All Stuffed Up 4

It didn’t take Susan all that long to make it back to her apartment complex with her purchase in hand. Moments later found her in the lobby of the complex and Susan groaned. The Baker boys were there.

Susan didn’t like the Baker boys and it appeared as if the feeling was mutual, only–

Only, she couldn’t help but notice the way her pussy was feeling. Susan shook her head, trying to clear it of what it was feeling but it was to no avail. Oh fuck, she told herself with some resignation, you didn’t have to like someone to do the things to them that her pussy wanted to do.

“Hey, guys,” she said cheerfully. “How’s it goin’?”

Billy Baker was the older of the two brothers. “It’s going fine,” he said finally. “What do you want?”

Susan could feel her pussy getting even wetter as she approached the boys. This was a really bad idea she told herself, but that didn’t stop her from moving forward. “I just wanted to say hi,” she said as she sidled up to the two brothers. “I mean, I know we haven’t always been on the best of relations, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.”

“Don’t listen to her,” said the younger brother, Benny. “It’s a trick. She wants something.”

“You’re right,” Susan said. “It is a trick. I do want something.”

“See, I told you.”

Susan stroked a hand over Benny’s arm. It made her skin crawl to do that but she did it, anyway, for the sake of her pussy, she told herself. “I do want something,” she said as she walked her fingers up Benny’s arm. “I want you and your brother to take me home and fuck me.”

The two brothers just stared at Susan as if she’d spoken some foreign language. Geez, the girl thought. How dense can these guys be. I can’t make my pussy’s intentions any clearer.

But then Billy started to take another look at her and a smile slowly spread across his face. “I don’t know,” he said. “If that’s what she wants–“

“There’s gotta be a catch.”

“The catch is we’re going to get our cocks in little Miss Stuffy Pants’ pussy.”

“Well, yeah–“

The discussion soon came to a close and it ended with the two brothers taking Susan back to their apartment. Billy let the three of them into the apartment and as soon as the door had closed behind them, he turned to Susan and said, “Now, take your clothes off.”

“What? Here?”

“You got it. No, wait. I got a better idea.” The older brother quickly went into the living room where he moved a coffee table from in front of the couch and then he took a CD out and he put it on. Susan didn’t know what the song was but she liked the beat. Billy came back to the others and he looked at Susan. “Now, here’s what you’re going to do,” he told her. “Benny and me, we’re going to sit there on the couch and you’re going to do a strip tease for us, okay?”

Susan had never done a strip tease before but the thought of doing one now suddenly made her hot. She wanted to do it. She wanted to do it bad. She nodded her head breathlessly. She wanted to do this.

The boy’s took up their positions on the couch and then Billy nodded to Susan. “Okay,” he told her, “you can start.”

Susan took off her shoes and socks and then she took up her place in front of them and she let her body move to the music. She really wished she had been wearing more because then she would have more to take off for them, but all she had on were her t-shirt and her sweatpants. Not even a bra or panties. Oh well, that couldn’t be helped now.

She moved her hands over her body, tracing her hands over her contours, showing a little and then backing it off. Damn, this was making her hot.

Both of the boys had their cocks out and they were stroking them as she continued to dance and that, more than anything, was what made her pick up the pace. She was hot and she wanted those cocks. She wanted them bad.

She slid her t-shirt up and then she was pulling it off. Her hands caressed her boobies and then she was bringing them closer, first to one brother and then to the other. Close enough almost so that they could touch them, and then closer still, and then she was mashing her tits right up against their faces.

She backed herself off and she could see the boys were whacking off faster. She had to hurry. She didn’t want them cumming too early.

She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her sweats and she pushed them down just a little. She paused and then she pushed a little more. She knew she had the boys’ interests. She knew they knew she wasn’t wearing any panties.

She pushed her sweats down so the waistband was just across her hips and then she pulled her hands away even as she continued to shake her body to the music. She could feel the sweats sliding slower still. The elastic was old and she knew it wouldn’t last for long. She could feel the pants sliding and then finally, they fell at her feet. She stepped out of her sweats, and finally, she was naked.

But she wasn’t done just quite yet. She jumped up on the couch and she straddled the boys, first one and then the other and as her body moved to the music, she let her fingers play with her little hairless snatch. She pressed it nearly into their faces so they could watch her fingers rub against her clit and her folds and then she’d moan as she pushed a finger up inside her, only to take it out and lick it so she could start the process all over again.

To her chagrin, when Susan finally climbed down off the couch, she’d found that both of the brothers had messed themselves. Aw well, she thought to herself, but there was a way to get them hard again, and she knew what that was.

She quickly had them stripped of their jeans and then of their underwear. The rest of their clothes, they could handle on their own but what she was interested in was below the waist. She grabbed both their cocks in her two hands and she gave them a stroke and then another. It wasn’t long before her mouth was getting into the act, moving from one cock to another and then back again, and it wasn’t long after that before she had those two cocks hard again.

Billy Baker groaned as he looked down at the girl sucking on his cock. “Oh fuck,” he moaned. “I didn’t think you liked us.”

Susan pulled her mouth off his cock just long enough to give him her reply. “I don’t,” she said.

“Then why–aw fuck, who cares why. Let’s see just how far you’re willing to go. Why don’t you get yourself up there and sit yourself down on that cock of mine.”

That really was all he had to say because moments later, Susan was in his lap and straddling his cock. Her hand led the head of his cock to her wet, little pussy and then she moaned as she took that cock inside her.

For his part, Benny Baker seemed relegated to sitting and watching as Susan rode his brother’s cock. He stroked his own member as he watched the girl bounce herself on his brother’s cock and he couldn’t help but wish it was his cock that the girl was riding.

Susan’s hands played with her tits as she rode that cock and her fingers pulled on her nipples. She moaned as she felt that cock push up inside her and that just made her ride that cock all that much harder.

She knew Benny was watching and that just made her even hotter. Her hands pulled on her tits and she moaned again. She liked having him watch and she knew she was going to like it even more when she got to feel his cock in her pussy.

Billy Baker was starting to moan almost continuously and Susan knew what that meant. He was going to cum inside her and Susan knew something else. She knew she wanted him to do it. She knew she wanted him to shoot his cum all over the insides of her cunt.

And then he did. Susan moaned as she felt that cock start to shoot and her hands squeezed her tits. If only she would have been cumming, too, she thought. That would have been perfect, but then there was always the broth
er. Maybe he could make her cum.

Susan could feel the older brother’s cock begin to lose its rigidity as it finally gave her its last few dregs. He
r pussy was dripping wet and Susan liked it that way. Now, if only someone could give her what she really needed.

Benny Baker saw the girl roll herself off of his brother’s cock. This was his chance, he thought. Now he was going to get to fuck her good.

He pushed Susan over on her hands and knees and then moments later, he came up behind her. His hands stroked her little, round ass for just a moment and then he was sliding his cock in between her legs. He found her pussy and then he was pushing himself inside.

Susan could feel the brother’s hand on her ass but she cared very little for that. All that mattered was the head of his cock that was sliding in between her legs and then she let out a long, low moan. Damn, that cock felt so good.

The brother had his hands on her hips as he pumped his cock in Susan’s cunt. The girl moaned as the man pulled himself back and then she moaned even louder as he pushed himself inside her. Fuck, she thought. Fuck, that’s good. Oh yeah, that’s good. Fuck me like that.

Susan could hear the brother groaning and she moaned to herself. Please, I want to cum, too. Don’t let him cum first.

Susan moaned. Oh geez, that cock was good. Oh geez, it was so good. Oh fuck, that cock filled her up so good. She could feel herself responding to that cock. Oh geez, that thing was so good.

Susan gasped as her pussy seized the cock inside her and almost at the same time, she felt the brother’s cock open up inside her and that just made her moan even louder. She loved the feel of having that cock cum inside her.

When her pussy finally released its hold on the cock inside her, it just kind of slid forward until the spent cock finally pulled free. She tumbled down onto the couch and she looked at the brothers and she shook her head. How could she have done this, she wanted to ask herself. She didn’t even like these guys, but as much as she wanted to question her sanity, she already knew the answer. She knew how she could have done this. She’d done it because she’d wanted cock and she would have done anything to get some and for now, that was good enough.

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