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The first few weeks of school were very boring; we had to put all the sex classes on hold because of a visiting Cardinal from Rome that was visiting all the Catholic schools in Chicago. It was so boring, we had the first room set up with spare desks and things in case he wanted to inspect the basement, and luckily he wasn’t interested in going down there.

Me and Nancy were thinking of how to relieve the girls’ sexual tension, we were afraid that girls might get caught fucking each other and the Cardinal would shut down the school or something worse.

Since we could not do anything at the school, we came up with a plan for Connie and Angel. We had them come into my office and explained that we needed our cars washed.  They both agreed and since the next day was Saturday, they said they would be there bright and early.

When Connie and Angel arrived at our house, they saw we had a very nice house. The driveway led to the backyard and saw a tall privacy fence around the house. They came to the door and rang the doorbell.

When we door opened, Connie and Angel both jumped from being surprised.

I was standing there in my robe and house slippers, under the robe, I only had my red panties on, my hair was down, reaching down to my shoulders.

Nancy was standing there; all she had on was a long white t-shirt, and black panties. She was standing slightly behind me; her hand was under my robe massaging my ass gently.

Connie and Angel were standing there drooling; Nancy and I could see their nipples get hard through their shirts. Angel quickly said, “Am I too early Ms. White?”

Nancy was checking out the girls and said, “No, you are right on time, come in and close the door.” Connie and Angel entered the house and closed the door. When the door shut, Nancy continued, “Are you wearing everything we told you to wear?”

Angel was nervous, and said, “Yes-Yes we are.”

I smiled and said, “We want our cars spotless. Now take that shirt and shorts off, leave the bra and panties on.”

Connie and Angel did as they were told, then Nancy said, “Ok, follow me.” Connie and Angel followed Nancy out the back door and over to our cars. They saw a couple of pails, sponges and the garden hose next to our cars. Nancy instructed Connie and Angel to stand by the cars. Connie went next to the Nancy’s car and stood there; while Angel went and stood next to mine.

Nancy picked up the hose and winked at me before she said, “You both are going to wash our cars and we are going to sit here and watch you.” Connie and Angel both nodded in agreement as Nancy turned the hose and sprayed them both, after they were completely wet on the front; I made a signal for them to turn around. When they were completely wet on both front and back, Nancy said, “You can begin now.”

Nancy and I both sat down and watched them wash our cars. Angel’s wet skin glistened in the sun. I was getting so horny watching them both. Every five to ten minutes, Nancy and I would stop them and spray them again with water.

After the cars were washed, Nancy lead Connie into the house and disappeared, while I lead Angie inside to a large shower, I made Angie shower while I stood there and watched. When Angie was done, I instructed her to come to me and stand in front of me.

Angie stood there and said, “I washed your car Jessica, may I go now?” She stood there water dripping down off her naked body. Her nipples were so large and erect; I wanted them in my mouth so badly.

I replied, “No, you may not.” I then removed my robe revealing my naked top to Angie. Angie moved her eyes up and down my body examining every inch of it. I said, “Do you like what you see?”

Angie nodded in agreement, she couldn’t speak, and she was caught completely by surprise. I took her hand and led her to my bedroom and laid her down gently.

As she lay on the bed, I said, “After I finish with you, you are going to do to me, what I am going to do to you.” Angie was excited, she nodded in agreement.

I started kissing Angel’s neck, then I moved and kissed her on her lips, Angel moved her tongue into my mouth and our tongues danced for a few minutes. When I started sucking on hers breasts, my tongue quickly found her hard nipples and Angel moaned slightly, she had never felt anything so good.

After both of her breasts were massaged by my tongue, I finally started moving downward, when I reached her navel, my tongue swirled around the hole, going in as far as it could.

Then I moved down to Angel’s thigh, she couldn’t lay still, she was so horny now, she put her hands on my head and tried to guide it up to her pussy, but I resisted, I could see how wet Angel was by this time.

Finally I moved my tongue up the crack of Angel’s pussy, when I started massaging her clit with my tongue, I put three fingers and finger fucked her pussy. Angel quickly came so hard it looked like she was having seizures.

When I licked up all of Angel’s juices, I lay next to her and kissed her, sharing the sweet nectar I just tasted. When Angel opened her eyes, I said with a smirk, “Now it’s your turn, I hope you were paying attention.”

Angel did exactly what I did to her; Angel was very experience and pleasuring a woman. After we laid there for awhile we noticed it was well after lunchtime.

Angel and me got dressed and walked downstairs and saw Connie and Nancy sitting there waiting for us. When Nancy saw us come down she said, “We were wondering when you two were going to come down.”

We just smiled at them; Connie got up and met Angie at the bottom of the stairs. Connie gave Angel a hug, we could see it was more than a hug; they were playing with each other a little bit and whispering.

After a few minutes, they broke up the hug and Connie said, “We had a wonderful time washing your cars, let us know when you need them washed again.

As they walked out the door, Angel looked back and winked at me. They both left with big smiles on their faces.

I sat down next to Nancy on the couch and we just looked at each other. We were both smiling at each other when Ana came in from shopping.

Ana looked at us and said, “I see you guys had fun this morning, remember we have a clients tonight, you two need to get ready.

Nancy and I looked at each and knew we had to get up and get not only ourselves ready, but the dungeon as well.


Later that night, we had everything ready. The three clients arrived promptly at eight o’clock sharp.

Ana answered the door and lead them downstairs to our dungeon.  Nancy and I were waiting for them in the first room of your dungeon. The clients told us who they preferred and what kind of treatment they wanted.

Ana was dressed in her dominatrix outfit and quickly took control of the first client. She made him lick her boots to start and before long had him spread eagle on a rack mounted to a wall and was using her special toys on him.

Nancy was in another room of the dungeon. She was dressed up as an executive. She had her client bent over the edge of a table and was spanking him with a paddle.

Her client was telling her he was a bad manager and need her to punish him for not closing an important contract.

Nancy and Ana were enjoying the routine; they have done this many times with these clients. My client was a repeat, he used to be Ana’s client, but the last time he was here, she was sick so I filled in. He ended up going to the hospital when my strap-on broke inside him.

He enjoyed that so much, and was so happy, he insisted on me taking care of him from that point on. He never did tell me how he explained that incident to his wife.

Tonight, I was dressed up like a young school girl, like he wanted. He had me using several objects; he enjoyed having objects placed up his ass. I started out using common everyday objects. I really didn’t enjoy doing this, I would much rather pleasure another woman, but he paid me very well.

Ana had told me he was worth a few hundred million dollars. He could have any woman he wanted, even though was older and not very good looking, but he wanted me, he wanted me to shove things up his ass.

After a few hours I started using a candle on his ass, he was really enjoying it and even asked me to light the candle.

I did so willing, and he was enjoying it up until he passed gas. When his gas hit the lighted end it erupted into a stream of fire hitting the tapestry hanging on the wall.

The tapestry quickly caught fire and smoke filled the basement. Ana and Nancy quickly got the clients out of the house while I grabbed the fire extinguisher and put out the fire before it had a chance to spread.

When I left the house the fire department was just arriving, I explained to them that the fire was out and they went inside to make sure it was safe. Shortly after the firemen went inside, the police showed up and they were not happy.

The officers questioned all three of us and let our clients leave. The clients all tried to pay us, but the police made them leave without paying. After talking to all three of us, they decided to bring us down to the station.

They explained that too many strange calls are coming in from the house and they wanted to discuss it with us at the station. They handcuffed us all and put us in different cars.

When we got to the station, I never saw Nancy or Ana there, they just sat me down in a room and let me sit there staring at the walls.


I sat there for hours, finally about three in the morning a very beautiful policewoman walked in the room.  She grabbed a chair and moved it to the corner where the camera was located. She stepped up on it and disconnected the camera.

She stepped down and returned it to the table and sat down.  She told me it was her job to strip search me and she wanted me to undress, but very slowly.

As I slowly started removing the little clothing I was wearing, she undid her belt and placed her hand inside her pants and started playing with her pussy.

As I continued to undress, I noticed she was wearing a regular belt; she had no gun or any other weapon with her. When I removed my bra, I rubbed my hands on my exposed breasts.

She played with her pussy faster and was rubbing her breasts as well by this time. I leaned over the table and said, “Why don’t you let me take care of that for you.”

She smiled and I walked around the table as she stood up. I removed her belt and slid her pants down. Her blue panties were wet from the busy action of her fingers.

As I was taking off her pants, I looked up and saw her removing her shirt; she was wearing a matching blue bra which she quickly took off.

As I slid her panties off, I could smell the musky odor of her wet pussy. I stood up and looked her in the eyes before I leaned forward and kissed her.

She forced her tongue into my mouth and our hands explored each other’s bodies. Finally I had her lean against the table as my tongue and fingers worked over her pussy.

She let out a scream when her juices exploded over my face. I licked up every drop and looked up at her with a big smile when I finished.

She then had me bend over the edge of the table; she used her fingers to fuck my pussy and ass. She kept going until my pussy erupted all over the table.

I looked up at her and she looked pissed, I could see the anger in her eyes when she said, “Now look at the mess you made. What do you plan to do about it?”

I didn’t have time to respond; she grabbed the back of my head and forced it down to the mess my juices made on the floor and edge of the table.

As she held the back of my head, she said, “You are going to lick up every drop of the mess, then I will decide if you will be charged or not.”

I licked up all of my juices on the floor and table’s edge. I had to admit, my juices were very tasty. I kept thinking that I would be sent to jail and become someone’s bitch.

After I had licked up all my juices, she got dressed and reconnected the camera. As she left the interrogation room, she stopped and turned around to say, “Now get the fuck dressed, someone will come and get you.”

I got dressed and sat there wondering what would happen to me. I also was wondering what was happening to Ana and Nancy.

After a couple of hours, an officer came in and told me to follow him. I followed him to a room where he told me I was being released. After all the paperwork, he told me Ana and Nancy would be released soon and I wasn’t allowed to wait for them, I had to leave immediately.

I took a cab home and waited for Ana and Nancy to come home. Ana came home about an hour later and Nancy returned shortly afterward.

We all went upstairs and laid in bed telling each other what had happened to each of us while in police custody. The whole house smelled like a fire pit, after the long and stressful night, we fell asleep in each other’s arms.



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