friday. Maybe it’s just been a long week for her. My wife gets up and goes to the bathroom. While she is gone Joan come to our table and hands me a card.
“That’s my cell phone number call me when you get a chance tomorrow. I think we could be good together.” She looks around and sees my wife coming back and speaks loud enough for the wife to hear. “I’ll be right back with your check Rich.”
“She looks tired, my wife says, she must be working to hard.”
“Must be, I know it isn’t easy working two jobs.”
Joan comes back and hands me the check and I give her my credit card, she grins and takes it.
The next day, Saturday, My wife is going shopping with her mother so I wait until she has gone and call Joan. I figure what the hell she is nice looking and maybe we will be good together.
“Hi Joan, this is Rich. You surprised me last night with the phone number and everything.”
“Well you know that Bob and I have been living together for years, and I just want something different. He is going on a fishing trip next weekend and I know your wife is going to visit her friend so I thought we could have some fun. Hold on a second. It’s just John dear I’ll be done in a second. That was Bob asking who I’m talking to I told him that it is my son. So what do you think are you interested?”
“Yes I am I’ve always liked you and I think we could be good together.”
“I’ll see you Friday at the restaurant and we can make plans from there.”
“Ok with me I’ll be alone so things could work out for us.”
“Bob leaves next Saturday morning early, I have to go now he thinks I spend to much time on the phone. I’m getting excited Rich see you Friday.”
Friday comes and I go to the restaurant at my usual time, but of course I’m alone. I see Bob in the bar and say hi to him. He says hi back and sips his beer.
“I’m going fishing in Canada tomorrow, he says grinning, haven’t done that in years.”
“I haven’t gone fishing in years, the wife hates fish, I’m jealous good luck.” That was the longest conversation I’ve ever had with the guy.
Joan shows me to a booth and whispers. “He thinks I’ll be bored without him!”
Bob stays in the bar and, I’m sitting far enough away that he can’t hear what I’m saying to Joan.
“Where do you want to meet tomorrow and what time?” I ask wondering what she will be like in bed.
“Call me after 8 he is supposed to leave at 5A.M. but I cold use some sleep. We can play at my place it’s private enough that no one can see if anyone is there. Is that Ok with you?”
“Great by me!”
Bob was still in the bar drinking beer when I left. I wished him good luck.
The next morning I called Joan at eight just as she asked me to.
“Hi Rich ! I was afraid that you would change our mind. I’m glad you haven’t. Do you know where I live?”
“No I haven’t any idea.” She gave me instructions to her place. “Do you want me to bring anything?”
“No I’ve been fixed and I have enough beer and food so come on over. I’ll be out back near the pool getting a tan. Just park by my car and come on around.”
I found her place with out a problem it was in farm country and the name on the mailbox helped. I parked next to her car and went around back. There was an above ground pool with a deck all the way around it the deck from the double wide mobile home was attached to the pool. I went up the stairs and called her name.
“The gate is unlocked come on in.”
I opened the gate and Joan was sitting on a lounge chair in a tiny Bikini her pussy hair was peeking out around the bottom. It was a darker shade of brown than he hair on her head.
“You can put suntan oil on me I need some color.” She handed me the tube of suntan lotion. “I think I need an all over tan.” She pulled off the top of the bikini and the slipped the bottom off as well. “Well what do you think?”
“Perfect, I said, nice perky tits and a tasty looking pussy!” I rubbed lotion all over her. I made sure every inch of skin was covered.
“How about you?” She said as she lit her cigarette.
“I don’t need a tan but I do need some pussy.” I stripped and then licked her tiny nipples and she moaned. I fingered her pussy as I sucked on her nipples. She arched her back and came very quickly.
“That’s what I want, some attention!”
I got on my knees and started to lick her clit as I fingered her hairy pussy. She came again very fast and hard.
“Damn that’s good!”
I grinned and sucked very hard on her clit and fingered her faster. She moaned and came several times while I was playing with her.
“Now fuck the shit out of me doggie style, he won’t eat me or fuck any way but man on top. I want some hard cock.” She got on her knees and stuck her skinny ass out.
I slipped my hard cock in her pussy and a finger in her ass.
“Oh Shit that feels great!” She said.
Stroked my cock as slowly as I could and fingered her ass in rhythm with my pumping. She was moaning and making funny noises moving her ass with my cock. She came three times before I came.
“Thank you Rich she said I haven’t had that much fun in years. Would you like a cup of coffee?”
That was when I woke up with a hard on! Now when I see her tonight I’ll have a hard time keeping a straight face!

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  1. StoryJunkie

    Good luck with that meeting.
    I dreampt of a guy at the office giving me a hand jog, and I definitely would NOT go with him ever, and I woke up all juiced

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