It took me 6 months to recover from the rape incident. Ana insisted on me not having any sex during this time, and when she thought I was ready, I was ready to attack the first person I met.

At a family meeting it was decided that even though I still needed a cane to help me walk, I would go to the next orgy that the group my family belong to held. I was getting so wet just thinking about it.

I and Ana were sitting there fully dressed while mom, dad and Kent were sitting there naked, it was driving me crazy. After our little family meeting, we all headed to the study. When we entered the room it looked just the same as it always did.

They made me sit in one of the chairs  while mom and Ana got busy on the mattress, dad and Kent stroked each other’s cock, while I had to sit there and watch, they wouldn’t even let me play with myself, they said I should be nice and tight for the orgy.

Mom and Ana head each other fingers deep in each other’s pussy, while dad had his cock deep in Kent’s ass when I stood up and let a scream that would send chills down a banshee’s spine.

The all stopped fucking each other and looked at me with confused faces, they were wondering what the hell was my problem.  I looked at each one of them in the eyes and said, “I am done with this crap, I haven’t had cock or pussy in over six months, and each one of you are going to fuck me now.”

I took off my clothes and pushed Ana away from mom’s pussy, my tongue went to work on her clit like I haven’t eaten in years, I put my fingers in her pussy as far as I could, I was so sex starved.

My mom was squirming from my mouth and fingers; she looked at my dad and said, “Honey, I think we created a monster here.”

Ana finally had enough of my pussy, she moved and lowered her pussy on my mom’s mouth that eagerly went to work, and Ana bent over and started rubbing my back.

Meanwhile, my father had positioned himself behind me; I looked behind me and said, “Daddy, no using a condom this time,” as I winked at him.

He had a huge smile on his face as he said as he chuckled, “Ok Jess, I wasn’t planning on using on anyways. He started fucking me hard with his bare cock, it felt so much better than getting fucked with a condom, and I could feel the heat of his cock inside me. Meanwhile Kent started to fuck him. We all fucked each other for a few hours; finally my sexual appetite was quenched, of the moment anyways.

It felt so good to have a cock in pussy and ass and to eat some pussy, my mom tastes good, but Ana, she is like a slice of heaven, I could eat her for days on end.


The next day Ana and I arrived at my parent’s house shortly after lunch time. Mom, dad and Kent were in the living room relaxing and watching television. When we walked in, Ana smiled and said, “Hey guys, who’s up for the party tonight?”

My mom got up and gave us both a hug, when she hugged me; her hand was feeling my pussy over my panties under my dress. She kissed me passionately and tried to play with my breasts, but my dad stepped in and said, “Honey, you know we need to wait until tonight, you will get your chance then, besides, she is the highlight of the night.”

Mom backed off and sat back down with a sad face, ever since I have become sexual active, I have been her favorite. I know Ana wasn’t upset not being the center of her advances, because she was madly in love with me, and knew I felt the same way about her.

Me and Ana pulled up chairs and sat down to watch television with the rest of the family. It was hard for all of us to sit there and just watch TV, everybody wanted to fuck, but we had to wait until later that night.

After we all had dinner, and were back in the living room relaxing again, Kent finally broke the silence, “Hey, it’s almost eight o’ clock, we better get going if we want to get Jess there on time.

Me and my family all got our coats on and headed out the door, I noticed that everybody walked in back of me as we walked down the street, it was if they were afraid that I would chicken out, but that wouldn’t happen, I was looking forward to tonight for all time.

It was hard walking the three blocks to the Johnson’s house, walking with a cane meant walking slowly, another constant reminder of what happened in the factory.

My family helped me walk to the house. When we got there, we were the last to arrive. They took me in an empty room; they allowed Ana to come with me to prepare me for the orgy feast.

As Ana undressed me, I started getting very wet. I could feel Ana’s breath as she slowly undressed me, the feel of her breath just made me wetter, hornier and hotter.

When she was done dressing me, she slipped a bracelet on my right wrist; it was green with a large back line running down the middle. Ana looked at me and said, “Do you remember what I said about the color and meaning of the bracelets?”

All I could was nod up and down. Ana smiled and continued, “Something else you need to know. Since tonight is your first time here, tonight will be all about you, nobody else. Everybody, including mom, dad, me and Kent will be wearing masks. Nobody will be allowed to take them off unless you do it or tell them to. Also the person in charge is either called “The Cock in Charge” or “The Cunt in Charge,” make sure when you talk to them, you address them like that, tonight it’s “The Cock in Charge, understand?”

Hearing all this made me wetter, I couldn’t wait to get out there. I looked at her and said, “Yes my love.” Ana smiled back at me and gave me a quick kiss on the lips; I only wished it could have been longer.

Ana continued, “Also, anything goes, they all know what happened to you, but if they get too rough, all you have to do is say stop, and they will stop, the one in charge of the orgy will be monitoring everything so it don’t get out of hand.”

I just stood there looking at her, Ana put her hands on both of my arms and just looked at me and smiled, after a few minutes she said, “Look at you. I remember when you were born, and then growing up. You were always the ugly duckling of the family, but now, now you are all grown up and so fucking sexy.” Ana looked in my eyes and continued, “I love you so much, and I’m not talking about sisterly love, I too wish we weren’t sisters, I wish we could get married. I would do it so fast.”

I had tears in my eyes; I was so happy she felt the same for me; she took a deep breath and asked, “Are you ready for your first orgy?”

I just nodded my head up and down again and she took me by the hand and led me to the door, she opened it a crack and told the cock in charge I was ready. I heard a lot of shuffling around in the other room. As I entered, I noticed everybody was lined up against the far wall in front of a large mattress in the center of the room.

Ana carefully laid me down on the mattress and got in line with the rest of the men and women. A man who was standing off to the side of the group looked and said in a loud voice, “Is the sacrifice ready?”

I looked at him and replied, “Yes Mr. Cock, I am ready for whatever all of you would like to do with me, have your wicked ways with me.”

Everybody in line started laughing, they all tried to hold it in, except the cock in charge, he walked over to me in a very angrily manner, looked down at me and said, “What the fuck did you call me? You will address me as “Cock in Charge,” do you understand, or do I need to take that cane of yours and use it until you address me properly.”

I looked at him and tried not to laugh, he looked funny standing there, naked, with the mask on, trying to act all pissy, finally I replied, “Yes cock in charge, it won’t happen again.”

He stood up and said, “It had better not you fucking whore.” He turned to the group and said, “Where is that fucking whore Ana? Get your skanky ass over here.”

Ana left the line and quickly walked over the cock in charge, when she was standing almost in front of him; she bowed slightly and said as she looked down at the floor, “Yes Cock in Charge.”

He got very close to her and raised her head with his hand and said almost yelling in her ear, “Are you not the one who instructed this bitch on how to address me?”

Ana looked down at me and almost broke out laughing from my facial expression, she composed herself and said, “Yes Cock in Charge; I am sorry she didn’t listen to me.”

He let her go and said, “I will deal with you at another meeting, now get that skanky ass back in line, you’re lucky I don’t tie you to a chair and just make you watch.”

Ana bowed slightly and said, “Thank you Cock in Charge,” Ana then turned around and got back in line.

The cock in charge then walked back to the position he was in at the beginning, he looked at the group, and then at me, and yelled, “Number One.”

The person at the front of the line walked forward, I knew it was my dad, I knew that cock anywhere. He hovered above me for a few minutes, he started to kiss me, and his lips moved down my body, his lips massaged my nipples before they moved back up to my neck.

He arched his back as his cock went into my pussy; it went in as far as it could go. His cock went in and out of my pussy with a fast motion. He pulled it out and rolled me over and fucked my ass until I felt his body tense up.

He shot his load deep into my ass; I wasn’t ready for him to be done so soon. My dad’s hot sticky cum went deep in my ass; I looked back and saw it was dripping on the mattress. As he walked back to the line, I saw his cum dripping from his cock. As he got back in line, my mom was next.

My mom told me to stay in the position I was in, with my dad’s cum dripping out of me. My mom got on her knees and licked my dad’s cum from around my asshole before asking me lay on my back. I had never had anyone lick my asshole and I loved it.

I rolled over on my back and my mom went to work on me, both them, Ana and Kent didn’t leave any hole untouched.

When Ana and I made love, it was so passionate and with meaning, when she was finished and returned to the line, everybody had their mouth open, no one could believe how passionate we were, my mom later told me it look as if though we were a married couple.

Each one of them took their turns with me; I counted sixteen people in all. I only took the masks off a few of the women.

The first one I took the mask off, it was while she was using a dildo on my ass, she was so good, but not as good as Ana. When I took off her mask I saw it was Lily, the librarian from school. As she fucked me, she said she was so sorry about what had happened, I just looked at her and said, “Shut up and fuck me, we can talk later.”

The only other person I took the mask off was the last person in line. When she approached me, she walked slowly, her hands behind her back, her breast bouncing with each step. It was that sly, horny smile, as if she was up to something, that really made me wet and turned on.

When she reached me, her hands revealed a riding crop, she looked at me and said, “Look at you, you dirty little whore.” She was right; I was dirty, covered with everybody’s cum.

She took the riding crop and made it move along my skin. She made circles around my nipples, then slowly down to my pussy. When she got to my thighs, she smacked me there with it. All I could say was, “Ouch, you bitch!”

She looked at me and said, “What did you call me? You did not just call me a bitch.”  She looked at the cock in charge who smiled for the first time that night.

She looked back at me and said, “You will address me as Mistress. You understand whore?”

I nodded up and down signaling I understand, she walked around me and said, “What, does a pussy have your tongue?” She smacked both of my thighs and continued, “You will answer me, or you WILL regret it whore.”

I responded quickly, “Yes mistress, whatever you want mistress.”

She didn’t smile, she just said, “That’s better whore. Now, get on your hands and knees and lick my feet.”

I did exactly what she said; I got on my hands and knees and started licking her feet. I couldn’t believe I was actually enjoying this.

After I was done, she walked to the back end of me, she ran her hand over my ass and said, “This ass is way too pale, I need to add some color to it.” She took the riding crop and started smacking my ass with it.

I enjoyed the pain I was receiving from her, it was a different kind of pain than what I got from the rape, but this pain was enjoyable as well as giving her full control of me, which is something I only did with Ana.

When she was finished smacking my ass, she said, “Now it’s a nice beet red color,” she ran her hands over my ass again and continued, “Now that is so sexy and beautiful.”

Through the whole smacking part, I was looking at Ana, Ana was smiling and winking at me, I could tell she was enjoying this as much as me.

Next, the masked woman lay down and started licking my asshole, just like my mom did, then she moved to my clit and stuck her fingers in my ass and pussy.

It felt so good, but then she suddenly stopped. After about a minute I looked back and she was just finishing putting on a strap-on, something I only did with Lilly in the library. I wondered how she could know I liked them.

She started fucking my pussy really hard and fast, after a few minutes, I came like a volcano eruption for the sixth time that night. She pulled it out and rammed it hard in my ass, I was in heaven.

She was almost as good as Ana; I looked back and said, “Take off the mask.” She didn’t miss a stroke of pumping my ass as she took it off. I was so surprised, I almost collapsed, and it was my good friend Nancy, the one who told me about Lilly.

When she was finished, she smacked my ass really hard with the crop and smacked it really hard with her hand. As she walked by me to get back in line, she winked at me and smiled. I watched as her ass moved from side to side as she walked.

When she was back in line, the cock in charge looked at everybody and said, “The night of sacrifice is over, remember what happens in the sacrifice room stays between us. You may discuss this amongst yourselves, but not to anyone outside the group.”

Everybody walked out of the room, I just fell on the mattress, on my back with my arm and legs spread out. I laid there smiling thinking of everything that happened that night with my eyes closed.

When I opened my eyes, Ana was standing above me clothes and with my clothes in her hands. She looked down at me and said, “Are you alright?  I hope nobody went too far with you, especially Nancy, she had gotten into being a dominatrix lately.”

I looked up at Ana and said, “My love,” I paused just for a moment and continued, “I am wonderful. I loved what Nancy did.”

Ana extended her hand and helped me up. She dressed me just like she undressed me, slowly and sensually.

When we left the room, everybody had left, the house was empty. As we left the house, Ana made sure the door was locked and walked me back to my parent’s house.

When we got there, we all sat down and talked about the night. Mom asked me what part I like the most.  I didn’t hesitate to answer, I replied with a big smile and looking at Ana, “I loved the parts with Ana and Nancy, but I loved what Ana did the most.”

Ana smiled back at me, while mom, dad, and Kent just looked confused. Finally Kent asked, “Yeah, what the hell is with you and Ana? I know you two are sharing her place, but that was beyond just sex.”

Ana didn’t give me a chance to answer, she looked at mom and said, “Mom, “Ana took my hand and held it before continuing, “Mom, we really love each other and are taking care of each other now.”

Mom looked at us holding hands and smiled, “We are happy that you two are finally happy.” We continued to talk about the night until late into the morning hours.

After Ana and I finally got back to our place, we went straight to the bedroom. We were so tired from the night. We slowly undressed each other and both jumped into the shower together.

We soaped and washed each other as slowly and sensually as we could. Afterwards, we back to the bedroom and stood there holding each other.

Ana grabbed my head with her hand, she squeezed it hard and said, “So you liked what Nancy did to you. Guess who taught her most of what she knows,” my eyes grew and widen hearing this, she continued, “That’s right bitch, me. Now you have one fucking month to come up with some rent money, or else.”

She kissed me and then looked in my eyes, smiled, then winked at me. She took me by the arms and threw me into the bed. She looked at me as I landed on the mattress and jumped on it after me.

She cuddled up behind and we played with each other’s pussy until we fell asleep with her holding me. As I lay there playing with her pussy and her holding me, I felt like the happiest woman on Earth.




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