Adventures at the Flamingo Club – Part 2

Adventures at The Flamingo Club by Willing Lee Part 2

Chapter Three – The Membership application.

About a week later, once by battered backside and my stretched and raw anus had recovered, I went searching for the Club. I eventually found it in a side street near the City Centre. It was later afternoon, and I saw some men approach the door and let in so I made my way to the door. I rang the bell and the letter box opened so the doorman could look out. He saw me and asked tersely “Yes?”. “I’d like to join the Club” I said and the door was opened for me to walk in. Once inside I saw there were two burly doormen, both powerfully built, one white and one black. The white one said “How can we help?” and I replied “I would like to apply for membership. How much will it cost?” They exchanged glances and the white one said “To become a member you have to see the Manager. He will explain everything to you.” “Fine” I said “Is he in? Can I see him now?”

He said “Yes, he’s in. But before you get to see him, there is something that you have to do. Go into that room… ” and he indicated a door in the corner “… and strip all your clothes off. Then wait for us to come in.”

My stomach lurched in fear and excitement, but I obeyed his instructions. I stood in the small room completely naked, with my clothes in a heap on the floor, wondering what was to happen. I stood alone for about five minutes, during which time my cock had fallen from erect to flaccid. Then the door opened and both men came into the room. The white one did all the talking. “In order to see the Manager, you have to do a little task for us first.” Then he dropped his trousers and boxers, revealing a large and thick ramrod stiff cock with a swollen purple head. “Suck this, and don’t spill a drop!” he ordered.

I knelt down in front of him and took him into my mouth, working my head up and down on his firm shaft. I bobbed my head up and down, taking as much of his meat in my mouth and throat as I could manage. The saliva made wet slurping sounds as I worked his big cock in and out of my mouth, sometimes running my tongue over the head and sliding it down the full length of his cock until I could smell the salty sweat of his balls. I massaged his rod while I sucked lightly on each ball, and tickled the tender skin between his legs with my finger. Then I return his cock to my mouth and sucked hard and fast to finally bring him to his climax. He held my head in his hands as he pumped his hips back or forth, pushing his cock deep into my hot mouth. Then he tensed and I felt his cock throb and swell as he started to shoot his load of cum onto my tongue and down my throat. I swallowed greedily until his cock went softer in my mouth and I had drained every bit of his juice.

Then he said “Now do the same to my pal” and I saw that the black man had already prepared himself. His cock looked longer and thicker than the first one, shining darkly from his black curly bush of pubic hair, and two heavy balls hanging below. I scrambled over on my knees to take this tremendous prick into my mouth and started working him into my mouth. I sucked hard on it, running my tongue round the circumference of his shaft and licking furiously at the large head. I nibbled lightly on the hard meat of his rod, licking and tantalising him while jerking my hand up the length of it to bring him close to orgasm. I sucked his balls and then ran my tongue along the full length of it until my mouth slipped easily over the head and he plunged his mighty cock into my mouth and towards my throat. I groaned and suddenly tensed as he released masses of his cum juice into my stomach. I sucked and swallowed until he was also empty. As he withdrew his cock from my mouth, the white one said “That was so good. Now go through that door….” indicating a second door “… and you will see the Manager. Good luck with your application!”

I pushed the door, which was quite heavy, and went through. The next room was quite large, with a desk behind which sat a man, presumably the Manager. As I turned to close the door, I noticed that it had a full length mirror on it. I caught sight of my naked body in the reflection, and turned to walk to the desk. I noticed that the Manager watched my reflection in the mirror, so he could see the swaying and wriggling movement of my buttocks as I walked towards him. My cock had become hard again after the two blow jobs I had had to give, and as I approached the desk he said “Just stand there while I explain the process. I understand you want to become a member of the Club?” I nodded my agreement but before I could speak he said “This is a very exclusive club, catering for very specialist tastes. Do you understand?” I nodded again. “Membership is not by payment of money, but by a series of tests. If you complete the tests, your membership is guaranteed. We have three types of membership – Weekend (Saturday and Sunday), five day (through the week) and full seven day membership. You must be accepted for weekend membership first, then you can apply for five day membership, and only when those applications are successful will seven day membership be available. Do you understand?” I nodded a third time. “If at any time you want to stop any of the tests you can, but your application will terminate at that point. Clear?” I nodded again. “For the weekend membership, I require you to submit yourself to a spanking from me. I will spank you with twenty five blows with the slipper. Do you wish to continue with your application?” My mouth went dry, but I nodded and said “Yes, sir, I wish to proceed.” “Very well” he said, and led me to a bench with padding in the centre, so that it form a mound in the middle. “Lie across that with your hips at the top” he said. I climbed on and did as instructed. The effect was that my backside was sticking proudly up in the air, while my legs dangled helplessly on one side, and my upper body and arms on the other.

“Twenty five” he repeated, and then he picked up the slipper, which was rubber soled, and looked quite heavy. He walked over and stroked my buttocks softly before standing back, raising his arms and bringing the slipper crashing down across both buttocks with a loud “crack!!” causing immense pain to course through my buttocks and making me jump. I lay there waiting for the next blow, and he delivered it directly onto the left cheek “thwack!!” making me jerk and cry out in pain. Then he delivered the next to the right cheek “crack!!” and I wriggled and writhed in pain. “You will find the rest of the test will take a little time, as I don’t want to rush this. You have a beautiful bottom for spanking, so round and pert, and the skin responds nicely to punishment. You are starting to turn a nice shade of pink. If you want me to stop, I will” he invited, but I was determined to see this through so I said “No, sir. Please continue”. With that he continued my spanking, delivering the blows alternately to left and right cheek, with the same degree of force and pain, taking about ten seconds between each blow. My backside was tingling and burning, but I kept quiet, counting each blow in my mind. “Nine – ouch – ten – ow!” I thought, “eleven – aargh! – twelve – oooh!” it continued. With each new blow, I found my ability to tolerate the pain getting better. I still felt the pain, but its effect was more erotic and I found myself longing for the blows to come. “Eighteen – aah! – nineteen – ouch! -twenty – oh yes! – twenty one – oh, harder!! – twenty two – don’t stop!” the blow kept coming, with what seemed longer pauses between each one. I could hear that he was breathless with exertion, and the pause lasted about thirty seconds, during which time my buttocks tingled and ached as the skin swelled and stretched under his punishing service. The final three seemed to be harder and delivered across the crack of both buttocks “Twenty three – wow!! – twenty four – holy shit!! – twenty five – ow, ow, ouch!!!!” I lay there waiting for more, but he just gently rubbed his hand over m
y burning flesh and caressed my re
ddened buttocks, saying “That is all. You have done well!” and walked away to his desk.

I lay there for a minute or so, reflecting on the spanking that I had received, and the excitement that it had generated in my loins. I got off the bench and walked over to the desk, my cock standing up proud and eager. “I can confirm that you are now a weekend member. Congratulations”. I said “Thank you, sir. How do I find out about the five day membership?” He smiled at me and said “For that you have to go through that door…” indicating a door at the other side of the room, also with a full length mirror on it “… and see the twins.” I nodded and started to move towards the door but he stopped me with the words “but to see the twins you have to do something for me first.” I turned round and saw that he was now naked from the waist down, and his huge cock was erect and sticking out pointing straight at me. “Come here a suck this, but be careful not to spill a drop on the carpet!” I walked back to him and knelt down to take him into my mouth. His salty taste filled my nostrils and mouth instantly, and I started sucking on his hard prick for all I was worth. I had had plenty of practice today, so I delivered his blow job with all the talent and energy that I could muster. He seemed to appreciate my efforts, and wrapped his legs round my back so that I was effectively trapped in his groin until I had finished him off. My head bobbed wildly over his cock, and I sucked and licked his balls with equal pleasure. I drew my head slowly up his shaft until my lips were kissing his knob and then plunged him deep into my throat before repeating this. Eventually he stiffened his legs and shot his load of cum down my throat. I swallowed all of his cum and when he was relaxed, he let me go. I stood and walked, ever so slowly, towards the door. In the mirror, I could see him watching the sway of my bright red buttocks as I moved and went through the door.

The next room was about the same size as the Manager’s, and as I looked over my shoulder going through the door, the same full length mirror was there. I could see two men standing in the centre of the room by a bed. They were identical twins, in their late twenties, blonde hair, slim but muscular build, and they were both naked! Their sizeable erections pointed at me, and as I approached, they smiled. I quickly realised that they were not looking at me as they smiled, but at my reflection in the mirror. They could clearly see my crimson buttocks swaying as I walked, and they could tell that I had just received a sound spanking from the Manager. One of them said “I understand you want to become a five day member.” I nodded, my mouth going dry in anticipation. “It is clear from your rosy cheeks that you have qualified as a weekend member so let me explain the test. You must submit to receiving a spanking from both of us – twenty five smacks each, delivered alternately to your beautiful butt. If you agree, and we complete the test, your membership will be confirmed. Do you wish to proceed?” I reflected on how much I had eventually enjoyed the spanking from the Manager, and wondered if these two strong men would do any better. I suspected so! I nodded and said “Yes, please proceed.”

They took me to the bed, which was slightly higher than a normal bed, and leaned me over the edge, so that I was standing on the floor, but my hips were against the edge, pushing my buttocks out for service, and my upper body was lying on the top of the bed. Then they took both my arms and spread them out sideways, strapping them to the bed so that I was unable to get up, even if I wanted to! “Once we start, we don’t stop till we finish. Do you wish to proceed?” I shuddered in fear and excitement, wondering whether I would be able to stand a constant barrage of pain from these two athletes, but my determination was such that I heard myself saying “Yes, please, proceed with my punishment.”

They stood on either side of my waiting backside, one holding a slipper in the right hand, the other in the left. They both lifted their arms outwards to begin my ‘test’, and when the first blow landed, quickly followed by the second and third, I realised that they meant business. “Whack!” “Whack!” “crack!!” “crack!” the blow landed with awesome accuracy and regularity. I tried counting each blow but after about fifteen, the pain was so intense, and my wriggling so frantic that I lost count. I stood there, my backside receiving a pounding from the slippers – right, left, right, left – and me wincing and gritting my teeth in pleasurable pain until suddenly they stopped. I could hear them both panting with exertion, and my buttocks felt like they were on fire. They examined my skin for damage, saw nothing serious, other than deep red marks from the slippers and bruising to evidence the ferociousness of their spanking of me. Then they released me from the straps and said “Congratulations. You are now a five day member. You have a wonderful backside for spanking.”. I slowly stood up, the pain in my buttocks subsiding to a hot glow and I gently massaged both cheeks in silent acknowledgement of their talent to bring pain and pleasure to me. They stood facing me, arms draped across each other’s shoulders, cock still erect and swollen with lust. I steeled my nerve and asked “How do I enquire about full seven day membership?”. They smiled at me and one of them said “For that you have to see the Committee, through that door” and they pointed to a door on the opposite side of the room. I started to move towards the door, with its obligatory mirror, when they called me back. “But first, you must do something for us” one said. The thought of sucking both these lovely cocks excited me so without question I said “Yes, of course!”

“Before you agree” he said “I will tell you what it is. You will suck my cock, making sure to drink my cum down, while my brother here fucks your arse. Do you still want to see the Committee?” My legs almost buckled at the thought. Having already experience this, I said without hesitation “Yes, I do.” I was then told to climb on the bed on all fours, and they took up positions at either end of my waiting and willing body. I slowly took the one cock in my mouth, savouring its taste and feel on my tongue and started to rock so that I was able to take him deeper into my mouth. I sucked happily and was so lost in lust that I didn’t feel the second one parting my buttocks and spreading cream onto my anus. Then I felt him put his pulsating cock head against my hole and concentrated to relax the muscles so that his entry would not cause me too much pain. I focussed on the cock in my mouth and felt the ‘plop’ as the swollen head of the other cock finally broke into my rectum. Then they both started to ride me, rhythmically and deeply, pushing and pulling their meaty cocks in and out of both holes in unison. They did not seem to be in a hurry, and I relaxed and started to enjoy the experience. They were very good, controlling their movements and using my body to their fullest pleasure. I could feel the one’s balls and stomach slapping against my burning backside as he penetrated deeper into my bowels, while the pubic hair of the other tickled my nose as his cock slid deep into my throat. After about ten minutes of this gentle fucking, they speeded up, and I could feel them both approaching their climax. The one behind me grabbed my hips in both hands and squeezed hard as he lurched and held his stiff cock deep inside me to release his cum into me. At the same time, the other one held my head and drained his balls into my mouth, pressing his cock into my throat to make sure I drank it all down. I glanced across at the mirror on the door and got a perfect view of the action, me on my knees with these two gorgeous men inside me, one at each end. I saw them give each other a high five and then they kissed, deeply and passionately while their cocks remained inside my body. As their cocks shrank back to normal size, they withdrew and I collapsed on the bed, relishing the experience in my mind a litt
le longer. Then one
of them said “Okay. The Committee will be waiting for you. Good luck!”

I thanked them and walked slowly towards the door. In the mirror, I could see them admiring my red raw ass, and no doubt pondering what was to come to me in the next room.

I pushed through the heavy door, my legs weak from the beating and the fucking I had just had, but somehow looking forward to the next ordeal. As I entered the room, I again noticed the door had a mirror on it. The room was dark except for a small area lit with one small light, and a solitary man standing there, apparently naked but with a dressing gown on. He said “I am the Chairman of the Committee. I understand you want full seven day membership?” I nodded and said tremulously “Y-yes, s-sir.” “Come here” he said, and as I walked towards him, I saw him look appreciatively into the mirror at my scarlet backside. “I see you have qualified thus far so I will explain the test. The Committee consists of ten members” and with this he flicked a switch and the lights came on. I could see ten men, including the Chairman, standing in the room with various pieces of furniture – benches, a bed, chairs – “and each member will spank you no more than ten times with an implement of their choice. When that has been delivered he will fuck you. This will continue until all members have spanked and fucked you. If at any time you wish to stop the process, we will stop, but your application will stop also. Is this clear?” My legs almost buckled at the thought of being treated like this, but I again said “Yes, sir. Please proceed.”

“Hold out your hands” he instructed, and I obeyed. My hands were tied together in front of me and attached to a rope that led to a pulley on the ceiling. He led me over to an A-frame with padding on top and I was draped over this with my hips on the peak, pushing my buttocks high into the air, my feet hanging on one side and my head on the other. From my position, I could look through my own legs and watch what was happening behind me. I saw the Chairman remove his gown, and he was indeed naked. His swollen pendulous cock dangled heavily between his legs as he approached me. In his hand he carried a heavy sports pump and, moving slightly to the left, he started to deliver the first of the ten heavy blows to my vulnerable backside. The pain shot through me and I jumped in response to the first whack. He rested his hand on my back while he delivered the next and the next blows. All ten blows were landed with amazing accuracy and deep pain onto my quivering buttocks, and then I could see him drop the pump and position himself between my open legs. Then I felt him open my cheeks and apply some lubricant to my already penetrated hole. Then he carefully pushed his knob against my opening and immediately the muscles relaxed to allow him entry. He pushed himself deep inside me and then started to fuck with gentle swaying movements in and out. The feeling was great, and I just lay there feeling the ridges and bumps of his hardened cock as they rode over and into the soft tissue of my anus and rectum. He squeezed and kneaded my buttocks as he plunged himself into my ass and after a few minutes, I felt him tense and jerk as he spent his juice inside my bowels. After a short while, he withdrew his reduced penis from my hole, and stepped away. I was then helped to stand and a second man came over to me.

He took the rope attached to my wrists and took me to the centre of the room. He pulled on another rope and my arms were lifted above my head so that I was forced to stand on tip toes. He then walked to a table and picked up a two foot long wooden ruler, flexing and springing it in the air to demonstrate the whippiness of the instrument. Then he walked behind me and touched my backside with the cold wood. I flinched at the touch but instantly relaxed to await his punishment. He swung the ruler back and brought it with a resounding “thwack!!” across both buttocks. I jumped and cried out in surprise and pain, the red welt from the weapon burning into my flesh. He waited for me to stop writhing and then delivered his next one. The pain was the same but my reaction was less energetic. I hung there, feeling my legs starting ache with the effort of holding myself in place. He swung again and again, hitting a different spot with each blow. My buttocks glowed and burned with the searing pain of this beating, and after the tenth one had landed, I breathed a sigh of relief because I was almost ready to call a halt to the test. An order to “Spread your legs” was barked at me, and I immediately complied. As I stood there with my legs spread apart, I saw my tormentor lie on the floor between my feet, his stiff cock held in one hand. “Sit down astride me” he said and I did as I was told. As I got onto my knees, facing his head, he carefully separated my arse cheeks and put his cock against the opening to my arse. I braced myself as he slid it gently home, pushing the walls of my sphincter aside as he gained deeper entry into my body.
I sat there, his rigid cock embedded deep inside me as he pushed his hips up and then lowered me down, fucking me in a position that was new to me. I was able to writhe my hips forward and back in time with his thrusting, taking my weight on my knees, and the fuck became more pleasurable for both of us. While he was fucking me, an Asian man, big built with a hairy body and a thick dark and heavy cock walked up and pushed his swollen cock into my mouth. I sucked on it while riding the cock inside me, but the Asian man indicated that I should not rush his climax, as he was my next spanker. I continued sucking his cock lightly, taking care not to excite him too much, and the man underneath me pushed harder and more quickly as his climax got closer. Suddenly, he let out a cry and raised me off the ground, supporting all my weight on his hips as he shot his cum into my ass. When he was finished, I was helped to stand up, and the Asian man took me over to the bed.

I was told to lie on my back on the bed, with my backside on the edge of the bed and my feet on the floor. The rope securing my hands was drawn over the other side of the bed so that my hands were out of the way. The Asian man then showed me a tawse, which is a two tongued leather strap, about 18 inches long including the handle. He then took my ankles and lifted them up high in the air, so that my legs were upright and my body formed a L shape. By buttocks hung tantalisingly over the edge of the bed. He cross my ankles and held then with his left hand while he started to thrash the tawse across my butt cheeks. The pain was incredible, I thought I had been cut in two. After a brief inspection of the damaged area, he brought the second blow cutting into my backside. I flinched again as the tawse was whipped across my bottom time and again, until after the tenth searing blow, he dropped it on the floor and lowered my legs slightly. Through the tears in my eyes, I vaguely saw him slowly lower my legs, hooking them over his forearms, and place himself between my thighs. His thick cock looked ready to burst, and he first put lubricant on my anus, and then slowly introduced his bulbous head of his cock into my stretched hole. He pressed it into me slowly, taking time and ensuring it went all the way in. Once he was totally in, I felt the wiry hair of his pubes stroke the soft skin of my own cock, then he withdrew quickly out until only the head was still trapped by my sphincter muscles. Then slowly in again, and quickly out. This fuck was amazing, I felt like I was in heaven and he was so forceful yet so tender. To make his penetration even deeper, he lifted my hips off the bed using his strong forearms on my legs. He fucked me in this way for fifteen minutes or so, and then I saw his eyes glaze over and he started pumping me more steadily, gaining speed with each thrust of his wonderful cock. Eventually, he tensed all the muscles in his body, including his cock, and I felt him spurt load after load of hot creamy spunk inside my intestines. He thrust less and less as he emptied him
self inside me, and wh
en he was finished, he slowly withdrew his cock, leaned forward and kissed my mouth, lashing his tongue around, and I responded with my own tongue. Then he was up and walking away.

As I lay there, panting, I noticed a small man with a flaccid cock looking at me. He said, in an aggressive tone “I’m next! Turn over, slut, knees on the floor, belly on the bed!” I turned over and wondered why he was angry. Maybe because he can’t get it up, I supposed. But I was wrong. He strode over, picked up a leather belt from the table, and then leapt onto the bed, sitting astride my back, facing my backside. I could feel the warmth of his scrotum and the weight of his slowly hardening cock on my back. Then I felt his body weight lift as he rose slightly, belt raised high, to deliver the quickest and most painful thrashing I have ever known. He rained the blows across each buttock separately until he reached eight, then he jumped off, stood behind me and delivered the final two hard across both cheeks, making me rise and jump with pain. Then, without a second to spare, he was between my legs, and ramming his now totally hard cock roughly into my arse hole. He grunted and lunged with ferocious venom into my anus, beating my sore flesh with his stomach as his cock dived in again and again, plundering my soft inner flesh with his cock head. After some few minutes, he gripped the flesh on my buttocks and pinched hard as he screamed his orgasm and emptied himself into me. Then, he just pulled out and stormed away, leaving me battered and gasping after this vicious rape.

After a minute or so another voice said in my ear “Don’t worry, he’s the only one like that. Lie face down on the bed. It’s my turn now.” The voice sounded somehow reassuring, so I crawled forward and lay, gratefully on the top of the bed. The next man was quite a bit older, and he looked surprisingly gentle. He laid his hand on my buttocks, stroking and caressing each cheek. Then he lifted his hand and gave me a thorough hand spanking, five smacks on each cheek. The feel of flesh on flesh was exhilarating, and I writhed in appreciation of his stern but welcome spanking. Then he rolled on top of me, forcing my legs apart, and inserted his erect but not too big cock between my cheeks and into my eager love hole. He fucked gently but meaningfully, occasionally taking his cock totally out before returning it after a few seconds, thus heightening my own pleasure. After a few minutes of his tender fucking, I felt his hot sperm wash against the wall of my rectum and he withdrew from me, patting me lightly on the bottom.

The next man came over and said “Keep your head on the bed but lift yourself up onto your knees.” I did this, knowing that this position would both raise my backside high, stretching the flesh of my buttocks tight, and also expose my anus to full view. I sank my head onto the bed and waited. He picked up a paddle and came over to the bed. He stood, feet apart, and swung the paddle directly onto both cheeks, stinging and hurting me afresh. I winced and presswed my face onto the bed to hide my cries of pain. He repeated this another three times, and then the last six heavy blows were to each alternate cheek, adding fresh redness to the already bruised skin on my ass. Then I felt his weight as he got on the bed behind me and between my knees. He inserted his cock into my gaping hole and started to fuck me with long, smooth strokes of his cock. I looked between my legs and saw his balls hanging below his shaft as he pumped me from behind, drilling his hard shaft in and out of my weary anus. The power of his inward thrusts caused me to rock forward and my own dangling cock and balls rocked in rhythm with his prodding hips. After several minutes, I felt him grip my hips tight and then loose his juice into my cum filled hole. As he finished, I saw him draw out and reverse off the bed.

The next man took me over to a chair and he sat down, indicating that I should lay over his knee, the classic spanking position. I did this, and he placed his left hand on the small of my back and hooked his leg over my left leg to hold me in place. In his hand I had noticed a leather strap, about eight inches long and a quarter of an inch thick. It looked ominously hard. He lifted his right hand high with the implement firmly in his hand, and brought it crashing down across my buttocks. The pain seared through me, making my head jerk up and my free leg jolt in a vain effort to get up, but he held me firm. The second blow landed on the same spot and I cried out in agony. The third and fourth blows were higher up and the next two lower down, making my butt feel like it was ablaze. The final four cracks of this weapon found four different spots to agonize, and I wriggled and struggled with the pain searing through my entire body. Then he threw the weapon down, lifted me up and made me sit astride his lap, facing him. I draped my tied hands over his head and shoulders, and sat down carefully, while he manoeuvred his swollen cock into the opening to my arsehole. As I lowered my weight down, I could feel his length prodding and pushing deeper into my bowels. He then started to fuck me, lifting and bouncing me on his meaty rod. After a couple of minutes of this, he stood up, with me still impaled on his strong cock, grabbing my butt cheeks in each hand to support my weight, and walked round, still fucking my arse. It occurred to me that he was actually displaying his penetration of my ass, and his stiff cock fucking me to the other men present, and they were applauding and cheering him. I clung to his powerful shoulders as he bounced me easily on his rod, holding my cheeks apart to more readily show the others the depth of his entry inside me. Eventually, he jerked and shot his load up into my intestines, and as he finished, he lowered me onto the floor, leaving me standing there alone.

Another man approached me and took me to the A frame again. He draped me over it as before and I lay there watching him move round the floor, first picking up a slipper and testing its weight, then the belt, then the tawse, until he finally settled on the paddle. He then walked over to me, and through my legs I could see his hard cock swaying as he walked. The paddle was in his hand and he stood directly behind me rather than to the side. Then he swung his arm across his body, to bring the paddle down in a diagonal motion across my left cheek with a backhand strike, followed by a forehand blow across the right cheek. I jumped and jerked but my strength was failing and I ended up just staying there while he continued – backhand, forehand – harder each time and more devastating on each side. After the ten blows, he dropped the paddle and walked forward, holding his cock and aiming it straight at my open and waiting hole. He plunged it in, driving it home with ease. Then he started to fuck me hard, ramming in and out with powerful thrusts, slapping his pelvis against my buttocks. One of the others lifted my upper body so that I was only slightly bent over the A frame, and the man inside me held on to my shoulders as he continued to ram and pummel my ass with his stiffened prick. I felt him slip out of my arse once or twice, but he quickly pushed his cock back inside me to continue with his breath-taking fuck. He slammed harder into me as he approached his climax and the gripped my hips as the orgasm hit him and he emptied his spunk inside my already soaking rectum. As he subsided, he slid his cock out and I felt the juices running down my legs. He then let go and walked away.

I stood there waiting for the next man. He approached and told me to kneel on all four on the floor. I got down and caught my reflection in a mirror. My backside was red raw from the beatings I had been given, but no lasting damage could be seen. I saw the man, his cock swinging lazily down but getting harder in anticipation of what he was going to do. He picked up the two foot ruler, whipped it once or twice in the air for effect, and then walked over and stood behind and to the left of me. With
his right hand he raise
d the ruled out and swung it viciously across my waiting backside. I lurched forward as the stinging turned to searing pain and I held my breath for a moment. Then I moved back into position for the second blow. This was as hard, but lower down and I caught my breath again as fresh pain shot through my aching buttocks. The third and fourth blows were high to left and right, again making me lean forward and writhe in painful ecstasy. He was clearly striking a different spot with each blow, making my buttocks turn flame red with the criss-cross of painful red welts across my skin. When his ten lashes were over he told me to lie on the bed, on my back. I did so, the he dragged me to the edge so that only my upper body was on the bed. He then grasped both ankles in his hands and, holding my legs straight, opened them wide, exposing my throbbing cock and balls, and more importantly for him, my well fucked anus. He pressed his swollen cock head to the open hole of my backside, and plunged it in with one steady and strong thrust of his hips. His cock disappeared inside me and he then started rutting in and out of me, watching his cock penetrate me with each stroke. He seemed to be fascinated by the sight and obviously enjoyed watching himself fucking someone. The fleshy meat of my buttocks wobbled and shook with the power of his pelvis smacking against them as his cock entered all the way inside to the limit of his erection. I could hear the wet slurping sound of his cock as it was lubricated by the multiple loads of cum still inside my rectum. He fucked me for about ten minutes before I saw him grit his teeth and prepare for his ejaculation. When it came, it washed the walls of my anus with sticky cum, and I could feel his cock throbbing as it fought to release the juice to his satisfaction. As he finally subsided, he let go of my ankles, withdrew and walked away.

The tenth man came to me and rolled me over on the bed, so that I was once again kneeling on the floor with my chest on the bed. He wandeed slowly round the room, picking up the sports pump, the tawse, the ruler, the paddle and the belt, and then came back to my helpless body on the bed. He said “I couldn’t make my mind up which was best, so I will use all of these” and he threw them onto the bed, right in front of my face. I watched with nervous expectation as he first selected the slipper. ‘Whack!’ the first one cut across my right cheek – ‘Thwack!!’ the second one slashed over my left buttock. I cringed and bit into the bedding to stifle my cries of pain. He had hit me with full force with both blows, and there was more to come! The slipper landed on the bed and he then took the belt. ‘Slash!!’ across one buttock – ‘Crash!!’ across the other. I almost called for him to stop, but I realised that this was the last part of the test, so if I could just hold out for this one, I would be successful. The belt landed next to the slipper and he reached over and picked up the paddle. ‘Crack!’ came the first blow, then a short pause to allow me to stop writhing. ‘Smack!’ came the second as I felt my buttocks jump under the painful punishment. The paddle fell on the bed and he reached for the ruler. I held my breath since the feel of the ruler was still fresh in my mind – and on my buttocks! ‘Slap!!’ came the first cutting strike – ‘Whap!!’ came the second. The tears filled my eyes, and I was praying for the final two to be over. I had enjoyed the pain all through this experience, but I felt that I was getting close to my breaking point. The ruler landed on the bed and bounced slightly as he picked up the tawse, its two strands of leather like a viper’s tongue. He moved back and brought the weapon whipping down across both cheeks at once. The two tongues of leather bit and made separate sites of pain, and when the final blow came, two more seething pains shot through my burning backside. I cried out and whimpered as the pain reached a crescendo and then slowly subsided into a hot glow spreading over my battered flesh. He then knelt down between my legs and slowly inserted his thick cock into my anus. The pressed an inch in, then stopped, then another inch and then stop. He continued like this until all of him, at least nine inches long and thick and firm, was inside me. He then started to fuck me with slow rhythmic pumping, drawing back and then plunging back in, slowly out and even slower back in. After a couple of minutes of this, he thrust and held me impaled on his massive cock, lifting me off the floor. With one arm round my stomach and his cock up my ass, he lifted me onto the bed, laying me face down and flat on the surface. He thrust and lunged into me steadily, inching me a little forward with each fresh penetration of my aching anus. The other end of the bed approached as he continued pumping me with his meaty member, and I felt myself being pushed off the bed, head first, then shoulders, then stomach, until my hips were over the edge of the bed, my legs splayed and high in the air, my chest and head on the floor, and his pinning me there with his huge cock riveted inside my weary and stretched anus. He stopped pushing me then, and, supporting his own weight on his arms, continued to fuck my arse for a further five minutes or more. Then he finally tensed and with a final lunge that reached deeper into my bowels than any of them had been previously, he spurted copious amounts of his steamy cum juice, splashing the walls of my intestines, burning the soft skin inside me with the heat of his sperm. This position, coupled with the power and strength of his fucking, had brought me close to my own climax, and as I felt him coming, I was able to release my own spunk onto the bedclothes. As he shot less and less into me, and as his erection reduced, he withdrew from me, leaving me there, finally satisfied, panting and gasping with lust filled exhaustion, pain and pleasure mingling in my mind into one single feeling of achievement.

After about five minutes I got up and looked at the ten men who had so thoroughly tested me. They were all smiling appreciatively, and the chairman said “Congratulations. You are now a full seven day member. May I welcome you to our Club and all of its facilities. We look forward to meeting you again”. ‘I’m sure you do’, I thought, and I look forward to it also!

I then was allowed to get dressed and go to the bar for a long drink. The barman invited me to sit on a tall stool at the bar, but I chose to stand!

To be continued

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