Adventures in Jennifer's World Ch. 4

Eric and Alan were sweating. The women had just put on a lustful show for them, and they were greatly affected by it. It took all of their willpower not to spontaneously orgasm!

Alan was breathing hard. He had never seen anything remotely like it, not even in the pornos he had seen. He found it hard to believe that Jennifer did what she did; she seemed like an ordinary girl…woman, he corrected himself. He saw the potential of their lovemaking now, and this excited him even more. He concentrated harder not to cum from the erotic vision in his head.

The two women got shakily to their feet, and walked over to the men. By an unspoken agreement shared through a look, Jennifer went to Eric, and Angela went to Alan. They gently grasped their hands and helped them to their feet.

“We think you two suffered enough,” Angela said to the men.

The women wrapped their respective man’s arms around them and pressed their bodies against them. Eric’s cock was being rubbed by Jennifer’s belly, and Angela’s pussy was rubbing Alan’s cock. They were the same height.

Eric and Alan moaned. The sensation was incredible. It was too much for Alan, though, as he grunted and shot his load all over Angela’s pussy and belly.

Angela giggled. “Ooh, that feels good!” she purred.

Alan turned red. “I’m sorry,” he said, chagrined. “I-I don’t know what came over me.”

Angela stroked his hair. “There’s nothing to apologize for,” she said to him. “You were excited. You were ready for release, and I’m glad I was the one to get it! Here, let me clean you off.”

Angela knelt down and started to lick the cum off of Alan’s belly. Alan closed his eyes and gasped at the contact. Angela’s tongue lapped up the cum from his bellybutton, working her way down to his cock which was flying at half-mast. When she reached his pubic hair, Alan moaned. Angela continued to suck and lick the cum off of him. Then she started to suck and lick the base of his cock. She reached up and cupped his balls in her hand.

Angela whistled to herself. His balls were a little larger than Eric’s, and they were tight. She playfully squeezed them, which made Alan lurch, and his cock started to get hard again. Angela moved farther down, and then took Alan’s balls into her mouth, gently sucking them.

“Aah, that feels so fucking good,” Alan moaned.

Angela reached over and grabbed Alan’s cock, gently stroking it. She released his balls, and started to lick the underside of his growing cock. When she reached the head, Angela plunged onto it, swallowing the entire length in one shot. Alan’s knees buckled a little.

“Uuhh,” was all Alan could say.

Eric and Jennifer stopped what they were doing and watched Angela and Alan, smiling.

Angela slowly sucked Alan’s cock in and out of her mouth. Her right hand playfully massaged his balls, and her left hand playfully stroked his ass crack. Her tongue was driving him crazy as she would lick his cock head at the end of each back stroke, only to dive once again, sending his cock to the back of her throat and farther, dragging her tongue along the underside as she did.

Jennifer started to stroke Eric’s cock in tempo with Angela’s blowjob of Alan. “I think she’s gonna make him cum again,” she said.

“So am I, if you keep that up,” he said.

“Oh?” Jennifer said archly. “Well, let’s see!”

Jennifer got down on her knees and placed Eric’s cock on her tongue. With one last wink at Eric, she shot her head forward, taking all of Eric’s cock, then positioned herself so it could more easily enter her throat. Eric also buckled a little from the contact.”

“UUNGGGHH! I almost forgot you could do that!” he hissed through gritted teeth.

Jennifer started fucking Eric with her mouth, licking his pole all along. She showed no mercy, as she knew that both men were near orgasm after her and Angela’s show. There was also that time when she was in the hospital where he had left her horny and she told him that she would pay him back. Jennifer decided that this was the time for that, and redoubled her efforts on Eric’s wonderfully hard and thick manhood.

Angela and Jennifer looked at each other. That unspoken understanding that the two women shared surfaced again, and the two started to synchronize their actions in an effort to make both men cum at the same time!

Both men grimaced. They both realized, almost at the same time, that the women were playing them. The feeling of their mouths on their cocks were driving them crazy and it looked like the women were moving at the same tempo. They grabbed the women’s heads and bucked their hips in time with their motions.

“Shit, this is fuckin’ awesome,” Alan said, a little shakily.

“You said it, brother!” Eric said, also a little shakily.

The two women suddenly stopped their movements, pulling back and leaving the head of their cocks in their mouths. They started to fervently suck on the heads, pumping the shaft with one hand, and tracing the crack of the men’s asses with the other. Then the women inserted a finger into their asshole, pressing inward towards their prostate gland. The erotic sensation of the finger in their ass, the tongue dancing around their cock head, and the hand pumping their shaft, was more than the men could stand. A mighty orgasm built quickly, then released.


“SUCK ME DRY, WHORE” Alan said, remembering what Eric told him. “MAKE ME SHOOT IN YOUR MOUTH!”

It wasn’t long before both men shot their wad into their woman’s mouth. Their knees buckled, and they hung on to the women’s head for support, spurt after spurt of hot, sticky cum shot into their mouths, and the women swallowed as fast as they could. Some of the cum dribbled out of the corners as the two men flooded them.

As the spasms subsided, both Eric and Alan sank to the floor. A look of satisfaction covered their faces, and their cocks started to go flaccid.

“That was unbelievable,” Alan said as Angela disengaged from his prick.

“You taste sweet,” She said to him, a smile on her face.

“That was the best blowjob I’ve ever gotten from you Jennifer,” Eric said.

“Why, thank you!” Jennifer said, as she wiped up and sucked the rest of his cum from her face. “I had a great teacher.” She looked over at Angela, who looked back and smiled.

The two women snuggled in between the two men. They leaned up against their shoulders.

“How long before you two are ready again?” Angela asked the men. “Jennifer and I have pussies that are dying to be fucked hard!”

“I think we’ll need some refreshments first,” Eric said. “Alan looks like he’s ready to pass out. Look at him!”

The women looked at Alan, and giggled softly. He had his eyes closed, and his face bore such a look of satisfaction on his face that it put Jennifer in a mindset that if he were to die right now, he would die the happiest man on earth!

“I think you’re right.” Angela said. “Come on Jennifer, love, let’s go get our studs something to reenergize them!”

Angela and Jennifer helped each other up, then staggered a little as they walked to the kitchen.

Eric looked over to Alan, and then thumped him on the chest. “Hey, wake up!” he said playfully.

“Huh? What?” Alan said, a little surprised.

“You were drifting.”

Oh. Sorry.”

“Don’t say that. I understand. Never been blown like that before, have you.”

“No, not really.”

“D’ya like it”

“Oh, yeah!”

“Well, it gets better than this. We’re gonna get laid soon. They went to the kitchen to get something to eat. Looks like you could do with some grindage.”

“Yeah. I feel spent.”

“You look it, too. One trick is to never let them see you look like you’re spent too
soon. That way the passion keeps high, and they will be amazed at your stamina. Don’t let them see you spent until they are that way themselves. Women have a more profound sex drive than us men; it takes t
hem longer to be satisfied. Keep plugging at it-sorry for the pun-until they are. Even if it feels like your dick is falling off, keep at it until THEY pass out. If you can learn to do that, your lovers will constantly want you. It’s the greatest feeling in the world!”

Alan absorbed what he said. He mulled it over, and decided that he will have to practice more to achieve that level. He wanted to make Jennifer so lustily crazy for him that she would cream her jeans just at the sight of him. This had been a fantasy of his for a long time, ever since he met her at school, and now he looked at it as a very pleasurable goal to achieve.

Alan considered. He would be going back to work in a couple of days, and Jennifer would be going to college. His boss wanted to send him to school for engine repair and get him ready to work on the performance engines for the NASCAR team he was associated with. He liked his boss. She was a genius with engines, and she wanted to groom him to be a pit manager at the races. He knew he would meet other women during this time, and he knew that once he saw Jennifer again, she would have a surprise waiting!

The two women returned from the kitchen, carrying platters. Eric had to laugh, as the women donned French maid aprons that scarcely covered their huge tits. They were also walking a little funny.

“We put these on to help hold your lust in check until you regain your strength,” Jennifer said.

“Who is she kidding?” Alan thought to himself.

“We brought you small sandwiches and cheeses and orange juice and salad,” Angela said. “Come over to the table and sit down. We will serve you.”

Alan and Eric looked at each other and smiled. They got up and went to the table as instructed. The women sat the platters down. First they tossed the salad. Then, they pulled a cutting board and knives from one of the platters and placed it in front of them. Then Jennifer lifted her apron, making sure the men could see what she was doing, and extracted a cucumber from her pussy. The cucumber glistened from her pussy juice. Angela followed suit and lifted her apron, and pulled a freshly peeled carrot from her pussy. The women placed these veggies on the cutting board and cut them up, then added them to the salad. Jennifer dished out the salad, and Angela served it.

“Eat up, boys,” she said in a sultry voice. Both Eric and Alan sensed multiple levels to that statement!

Jennifer then placed two glasses in front of her. Angela came back. The two women reached between their legs again and finger-fucked themselves a moment. Then they pulled their fingers out of their thoroughly wet snatches and wiped their fingers along the inside and outside rim of the glasses, making them glisten. Angela then carefully poured the juice just up to their mark, and this time Jennifer served the men.

“Here’s your drink, boys,” she purred.

The men looked at each other and smiled. The women were serving them a sex dinner! The smell of them was in the food, and Alan and Eric started eating and drinking with a fervor, savoring the sweet aroma and taste of the two girls.

Jennifer and Angela then pulled out two chairs and sat away from the table, so the two men could see them. They had celery and carrot and cucumber sticks on a plate with them. While the boys ate, they would eat their fare, sometimes running the sticks in and out of their mouths, sometimes sticking the sticks in their pussy first before feeding the stick to each other. The women kept this show up for the men all the while they were eating their sandwiches and salad. This erotic dinner had the effect of putting life back into the men, as their cocks started swelling once again.

“Thank you, ladies, for a wonderful meal,” Eric said in a mock-formal manner as he got up and bowed. Alan followed suit.

“It was very kind of you to serve us so,” Alan said, in that same mock-formal manner. Both women giggled.

“Please do not concern yourself with cleanup,” Eric said. “My compatriot and I will do it. Please adjourn to the bower and await our return.”

Both of the women got up, and curtsied. “Thank you kind sirs,” they said together. “we will go to the bower and await all aquiver for your arrival.”

The two women curtsied again, and then tore out for the main bedroom. Eric laughed.

“Man, that was just eerie,” Alan said, scratching his head.

“What?” Eric asked.

“Oh, the way they said that together. It’s like they rehearsed it.”

“They didn’t. That’s what’s so luscious. It’s a part of one of our games we like to play from time to time. One of us will wax formal, and the other follows suit. Once it begins, it won’t stop until they get fresh meat shoved in their twats. Now that you’re here, I don’t think the girls will stay formal for very long.” Eric smiled evilly.

“Well, let’s get this table cleaned up and get to our delicious sluts,” Alan said, warming to the idea. “I believe our maids are awaiting us, just wanting to obey our every command!”

Eric laughed as he picked up a couple plates. He saw Alan’s emergence in that statement, and saw a natural master. He felt that with a little guidance, Alan would become better at that game than he was. Oh, was he in for a time!

The men responded to the women in singular fashion, and they were ready for more. With the women waiting for them, one question remains: who will come out “on top”? Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures in Jennifer’s World!

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