Adventures in Jennifer's World ch. 9

Eric went to Angela and Sherry. Jason went to Jennifer. The men had their shirts off, but left their pants on. The bulges at the crotch told the girls that their dance had turned them on. Eric picked up Angela and Sherry, and carried them towards the fireplace. Jennifer took Jason’s hand and led him to the couch

“You are mine for now, it seems,” Jennifer said to Jason. “I am happy to be yours.”

“G-God, your beautiful!” Jason stammered.

Jennifer stood on the couch, then led Jason into her arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him ardently. She separated his lips with her tongue, exploring the inside of his mouth. Jason put his arms around her waist, resting his hands on her ass. He pulled her closed, and Jennifer responded by melting into him, rubbing her tits, still encased in her bra, across his chest. Jason lurched at the contact.

Eric, meanwhile had thoroughly kissed Angela, and was now kissing Sherry. Angela had slipped to the ground, sitting near his leg, and rubbing his thigh. Sherry took one of his hands and placed it on one of her tits. Eric fondled the wonderful breast, tweaking the nipple, making Sherry jump, and instilling a rising lust in her.

Jennifer reached down and undid the button of Jason’s jeans. She broke the kiss, and knelt on the couch. She slowly unzipped his pants, careful not to snag the bulge in it. Jason’s dick was uncovered as she pulled the zipper down farther. Jennifer’s eyes got larger with each passing inch.

“Good God!” she exclaimed as she finished unzipping his jeans. “You’re-you’re…”

“I know,” Jason said, suddenly dejected. “It’s too big.” He had heard that too many times before.

“No,” Jennifer said. “It’s not that. You’re…beautiful!” She looked up at him and smiled.

Jason smiled back. He felt better now. He knew he was going to try and give her the greatest pleasure she ever had.

Eric was standing as the Angela and Sherry were undoing his slacks. They then grabbed a side and slowly pulled them down, kissing his hips and legs as they became exposed. His cock stood at attention, and it was harder than he ever remembered it could be. His expression was one of pure lust.

Jennifer finished pulling Jason’s pants down, and he stepped out of them. Jennifer licked her lips as she stared at his 11″ prick. She reached out and tenderly grabbed the shaft, stroking it. Jason put his head back and moaned.

Jennifer released his cock and stood up. “Strip me, stud,” she said sexily.

Jason reached out and undid her bra, snapping the catch with one hand. Jennifer looked at him in surprise, and then smiled. She lifted her arms a bit. Jason slid her bra off, caressing the skin of her shoulders and arms as he did so. He then stepped up to her and picked her up. She felt extremely light to him. He gently placed her on her feet, then knelt down in front of her. He grabbed her panties and slowly pulled them down. Even the sides felt wet, he thought to himself. He could smell her; the aroma was heady, and it made him hornier than he had ever felt. He could see her pussy hair, and her pussy lips were swollen with desire He could see the hood of her clit peeking through the lips.

When he got her panties to her feet, Jennifer stepped out of them, then planted her feet a little wider. Jason then untied her shoes, removing them from her feet. When he reached for the top of one of the stockings, Jennifer stopped him.

“Leave them on,” she said. “They feel sexy.”

Eric had stripped the two girls down to their garter belts and stockings. Angela and Sherry dragged Eric to the floor. Then Angela knelt between Eric’s legs, and Sherry knelt over his face, bringing her pussy close to his lips.

“Eat me.” Sherry said. “Lick my honey pot clean, lover. That’s a good boy!”

Eric licked Sherry’s slit in one long lick, making her shiver. He then sucked her lips into his mouth, slowly sucking her pussy, and tonguing her clit. His nose was near her neat little asshole.

Angela was swiftly massaging his cock, then put it in her mouth, taking the whole length. Eric spasmed from the motion, making his tongue drive into Sherry’s hole. Sherry closed her eyes and threw her head back, moaning. Her hands were busy on her pert tits, tweaking her nipples.

Jason moved forward and buried his face in Jennifer’s pussy. Jennifer held his head for support. Then she felt his tongue assaulting her slit and mashing her clit, making her shiver with lust and need. Then he put his tongue in her hole. Jennifer gasped, as his tongue felt very large in her. Without disengaging his lips, Jason moved his tongue back and forth inside her.

“Fuck!” Jennifer exclaimed. “Your tongue is making me wetter, stud. Come on! Tongue fuck me!”

Angela lifted her head from Eric’s cock. “Feels like a cock, doesn’t it?” She yelled at Jennifer. She nodded, as Jason’s tongue had made her catch her breath at that moment. Angela went back to Eric’s cock.

Jennifer found it difficult to keep standing. Jason’s tongue was bringing her to orgasm, and her legs started to feel weak.

All of a sudden, Jennifer felt Jason’s hands on her hips, and then she felt herself rising into the air, still perched on his lips. When he stood straight, Jennifer was perched on his face, her pussy securely in his mouth. She reached above her head and grabbed a rafter beam for support in the air.

Eric’s pussy eating increased, shoving his tongue in and out of Sherry’s pussy, and mashing her clit with his thumb. Sherry’s eyes were glazed over with lust, and her breathing was getting short.

Angela disengaged her mouth from Eric’s cock and positioned her pussy over it. She then grabbed his cock and guided it into her snatch, rubbing her clit with the head along the way. Eric was bucking constantly now. Angela put his cock head into her pussy, adjusted her position, then dropped heavily. Eric lurched forward, knocking Sherry a little off-balance. Angela reached out and grabbed Sherry’s tits. Sherry grabbed her hands and had her roughly massage them. Then Sherry looked at Angela with lust in her eyes.

“He’s fucking you and eating me,” she said, gasping. “I want his cock in me a while. We switch in two, OK?”

Angela was being bucked by Eric’s thrusts. Her tits bounced off her chest with each buck. She nodded.

Two minutes later, they switched. Angela lowered her quivering pussy onto her lover’s pussy soaked face. He immediately found her clit and nibbled it, making her shiver with lust. Sherry grabbed his cock and place the head just inside her cunt. His cock was already slick from Angela’s pussy, and a little precum coated the head. She took a breath and dropped onto his cock until it bottomed out, pushing against her cervix. Sherry then tightened her pussy muscles, squeezing his dick. Eric grunted and lurched forward, biting Angela’s clit a little harder. Angela gasped.

“Ooh, that’s it, stud,” Angela purred. “Bite my clit! Gobble it up! Make me cum!”

Keeping her pussy muscles tight, Sherry started to slide on and off Eric’s cock.

Jennifer was in heaven. She was hanging on a rafter, supported at her pussy by Jason’s mouth and tongue, which was still darting in and out of her pussy while his hand mashed her clit. Jennifer’s breathing became labored.


Jennifer gripped the rafter harder as her body spasmed from the first wave of her orgasm. Her pussy juice flow freely, filling Jason’s mouth quickly, then dribbled out the sides. Jason swallowed as best he could, savoring the sweet taste of Jennifer. He kept fucking her with his tongue. Jennifer felt him tighten his grip, and she pushed down from the rafter, grinding her pussy into Jas
on’s face, as the wave of another orgasm rocked her body.

The sweat on Sherry dripped between her tits as she continued her tight p
ussy assault on Eric’s cock. She was feeling him throb inside her, and knew he would be coming soon. She reached down and fingered her swollen clit, bringing herself closer to a climax.

Angela had a pained look on her face as Eric’s mouth took her over the edge.


Angela’s body rocked once, then twice. She lifted a little, a look of surprise on her face, then dropped down and screamed as her orgasm hit. This made Eric buck his hips hard, driving his cock all the way in to Sherry, pushing past her cervix and into her uterus. Sherry screamed as the pain of that push sent her over the edge.


Sherry slammed her pussy onto Eric’s cock as hard as she could as her orgasm gripped her. She grabbed his hips for support, and she screamed a little as each thrust pushed past her cervix. Eric couldn’t take any more. He grunted into Angela’s pussy, slammed his cock once more into Sherry all the way, then orgasmed. The first wave coated her uterus. He then pulled back a little, and filled her pussy with his sperm. It oozed from her snatch around his cock, making her extremely tight and slippery. This caused him to continue fucking her as each thrust sent a new dizzying wave of pleasure through him. His cock kept spurting, overfilling Sherry’s pussy. Sherry screamed one more time, then humped over, spent. Angela also fell to one side, just as spent. Eric gasped, then gently lifted Sherry off his cock and laid her to one side.

Jennifer’s orgasms seemed like they would not stop. She was crying now as her fifth orgasm rocked her. Jason rode it out until he felt her subside a little. He then lifted her off his face and slowly lowered her. Jennifer’s body was shaking uncontrollably. As she neared his head, she grabbed around his neck and kissed him ardently.

“Put me on your cock,” she whispered to him after kissing him. “Fuck me now!”

Jason looked at her. Jennifer’s face was a mask of wanton lust.

Jennifer was lost in lustful pleasure. Her pussy was so thoroughly eaten she felt she would not be able to walk for a week! She had to have his cock now, before she passed out. She wanted that huge member impaling her, raping her with its size, making her hurt, but filling her with a hunk of the most incredible piece of meat she had seen to date. Her last orgasm left her wet, but the thought of being lowered onto that gigantic cock made her even wetter!

Jason lowered Jennifer until she felt the head of his cock at her pussy. He spread his legs a little and found his balance. He looked at Jennifer. She licked her lips, and nodded. He dropped her onto his cock.

Jennifer’s mind exploded as her pussy lips were stretched to their limits. Her juice made her pussy slippery. Jason grunted as Jennifer started to grind her hips, forcing him to lower her more on his monster.

Jason lowered her until he felt her cervix. Jennifer knew that he had completely filled her, and that there was a little less than an inch left until she was in contact with his body. She took two deep breaths, and made him drop her the rest of the way.

Jennifer felt the head of his cock enter her uterus. Jason grunted from the feeling. Jennifer’s head was spinning from the sensation. She placed her head on his chest, grabbing his shoulders. Jason’s arms came up and hugged her in place.

Eric was just getting up off the floor when he noticed How Jason and Jennifer were joined. He whistled softly. He knew he was not that strong, and he could see the muscles ripple along his back and ass. He did not feel jealous; he was just amazed at his obvious strength.

Eric felt the hands of Angela and Sherry start to caress his thighs as they recovered from their earth-shattering orgasms. The two women looked at the sight of Jason and Jennifer. Angela moaned, and Sherry gasped.

“Is she all right?” Angela asked Eric.

“I think she is more than all right,” Eric said, smiling down at his woman. He put his left hand on her head. “I think she is falling in love with him.”

“That would follow,” Sherry said, rubbing his thigh and playing with his balls. “When we were getting ready for our dance, we were talking about him. Jenny was enamored with him after talking with him at dinner, and she decided to play to his obvious shy side with that schoolgirl bit.”

Eric looked over to his secretary and smiled.

“Come on, girls,” Eric said, “let’s give them some privacy.”

Eric grabbed Angela and Sherry’s hair and pulled them to their feet. Sherry grabbed his cock and smiled. The three then linked arms and headed to the master bedroom.

Jennifer was crying softly. She had never been filled as completely as she was now. The pain had subsided, and the tingle of lust was again in her pussy. Jason continued to hold her in place and stroke her back and butt.

Jennifer was sorting her feelings. She was smitten by this man’s obvious intelligence, easy-going attitude and outlook on life. He was gorgeous, and he had a unique and thoroughly erotic way to please a woman. She wanted to be with him. She wanted him to be with her. She wanted to explore many things with him, and share in his life. Jennifer knew it: She was in love with him.

Jason’s thoughts were tumultuous. He had met her only tonight, but he felt he had known her all his life. He wanted to know all about this woman who clinged to him. He wanted to know all those little things that couples tell each other. He felt himself falling in love with her.

“Jennifer, you are so amazing” Jason finally said.

Jennifer wrapped her legs around his waist and started to grind her hips against him.

“Jason, I think I love you,” she finally said.

“I don’t think so,” He said. She looked up at him, hurt. “I know so. I know in my heart that I love you. You captured my heart, Jennifer.”

Jennifer’s realization came slow. Then it hit her. He didn’t rebuke her: he loved her!

She started to laugh and cry. She hugged him hard. “Oh, you shithead!” She exclaimed. “You had me worried!”

Jason laughed. It was a good feeling, being in love.


“Yes, my love?”

“Lay me down and fuck me. Make love to me!”

Jason looked at her, then kissed her. He gingerly lowered himself and laid her on the floor, his cock still deeply buried in her snatch. He repositioned himself, then started his rocking motion, fucking Jennifer.

Jennifer’s head exploded again as Jason’s cock impaled her, bottoming out each time, but he did not go beyond the cervix. Jennifer appreciated that. She knew that at some other time, she would have him cum in her uterus.

Jennifer wrapped her legs around him tighter and started to grind into him as fast as he was moving. She loved the feel of his cock filling her, stretching her to the breaking point. The slap of his gigantic balls on her ass as he thrusted felt good.

Jason and Jennifer continued in this traditional missionary position for about ten minutes. They stared into each other’s eyes, drinking in the love that shone there. Then Jennifer stopped him and had him pull out. She turned over and lifted her ass to him. She buried her face in her arms.

“Please, fuck me from behind” she said.

Jason got on his knees. He grabbed his cock and guided it to her pussy again. He inserted it and pushed, bottoming out on the first thrust.

Jennifer gasped again from the feeling. Then Jason started thrusting in and out, pulling almost out then ramming home again. Jennifer spread her leg a little, then reached back and fondled her clit. Her juices were freely flowing, and she could feel it drip from her pussy. She continued to rub her clit in time with Jason’s fucking. S
he was being pushed forward with each thrust, but she would dig in and hold her ground.

The feeling from this position was more than either of them could sta



Jennifer’s orgasm rocked her body once again. This time, however, Jason was cumming with her. His sperm coated her pussy completely; her juices flowed over his cock, thoroughly wetting their crotch areas and the floor under them. Jennifer gasped with each wave, and Jason grunted with each spurt.

Spent, they collapsed. Jason’s cock shrunk, but was still inside her. When his strength returned, he withdrew. He then helped Jennifer up. She was a little shaky.

“That was AWESOME!” Jennifer said. Her love for him shone in her eyes.

“You were awesome, babe,” Jason said back. “Love has a way of making everything better, don’t you think?”

“I agree!”

“I’ll have to thank Angela for introducing us.”

Jennifer started. “What?”

“Angela. She told me on Monday that she had someone she wanted me to meet. I’m glad it was you.”

She didn’t tell me anything!”

“She didn’t-Well, I guess we’ll have to thank her together.”

Jennifer got an idea, but she decided to tell him something first. “Before I tell you what’s on my mind, I need to tell you something about me.”

“What is it, love?”

That word flooded her with her new emotion, but she continued on. “Well, I have been a VERY close friend of Eric and Angela. We have shared of each other. I really do not want to stop that. You see, I love making it with men, and women.”

Jason was silent for a moment.

“Well,” Jennifer said, almost pleadingly, “say something!”

“What can I say?” he finally said. “That is who you are. I knew that when I fell in love with you, I would fall in love with everything about you. That you like to make it with other men doesn’t bother me. I know where your heart is. That you make it with other women-well that sort of turns me on. I do have to say that I am a little possessive, but my possessiveness is for your love. Sex is only one way of expressing it. You love me. You love Eric. You love Angela. You seem to pick your partners by that criterion. I am no different. But your love for me is a little different, as mine is for you. It is that love I am possessive of, crazy as it sounds.”

Jennifer cocked her head, looking at him. “No, it’s not crazy at all.”

“All I can tell you, Jennifer love, is that we love each other now. That does not exclude anyone we hold dear.”

Jennifer smiled wide. She grabbed Jason and gave him a big hug.

“Oh Jason!” she said, “That is the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me! Come on! Let’s go thank Angela now!”

Jason and Jennifer laughed. Jennifer then led Jason to the back bedroom.

Angela did a good thing to introduce Jason to Jennifer. She now has a love of her own. So how are they going to thank her and Eric? Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures in Jennifer’s World!

If you liked this story, or you have any ideas for future stories, email me and we’ll talk. I have a full storyline for our heroine, and I enjoy hearing your responses to my work.

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