Adventures in Jennifer's world ch. 10

Jennifer and Jason entered the master bedroom. Eric, his cock fully erect, was directing Angela to suck it. Sherry sat in the hanging chair in the corner, fucking herself with a dildo.

“That’s it, whore,” Eric was saying to Angela, “Suck my cock until it is hard as iron.” “Whore” was Angela’s pet name during sexplay. “Slut” was Jennifer’s.

Jennifer snuck up on Eric, reached between his legs, and gave his balls a mighty squeeze!

Eric cried in surprise, disengaging Angela’s mouth from his dick. He turned around.

“Jennifer!” he said, a little exasperated, “Don’t do that! Angela almost bit my dick off when you did that!”

Jason, Jennifer, Angela, and Sherry laughed at his outburst. Soon, he was joining in.

“Jen,” Eric said, after the laughter subsided, “how are you, love?”

“Funny you should say that,” Jennifer said, smiling. “We had a great time together, but that’s not all.” She walked over to Jason and wrapped herself around his arm. “We fell in love.”

Angela and Sherry yelled their enthusiasm and congratulations. Eric smiled and grabbed Jennifer around the waist and picked her up.

“Oh, Jen, I’m happy for you!” he said, kissing her. “I am so glad you found someone that loves you! You deserve it! You have been through so much these past couple months.” He said this last with a touch of a sense of loss. He knew that Angela had brought Jason over to meet Jennifer. When he met him, he found him to be a good man, a good match for this little slut, vixen…wonderful woman. Deep down, he half hoped Jason and Jennifer wouldn’t get along. He didn’t want to lose her love.

“Thanks, lover,” Jennifer said smiling. “I don’t think I would have met him if it weren’t for you two. I owe both of you a lot.”

“Nonsense,” Angela said, getting up. “Jennifer, you did something for both Eric and I. You gave us a better sense of ourselves as well and showed us just how much we love each other. You are as much a part of that love we share. Eric is a better man and better lover because of it.”

“Besides,” Eric added, “You have a freshness that inspires Angela, and you two get on famously. I don’t think she would have found her true self-but for your help. You came to us all wide-eyed and innocent, and left us wide-eyed at your depth. You don’t owe us, love, it is we who owe you.”

Eric found he meant every word of what he said. He knew he was deeply indebted to Jennifer. His emotion softened. He was coming to firmly believe that the love Jennifer and Jason shared was good.

Jennifer blushed at the comment.

Jason went over to Angela. “Angie, thanks for inviting me here. And thank you for introducing us. How you knew my tastes I’ll never know. We only made it that one day at the spa, and you figured me. Now I have a wonderful, beautiful, sexy, lustful woman that I intend to be with. We fell in love with each other. I never expected that!”

This time, Angela blushed.

“And since I found love, I found out some other things about me and Jen. Don’t worry. She is as much a part of you two as she is of me. She is a special woman, whose love is enough for any she deems to give it to. Just as you and Eric have a special love specifically reserved for just you two, so do Jen and I. We all love each other, and I think we will share in that love for each other for a long time to come. So do not fear that I am taking her from you: I will not do that. You love her.”

The mood in the room changed. A deep emotion surfaced in the four of them, and they looked at each other with a wonder more profound than any of them had ever felt.

Sherry watched this interplay, a growing sadness surfacing. She got out of the chair and walked over to them. “I think I’ll leave,” she said. There were tears in her eyes.

Jennifer disengaged from Eric and walked over to her. “Why are you leaving?” she asked.

“I feel I am intruding on something special that I am not a part of,” she said, choking back a sob. Oh, how she longed to be in this kind of relationship with others!

“Now that is ludicrous, Sherry!” Jennifer said. “You are a part of this as much as I am.”

“But you all share something special. All I wanted was Eric’s cock. That’s just fucking. I see how you look at each other. You make love to each other. That’s different.”

“How can you say that? Eric, have you treated her as just another piece of ass?”

Eric looked surprised at the question. “No!” he exclaimed. “I came to know the depth of her attachment to me from work. She and Angela are longtime friends, and I find myself lucky that I have THREE women who derive as much pleasure from me as I do from them. A piece of ass? Far from it, love!”

“Angela,” Jennifer said.

“Sherry, I’ve known you for a long time,” she said. “We knew each other in high school. I was pleasantly surprised to learn you worked for Eric. I knew your nature, and I was glad for Eric that there was someone else that loved him as much as Jennifer or I do. This gives him a variety that I cannot give him. But beyond the sex, this surrounds him with a love that he never had before he met me. Or Jennifer. Or you. He responds to that love so positively that I take offense to anyone who would deprive him of that love. You are a part of him. You presence here solidifies our relationship together, and I think there is room for one more. You belong here. We three girls make a pretty good team for our men. I daresay that our love for them will keep them satisfied for a very long time!”

Sherry started crying now. Jennifer hugged her.

“I never…had a loving relationship. My last one was painful, and it ended badly. I’m sorry. I’m not used to a family situation.”

“I felt somewhat the same at one time,” Jennifer said. “If it helps, I do love you, Sherry. You have a brazen side that I don’t, and I like watching it in action. I plan on making love to you. The only question in your mind should be when; not if or might, but when. Now you just entered this family; don’t bail out until you give it a chance!”

Jennifer kissed Sherry with a lustful passion. Sherry, taken aback at first, responded ardently.

Jennifer broke the kiss. “That is only a small sample, bitch!” Jennifer decided that would be her sex name, just as hers was “slut”.

Sherry licked her lips after the kiss. “That’s worth waiting for,” she said. “Lets hope it’s just as good on my pussy!”

Eric rolled his eyes. Jason smirked. Angela gasped in surprise. Jennifer smiled.

“You’ll have to earn it,” Jennifer countered back

Eric lost it. So did Jason and Angela. They just started laughing hard.

Jennifer smiled again and started laughing. Sherry joined in. Jennifer grabbed her hand and led her over to the group. They all joined in for a group hug, five naked people, finding a bond that goes deeper than just sex.

Jennifer motioned for Eric to break and move to a far corner so she could talk to him. When she finished with what she had to say, Eric smiled, and nodded. They came back to the group.

“It seems Jennifer and Jason have a ‘thank you’ planned for Angela,” Eric said, “and it involves all of us. You game, Sherry?”

“You bet.”

Angela looked at Eric. “What?” she said cautiously.

Eric looked at her. Suddenly, he scooped her up and put her over his shoulder. Angela yelled in surprise. Eric headed towards the den.

The group followed, hand in hand. When they got to the den, Eric dumped Angela on the fur rug.

“You are not to leave this rug, whore,” Eric said.

“Angela got the gist. “Yes, Master,” she said.

“Do we get into-” Jason asked Jennifer in a low voice.

“A little,” Jennifer said, “Light stuff; nothing painful or degrading. Usually at the height of passion, where it can be very erotic!”

“Hmm,” he said. />
“Jason,” Eric said, “You’re first.”

Jason looked at Jennifer, she smiled and shooed him towards her. Jason walked over to the rug.

“How may I serve you, Master?” Angela said t
o him.

Jason’s eyes were wide. He caught the gist of this game, and found himself warming to it.

“Suck my cock until it is hard enough to fuck you mercilessly.” He said roughly

Jennifer raised her eyebrows. He caught on fast!

Angela took Jason’s cock and put it in her mouth. Her expert tongue lapped around the head and shaft, quickly stiffening him. She kept sucking him. She repositioned so that it could go down her throat. She then deep-throated him, making Jason moan with pleasure.

“Bitch, get in there and suck her pussy dry,” Eric growled. He had heard what Jennifer had said to Sherry.

“Yes Master,” she said immediately. Apparently, Eric taught her the punishment for disobeying him, Jennifer thought.

“Put your hands on your knees in front of me and spread you legs, slut” he said.

“Yes, Master,” Jennifer said. She did as instructed.

Eric grabbed his cock and rubbed Jennifer’s cunt with it.

“You are about to be fucked slut,” Eric said.

“Yes, Master.”

Eric placed his cockhead at her pussy hole, and pushed in, burying the entire length. Jennifer bit her lip, and gasped softly. Eric started a medium speed thrust. Enough to make her gasp with each stroke, but light enough to make it last a long time.

Jason’s eyes were closed. He was still being deep throated. “Enough, whore!” he said, staggering a bit. Angela stopped immediately, panting. Sherry was still eating her pussy. Jason knelt down.

“Go to the edge of the carpet and kneel, bitch,” Eric said, thrusting his cock again in Jennifer’s wet, tight cunt.

Sherry stopped sucking Angela’s pussy with a wet slop, and went to the edge of the carpet as instructed.

Eric slapped Jennifer’s ass. “Go suck the whore’s tit, slut,” he said kindly.

“Yes, Master,” Jennifer said. She took two steps forward, disengaging Eric’s wonderful cock from her pussy, stood up, and went over to Angela. She got down on her knees, then lowered her head to Angela’s left tit.

“On the other tit, bitch,” Eric growled.

“Yes, Master,” Sherry said. She got up and moved to Angela’s other side, and locked her mouth on her tit, sucking the nipple. Angela moaned.

Eric went over to the end table. He removed a long, tufted feather from the drawer, and then went to the group. He knelt down next to Jason, who was still catching his breath.

“How are you doing?” Eric asked of him.

“A little shaky,” Jason said, grinning. “I had never been deep-throated before the whore did me last Monday, and she just did it again. I don’t think my legs can handle that too much!”

Eric laughed. “Just wait ’til the slut wraps that mouth of hers around your monster. You’ll pass out!”

Jason looked at him. Eric was a very assertive man, and none too shy, he thought. He also figured that he was good for Jennifer. Now he would be good for her. He found he liked the level of these games, and wanted to explore more with Jennifer during those times they would be alone. The fantasizing of those times to come made his dick lurch.

Eric broke him out of his reverie by snapping. He held up the feather to Jason. “Watch this!” he said.

Eric moved closer to Angela’s legs. He started to trace the feather from her left ankle up her leg. Angela squirmed a bit.

“Don’t move, whore,” Eric said, continuing to trace up her leg with the feather.

Jason got an idea. He went to Angela’s other leg. He looked at Eric and winked. He stuck his tongue out. Eric gawked a bit at its size. Jason then started to trace along her right leg from the ankle up

Angela started, but quickly subsided. She was told not to move. It was damned hard to do, though! She had a girl on each tit, sucking them like there was no tomorrow, making her horny and wet. Now she had a feather stroking up one leg, and a tongue on the other. Her pussy was open to the air, and it was quivering in anticipation. Her pussy juice leaked out, moistening the crack of her ass before being soaked into the rug.

Eric reached Angela’s hip with the feather. He lightly flicked her tummy with it. Angela could not help moving. Suddenly, her ass felt the smack of a hand.

“He told you not to move, whore!” Jason growled. He winked at Eric, who winked back.

Angela could not believe it. There were now TWO masters! Oh, she was in heaven! “Yes, Master!” she cried.

Eric’s feather found Angela’s clit. Angela stifled a cry as the feather stroked it. She had to put all her energy into NOT moving!

Jason reached her hip and continued up, then across her belly, stopping to lick out her bellybutton. Angela’s belly tightened at the contact. At this point, Jason got up and straddled Angela at the belly. Eric moved down to give him some room, continuing his assault on Angela’s pussy and clit with the feather. He gave Jason a friendly thump on his back. Jason gave the thumbs-up.

Jason grabbed Jennifer and Sherry by the hair and pulled them up. They looked at him and cringed a little. He had stone stern look on his face. His symmetrical features made this look impressive.

“Listen carefully, slaves,” He growled, “You are going to help me pleasure this whore. You will push her tits around my cock as I fuck them. You will also hold her head up so that it can also go into her mouth. Fail in this, and I will punish you with this monster!”

Slave. This word added a new level to their love play. Jason added it firmly, and appropriate for the level of eroticism that was happening. Jennifer and Sherry found themselves getting wetter with the lust it inspired in them. “Yes, Master,” they said together.

The girls moved so that Jason could get his huge prick between Angela’s tits. Angela looked at him wide eyed, then closed them and moan as that feather made another pass at her clit.

Jennifer and Sherry then pushed Angela’s tits firm against Jason’s cock. He started thrusting. A little precum leaked out, coating the cleavage enough to make it slippery. The girls took their free hand and lifted Angela’s head. Angela opened her eyes and saw that cock heading towards her mouth from her tits.

“Open your mouth, whore!” He growled. Angela complied, and Jason thrust through and shoved about 4 inches of his dick into her waiting mouth. He pulled back and thrust again. Angela made gurgling sounds each time his cock was in her mouth. Her tongue darted around the tip as it left.

Eric, having put the cum-soaked feather to the side got up and whispered to Jason. A grim smile crossed his face and nodded.

“Put her head down slaves,” Jason said. “Switch hands on her tits, then grab her legs and bring them forward. Split them as wide as they will go. Do it!”

“Yes, Master,” they said.

The girls grabbed Angela’s legs and pulled them forward, then split them wide, as instructed. Angela gasped at this, as her legs were split and held at the breaking point.

Jennifer looked up at Eric and silently gasped. He was coating his cock with K-Y jelly! He had a wickedly lustful look on his face. Jennifer tore her face away from his stare and looked down at Angela’s tit. He was going to fuck her ass!

Eric returned to Angela, admiring her splayed position. Her pussy lips were open from the severe angle of her legs. He knew her legs could go that far, being as limber as she was. She was completely wet. He then bent down, tapped Jason on the shoulders, then slapped Angela on the ass. Jason then got off Angela, his dick glistening from the saliva of her mouth.

“Slaves to me!” Jason roared as he took a few steps from Angela. Jennifer and Sherry went to him.

Both Jennifer and Sherry were amazed at Jason’s apparent power. He knew well how to command, and both girls felt helpless in his presence. Jennifer knew that this was a part of the game they were playing, and she knew he knew it too
, because he gave a small wink to her as she came up to him.

“Kneel,” Jason said to them.

“”Yes, Master,” they said. They knelt.

Eric knelt between Angela’s legs, keeping
them widely split.

“Prepare to be invaded, whore!” He growled.

Angela got up on her elbows, took one look at Eric’s glistening cock at her ass and gasped. She then looked at his face. She saw the stern look of her master, but she could also see the love of her man in his eyes. She knew he would never hurt her, so he must have decided that this was the right time. Certainly they had talked about it, but it also seemed that the time was not right for it, until now. She checked her emotions. She found she wanted him to fuck her in the ass, and she also knew she would not let anyone else do that to her. This would be one thing that only Eric could do to her.

She smiled at Eric, and nodded. He understood and smiled back. He pushed his cock into her ass.

Angela screamed a little from the stretching pain as the head of Eric’s dick spread her asshole to the breaking point. Eric eased his cock inch by inch into her ass until he had buried about 6 inches. Angela had tears in her eyes as she struggled to accommodate her man. Eric was compassionate, waiting after each thrust in, until Angela had accommodated the new amount of meat in her ass. Eric gasped a bit at the tightness.

“Honey, your ass is divine!” he said to her.

“Oh, Master, you have completely taken me now,” she said. “Fuck my ass, Master!”

Eric start to rock, moving his cock in and out of his woman’s ass. Angela cried out softly with each thrust, then started to moan in pleasure. Once he knew that she was enjoying it, he signaled Jason to start phase two. Jason nodded.

“Listen closely, slaves,” Jason said to the two panting girls at his feet. They were really affected by the scene! “I am going to fuck Angela now, along with Eric. Slut, you are to scissor her head between your legs once Eric puts her on her side, and keep her eating you until I tell you otherwise. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master,” Jennifer said, still looking at Eric and Angela, gasping in lust. Suddenly she felt her hair pulled a little painfully, and her head was turned to look into the stern and dominating face of the man she loved.

“You weren’t paying attention, slut!” He growled. “When I speak, you look at me, understand?”

Jennifer winced as he pulled again, making his point. “Yes, Master,” she said, a little scared, but thrilled nonetheless.

“Bitch,” Sherry immediately looked at Jason, a look of fear and lust on her face, “I am going to hold you upside down, and you are to suck me until I kneel down to fuck the whore. Once I am in her, you are to put your pussy in my mouth, and keep it there until I release you. Do you understand?” He grabbed her hair tightly and lightly shook her head.

Sherry winced. “Yes, Master!” she cried.

“Get to it slaves!” Jason cried.

The girls jumped up with alacrity. Jennifer went to Angela and knelt to the side until she could carry out her master’s command. Sherry got into a handstand in front of Jason, and spread her legs. Jason picked her up and hugged her to him, lifting her high enough so that her head was at his crotch. He heard Sherry gag a little as she became aware of how big he really was, and then put his gigantic cockhead into her mouth. She was small than the other two women, and Jason knew that. He accepted the fact that would only get a fraction of his cock into her mouth.

Sherry did her best to put as much of her master into her mouth, It stretched her lips terribly, but she was able to get about four inches in. She then started to bob and suck his cock, swishing her tongue over the head.

Jason slowly walked over to Eric and Angela, with Sherry sucking his cock. Once he was in sight of Eric, He signaled for phase three to start.

Eric stopped his thrusts. Angela was sweating from the exertion, but showed a mask of pure lust for the fucking. Eric then pushed Angela on her side, and laid down behind her, his cock still buried deeply in her ass.

Jason disengaged Sherry from his cock, turned her over, and set her down. “Kneel over there, bitch,” he said to her. “Stay there until I call you.”

“Yes. Master,” she said.

“Lift your leg, whore,” Eric said to Angela. She lifted her leg, exposing her cunt.

Jason lay down in front of Angela, facing her. “I am now going to fuck you mercilessly, whore,” He said to her. ” This is my ‘thank you’ for introducing me to the slut.”

“Yes, Master,” she said. “Thank you, Master.”

“Keep you leg raised, whore.”

“Yes Master.”

Jason put his hand on Angela’s pussy and got his hand wet with her juice. He then coated his cock with it. He put his cock at her pussy hole, then rammed the full 11-inch length into her, past her cervix, and into her uterus. She screamed from the pain and lust of it. He pulled all the way out and thrusted again. Angela’s screamed silently.

Angela was lost in an erotic, lustful, painful euphoria. She had eight inches of cock in her ass, and 11 inches in her cunt. The pain and pleasure lines blurred. She was an animal, living only for the fullness she now felt. All of a sudden, she felt a pair of legs wrap her head, and had a pussy shoved into her mouth. She sniffed, and recognized the smell. Jennifer had shoved her cunt into her mouth. She started sucking her clit and lips in a ferocious manner, making her cry out in surprise, pain, and lust.

Sherry positioned herself at Jason’s head, and shoved her pussy into his mouth as instructed. Immediately, she felt him thrust his tongue into her snatch. It felt like a soft, medium cock to her. She reached over and found Eric’s face. She pulled him in for a passionate kiss. Jennifer started to lick and bite her ass cheeks.

The five of them were locked in this erotic tangle of bodies, thrusting and moaning incessantly. The men synchronized their moves so that they thrusted at the same time, and at the same violent speed; these thrusts made Angela attack Jennifer’s pussy so hard that Jennifer was in a constant moan and cry of the sensations derived from her lips, tongue, and teeth in her most sensitive area; This made Jennifer bite Sherry’s as harder and harder, to the point that it left red bit marks in her cheeks; this made Sherry shove her pussy harder and harder into Jason’s mouth, and mash Eric’s mouth with hers just as violently.

The ecstasy and erotic pain of this tryst so charged the air that soon they all started cumming, and such was the emotion that they all came at the same time! Angela stiffened, then screamed into Jennifer’s pussy as her orgasm hit with such force that her body pushed hard against the two men, forcing their cocks even harder into her. Jason cried into Sherry’s pussy as his sperm flooded Angela, making her pussy so slick that he went insane from the feeling. Eric’s orgasm rocked his body so violently that he inadvertently bit down on Sherry bottom lip, drawing a little blood. Sherry screamed, but did not disengaged from the kiss, as her own orgasm forced her to shove her pussy into Jason’s mouth so hard that she heard him grunt from the pain in his jaw. Jennifer’s orgasm rocked the very foundation of her being as she flooded her best friend’s mouth with her juice, and pushing her pussy harder against her lips.

The orgasms that rocked the five people lasted a whopping five minutes. In the end, all three women passed out, and the two men withdrew from Angela, and staggered to the middle of the room before they fell from reaction and exhaustion. Both of their dicks were a little purple, bruised from the effort. Both men had scratch marks on their bodies from where the three girls had gripped them, or raked them, during their orgasms. Some of the scratches showed the wetness of blood flecks.

It was a while before either of them could speak. They were awed by the ferocity of the lovemaking!

“I don’t think we’ll go that deep for a while,” Eric finally said.

“I agree,” Jason said, wincing as his m
ovement aggravated a particularly deep scratch made on his back by Jennifer. “What got into us?”

Isn’t it obvious? We love each o
ther. In an effort to show the depth of our love, we translated it into our actions. Our love for each other has a deep, deep need, and that need surfaced in an erotic, violent way. For about an hour, we were no longer friends; you and I were the masters, masculine, taking our rightful place in the scheme of things. Our women were the submissives, slaves to our every whim, utterly female and feminine. We responded to each other that way, and the animalistic part of our natures and natural proclivities took over. This is the result. Are you disappointed it happened?”

Jason thought about that for a moment. It made sense to him in retrospect. Certainly, he had never reacted to lovemaking as passionate and violent as that before. “No,” he finally said.

“Jason, How bad am I?” Eric asked.

Jason looked. Eric had a bruise on the right side of his mouth. His back was covered with deep scratched, some of them with dried blood in them. His shoulders looked bruised. His upper arms looked wrenched. Jason explained all this in detail for him. Eric whistled.

“No wonder I feel stiff and sore,” he said ruefully

“Check me,” Jason said, a little tightly.

Eric looked. He was worse. He had a growing bruise on the right side of his face. His right eye was black and blue. Scratches from all three women covered his chest and back. His crotch looked like it was violently rubbed raw. Eric explained this. Jason closed his eyes and laughed.

“Come on, my friend,” Eric said. “Let’s go check on the women.

The two men helped each other up, wincing in pain. They made their way back to the women and looked. All three women had bruises of varying degree on their body. The crotch on all three was bruised. Angela was the worst. They were all still unconscious.

Eric and Jason managed to pick up each girl and carry her to the bedroom and lay her on the bed. Eric went to the bathroom for some wet cloths while Jason went to the kitchen for some ice. They ministered to the girls, cleaning them up as best they could. They made them comfortable and covered them with a light blanket. Then they cleaned each other up, applying salve on the deepest scratches and bandaging them. Eric then pulled two plush chairs into the bedroom and placed them near the women. He and Jason then lowered themselves in these chairs after donning shorts, and held vigil. Eric let Jason sleep for 2 hours then woke him for the next vigil shift. They continued this throughout the night.

Eric was awake when Jennifer stirred. She moaned in pain. Eric got up and went to her.

“Jen, How are you feeling?” he asked.

“Oh, Eric,” she said, “I’m so sore!

Eric went over to the dresser and grabbed the aspirin and water he had put there in the night. He gave her two and gave her the water, helping her to drink.

“Lay down, lover,” he said to her. “Sleep. We all had a rough night.”

Jennifer did not argue. She lay down, and soon was asleep again.

Eric sat down, relieved. He was tired. He drifted off to sleep as the other two women and Jason started to stir.

It was midafternoon when Eric sensed a hand on his shoulder, shaking him.

“Eric, wake up, honey! Wake up!” pleaded a woman’s voice.

Eric heard the woman from afar off. All he wanted to do was sleep. The woman was insistent. He decided to wake and find out what she wanted.

Eric opened his eyes. A cool washcloth covered them. He removed it and saw Sherry standing over him. She was wearing a light robe.

“Hello,” he said.

Sherry looked visibly relieved. She turned and yelled out the door.

“He’s awake!”

Two women ran into the room. They looked a little worse for wear, but otherwise all right. Angela Still looked like she was in a little pain, and a small bruise showed on Jennifer’s jaw.

“Eric! Thank God you’re awake!” Angela said, relieved.

“We weren’t sure whether to let you rest, or send for the ambulance,” Jennifer said, just as relieved. “When we got up, we cleaned up and tended to ourselves. Jason and you were passed out. We saw the bandages, and checked. A lot of the scratches reopened, and we were worried. We rebandaged you, and it took all three of us to lift you and put you in the bed. We put Jason on my bed. He was just as bad, but he has been awake for a couple hours now.”

“He told us about last night, what happened,” Sherry said. “Did you really take shifts and watch over us?”

“We really did,” Eric said.

“How sweet!” Jennifer said.

Angela got some more bandages and changed Eric’s out. She then left and returned with a limping Jason, also bandaged.

“I see you’re awake,” he said, entering the room. He sat in one of the plush chairs still in the room.

“That remains to be seen,” Eric said, holding his head. “So, how are you girls?”

“Sore!” Sherry said. “I got handprints all over my arms and hips, and BITES on my ass!” she said, saying the last while looking at Jennifer.

“We’re all bruised,” Angela said, smiling. “She’s just mad because she wasn’t as bruised in the pussy as I was!”

“We actually compared bruises!” Jennifer laughed.

Eric looked at them in exasperation.

“Face it, bro,” Jason drawled from his chair, “we’re celebrities now. These girls are wearing their bruises like war trophies. If anyone asks about them, they’re gonna tell them how they got them. I don’t think our lives are gonna be the same!”

All of them laughed. Jennifer looked to each of them: Eric, Angela, Sherry, and her new love Jason. She was starting college on Monday. A whole new future awaited her. She had new friends, and for the first time in her life she looked on life with a wonder born of love and caring. She knew it would continue for the rest of her life. She wondered what new adventures awaited her, and knew she would not have to face them alone.

She turned back to her new family, wincing from the pain of her well-earned bruises. Yes, she would not have to face them alone…

Jennifer’s summer ends on a high note. She now has love, friends, and a bright future. She is happy-for now. Thus ends this chapter in her life.

Thank you for reading “Adventures in Jennifer’s World” Stay tuned for further adventures with Jennifer and company in the upcoming novella “Jennifer’s World: The college Years”, coming soon!

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