Pablo’s Bar in the sprawling Hotel Playa Hermosa was the place to play in Baja, and Morgaine Cutler, the girl with the classic name from King Arthur’s time, was the one to play with, provided she deemed you worthy. Brig Mathews figured that out shortly after his arrival in the hot beach town of San Luis Cristobal, overlooking the blue Pacific.

The hotel commanded an inspiring view of the waves, the seabirds, and the surfers. But the view Brig was getting right then, as bartender Morgaine bent forward in front of him polishing the bar, was the most inspiring of all. She was a truly hot number with blonde hair streaked by black, smooth skin tanned the color of well-creamed coffee, and braless titties that swayed and quivered in her half-open top as she rubbed the mahogany and regarded Brig with cool grey eyes.

“See anything you like?” she teased shamelessly.

“Hell yes,” the muscular 28-year-old grinned as he clutched his bottle of cold Corona and gazed into the scenic valley between Morgaine’s tits. He wanted to put his cock there.

“You surf?” the bartender asked as she straightened up and looked him right in the eyes. Brig knew she was a surfer because he had seen her out there the day before.

The luscious girl was about his age, Brig judged. He also guessed she had been around the block more than once. But unlike some girls, it was obvious that the trip had done Morgaine good. She had gained wisdom and was classy in a go-to-hell way. He liked her frankness. There was no bullshit about her.

A guy seated down the bar was trying to get Morgaine’s attention, but she ignored him and concentrated on Brig. Resting her elbows on the bar, she leaned forward again so that his warm brown eyes could spend a few more moments in tittyland.

“Yeah, I surf some,” he said in answer to her question, then tilted his beer bottle to take a sip. “Mostly, though, I’m just a beach bum.”

“Really! That’s not how you got those muscles, man.” Morgaine touched the bulge of his upper arm, just below the edge of his t-shirt, and a charge went through him right to his cock, which started to harden in his jeans.

“Take care of your customers, chica!” the swarthy Mexican bar manager scolded Morgaine as he passed behind her and gave her a slap on the ass. She threw him a look, and Brig watched a gold hoop earring sway as she tossed her head.

“Prick!” she said under her breath, so that only Brig could hear, then straightened up and sauntered down the bar to take care of the customer who had complained to the boss.

“Let’s meet on the beach in the morning,” Morgaine suggested when she returned to Brig. “Not for surfing, just for getting acquainted. Say ten o’clock?”


That’s how it started, and Brig’s interest in the beautiful bartender took an added surge when he met her the next day on the beach and found that she was wearing the skimpiest string bikini imaginable. Her taut and shapely asscheeks twisted and quivered in total nudity while her 38-C boobs were covered only by two vertical strips of cloth that barely concealed her nipples. All the flesh in view was a smooth and luscious light-brown. Brig’s cock swelled in his brief trunks, and Morgaine frankly ogled the package.

By ten-thirty they were in her room in the employees’ section of the swank hotel, their swimsuits on the floor as they tumbled onto the bed together, laughing. Morgaine went for Brig’s cock right away, grasping the erect, thick member and beginning to stroke it. She looked right into his eyes as her cool fingers pumped up and down on his hot rod.

“Ooh Jesus!” he exclaimed, squirming and finally having to push Morgaine’s hand away because she was working him up too quickly.

He pressed the beautiful blonde onto her back, titties bobbing, and went after those twin delights, crawling up over her and leaning on his elbows as he took a satiny globe in each hand, squeezed them, and waggled them all around. He kissed Morgaine on the mouth, and their tongues went into action. After a little play, Brig slid his parted lips down over her chin and along her throat. When he reached her tits, Brig caught a thrusting nipple between his lips and tugged on it.

“Ooh!” Morgaine exclaimed, and petted his thick dark hair. He switched to her other titty and took the entire nipple and aureole into his mouth, bathing them in his saliva as he sucked hungrily.

“Oh man, you know how to treat them!” the passionate girl breathed. She reached and found his cock, sticking up between them, and resumed stroking it.

Brig buried his face in Tit Valley, which he had so admired in the bar, and he licked the lady’s luscious flesh, his tongue climbing her boobs and lashing at her nipples. Now he held a hooter in each hand and slapped them against his cheeks. Morgaine helped by shaking her shoulders, causing her tits to wobble even more, and she laughed merrily. Brig took soul-satisfying sucks at her stiffly extended nipples, then let the wet rosy-beige studs bob free. He made a mental note to titty-fuck her later, but as for right now he slid down, kissing the girl’s nearly flat belly, and proceeded to her primary pleasure zone.

Morgaine sported a narrow vertical strip of trimmed black hair just above her slit, and Brig nuzzled the furry adornment, inhaling its intoxicating scent which was a blend of girlie smell and light body oil or some such. He slid further and pressed his face directly against the babe’s pussy.

He wiggled his tongue between her labia, which were moist velvet. Morgaine was creaming a lot, and he liked that. His cock throbbed as his tongue delved eagerly into the rich pussy feast. He licked along the girl’s tasty split, in and out of her sweet cunt, and swallowed her nectar. He sank his tongue as deeply into her hot little fuck-hole as it would go and screwed it around. Lapping upward across her clit, he found its head hard, and sucked it up like a pea. He tongue-lashed the tingling nubbin and sighted up across her tummy, meeting her gray eyes which weren’t cool now.

“Ooh, God!” Morgaine cried. “Ooh, shit! You do that so good, you horny stud!.” She pulled at his hair and added, “I need to suck your fucking cock!”

Not one to turn down such a delightful offer, Brig bounded to his feet beside of the bed, letting his rigid poontanger wave about. The knob at the end of his sex-club was inviting as a ripe plum. Morgaine, on her belly, crawled toward him, curled two fingers and a thumb as far around his thick stalk as they would go, and she directed the head of his pecker to her glossy lips.

Her mouth opened and her tongue came out to tickle the slit of his cock, taking up a bead of clear fluid that clung there. After tasting and swallowing his pre-cum, the sexy slut let her lips crawl completely around his cockhead, and it soaked in her warm mouth as she gazed up at him.

“Oooow!” Brig howled, and put his head back. What the girl was doing felt so fucking good!

She began to pump her mouth on his blissfully throbbing dick. Forward and back, forward and back, her lips skidded on the saliva that she was laying down. Brig squirmed, wiggling his bone in her juicy kiss, and he began to pull and thrust, pull and thrust, just a couple of inches each way, fucking the lady bartender’s sweet face as he petted her blond, black-streaked hair.

Meanwhile, with eyes closed and one hand fondling his nuts, Morgaine enjoyed the juicy prick that was sticking into her mouth, and she creamed in anticipation of where this beach dude would be putting it next. She moaned against her mouthful of man-meat as her hot lips drew at Brig’s horny shaft.

He quit thrusting and let her control the action. She conquered more and more of his happy cock, each lunge sending her sucking lips lower on his stalk until she was taking his entire length in her mouth and throat, and sh
e was kissing his balls.

“Ooh Christ, I gotta fuck you now!” Brig yelled. “Get on your back, babe! Legs i
n the air!”

Morgaine did exactly as directed, and he reached underneath to grasp two eager handfuls of her ass. Kneeling upright, he lifted her to fucking level, and her hand pushed down on his super-stiff pecker, aiming it at her pussy. His knob got caught in her split, and he pushed, his hands wiggling her ass at the same time. He impaled her with his love-lance and started to stroke it in and out.

“Ooh…ooh…ooh!” Morgaine panted as he thrust his big cock into her, pulling her ass toward him with every plunge of his lust-engorged piston. His balls swung against her crotch. Her knees were hooked over his arms, her lower legs dangling, and she pulled against him to help drive her crotch forward in cadence with his deep-reaching strokes.

“Ooooo-eeeeee!” Brig cried triumphantly as he fucked the hot bar-girl. Her clasping flesh rippled up and down his ramrod as he stroked in and out, in and out of her tight, dick-hungry hole.

“Ooh shit…ooh fuck…ooh Jeee-zus!” Morgaine cried as she screwed the horny stud, her tits bouncing, her mouth open wide.

Suddenly Brig pulled out and flipped the babe onto her belly. He boosted her ass in the air and came at her from behind, treating her like the bitch in heat that she was. His stiff cock sank to its hilt in her pussy, and he delivered long, cunt-stuffing strokes, his front spanking her buttocks.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” he hollered, and she yelled back, “Yesss! Ooh crap! Ooh shit! Ooh damn you, that feels fucking good!”

Morgaine came and collapsed against the bed. But Brig didn’t let up, boosting her onto her knees once more, this time with her tits pressed against the mattress. Hovering atop her, he hammered her hot ass, fucking almost straight down. After 20 or 30 strokes, she approached yet another orgasm, but he interrupted it by rolling onto his back. Letting out a cowgirl whoop, Morgaine sprang astride him and rode him hard, her lush tits bouncing. She grabbed her climax, crying out.

Brig was close. “Your mouth, baby!” he cried. “I want your mouth on me!”

Without a protest, Morgaine dismounted and wrapped her willing lips around his standing cock.

“Aaarrrgh!” Brig growled, as she pumped her mouth on his dong, her tits dangling and shaking. He grabbed one and pulled, squeezing toward its tip and milking her hard, long nipple.

Morgaine bobbed her head briskly, her tight lips like heaven around his turgid tool. He shoved a hand between her thighs from behind, caught her clit with his thumb and forefinger and gave it hell as she sucked his cock harder and faster. She moaned against his meat, and came yet again.

“Ooh shit…ooh FUCK!” Brig yelled. “Here it cums, baby! Get ready! Here it fuckin’ CUMS!”

He geysered into her mouth, splashing his thick cream all over her tongue and into her throat. She gulped and swallowed it down. He gave her spurt after spurt. She glugged and gurgled, her lips clasping his shaft and sucking hard until his balls had served up their total load. She rolled onto her back, totally satisfied, and Brig snuggled her, kissing her creamy mouth..

“If I asked you to do something for me, Brig, would you do it, no matter what?” Morgaine asked after awhile.

“I would sure as hell consider it,” was his reply.

“No, that’s not good enough,” the girl insisted. “You have to agree to DO it or I won’t even tell you what it is.”

“Okay! Shit! I’ll do it,” Brig replied, and turned to look at her because her tone was so serious.

“I want you to kill somebody for me,” she said.


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