A Trip To The Market

As I glanced out the window at the dark and damp night I wondered just when I would be able to release the passion built up inside of me. I hadn’t been with a man in so long that my body yearned for one, but not just anyone. I knew who I wanted, how I wanted him, what I wanted him to look like and how I wanted this romantic night to start. Let me begin with that.

Since I was alone in my three bedroom house, of course my “domination station” was downstairs in the basement just awaiting me and my companion, I thought that I would take the Mercedes out for a drive. After all I was desiring some strawberries and whipped cream. I made it to the market just fine although something was staring me in the back…Not that I blame them with my looks. So I turned around to meet the eyes that were fixed on me the whole time I was going through the market. And there stood, in all places the check-out line, the most gorgeous man I have ever met. His dark brown hair matched his tanned skin and those eyes, oh those deep brown eyes. Just looking at him at his full 6’3 height and black jeans was enough to turn me on. He smiled at me and said Hello with a very distinctive Spanish accent. I returned the reply with a “How are you?” and that was all it took. The desire was written all over his face so I asked him if he lived nearby. He said that he was visiting his family for a few weeks and then he was returning back to his country, the Dominican Republic. I wanted this man so bad that I just went ahead and asked him if would spend the night with me. To my surprise I got the question out without stuttering and blushing. He said yes and suggested a bottle of champagne to have with the strawberries I had picked up, I merely reminded him that I had whipped cream for that. He said that he could find a use for that other than dipping fruit in it. Hmm I thought, how interesting. He purchased the champagne then followed me to my car. He glanced as we approached the car and made a comment about how nice it was. Unbeknownst to me it was his favorite car and favorite color however Mercedes C230 is a great car that many people like. I toss him the keys and put our items into the small backseat. I told him how to get to my house. He followed the directions up until we arrived at a florist that was still open. He stops the car, I ask why was he stopping. His reply was “you’ll see”. He goes in while I wait in the car, basking in my good luck. He comes back with four dozen roses, red and white. It then occurs to me that he and I don’t even know each other’s names! I tell him that I feel like an idiot and introduce myself to him…He compliments me on my parent’s choice of Destiny for a name and tells me that his name is Miguel. We shake hands; I feel him pulling me closer to his face. I play along and receive the best kiss my lips have ever felt. I begin to melt and he pushes me away to crank the car. I lick my lips, feeling his warmth lingering and silently praying that the night will be filled with those kisses plus so much more. We drive the two blocks to my house. He gets out of the car, all the while my green eyes are locked onto his body to see what he is doing. He reaches the passenger side door and opens it. I put my right leg out onto the pavement and he bows down to kiss it. Telling me how he loved my long tanned legs and wished that he could kiss them for the rest of his legs. Not that I blame him, its not often you find a lady that is six one with very long tanned legs. I turn in my seat to put my left leg out onto the ground while feeling his eyes burning into me. I stand up; my short black dress falling down my thighs. He rubs his face to hide the desire although it doesn’t work. Miguel then takes me by the hand, slowly drawing me into my own house. He asks if we are alone and I told him yes, I had no mate and no children of my own. Miguel was very surprised at this and asked me my age. I told him that I was 28; he then asked why wasn’t I married with children. He told me that I had the perfect body; that any man would be glad to have me. I laughed loudly then followed up with “That’s the problem, too many men want me although I don’t want them”. He smiles at me, holding the door open to my hallway. I remove my shoes and stockings then walk into the kitchen to put the items from the market away. He follows my lead; walking behind me to take in the view of my body swaying in my black dress. I put the champagne into the refrigerator to chill as well as the whipped cream. When I turn around he is standing there with a face full of desire. I place the strawberries onto the island and try to retrieve a cutting board so that I can slice the strawberries. He grabs me by the hips and picks my curvy body up then places me on the island. He looks into my eyes and kisses me with a passion that I have never known before. His tongue searches my mouth while my tongue searches his in return. I feel his long fingers run up my thighs; I shiver with passion and let out a very deep moan. Miguel slowly removes my black lace thongs. I giggle as I feel his fingers along my thighs again and he smiles into my eyes. I then pull his face into my neck so that he can kiss me there. He obeys my silent command and dives into pleasing my neck. Miguel then pushes my body back onto the bar. I lay there wondering what is going to happen next when I feel his tongue against my clit. I start shuddering from the teasing and licking…My mouth opens to release another loud moan. He stops and stands me up. I then pull him into my bedroom and push him down onto my king size bed, framed in a black wrought iron canopy. He says to me “come here babe”. After I shred the rose petals all over the bed I follow his command like an obedient child. I lay next to him, breathing in his scent and wishing for more kisses. He slowly raises my dress up until I am laying there in nothing but my black lace bra. Miguel removes that to reveal my 40D breasts which he immediately takes into his mouth. Shivers run all over my body as he expertly teases my nipple with his warm tongue. I beg him to switch to the other breast and he says NO. I pleaded some more with him and then when I thought I could take no more he switches to my left breast. Miguel then runs his right hand down my belly onto my very trimmed pussy. He plays with the strip of hair I have down there and I reach into his pants to play with his cock. What a surprise I found there, so nice and thick. I push him off of me to flip him onto his back. I get up while he is watching me. I walk over to my bureau; pull out two sets of handcuffs. I put his wrist into the handcuffs while he is watching me. I tell him once he is secured in the cuffs that I will be right back. I leave his naked throbbing with desire body laying in my bed while I go to the refrigerator for the strawberries and champagne. I pour the champagne into a glass for me and start sipping while he watches me put a strawberry into my mouth. I smile a sinister smile at him and he tries to pull me close to him, I laugh as he realizes he is still handcuffed to my bed. His eyes are begging for me as I put strawberries onto his happy trail. I start eating them off until I reach his perfect belly button. Once I am there I pour champagne onto his tanned body and lick from top to bottom. He starts moaning loudly. I reach his dick; plus the end of the strawberries. I put my glass down beside the bed. I get up to turn the lights off, after all the candles are lit so enough light is provided. I turn back to him, loving the way he looks in my bed awaiting me. I ask him if he is ready for me; he responds with an urgent YES. I put my face onto his cock while I straddle his face with my somewhat moist pussy. As I push my mouth onto his eight inch long two inch wide cock I feel that warm yet wet mouth against my clit again. I allow him the pleasure of absorbing my pussy into his mouth. He moans into my pussy which makes me increase my speed with his cock. He starts saying Destiny repeatedly while I start screaming over his dick. I then pull off of his face. Immediately I p
n my hips onto his pre-cumming cock. I push down onto him while he releases another moan, this time its almost a scream though. I ride him slowly while I press my warm lips onto his partially open mouth. I taste my juices in his mouth, which in itself drives me crazier than what I already was. I start moaning into his mouth when he pushes himself into my pussy. I scream with pleasure as I pull my mouth off of his so I may tilt my head back to save his ears. He locks his mouth onto my tits; once again I scream. I pull off of him just in time to keep he and I both from reaching an orgasm. I roll over to the vacant side of the bed; reached for the key to the handcuffs. He pulls my body back to him after I release him from his restraint. I look at him with a little bit of fear yet a whole lot of desire in my eyes. He tells me not to worry that he won’t harm me. I think to myself: yeah right, heard that before. He pulls me into his arms while I turn my back to him. Miguel rubs his hands across my backside down to my voluptuous butt. I giggle again. I relax to his touch; then I feel him rise again. He pushes himself against my butt while he reaches for my breast. I feel a tug on my nipple then I feel his dick teasing my crack. I moan into the pillow; this encourages him as he slowly pushes his cock further into my backside. I start tensing because he isn’t using any lubrication. And then I felt his fingers penetrate my moist pussy. I lose all control and start moaning loudly again. While my body is receiving pure pleasure he inserts his throbbing cock into my virgin asshole. He pumps himself into my ass then moves his fingers out of me. I stay still and moan continuously into the pillow. He finishes with his cock inside my asshole, I am totally spent as well as exhausted from the hours of pleasure he brought me. I roll over onto my back thinking of how I could never get used to a man pleasing me like that yet wondering if this is the last time I will ever see him. Miguel runs his hands down my naked body; I unwillingly shiver from his touch. My body has never known a pleasure like this.

As we wake the next day I turn to look into his gorgeous brown eyes and find the courage to ask what I have wanted to know since I fell asleep next to his perfect body. I asked him if he wanted to see me again. Miguel smiled a wide smile. I was confused about what that meant until he said yes, that he would love to see me again if he could. I smiled and giggled like a teenager in love. Then my mind wondered how long he would want me around. So I let the thought pass, I wanted to see him on an ongoing basis; not wanting to presume anything. I gave him my phone number as well as address while he dressed. I asked him if he wanted me to give him a ride back to the market to get his car. Miguel replied no, he would catch a cab because that is how he got to the market. I thanked him for the wonderful night while we waited on his taxi to arrive. I slowly watched him walk down the pathway from my house to the sidewalk. He turns his head to wave bye at me. Off he goes, my eyes watching until I could no longer see the cab.

Much to my surprise two days later I receive a call from Miguel telling me that he had a blast with me. He asks me if I had plans for that night; as my temporary good luck would have it I didn’t. As I told him this he says to me for me to stay put. He will be over in an hour. I giggle to myself, try to hide the excitement in my voice, and tell him okay. Exactly an hour later he arrives at my house. I open the door to reveal to him a pale yellow cotton dress with pale yellow slippers. He smiles, kisses me, then picks me up to carry me into the house. He puts me on my feet, tilts my face up to his, looks into my eyes while he tells me how much he has missed me. I smile at him, thinking how nice it would be to look into those eyes everyday.

We walk into the living room. I turn on the stereo while he sits down onto the couch. I sit down on the couch across from him; he shakes his head no while beckoning me to come to him. I do as he request and go to him. He asks me to sit down with him, so I sit with my back to his front side. He pulls me into his arms. I breath a sigh of relief as I feel his heart beat increase. Miguel whispers into my ear that he wants me to go to his country with him. I smile then turn to tell him it just so happens that I have no idea how to speak Spanish nor do I know where his country is. He giggles for a little bit then tells me that it doesn’t matter, he wants me there with him. I laugh then ask him how long he wants me there. He says he doesn’t know but to pack my bags because our plane is leaving in two days.

Two days later my bags are packed, Passport is finished (thank God all I needed was an updated photo) and Miguel is helping me load my luggage into the cab that is waiting to take us to the airport. He puts the last suitcase into the trunk and climbs into the warm cab beside me while the sky starts letting a little bit of rain fall down. I mentally run through the list of things I needed to do before I left. You know how that goes right? The cab driver pulls off toward the end of the street. Miguel sits next to me with my hand in his while I think about the craziness of this situation; here I sit in a cab with a man who was nothing but a stranger to me a few days ago leaving the country with him. I laugh out loud at this thought, forgetting that I hadn’t mentioned what I was thinking. Miguel asks me what is so funny and I told him. He too laughs then tells me that he is glad he met me, that he is glad I trust him as much as I do, and kisses me. I blush for the first time he has known me.

The next day we arrive in the Dominican Republic. We check into a luxury suit with a garden tub inside the room. He leads me into the room while I take everything in. I stare in amazement because I have never been in a room this nice before. He ask me if I am impressed: I say of course! I then ask him how much would a room like this cost in American dollars, he tells me that he got it at the discounted rate of $300 American dollars. I almost collapse onto the bed due to shock! He then laughs, pulls me up by the hand then takes me on a tour of our suite. I pause momentarily when we step out onto the veranda and look down at the ocean. I let the wind blow through my long brown hair while smelling the ocean air. Miguel again pulls me to him. He breathes in the air around me; then he leads me back into the room through the small living room and into the bathroom. There is a bottle of champagne, bubble bath, strawberries, two champagne flutes, and two bath robes. He turns the water and the Jacuzzi jets on while he undoes his belt. Watching him I slowly pour the bubbles into the bathtub while he pours champagne into our flutes. I remove my shorts and my blouse to reveal pink lace thongs with a matching pink bra. He compliments me on how my underwear always matches then steps closer to remove the garments. I allow him the pleasure of doing so then step into the warm bath water. He follows me into the water. I sit down into the tub while he stands waiting for me to get comfortable. Once I am comfortable he sits down next to me, this bathtub has got to be the biggest one I have ever seen because he and I fit perfectly with plenty of room to spare. Inviting isn’t it? He pulls me into his arms then starts kissing my neck. He rubs bubbles over my body until my tanned skin is white from the bubbles. Miguel rubs down my breasts to pussy, which this time is completely shaven. He grins widely at me when he feels this, then he starts massaging my wet pussy. I start moaning and in a matter of minutes I am raised up out of the water and bent over the faucet. He tells me that I am his and he is going to show me how much he owns me. Normally I wouldn’t like that but I did. I feel Miguel put his extremely hard cock into my anxious pussy. Immediately I moan which drove him over the edge. He starts pumping his dick into my pussy, making me scream with pleasure. We reach our climax together then co
llapse into the bath
water. We rest there for a few moments, when I start falling asleep I tell Miguel that its time to get out. We get dressed then place the leftover strawberries and champagne into the refrigerator then collapse into our satin sheet covered bed. Nestled together we sleep until the next day. I wake to find him watching me sleep with a breakfast tray on the table. He brings the tray to me with a smile. I wish him a good morning and he responds with good morning my love. I smile at him as I raise up to take my breakfast. He bends down, kisses my cheek and places the tray onto my lap.

Amazing as it is we have been together for two years now. We never did go back to the States, only to visit his family and to put my old house on the market for sale. Of course the car is with me as well as my personal belongings. Miguel is the best thing that ever happened to me, and just to think I found him at the Supermarket!

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