An unusual job offer

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After college, I was unable to find a job in my major. My parents were ready to cut me off, so I was desperate for anything. I lived near an expensive housing development, in an apartment with a couple of my female friends from college, so I began looking through craigslist ads for odd jobs to pay my bills while I kept interviewing for my career.

I answered a house cleaning ad, probably the third or fourth one, and talked to a woman in her 30s, she asked me a lot about myself, where I went to school, what I liked, I thought it was just idle chat. I kept pressing what exactly they were looking for, but she kept saying they just needed some help around the house. She asked if she could come in for an interview that evening, and she and her husband would interview me in person.  I thought this was weird, but wasn’t in a position to be picky.

I dressed as professionally as I could, knee length black skirt, purple short sleeve blouse with a hint of cleavage, and thigh high stockings with 2 inch black heels on. I pulled up to their house, in the nice part of town, 3 car garage, 2 story awning over their front door, these people were loaded.

I rang the doorbell, the woman I spoke to answered, a 30 something, brunette with shoulder length hair. She was wearing a sleeveless, v-neck, black cocktail dress, just short of her knees, 3 inch heels. I notice a small golden locket, nestled between her large firm breasts, a bountiful amount of cleavage exposed under her tight little dress. She has a nice light tan, and toned arms.

“Hi, I’m Amy.” She said extending her hand.

“Claire,” I reply, shaking it. “I’m here about the job.”

She looks me up and down, taking a while to stare over my body. “You’ll do just fine, come on in.”

I walk in and she closes the door behind me. She rests her hand on my back, leading me to the kitchen.

The entry way is stone tile, with 20 foot ceilings. She walks me through their living room to the kitchen. She pulls a bar stool out from her granite counter, kitchen island.  She pours us both a glass a wine, and pulls up next to me, instead of across. She crosses her legs, and her dress rides up, showing most of her tone tan legs. I tug my own skirt down a little, feeling exposed.

She smiles, taking a look at my chest, then looks back up at me.

“So, we are looking for someone to help us around the house.”  I nod. “We will need your discretion, there are things you will see that can’t be shared.” I glance around trying to understand what she is talking about.

I take a drink, empting half my glass, “Umm, what sort of things.”

“Depends on if you want to take the job. Did I mention the pay yet?”

I shake my head.

She writes a number down and slides it over to me.

“$300?” I reply, “Is this per week?”

“Each night” she says.

She rests her hand on my knee and slides her fingers up my thigh and back down to my knee, caressing me. I close my eyes, thinking about my car payment and debt, and how this could take care of that. Her soft fingertips tease my skin, sending chills up my body. She turns my stool towards her, and her’s to me, placing her legs between mine. She leans in caressing up my legs, slowly pushing my skirt up, and looking up into my eyes, waiting for a response. I look back, staring at her eyes, then down to her chest, her full cleavage before me, her breasts pressing against her top. She breathes in deep, her chest rising and falling with each breathe.

I finally get the courage to respond, drinking the last of the wine.  “When do I start?” I reply, swallowing it down.

She pours me another glass, then stands between my legs, one hand begins to slide up my thigh, pressing my skirt up, the other holds the back of my neck. She leans in, her lips almost touching my ears, her breath tingling. “You can start tonight” She whispers. “We are looking for someone to spice up our marriage. “ Her lips press against my ear kissing it softly. “To help fulfill our deepest fantasies.”

She lowers her hand down to my back and pulls me against her, her lips kissing down my neck, her right hand sliding up the outside of my leg, caressing my skin. She pulls me to the edge of the stool, my crotch pressed against her, her legs between mine.  I slide my hands along her back feeling her body through her dress, tracing down her spine, to her soft ass. I squeeze with both hands pressing her against me, feeling her ass. She lets out a moan, then moves her lips to mine. Her soft lips meet mine, her tongue begins to move around the edge of them, moistening me. Amy pulls away then looks into my eyes.

“Let’s go to the couch. I want you to strip for me.”

She takes my hand leading me over to the living room. She sits in the middle of a leather couch, hiking her dress up.

I straddle her, my legs on either side, which presses my skirt up. I slide my hands down my body, over my firm chest, squeezing my breasts over my top, then down my stomach, and to my panties. I begin stroking my pussy, gyrating on her lap, my right hand teasing myself. I begin unbuttoning my top with my left hand, sensually removing one button at a time, until my shirt opens up. I press my chest against her, my black lacy bra pressed against her body, our breasts firmly pressed against each other through our clothes.

I let my blouse fall to the ground, then take my hands, rubbing them over her chest, squeezing her tits, then slide them down her body. I pull her dress up and over her body. She has on a little blue see through bra and matching thong. I kiss down her neck, my hands sliding over her smooth flesh, caressing her nice tits. I kiss all along her exposed flesh, all around her chest, my lips teasing near her nipples. I stand up and slide my skirt down, letting it fall to the floor. Running my hands up my legs, and caressing my panties, pressing them inside of me against my pussy.  I grind on my hand in front of her. I press my chest against her face, leaning in, and she begins kissing my exposed chest.

“Oh yeah.” I hear behind me. I look over, on the chair is her husband, he has on a blue dress shirt and black slacks, and is rubbing his hand over his slacks, caressing his cock. I can see the bulge in his pants straining to get out. I turn so my ass is facing her and sit between her legs, pressing against her, looking into his deep blue eyes. I grab her hair and pull her head against my neck. Her hands slide down my body, teasing my chest. She pushes my bra down, exposing my tits to her husband, squeezing and fondling them. He unbuckles his belt and pants, then slides them down. He is stroking his cock over his boxers, and it is straining against the fabric.

I take her right hand in mine squeezing my right breast. I take her left hand and lead it down to my panties, I guide her hand to my pussy, spreading my legs, stroking her fingers over my pussy, pressing through my panties, her fingers feeling how moist I am. I let out a moan as she fingers me, I slide my hand up to my chest squeezing my other breast. I start to press my pussy against her hand, grinding against her. She moans as her fingers push against me, feeling my moist panties.

She slides my panties to the side, and begins working her fingers against my clit. My pussy exposed to her husband. He stands up and pulls his boxers down, his thick hard cock flopping up, he stands there stroking his hard cock, staring at my pussy getting fingered.  She presses deeper, moaning into my ear. He walks over to us and slides his hard cock into my wet pussy. Pressing my body between them, her soft hands caressing me, he begins pumping his cock into me, slowly but deeply. I moan, overwhelmed by all the sensation.

She slides out from behind me, sitting to my right on the couch, she leans into the corner and begins fondling her pussy, watching us. He grabs my ass pulling me towards him, his firm hands on me. I wrap my legs around him, and grab onto his back. I can hear her moaning, pleasing herself. He begins to tense up, his cock pressing deep into me. He pulls out, and pushes my head towards his wife’s waiting pussy. She has her panties pulled down, and her legs spread begging for me.

I take my tongue and start kissing and licking around the edge of her pussy. She takes her hand and runs it through my hair, keeping me pressed against her. I take my fingers and begin teasing her clit as I lick inside of her pussy, tasting her. She begins to gyrate against me, pressing my face against her pussy.

He then kneels behind me, sliding his hard cock into me. Grabbing my hips as he thrusts. He slides his hand around and begins teasing my clit while he slams into my pussy. I look up into her eyes as I lick her, her head is thrown back, and she is breathing deeply. He moves his hand to my breast, squeezing as he fucks. I take her clit in my mouth sucking on it, she tenses up, and pushes my head back to her pussy, holding me there. She rubs her pussy against my tongue, then holds still, letting out a long moan.

He pulls out and strokes his cock in front of her. She takes her hands, jacking him off, his cock pointed at her tits. I lean back watching them, then tease his ass, not sure what to do. She strokes his hard cock, moaning, playing with her pussy as she strokes him. He moans in response, squeezing her tits as she strokes him. He cums all over her tits, his white cum streaming out.

He turns to me, cum dripping from his cock. “Clean me off.”
I take it into my mouth, my mouth licking it clean, he holds my head, and a few more drops leak in. I swallow it all down, tasting the mix of pussy and cum.

“Now, clean her off.” He says, sliding his cock out of me.

I look at her, the white cum on her chest, on her nipples and nestled between her tits, slowly dripping down her body. I lean in, taking my tongue and working my way up her chest, taking the cum into my mouth. He begins to tease my pussy as I lick her, rubbing his hands into my wet dripping body. His fingers sliding into me. My tongue slides up to her nipple, I take it into my mouth. His fingers push into me, his hand caressing my ass. I suck her nipple, caressing her breast as I take it in. She lets out a little whimper as I lick her. I move across her chest, licking up the rest of the semen, licking it off her other nipple. Sucking it. He fingers me deeper, I moan as I suck her, my body getting closer to orgasm.

I kiss up her breast, up her neck to her mouth, my tongue diving deep into hers. She kisses back holding my face.  He keeps stroking my pussy, his hand coming between my legs pressing harder and deeper, finger fucking me. I moan as I kiss her, getting louder, about to cum. I stop kissing and just moan in her ear, she squeezes my chest as he fingers me. I clench up as the orgasm spreads through my body. My pussy wet and dripping, he slows down, then pulls his fingers out, and I can hear him licking them clean.

They look at each other. “What next honey?” he asks her.

“Let’s go to the bedroom.” She answers.

She stands up grabbing her clothes with one hand and pulling me up with the other. She leads me up a wide flight of stairs to the top floor. He walks behind us, squeezing my ass on the way up.

We get to the top and turn down the hall passing a few rooms. We enter their bedroom, it’s almost as big as my apartment. Huge king bed against one wall, a sitting area with a love seat and chair, a little table where she can get ready at, and a walk in closet and bathroom off the master suite. She unclips my bra, exposing my firm tits, she then slides her hands down, pushing my panties to the floor. She comes up slowly, sniffing my pussy on the way up. She then slides her own panties down.

“Climb onto the bed she says.” I look over at him, he is undressing, and nods when he sees me look.

“Ok” I reply. I climb into the middle, aware of how exposed I am. Amy grabs my feet, pulling me to the edge, spreading my legs. She begins to kiss along my inner thigh, her lips teasing my skin, and circling towards my pussy. I moan, as she tastes me, her lips and tongue teasing me. Her tongue flicking into my pussy, arousing me further.  He climbs onto the bed, and straddles me, his dick pressed between my breasts. I squeeze my breasts around his hard cock, as he slides in and out, the tip of his cock inches from my mouth.

I tease around my mouth, licking my lips, as he thrust his cock towards me. I spit onto my hand, and stroke his cock between my chest, lubing it up. She flicks my clit with her thumb, as her mouth kisses around my pussy. Her tongue darting in and out. I moan, my body getting close to orgasm again. He slides up, pushing his cock into my waiting mouth. I take the tip of his cock in, sliding my full lips up and down his shaft, stroking his cock with my hands as I take him deeper. He pumps his cock into my face, pressing it deeper against me. I hold his cock with my hand, keeping him from choking me.

She slides her fingers inside of me, teasing my gspot, while she sucks on my clit, teasing it between her lips. I begin to gyrate, pressing my pussy against her. I let out a muffled moan, his cock filling my mouth. I slide my mouth up and down his shaft faster as I cum. My pussy tenses as she licks me, and she slows down. He keeps pumping into my mouth, moaning, his face turning red. She slides up onto the bed and begins rubbing her hands over his chest, and squeezing his ass. This drives him over the edge, and he cums into my mouth, hot semen squirting into me. I hold him as his load finishes, then I lick his cock clean, again.

“My turn.” She says, laying in the middle of the bed. He spreads her legs and dives into her pussy, licking it with her mouth. I slide up next to her, and begin sliding my fingers around her chest, caressing her, teasing her hard nipples. She grabs his hair pressing him against her crotch, moaning as he presses against her.  I start kissing around her breasts, then take her nipple into my mouth, rubbing her other breasts with my hand. She moans, enjoying us both please her.  She pushes my head down, I kiss a trail down her body. He stands up, giving me space. I flip my leg over her, getting us into the 69 position. My body hovering over hers, as I slide my tongue around her pussy, tasting her flesh.

He stands there, stroking himself, watching me devour her wet pussy. His cock hardening again. I flick my tongue over her clit, then to her pussy, sliding it into her. I hold her thighs as my tongue pleases her. Her own tongue is sliding around the edge of my pussy, her hands caressing my ass, her fingers teasing towards my asshole. I moan as she spreads my checks, her tongue begins to flick into my pussy her lips pressed against me. I slide my fingers into her pussy and circle my tongue around her clit. I feel the head of his cock pressing against my ass, sliding between my cheeks. It is lubed up, and he starts to push the tip into me. I push my tongue deeper into her in response, and grab tight onto her legs. He begins to thrust slowly, moving the tip in more, holding onto my ass for support. Her tongue pushes deeper into me, his cock pressing into my ass.

I push two fingers into her, reaching for her g-spot as I circle my tongue over her clit. She presses her pussy into my, grinding on my hand. I thrust faster as I get closer to orgasm, he presses his cock sliding in my ass, pushing deeper with each thrust. Her mouth is buried into my pussy. I lift my head up and scream out as the orgasm comes. She eagerly licks my pussy as it pulse trough me. I finger her a little faster pressing my fingers deep into her, kissing her clit softly, my wet lips pressed against her. He slaps my ass as he thrusts, then grabs my hips, pulling my tight against him.

Her mouth pulls away from my pussy, and she slides forward. I look back and she is licking his testicles as he fucks my ass. He begins to moan out, thrusting slower and holding each thrust deep in me. I press my fingers against her, pressing harder, flicking my tongue against her.  He thrusts one last time, I feel the hot cum fill my ass, as he squeezes my cheeks.  I push my face into her crotch, pushing my tongue deep inside her, thrusting as deep as it can go. She thrusts her crotch against me, letting out a moan as he climbs off of me. She screams out, “Oh yes yes” as she cums, I slow my strokes down, gently caressing her legs. After a few minutes, she taps my legs to get off of her.

I climb off, and gather my clothing up, and get dressed. Amy throws on a short robe, that shows off her nice tanned, toned legs. He pulls on some boxers. She walks me to the door, and gives me a deep passionate kiss before I go, then slips 3 crisp $100 bills into my hand. She opens the door, and I walk away.

“See you Thursday night?” She ask, part question, part statement.

I turn, give her a big smile and nod my head.

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