Amy's Dream

This is my first attempt. Comments are welcome and appreciated!

Just like most weeknights when I am on the truck, I called at about 8:30pm. The girls were finished with their showers and were getting ready for bed. You were telling me about your day while you combed our youngest daughter’s hair. After I spoke to the kids and gave them their “hugs and kisses” over the phone, I told you I was in Nebraska and would be delivering a load of hams in Denver early in the morning. You also heard me say that I would be reloading Coors Beer in Golden when I got empty, and would be headed to Sioux Falls tomorrow.

We had a short conversation about the recent progress we had made with our relationship. You admitted that some of the feelings you had lost for me last year when we almost divorced were returning, albeit slowly. This makes me very happy, as I never wanted a divorce. I truly believed I had done everything possible to make up for the years of neglected feelings I had caused, but the results were just now starting to become evident. I told you that I love you and that I would be thinking about you tonight.

Soon you were in bed. You noticed that this was the first night in quite some time that you were able to go to sleep without pain from your bad tooth. You had just had it pulled a few days ago, and finally were getting to the point where your mouth actually felt like it was normal again. You were very much looking forward to having a mouth full of brand new, shiny white teeth. You reached over to cuddle with some extra pillows, and for a moment, wished it was me who was there to hold. This strikes you as being a nice development in your feelings for me. You double-check the alarm, and drift off to a deep sleep.

After you have been asleep for awhile, you begin to dream. This is not the usual dream about the kids and coworkers and clients at work. No, this was becoming an erotic dream. This was nice, as it had been some time since you had been able to go here.

In your dream, I am here with you. I kiss you and stroke your hair to wake you up from a very relaxed and peaceful sleep. Normally, this would irritate you, but since it is your dream, after all, you decide to respond to this advance and just enjoy yourself.

I lift your nightshirt and begin to suck on your right nipple as I roll the left one between my index finger and my thumb. You have always loved the things it does to you when I take care of your tits. After several minutes you say softly, “My pussy is throbbing”, and I move my hand from your left breast down to your panty-covered mound. I tease you through the sheer fabric for several minutes, then slip my fingers under the crotch to touch your swollen pussy lips. As I move my mouth over to your left breast, I stop for a moment to kiss you. This kiss is the kind you used to love when we first dated-nearly 9 years ago. I linger at your mouth for a moment, out tongues dancing with each other, until I finally withdraw and continue to your left breast.

I gently work my finger into the cleft between your pussy lips, and find an abundance of moisture developing. I use this to lubricate my fingers before I start toying with your clit. You love the way that I always know just where to go. As I roll your clit between my thumb and finger-in the same way as I play with your nipples, except softer-the familiar feeling starts to build in your groin. I always know how to bring you to this wonderful place. Fortunately, the anger you have harbored for so long is not present to interfere with this tremendous feeling growing deep within.

I pull the covers up over my head and slide down the bed to put my head between your legs. I remove your panties, and you eagerly lift your ass to assist. I gently lick your entire pussy from bottom to top, and you moan, “Oh, my”. As I settle in to lick, suck, and gently nibble your clit, I place two fingers inside of you and slowly begin to work them in lazy circles around your cervix. I reach up with the other hand to work your nipple between my fingers, just the way you like it. You have always thought I was great at eating pussy, and this time is even better than normal. After all, it’s YOUR dream, right?

Soon, you begin to make those familiar noises I have come to love so much. Your muscles begin to tighten around my fingers, and I know your orgasm is imminent. You confirm this by whispering, “I’m gonna cum”. I increase the pace of my tongue and lips on your clit and the constant probing of your pussy with my fingers. I begin to get just a bit rougher with the nipple I have in my other hand, and this sends you flying over the edge. Your pussy muscles contract to the point that I can barely keep my fingers inside as wave after wave of orgasm washes over you. This one just keeps going and going, and you wish it would never end. For a second, you wonder if maybe it’s not going to end.

Finally it begins to subside, and I sense this. The frenzied sucking and nibbling is replaced by slow, soft licking and kissing as I bring you back to earth slowly. I crawl out from under the covers, kiss you lovingly, and retreat from the room.

In the morning, you wake from your sleep feeling more rested than you have in months. The image of the great dream you had last night has given you a large perma-grim that you cannot and don’t care to shake. You notice, for the first time in recent memory, that morning in the Colorado mountains is absolutely beautiful. You are very comforted by the fact that the wild dream you had last night was actually about your husband, and this gives you hope for your future with him.

After all of the kids are ready for school, you finish with your makeup and head out to the car to start your day. The new outfit that you are wearing gives you the confidence that only comes from knowing that you truly look great. As you load the girls in the backseat of your SUV, you notice the distinctive dual-wheel tracks in the thin layer of freshly fallen snow. This makes your heart skip a beat as you realize that your dream wasn’t a dream at all! That son of a bitch had driven two hours out of his way to come up to the mountains and give you a superb orgasm! Suddenly you can’t wait for the regular phone call that you know will come tonight around 8:30. You pull out of the neighborhood with a newfound resolve to do whatever it takes to fall back in love with this man who is so good to you.

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  1. 00buck

    very original. well written and not to long

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