Allison was ill at ease. She had a nice home and a solid marriage to an older man who owned a prosperous business. She was childless, but that was a matter of choice, at least for now. At 26, she had plenty of time to re-consider.

Her only problem was that her husband treated her with way too much respect when they were having sex. Funny that she should think of it in those terms perhaps, because everyone wanted to be respected, right? Still, Allison longed for husband Lyle to assert himself more forcefully. She even had asked him once to yank her hair while they were doing doggy, and he seemed shocked.

He said, “Ooh, no! I could never hurt you! You are my angel.”

“Angel, hell!” Allison thought. “I am just a woman, and a woman who doesn’t get off as often or as good as she would like.” Of course, she didn’t tell Lyle that she faked orgasms lest she bruise his ego. So Allison was ill at ease.

Walking across the spacious living room, her shapely buttocks twisted in a thin blue skirt that ended just above her knees. Her 34-C breasts did wonders for a white linen blouse, and vice versa. Allison also wore sleek nylons and high heels. She had dressed up like this on a whim, not sure exactly why because she intended only to go shopping, or so she had told herself.

She gazed through the sliding glass door at the pool. Oh! Today was the day that the pool was due to get serviced, and there the guy was. She had completely forgotten, hadn’t she? Hmm.

Allison looked the pool man over, as she had done on prior occasions, and found him extraordinarily attractive. He was big with prominent muscles and no gut at all. He wore a t-shirt and light pants that were snug around his crotch. Hmm again. Allison became more edgy. What in the world was happening to her, she wondered.

An idea suddenly flashed in her pretty head. The pool man was due to be paid, wasn’t he? It was almost the first of the month. She slid the patio door open and stepped outside.

“Hello, Ms. Jones,” the pool guy grinned. “How are you on this beautiful Southern California morning?”

Allison carried an errant lock of dark blond hair away from her face, and walked up to him. “I’m good,” she said. “How are you, Bob?”

“You remembered my name.” He seemed impressed.

“Sure. It’s Bob’s Pool Service, isn’t it?”

“That’s right.”

“And Bob’s Pool Service is due to get paid, unless my calculations are off.”

“Oh, I’ll send you a bill on the first, Ms. Jones, like I always do. Then your husband will mail me a check.”

“Let me give you a check today, and save my husband the trouble,” Allison said, her voice gaining a slightly rough edge. A giddy urge had taken hold of her, and her nerves were thrumming.

“Okay.” Big handsome Bob looked at her more closely. She was a hot piece of ass. He wondered if he had a chance with her.

“Come in and I’ll write the check,” Allison said nervously as she led the way into the house.

Bob ogled the wiggling sway of her perfect buttocks in the cunningly fitted skirt she wore, and he admired her nylon-sheathed legs that scissored below the skirt’s hem. He started to get excited. A morning matinee would go real good, so long as Mr. Jones didn’t come home unexpectedly. It wasn’t that the wuss scared him, but he would hate to lose a lucrative account. Still, he was getting way ahead of himself. Everything depended on Ms. Jones. He thought he had picked up some vibes from her, but he would need a stronger signal to risk making a move.

“I need to know just how to make out the check,” Allison said as she pulled a checkbook from a drawer and sat at the kitchen table. She had a plan. God, if only she could make herself go through with it, and if she could inspire Bob to treat her the way she longed to be treated. That would be the main thing. She needed to get off good!

“Stand over here,” she urged the pool guy. “Tell me, uh, the amount and all…”

Bob moved over next to her chair. Allison turned her head toward him. Oh God, there was his crotch in those tight white pants, just inches away. And what a package he had! Allison’s pussy was wet. It was now or never. She had to go through with this!

“Well, the amount is…UUH!” Bob was stopped in mid-sentence when the woman’s delicate fingers closed around his cock and balls, and she squeezed them through his trousers. She turned her hot eyes up to him.

“God damn!” he husked, and immediately he bent, bracketing her pretty face between his hands, mashing his mouth to hers.

The force of his sudden move put Allison into orbit. She started to quake in her lower region, and her cunt was gushing. She thrust her tongue into Bob’s mouth, circling and rubbing his. Their tongues churned together. Bob hauled her to her feet and tongue-raped her while wrapping both hands around her asscheeks, wiggling the pliant mounds in her thin skirt and flimsy underpants. His cock assumed salami size in his tight trousers.

Allison felt his turgid prick pressing against her, and she wanted it like mad. This would be the first time she had cheated on Lyle in three years of marriage, but he had it coming, damn it! It was up to a husband to please his wife, and Lyle had come up short.

The pool man took charge exactly as Allison had hoped he would, gripping her slim waist and boosting her onto the kitchen table. In the process, he brushed her pen and checkbook off. Fuck ‘em. He didn’t care if he got paid for next month or not. He was going to take it out in trade.

He placed Allison on her back, and she was thrilled to let him have his way. She only hoped he would continue to be forceful and not get complacent by her lack of resistance. If he did, she would have to goad him somehow.

She raised her legs, letting her skirt slide back to bunch at her middle. Bob ogled her lush thighs with sandy-sheer hose halfway up them, secured by white garter straps that pressed against her smooth skin. He looked at the crotch of her pastel blue panties and didn’t miss the telltale moisture spot. This suburban wife was turned on big time! Christ, she wanted him as much as he wanted her!

Bob dropped to his knees and yanked Allison forward so that her ass was right at the edge of the table. He reached up under her rumpled skirt, grasped her panties with both hands, and pulled them out from under her bottom, turning them inside-out as he dragged them along her thighs and down her lower legs. Yes, she had drenched them, all right! He worked the elastics over her high-heeled pumps and brought her panties to his face. Allison watched him inhale the sweet tangy scent of her underwear, and she creamed even more…with nothing to catch it this time but the top of the table where she and her husband took breakfast.

Bob spread her legs wide and bowed to the feast which her pussy presented. She had a neatly trimmed landing strip of dark hair just above her slit but no hairs on her pussy lips at all. Bob nuzzled her fur and enjoyed its subtle scent. She was the real deal. He dug into her soft, wet cunny with his eager tongue, and Allison moaned, squirming against his mouth.

He reached down and freed his rod, which had been giving him fits in his tight pants, and it speared out and upward to a splendid nine inches. He stroked his firm cock as he ate Ms. Jones’s pussy. She ground her sopped cunt against his mouth, and he licked deeply into her hot hole. He flipped his tongue against her emergent clit, and she panted, “Yes…yes…ooh God, yesss!” She felt wanton. After being tied in an emotional knot for some time, she was ready to let it all go.

Bob took the woman’s tingling clit into his mouth and sucked it hard. He reached up and pawed at her titties through her clothes. She squirmed, wriggling out of her blouse. She loved the way th
e pool man was chomping on her sensitive tip, all but devouring it. That was so different from her husband’s lovemaking style. H
e treated her clitoris like it was a delicate treasure, licking it gently. Bob knew how to make her jigger throb with delight.

She popped her bra and tossed it away, letting her lush breasts bobble free. Bob’s hands were all over the smooth, resilient mounds, squeezing and rolling them, tugging at their turgid tips.

“God…ooh. GOD!” she moaned as Bob continued to munch on her clit. He was going to make her cum! Ooh, yes! Now! She was cumming NOW!.

Bob enjoyed it as she bumped against his mouth, showering his tongue with her honey. He swallowed her love juice and sucked at her flowing cunt some more. Finally he raised his head and leaned up over her to mouth her tits. He tugged roughly at her nipples and waggled his head, shaking her satin fun-bags, which were just firm enough and just loose enough to please him.

“My turn, babe!” he suddenly said, and yanked her forward, sliding her bare ass off the edge of the table. She landed on her feet.

Stripping off her skirt, Allison dropped it on the tile floor. Bob added his pants, and she sank to position, confronting the huge dick which was aimed ominously at her. While her husband’s equipment was at least average in size, it couldn’t compare to the massive member now pointed her way. Bob’s cock also had a particularly big rosy head just perfect for tasting, Allison thought.

She wrapped her delicate fingers as far around Bob’s rod as they would go and swiped at the super lollipop with her tongue. Mmmm, that was good! She hadn’t been giving her husband much oral lately because she simply hadn’t felt like it. But he never complained, being considerate to a fault. However, the big flesh-pole that now pointed her way aroused her nasty nature. She wanted to taste it and possess it in her mouth, and she wanted to watch Bob-the-Pool-Man’s face as she pumped up and down on it, taking him stroke by stroke to the stars.

The husky guy threaded his hands into her loose wavy hair and took hold of her head as she began to fellate him. Allison liked that. “Uummm!” she said, indicating approval, hoping he would grip her more tightly and actually move her head on him. Or better yet, what she really wanted was for him to do the moving and literally to fuck her face.

She pulled back, popping her mouth off his cockhead and asked bluntly, “Do you like that?”

“Christ, yes!”

The words tumbled out: “Then fuck my mouth! FUCK it! Do you know what I mean?” She couldn’t believe she was speaking so boldly. She felt a wonderful tingle where she lived, and her brain was giddy.

Bob replied with a growl and gripped her tousled head, pulling her down onto his cock so forcefully that it bumped the back of her throat. Her throbbing pussy sent fresh juice dribbling down her thighs. Holding her in place, the pool man began to pull and thrust, pull and thrust, pumping his thick prick in and out of her widely stretched lips, being careful not to be TOO rough. Allison’s encircling lips skidded like elastic across the sensitive ridge of his knob, and she sucked hard. Her wide-open brown eyes gazed up at him, enjoying the rapture on his face as he fucked her in that fashion.

Bob could take only so much of this very intense stimulation and he pulled free, letting his pecker wave wetly, trailing a strand of Allison’s saliva. He shucked down his pants and ordered, “Lie over the edge of the table, babe!”

Allison was happy to do his bidding. This was just what she had needed, a man who would boss her around and force her to do what he said. She was all aquiver as she bent over the table’s edge, laying her lush tits on the table top.

Bob eyed her beautiful bottom which was framed by her white garter belt and the tops of her light-brown stockings, then he pinched her buttocks with his thumbs in her crack and spread her ass wide open. Allison’s asshole was a neat little aperture with tiny puckers radiating out from it. It looked to Bob as if it had never been used as a port of entry, and that was exactly right. Lyle wouldn’t have thought of violating her in that way. Bob thought of it but didn’t intend to do it. Her hot pussy offered stimulation enough. The outer labia were puffed with excitement, flaring to reveal the wet pink interior of her cunt. Her smallish hole beckoned his cock.

But first there was something special that Bob liked to do with women. They didn’t all appreciate it, but he thought this one might. Right after he released her buttocks and they slapped together, he raised his right hand and brought it down in a stinging swat against the flank of her right butt-cheek. There was a sharp sound, and her buttock jiggled. A thrill shot through Allison and she squealed, but not in protest. Bob used his left hand to slap her left flank, then employed both hands to swat to and fro across both cheeks of her shapely ass, really warming her up and bringing a rosy blush to her creamy jiggling flesh. Allison moaned and panted, and she came some more. She was amazed at how she went off like a string of fucking firecrackers with this man.

No sooner had the spanking stopped than Bob dropped to his knees behind her and performed the second part of his little ritual. He pressed his face against the lady’s reddening bottom and commenced to lick her supple cheeks all over. The licking would not have wholly satisfied either of them if he hadn’t spread her asscheeks apart and licked up and down her crack, paying special attention to her tight little anus, which he licked while drooling saliva over it.

“Ooh God! Ooh Lord! Ooh goodness!” Allison babbled, and came yet again, pressing her ass against the pool man’s face and vibrating so that her buttocks quivered next to his cheeks.

It was now a quick segue for Bob to bound to his feet, insert his hot cock into the slippery little mouth of Allison’s pussy and PUSH, sinking his entire nine inches in her throbbing, tight cunt.

“Oooooh, Jeezus Christ!” Allison howled. “Fuck me with that big thing! For Christ’s sake, FUCK meeeee!”

“Don’t worry, babe, I’m gonna fuck the shit outa you!” Bob promised, and he proceeded to make good as he pulled and pushed, pulled and pushed, pumping his big prick in and out of the fuck-hungry housewife’s happy hole and thrilling her like she hadn’t been thrilled since that time in college when she bedded a linebacker, who also was a take-charge guy and hugely hung.

Slap…slap…slap! Bob smacked his straight front against Allison’s resilient ass, making it quiver sensuously as his rigid cock stroked in and out, in and out of her rippling vagina. She bumped backward against him, taking all of his nine inches with ease, his big balls swinging against her clitty. She rotated her tight cunt around him, literally screwing his dick, and he enjoyed that.

“Oh, Jonesy, you”ve got a hot twat!” he croaked.

“That’s it!” Allison replied. “Talk dirty! Be nasty!”

“You sexy bitch, I love to fuck you! I want to drive my big cock into you until you squeal. How much fucking can you take, you wild slut?!?”

“Ooh, shit!” Allison retorted. “I can take a ton of fucking! I can fuck all day! Oh, you horny bastard, SSSSSCREW MEEEE!”

“YOU WHORE!” Bob bellowed. “TAKE IT!” And all the while he was pumping his thick, hard woman-pleaser in and out of her clasping, slippery channel, thrilling her like she hadn’t been thrilled in a month of Mondays. Allison came and came again.

As the fucking grew ever more intense, Bob grasped a handful of her hair and tugged on it, jerking her head back. OH, YES! OOH, FUCKING YESSSS! That was what Allison wanted. She slammed her hot ass against the man’s impaling thrusts, her cunt muscles spasming on his pumping prick, clutching it and almost literally sucking at it, begging him to shoot his load within her. As she moaned, she came some more. Oh God, she had come a thousand times with this hor
ndog pool man.

Suddenly he pulled out, unwilling to risk finishing within her, and he scrambled up
next to her face. She turned toward his cock, which he was pumping furiously with his hand. Oh Lord! Oh God! He was going to blast it all over her face, and Allison wanted it. She opened her mouth.

Spurt! Spurt again! He groaned fiercely as he pumped his hard cock. Allison’s moan of pleasure became a gurgle as his shots hit their mark precisely, and his thick cum cascaded down the lady’s throat. She gulped, moaned some more, then took some splatter on her nose and chin and lips. She loved it! Her lower region continued to quake, as she just kept cumming. She must have had a fucking dozen orgasms…or more…

Finally they lay together, her face a mess, but even so he was kissing her. She had slipped to the floor, and they were wound in each other’s arms. “Ooh, baby…baby…” he crooned. “You are so wonderful! God, you are hot! Sweet Jesus, I never had such a good time!”

“Or me either,” Allison managed, and she caressed his wet, softened cock along with his big balls as she smooched him.


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