All Stuffed Up 2

Susan wasn’t sure what time it was when she finally emerged from her slumber. She’d figured she needed to get some sleep if she was ever going to get over this cold and sleep was exactly what she got. Whatever time it was, she could tell she’d been asleep for awhile, and she could tell she felt a whole lot better. She took a sniff and realized that her nose was almost completely clear. Wow, she thought, that new medicine her doctor had prescribed sure did work.

But what had roused her from her sleep?

It was the sound of a leaf blower, she realized. She could have kept right on sleeping but somewhere, someone was using a leaf blower. It was just her luck.

Susan peeked out of her bedroom window, wondering if she could find the guy with the leaf blower and this time, luck was with her. He was practically right under her window. No wonder, he’d woken her up.

She stepped out onto her apartment’s balcony and she yelled down out the man. “Hey,” she yelled. “Hey!”

The man was wearing ear plugs so he didn’t hear her.

“Hey,” Susan yelled again. She’d already realized the man couldn’t hear her but now she was realizing something else. This guy was kind of cute. She could feel her pussy getting wet. “Hey,” she yelled again.

Well, there was more than one way to get a guy’s attention, Susan thought as she stepped back inside her apartment. She quickly stripped off her bedclothes and she grabbed the nearest clothes to her and then she raced out the door.

The man was just finishing up his leaf blowing when Susan caught up with him. “Hey,” she said again as she put her hand on his shoulder. “Hey.”

The man turned and looked earnestly at Susan. He was Hispanic and his brown skin glistened with a patina of sweat. His body was pungent with the efforts of a hard day’s work and as Susan stood there, she couldn’t believe how she hadn’t noticed before just how totally hot this guy was.

“Que,” the man said.

Oh great, Susan thought. “Do you speak English?”

The man looked quizzical until Susan repeated her question and then suddenly his face brightened. “No,” he said. “No. No hable Anglais.”

Oh great. He doesn’t speak English, but what I need him for doesn’t require speaking anyway, the girl thought.

Getting him back to her apartment was going to be a problem and would take time, too, and at that very moment, Susan was very impatient. Besides, she could see the man’s truck parked right there on the curb. The girl moaned. She was so fucking hot. “I need you,” she said slowly, “to fuck me.”

The man just stared at her blankly.

Susan let out an exasperated sigh until inspiration hit her. She pulled up the t-shirt and she revealed her pert, young tits. Thank God, she thought to herself, that she hadn’t had time to put on a bra. After a moment of letting the man ogle her tits, she grabbed one of his hands and she brought it up and she placed it on one of her tits. “I need you to fuck me,” she said again.

The man’s hand was squeezing her breast but if squeezing her breast was what she wanted, she wouldn’t have needed him for it so Susan went even further.

She loosened the front of her jeans and then she grabbed the man’s hand and she shoved his hand down inside her panties and almost at the same time, she began to rub her hand over the front of the gardener’s jeans. She could feel the bulge there and it made her moan. She knew there might be people watching but she didn’t care. All that really mattered was that she got her pussy fucked. “I need you to fuck me,” she said again.

The gardener finally seemed to be getting the message. His hand moved even further inside her pants and she could feel him brushing up against her pussy.

The girl moaned to herself. Speaking English was way overrated. She knew how to get her message across.

Already, her hands were moving at the front of the man’s jeans and then she was pushing them down over his hips. His boxers came next and in the next instant, Susan had her hand wrapped around the man’s warm, fleshy member. This was what she needed.

In the next instant, she was dropping to her knees. She knew this meant the man wasn’t going to have her pussy to play with but she didn’t think he’d mind and besides, if all went as planned, he’d be getting into her pussy soon enough.

Susan sniffed as she knelt before the man. He reeked of sweat and vegetation. She could feel the odor all around him and now it was on her, too. Susan loved it, but then she opened her mouth and soon she was sucking on something that she loved even more.

All of this had happened very quickly so that before the startled gardener even realized what was happening to him, he suddenly had this young woman sucking away on his cock but he wasn’t going to do anything to stop it. He just stood there and groaned as this unknown girl sucked away on his cock.

But he was moaning, too. As good a job as Susan was doing on his cock, it would have been hard not to expect him to moan, and moan, he did. His body swayed slightly as the girl continued to suck him and then he would moan again.

The inevitable came sooner rather than later but the man’s groans increased in tempo as the girl’s mouth continued to get him off. His moans were becoming more and more frantic and his body shook. The man gulped and then he gulped again and then he didn’t say anything more because there was nothing left to say. He was filling Susan’s mouth with his jizz.

Susan greedily sucked it all down, using her mouth to coax even more cum from that spitting cock. The man moaned again and again as he deposited even more of his cum into Susan’s mouth and then finally, his cock was empty and drained.

But that didn’t keep Susan from continuing to suck on that cock almost immediately, that cock began to respond to her attentions. It grew longer and harder and it kept growing longer and harder. The man moaned again. There was no doubt about it. She was getting him hard again.

Susan pulled her mouth off the man’s cock but she quickly replaced it with her hand. She looked up at the man even as she rose to her feet. Her hand squeezed the man’s cock as she looked into his eyes. “I know you don’t understand me,” she said earnestly, “but I really need you to fuck me.”

The man stared at Susan glassy-eyed but there was no mistaking the recognition in his eyes when he watched Susan push her jeans down over her hips or when he watched her push her panties, too. He watched her open the door to his truck and he watched her put her hands on his front seat and then he watched her wriggle her bottom at him.

“Come on,” Susan pleaded. “I need you to do it. I need you to fuck me.”

English might not have been the man’s strong suit but that butt wriggle spoke volumes. The man’s cock was still long and hard, just the way Susan had left him, and in an instant, he was coming up behind her. She could feel his hands on her ass and then him wedging himself in behind her.

Susan moaned as she felt that cock enter her. She put her head down on the truck seat and then she moaned again as she felt that thing push its way inside her. Fuck, that felt good. That felt so fucking good.

The man pulled his cock back and then he pushed it forward again. His hands held her hips as he drove his way inside her and Susan couldn’t help but moan again. Damn, that was good. That was so fucking good.

Susan’s head popped up off the seat and her back arched. “Fuck me,” she moaned to no one in particular. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Oh geez, fuck me.”

The man just kept fucking that little twitching ass. Words, it seemed, were unnecessary.

Susan was moaning almost continuously now. “Fuck me,” she moaned. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

She could feel it coming. Her pussy was right on the very edge and that cock was so very hot. Oh geez, that c
ock was going to do it. That cock was going to make her cum. Oh geez, she wanted it. She wanted it so bad. She wanted that cock to make her cum.

e man groaned even as the girl’s body shivered under his hands and even as he buried his cock deep in that tight, little cunt, even as his cock started to shoot, he could feel that tight, little pussy get even tighter.

The girl moaned as she felt that cock surge inside her. This was what she wanted. She wanted that cock to cum inside her. She wanted it so bad.

Susan just stayed where she was as the man continued to pump her full of his cum. It was only after he was done that she pulled up her panties and her jeans. She could already feel the cum oozing from her overworked pussy and it felt so good.

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