Adventures at the Flamingo Club – Part One

Adventures at The Flamingo Club by Willing Lee

Chapter One – The Introduction to sex.

I had often fantasised about sex, different types of sex, but never had the guts to see any of these fantasies through. Then one day, I unexpectedly got my chance. I had occasionally gone to the public toilets, hoping for a chance sexual encounter, perhaps a quick jerk off, or to try sucking a cock, but I had always lost my nerve and run off. You see, I am an Assistant Bank Manager, and if I got caught, the public disgrace would be unbearable. I don’t have wife to worry about but my career could be ruined, and I am very young for the position I hold.

One day, I went to the Toilets and sat in the centre cubicle. There was a glory hole in one wall, and I quickly became aware of a man on the other side. He indicated for me to put my cock through for him to work on, and I managed to overcome my nerve enough to stand up and put my semi erect cock into the hole. I felt a warm mouth quickly envelop my knob, and I quickly got harder. As he was doing this, someone pushed the door open and saw me pressed against the wall. Before I could stop him, he pushed his way into my cubicle and held me to the wall so that I couldn’t draw back. Then he placed his hands on my arse cheeks, squeezing and kneading them, and rubbing his bands along my exposed thighs and backside. I found this exhilarating and groaned my pleasure while the mouth on the other side of the wall continued to suck my cock.

After a short time, the man behind me moved back, lifted my upper clothing to reveal my backside, and smacked me hard on the butt about five or six times. I was shocked, but the warm tingling I felt on my backside convinced me that I had secretly enjoyed this short spanking. Then he quickly pushed his pelvis into my back, and I felt his hardened cock pressing between my arse cheeks and towards my virgin anus. Then, before he could penetrate me, the door flew open again, and I was stunned by two or three flashes of light. I looked to my right and saw another man taking photos of the action. As quickly as this had happened, he ran out of the toilet. We were all shocked and the action quickly stopped, the other two men quickly dressing and leaving. I stood there for a short while, my trousers at my ankles, and my cock getting smaller and softer as I contemplated the possibilities.

I waited a few minutes, then I decided to leave. I hurried out and started back towards the Bank. I did not see the man watching me from across the street, nor did I see him discretely following me. I arrived back at work and sat in my office, hoping that nothing would come of this incident. I was quickly proved wrong.

About an hour later, my secretary called me to say that there was a man asking to see me. He had no appointment, but felt sure that I would see him as he had something of mutual interest to discuss. My heart sank, but I decided to see him, in case it was entirely innocent. He was shown into the office, and I vaguely recognised him as the man with the camera. In fact, he held the camera in his hands, almost like a tantalising threat. He quickly got down to business. “I hold here clear evidence of what you get up to in public toilets. Would you like to see?” and upon that, he produced some prints showing me facing a wall, with a man behind me, both of us naked from the waist down, and another of a man sucking on my cock. “I’m sure that you don’t want these getting into the wrong hands, so I am willing to come to an arrangement with you.”

“How much do you want?” I asked, expecting some ridiculous amount of money to be extorted from me or the Bank. “Oh, I don’t want money ….” he started, “… I just want some of your time. 24 hours to be precise.” I was confused, and it clearly showed on my face because he continued “Let me explain. I want you to make yourself available to me, for my total use and pleasure for 24 hours. After that you will be free to go and the print and negatives will be yours to keep.” I stared at him speechless. Then he continued “Here is the arrangement. I want you as my sex slave for one day. You will attend this address” and he handed me a business card with his home address on it, “wearing a suspender belt, stockings and a dress with high heels, and you will submit to whatever I want for the duration. After 24 hours you are free to go.” Then he got up and started to leave. “If you do not turn up by 11 p.m. Friday night, the papers, the Police and your Head Office will receive these pictures” and he walked out.

I pondered this proposition for a long time, until I decided that I would do it. After all, 24 hours of degradation against a lifetime of misery was little contest. I went to the shops to purchase the necessary clothing. I am not too big, in height or build, I am slim with a pert backside, so I figured that if I described a woman fitting my size as my wife, I should easily find clothing to fit. I bought black stockings and suspender belt, tight fitting lace panties, shoes that I would be able to walk in, and a loose fitting shift dress.

That Friday night, dressed for all the world like a demure and sexy lady, I made my way to the address. As I walked up to the door, my stomach started to do somersaults and I became very nervous as well as excited. I rang the ball and the door was answered by my “master” for the next 24 hours. He was dressed casually and invited me in. “Very nice”he said softly, and quickly ran his hand up my leg until he touched the flesh at the top of the stockings, “very nice indeed, and right on time.”

He did not waste time on small talk, and took me straight through to his bedroom. There was a big bed in the centre, with lots of pillows and cushions at the head. “I want you to take off the dress and shoes but leave the rest on” he commanded. I undressed as instructed and stood there, resplendent in sexy underwear with my cock bulging inside the lace panties. He arranged the pillows on the centre of the bed and said “Right, lay over these, face down and across the bed”. I climbed on and positioned myself so that my pelvis was on the biggest pile of pillows, raising my backside high in the air and the rest of me draped on either side. He moved round to my head and took my right wrist. He quickly secured it with a strap that was tied to the corner of the bed and repeated this with my other wrist. The procedure was over so quickly that I didn’t have time to struggle. Then he moved to the other side, and secured both ankles in the same way. I was now spread-eagled, arms and legs wide apart, and totally vulnerable to his every wish.

He moved again to my head and I could now see that he was naked, his hard penis sticking out from under his beer belly. His cock was not too big, but then size isn’t everything (as they say!). He pushed his cock towards my head and said “Okay, start sucking, bitch!” I took him into my mouth, the dryness in my mouth being quickly replaced with saliva and his own juices as I worked my lips and mouth on his cock. As I sucked he stroked my hair and muttered words I couldn’t make out. Then he suddenly moved away from me and went to the other side of the bed. I could hear but not see him. Then I felt an almighty stinging pain on my backside, and I realised that he had hit me hard with a slipper. I bounced in surprised response to this, and he delivered a further ten or fifteen similar blows, all hard, all stinging and all painful, across my waiting backside. I wriggled in vain at the restraints that held me there in position, making my exposed and reddening arse accessible for his punishing treatment. After another five painful blows he stopped, jumped on the bed between my open legs, and ripped the lace panties off my swollen and bright red backside. I felt him prise open my buttocks and spread lubricant jel onto my anal opening. Then he lay his weight on me as he pressed his swollen cock slowly and carefully into my rectum. I felt the initial pain as he pushed himself inside me,
and then my sphincter muscles relaxed to allo
w him further, deeper entry into my bowels. The stinging pain on the flesh of my buttocks eased, sending warmth deeper into my stomach as I felt this man start to fuck me, pushing his cock deep into my arse, then pull out before plunging back in. He rode me rough and hard for several minutes before I felt him tense and he pushed one last time to ensure that his cock remained deep inside me while he shot his load of cum into my intestines. His cock throbbed and pulsated as each stream of cum left him and entered me. When he was finished, he collapsed onto me, temporarily pushing the wind out of my lungs. Then he got off and untied my arms and legs. I lay there, gasping for air as this was the first time I had been fucked properly by a man, and I realised that I had quite enjoyed it.

After some minutes, I saw that he had put a dressing gown on and was talking almost matter of fact to me. “Let’s have a drink, then you can have a shower” he said. We shared a drink, and I glanced at the clock, seeing that it was only 11.20, and I had another 23 hours and forty minutes of this to come!

When drinks had finished, he showed me where the shower was. I stripped off the remaining clothes and stepped gratefully into the shower. The hot water trickled down my body, touching the tender skin of my recently beaten backside, tickling the soft skin of my belly and groin and running down my legs. I thrilled at the touch of the water, so much so that I didn’t hear him enter the shower to join me. I was awoken from my reverie when his hands slid round my body from behind, gently stroking and caressing my nipples with one hand, and my now flaccid cock with the other. His lips stroked the skin of my neck and shoulders, and I could feel his cock once again becoming hard and pressing lazily against my buttocks. He continued fondling me with one hand and moved the other to help place his now erect cock between my arse cheeks. He pushed against the already weary hole, and entered me quickly and easily. He fucked me from behind, while standing in the shower, with slow and subtle plunges of his meaty cock inside me. He did not rush and was the opposite of the first fuck, being gentle and considerate this time. The water played over our bodies and he started to speed up his thrusting, pressing my face and chest against the glass wall of the shower and holding my hips firmly to help his final climax as he emptied his balls a second time into my willing bowels. After he had finished, he withdrew and stepped out of the shower. Before closing the door, he said “I want you to put the stockings and suspender back on when you have finished. Then we will go to bed, to sleep.”

I finished showering and dressed as instructed. He took me to the bed, and I noticed that the pillows had been moved. We got into bed, and went to sleep, He occasionally stroked the soft skin at the top of the stockings before dropping off into a deep sleep.

I was awoken from my sleep when I felt him lying on top of me, pressing his hard cock between my butt cheeks. I was face down and my legs were apart. He entered me again, and fucked me in a hurried way, taking only a couple of minutes to shoot his cum inside me. I pretended to be asleep through this, and when he was finished, he rolled off, muttering apologies. Then he stroked my backside and whispered “I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you tomorrow.” Then he turned over and went to sleep.

I woke up at about 7 a.m. to find him gone. I could hear his voice in another room, so I got up and tiptoed to hear what he was doing. He was talking on the telephone in a hushed voice, and I heard him say “It’s true, Phil. I’ve got him here for the rest of the day. He takes a good spanking, sucks cock wonderfully, and fucks like a whore! Get Steve and the other two and get over here. I promise you won’t be sorry!” Then he put the phone down so I quietly hurried back to bed and lay there with my eyes closed. I heard him look in and check that I was asleep and then he left me there.

After about 45 minutes, I was still in bed and I heard him answer the door. I could hear muffled voices, all male, and the front door shut. I sensed them come to the bedroom. I was lying on my stomach, still wearing the stockings and suspenders, eyes closed as if sleeping. I felt the duvet slowly pulled off the bed and I felt the sudden cool air brush over my body. I heard one of them whistle softly and say “Wow! Look at that beautiful arse!” Others giggled appreciatively, and I felt the weight on one of them on the bed. Then I felt a blindfold being put over my head, so that light was obscured. One of them then grabbed my ankles and slowly dragged me towards the bottom of the bed until my hips were over the end of the bed and my knees of the floor. As I lay there, I heard them getting undressed. One of them had a leather belt and he wasted very little time in using it on my protruding arse. The first blow landed across the crack of my bum, biting into both cheeks simultaneously and raising a red weal across my buttocks. I jumped and screamed, only to be held in place by other strong hands. He delivered a second and third blow, equally hard and painful and I felt like by backside was on fire. Then he dropped the belt and picked up the slipper used the previous night. He pounded my backside, first the right cheek, then the left. I could feel the flesh of my buttocks jumping with each repeated blow, getting hotter and redder as the pain coursed deeper into my insides. After about forty such stinging smacks, he stopped and I felt one of them stroking my reddened flesh gently with their hand. Then I felt more jel being applied to my ring before one of them pushed a thick hard shaft of swollen meat between my cheeks and enter my bowels while I lay on the edge of the bed, receiving the fourth fucking in about eight hours. It was clearly not the original man, and I think he had brought four of his friends for fun – maybe to “make it up to me tomorrow” as he promised?

This man fucked me long and gently, easing his hardened cock into me until I felt the tickle of his pubic hair on my sphincter and then drawing back until only his bulbous knob remained inside me. Then he would push in again, slowly letting me feel the ridges on his shaft as they ground their way inside me, before reversing. He carried this on for five minutes or more, and I was fast approaching my climax, when one of the others urged him to hurry up as they wanted a piece of the action too! With that, he sped up his thrusting, squeezing my buttocks in time with his lunges, and shortly afterwards I felt him stiffen as he shot his cum into my arse. When he withdrew, I felt the trickle of spunk running down my thigh and the cool air briefly stroke my stretched and battered anus.

Still blindfolded, I was lifted onto the bed on all fours, and I felt another cock being pushed onto my lips, and a hand take hold of the back of my head. I opened my lips and the meaty cock was pushed slowly into my mouth. At the same time, I felt someone kneel between my thighs, taking up position behind me on the bed. Then he pushed his equally hard cock against the weakened muscles of my rectum and glided his shaft inside my aching hole. He started to fuck me slowly, in rhythm with the cock that I was sucking with my mouth. As the cock in my mouth went in, so the other one was drawn slowly back out. Then the motion was reversed, so that the cock in my reputed in and my mouth emptied of the rod that was gliding over my tongue and tonsils. This went on for ten minutes or so, until suddenly the man in my arse gripped my hips and shoved his shaft deep in as he came inside me. As he finished, the man in my mouth then withdrew and changed places with him. The cock that I had been sucking was now quickly inserted into my open arse hole, and I started to receive yet another fucking. The fourth man then took position at my mouth, and I was made to suck on his joint for all I was worth. The two of them rode my arse and mouth in unison for five minutes or so, and then suddenly they
both came, filling my arse and
mouth with equal quantities of hot salty sperm.

When they had all finished, I collapsed on the bed and one of them then removed my blindfold. I could see that they were all in their thirties, well hung and totally satisfied with me! They then left the room, leaving just my “master for the day”. He said “See, I told you I would make it up to you!”. He smiled at me and then said “Call me John. Right, for the rest of the day, you can wear this” – holding up a small pinafore apron – “and look after us. First of all, we want a cup of coffee”. I went into the kitchen and boiled the kettle. As I was standing at the sink, washing the cups, John came up behind me and started groping and squeezing my buttocks with both hands, pushing me forward over the sink. I was on tip toes, and couldn’t do much to stop him. He slid his now erect cock between by cheeks and started to fuck me, thrusting with short but powerful lunges in and out of my arse. The sink was banging against the wall, and the world outside was blurred because of the strength of his pounding. I was grateful that no one outside could see me being fucked in this animal way, as each fresh lunge lifted me off the floor slightly and his pelvis slapped against my butt cheeks. Eventually, he shot another load inside me, and then pulled out of me. He slapped me hard on the rump, said “Where’s the coffee then?”, and went and sat with the others.

I staggered in with the tray of drinks and put them down on the table. As I turned to walk away, one of them grabbed my wrist and pulled me over the arm of the settee. My hips were over the arm, raising my buttocks into the perfect spanking position, my chest was over his lap and my head landed in the lap of the man next to him. This man already had his cock out and it was semi hard. He pulled my head onto it, inserting it into my mouth and making it impossible for me not to suck. As I started to suck him, making wet slurping noises, the other man started to spank my backside with his hand. As each fresh blow landed, I felt my cheeks sting a little more, glow a little more and the heat of sex burn deeper into my being. I now sucked greedily of the ramrod cock in my mouth while the hand kept on delivering bow after delicious blow onto my crimson backside. When the man in my mouth finally came, with a cry of ecstasy, the spanking stopped and I was helped up.

The rest of the day passed fairly quietly, and about six o’clock, John said “Okay. Get dressed in your dress and shoes. We’re all going to the Club.” “What Club?” I asked, and with a knowing smirk he said “Don’t worry. I’m sure you will like it.”

End of Chapter One.
Chapter Two – First Time at the Flamingo Club

We all piled into a car, and since it was a five seater, and there were five of them, I had to sit on John’s lap for the journey. He took time to fondle and caress my thighs and buttocks, but nothing more happened on the half hour journey to the Club. When we got there, it was as unlike a Club as I could imagine. Just a single door with a small letter box for people to look out – no neon lights, no obvious clientele. John went to the door and spoke to someone through the letter box and the door was opened. Two big bouncers stood on guard inside. Once inside, I could hear music and lots of voices, so I figured this must be the Club. The five men were all recognised as members and were let through. As I tried to follow, one of the bouncers stopped me with a big hand on the chest. John called back “It’s okay. He … she’s a guest of mine”. he bouncer looked at me doubtfully and then said “Just a quick search – for security” and he started to run his rough hands over my body. He put his hand on my knee and slowly dragged it up the stocking until he touched the flesh of my thigh. Then he moved his hand over until he touched me firmly on the genitals, then smiled to himself and said “Okay. Pass through.”

I went into the Club and caught sight of John, but the others seemed to have disappeared into the crowd. There must have been four or five hundred in there, all men. Some were dancing to the music, wrapped in each other’s arms, kissing and petting like lovers. Many were drinking and I followed John through the crowd. I occasionally felt a hand slip up my skirt and squeeze by bum, but when I tried to see who it was, I couldn’t make out who was responsible, so I very quickly gave up trying, and just let the gropers have their cheap thrills. John bought me a drink and introduced me to two men. They were American, both very tall and powerfully built, and dressed the part, including the big cowboy hats. John introduced me as “Lesley”, the sort of name that can apply to a man or woman. “Howdy, ma’am” they both drawled, tipping their hats briefly in courteous salute. Then John said “I believe they would likea dance” and he walked away. The first one, Hank, took my arm and led me to the floor. The music was slow, so he quickly wrapped his arms round me and held me tightly to him. I could feel his erection through the jeans he was wearing, and his hands started to lift my dress up higher, bunching the cloth in his hands until my naked backside was clearly visible from behind. I tried to break free but he held me firm. Then I heard the other one, Chuck, behind me. He said “It’s okay, baby, just relax and enjoy the ride” and with this I felt him slide his erect pole between my ass cheeks and enter, with little resistance, my arse hole. As he pressed it slowly deeper into me, I could see Hank smiling and continuing to hold me tight, dancing slightly to the music. Then he put his mouth over mine and started to kiss me. His tongue lashed around in my mouth and we both kissed passionately while Chuck fucked me from behind. After some minutes of this, my breathing had become heavy and desperate and I felt Chuck come inside my guts. Then he drew himself out of me and Hank spun me round, pushing me towards Chuck. Chuck then repeated what Hank had done, kissing me on the mouth, exploring my tongue with his own and holding the dress up to enable Hank to slide easily inside my arse. He then also fucked me standing there, and I was oblivious to everyone else in the room. The second fucking was harder and more exquisite, lifting me off the ground with each lunge as I stood there impaled on his mighty cock. When he eventually came inside me, I felt the hot sperm trickle down my thigh. They both then tipped their hats again, said “Thank you kindly, ma’am” and walked away.

I could hear noises around me, but in my shocked state, I didn’t register at first that it was the crowd in the immediate vicinity applauding my double fuck! I regained my senses and moved into the crowd, heading towards a stage that stretched across the dance floor, allowing spectators on both sides to see the performance. An announcement was made about a dancer called The Python who was coming on the stage. The crowd was so thick that I had to push through a small gap to get through to see anything. I was leaning with my elbows on the stage floor, and my hips and legs stuck behind two men who were either side of me also close to the stage. I didn’t want to move or I would have lost my place so I stayed where I was. The Python came out, dancing to recorded music, gyrating and writhing in an erotic manner, thrusting his bulging crotch at various members of the crowd. He started taking his few clothes off, and when he got down to his G string, the bulge could be seen to be real! His cock was enormous, at least a foot long, thick and throbbing. He held it in one hand while inviting various people to reach out and touch him. As this was happening, I felt my dress being lifted up, and a pair of legs pushed between my own. I couldn’t move because of the hysteria of the crowd at the Python’s act, and I had to stand there while an unknown cock was inserted into my anus and I was given an anonymous fucking right there on the dance floor. My latest lover fucked me well, not rushing but with just enough urgency to make me swoon with lust. Python must have noticed my bleary eyed look,
because he came over to me and
pushed his massive cock towards my mouth. The crown cheered loudly, shouting encouragement to me to “suck that mighty snake!”. I willingly obliged, taking the swollen and throbbing knob into my mouth while Mr Nobody continued to fuck my arse with increasing vigour and energy. I sucked the cock, taking as much as I could into my mouth and throat without gagging, licking his balls and running my hand up and down the entire length of his magnificent member. Eventually, my unknown fuck ended with a burst of hot creamy cum inside my bowels, just as Python unloaded an immense quantity of his own cum down my throat and into my stomach.

As the music died away, and the crowd moved off, I was left there, still leaning on the stage, cum dribbling down my legs where my rectum was unable to keep it all in, and the taste of Python in my mouth. I stood up slowly, and saw John across the room, smiling at me. I walked over to him and he said “Well, that’s the end of my 24 hours. Thanks, I enjoyed it a lot. I hope you did too” and he handed me the photographs and negatives, as promised.

He later dropped me off near my home, and I went in, pondering what future I would have now that I had tried my fantasies out, and found they were completely to my liking. Now, I thought, if I could only become a member of that Club, I could have more fun!

To be continued

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