An Internet Connection BY Rick

An Internet Connection !
By Rick

I was chatting with a lady in a BBW chat room . She had said that she was in Albany , N.Y. which is about an hour and a half east of where I live . I told her that I was from the Utica area . She said that she had always wanted to make an adult video but had been unable to find someone who would do one with her . I told her that I would love to make one with her . Then she said that she was embarrassed because of her size . I said that I loved big women the bigger the better . She said that she carried most of her weight in butt . I said that was ok with me . She agreed to chat using yahoo instant messenger so she could see me on my web cam . She seemed to be happy that I was willing to show my face so she would know what I looked like . But she wouldn’t show her face to me . I said that I would do what ever she wanted me to do to prove I liked big women . She said that she would like to see my cock . I took off my pants and showed her my cock . She then turned on her web cam . She had a long face with many chins . Her lipstick was bright red her hair was brown and she was very big. I asked to see her tits . She took off her clothes and showed me her small tits and her huge ass and hairy pussy . I showed her my hard on ! I’d like to suck that she said . You can anytime you want I said . I’ll drive to you and we can do some fucking and fucking I said . She said well I lied to you she said I don’t live in Albany . Damn I though she lives in California or Montana or someplace like that . Where do you live I asked fearing the worst . She said I live in New Hartford N.Y. ! She replied . Damn I said that’s just ten minutes from here ! Yes she said . Where would you like to meet I asked ? How about at the mall in front of Sears in an hour ? She said . Great I said we can take it from there . We told each other what we would be wearing and signed off the computer . I got dressed and took a Lavetra and checked to be sure I had some condoms and some blank video tapes . I then went to the mall I was there quite a bit early so I walked around a bit . I checked out what movies were playing and then went to meet June , which is what she said her name was . She was standing there and I was surprised at how tall she was . I’m only 5’2″ and she was at least 5’7″ and a good 300 pounds . I said hi June I’m Rick . She giggled and said I forgot to ask how tall you were . I hope it doesn’t bother you I said . It’s ok with me she said . Fine I said wold you like to go somewhere and talk ? That would be great she said lets have some coffee and chat . We went to the coffee place and got some coffee and cookies and sat in the middle of the mall . It was a Saturday night and all the young kids were milling around and it was noisy as hell . So are you disappointed ? She asked . Not at all I said I hope you aren’t either . No she said but I’m a bit nervous I’ve never done anything like this before . Had coffee and cookies with someone ? I asked with a grin . You know what I mean she said I’ve never met a stranger from the net just to have sex before . Well if you don’t want to have sex we don’t have to I said . Oh I want to she said ! I’m hornier than you could believe she said . But I’m not very experienced she said . Your not a virgin are you ? I asked . No not since I was 14 that was 35 years ago but I’ve only had sex with two other guys in my life ! The last time was ten years ago ! That isn’t healthy I said you need sex more often than that . I know she said but most men don’t find me attractive and I’m to shy to ask a man out . Well do you have a dildo ? I asked . No she said I could never bring my self to buy one I’d be embarrassed . Well would you like to have me take you to the adult book store and buy you one ? I’ve never been to and adult book store she said blushing . I would like to go but what if someone I knew was in there ? They would be doing the same thing as you I said . I guess your right she said her brown eyes looking at me as if I was a piece of cake and she looked hungry ! Finish your coffee and we will go to the store and get you a nice dildo and what ever else you want . Yes! She said we will ! I took her to the adult book store there was no one else that she knew there . She asked what was behind the curtains I said there are video booths there so you can watch a porno tape . Your kidding she said . No I said . WOW she said that’s cool . I got some quarters and took her to a booth the two of us could hardly fit in . She picked a tape and I put the quarters in . She was shocked and could not take her eyes off the screen . There was a guy with a huge cock fucking a skinny young lady . I’ve never seen anything like that before she said . I was squeezing her small tits through her clothes . Lets get out of here and go to your place and fuck she said . We left the booth I bought her a dildo and a fat lady video tape and we went to my double wide . We were hardly inside before she said can we make a video of us ? Sure I said I do that as a side job anyway . I set up a couple of camcorders and she was as red as a beet . I took out some condoms and said take off your coat and we can start . She was so nervous that she was shaking . Relax I said and helped her take her coat off . She had a huge ass and a big belly . Sit down I said and made sure that the camcorders were running . She was on the sofa still blushing and shaking . I’m a bit scared she said it’s been a long time . Don’t worry I said .I took off my clothes . My cock was already hard . Took off her sneakers and socks . I licked her legs and she exhaled hard . I took her panties off and then her skirt . She was shaking even more . I took off her top and her bra . She was getting excited as I sucked on her nipples . She moaned and puled my face hard into her breasts . Yes she said I need that ! My hand wandered to her hairy pussy and I played with her clit . She screamed and came . YES ! YES! She said do that again ! I continued to lick her nipples and play with her clit . She came again and again . Damn That’s what I want she said . I laughed wait a second and knelt down and spread her legs and started to suck on her pussy while I rubbed her clit and she came so hard that when she squeezed her thighs together I almost passed out . Damn she said I’ve never cum like that before ! I got her new dildo out licked it and then slid it into her pussy . She moved her hips in time with my stroking her cunt with the dildo as I sucked on her clit . She suddenly came so hard that she actually pushed me across the room . The dildo popped out and flew about six feet ! GOD she said that was great ! I put a condom on and slipped my cock in her cunt and stroked slowly and played with her nipples with my fingers , I couldn’t get my tongue to the nipples because her belly was so big . I started to stroke faster and faster and she was cumming over and over again . When I came I pushed as hard as I could and we both came at the same time . I pulled my cock out and took off the condom . Thank you she said I needed that more than I knew . Would you like to see the tape ? I asked . OH MY GOD ! I forgot all about that ! Yes I would love to ! I rewound the camcorder and hooked it up to the TV and played the tape . June was so excited to see herself that she took the dildo and was playing with her self . Then she saw that my cock was hard . She bent over and still watching the camcorder she gave me one hell of a blow job swallowing every drop of my cum . Would you like to keep that tape and the other one that’s still recording ? I asked . She blushed and said Yes if I could . You sure can I said . Oh shit she said my car is still at Sangertown Mall ! Don’t worry we can go and get it I said . Yes she said lets get dressed then can we come back her and have some more fun ? Why not ? I said . I’ll call my room mate and tell her that I will be home late . You can spend the night I said . Really ? That would be wonderful she said . She called her room mate and told her that she would be out overnight . I hear her say I’ve found a gu
y that lik
es big women ! He really likes us ! Damn ! I laughed to myself and got dressed.

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