Andrea gets Lizzie

Andrea finally got her way, knew shy, lithe Lizzie was waiting for her at home. She’d wanted for months to give Lizzie the pleasure she had never known from any man, wanted to share how she felt.

Andrea had started the day by leaving for work, her roommate left at home. It was a Saturday, and Lizzie had a government job, so no weekends for her.

After a long and arduous day at a desk, Andrea was able to leave. She hated the paper pushing, would much rather have pursued her artistic talents. However, all frittering thoughts aside, she had something to look forward to. She was ready to go home… and really show Lizzie how she felt.

After a brief, hearty dinner of salmon steak and white wine from the fancy store in town, Andrea escorted Lizzie upstairs, undressed her slowly and tortuously, Lizzie’s breath coming in small excited gasps.

Andrea pushed Lizzie back on the bed and stroked her hand down over Lizzie’s right breast. It was just slightly round, soft as silk and just as ivory. She felt the girl sigh beneath her hand as she rolled the nipple with two fingers.

Bringing her mouth downward, she touched her lips to Lizzie’s. The kiss was slow, too slow. Her tongue flicked outward and touched Lizzie’s bottom lip, then massaged its way into her mouth. A mewl later, and Andrea was in, stroking her tongue over Lizzie’s. Andrea replied in kind and continued with her hands as she pulled away.

From Lizzie’s breast, she brought her hand downward, lightly caressing yielding, shivering flesh until she reached the juncture of Lizzie’s thighs, and then past it to knees.

Andrea licked her lips; her eyes were shining in the dark, Lizzie could see.

Lizzie answered the silent challenge, and bowled the other woman off of her to the soft mattress beneath them with a small growl. She dug her fingers into Andrea’s waist-length, sun-colored hair as they rose to their knees, locked in another embrace.

Andrea returned the favor, sinking her fingers into Lizzie’s thick, ebony waves. Andrea’s violet eyes locked with opposing jade eyes. She gave a broad grin that dissolved into teeth scoring Lizzie’s slender throat. She suckled the spot just below the earlobe. Now nibbling the earlobe, Andrea made good on her earlier promise and brought her hand up between Lizzie’s soft legs, but this time didn’t stop.

Lizzie gasped slightly as Andrea’s fingers lightly probed her dripping crevice, already wet outside vaginal lips. A light film of hair was blocking the swollen entry, then not. Fingers sank into slick, sticky wetness, and Andrea could feel the bud within the slit. Smiling to herself, she entered the slit with her fingers as she nipped Lizzie’s moist jaw line.

Lizzie gave a cry and did the same to Andrea, letting her fingers feel the other woman’s insides, so warm. Andrea inched her fingertips deeper, making Lizzie lean back a bit, her other arm around her waist for leverage and so she didn’t go too far.

Finally, Andrea found a rougher spot inside of Lizzie’s pussy, deep at the back, enough to cover her palm with the other girl’s juices, and it was knuckle-deep. She quickly moved her fingertips back and forth over the area, her other hand gripping her ass.

Since she was already so low, she brought her lips to Lizzie’s pussy, too.

Kissing where her fingers had left a burning trail, she stuck her tongue out slightly to join her hand. Tracing light circles outside of Lizzie’s cunt, she kept reaching with her fingers on the inside. Her other hand inched between Lizzie’s buttocks to find the small, puckered hole.

Andrea switched hands. Now her wet hand made its cooling way back to Lizzie’s ass. Her other hand made its dry, fractioned way to her yearning, thrusting, cunt-hole.

Andrea’s damp fingers felt marvelous on Lizzie’s butt hole, but she tried not to let on, if unsuccessfully. She could feel that the switched hand was already where the first one had left off, deep inside. She gave a louder mewl, and purred, in a fashion. Her back arched, and she felt Andrea gently push her back down to the sheet.

Andrea knew she had Lizzie, right where she wanted her—on her back. Lizzie attempted a half-hearted struggle, wanting to please Andrea in return, but it was put off with a held-up finger, which glistened with Lizzie’s juices in the candlelight from around the room. Don’t worry, the finger told her; you’ll have your chance.

So Lizzie stayed where she was, with Andrea’s left hand in her twat, her right in the air.

Andrea saw that Lizzie was going to cooperate, so resumed her action.

Andrea’s face went down, down, back to where she left off. Instead of light circles, she dove inward with her tongue, accompanying the searching fingers that had found Lizzie’s girly-spot.

Damp hair tickled Andrea’s nose as she suckled Lizzie’s clitoris. The other girl’s hips strived to meet her mouth as she wriggled under Andrea’s attentions. The hand inside kept up its work.

Andrea’s other hand snaked around to join its twin in the wetness, spreading Lizzie’s cunt-lips far apart, exposing her.

After the second hand was saturated with fresh juice, Andrea made Lizzie lift her legs so that her knees were bent and then nudged them aside with her elbows. Andrea felt Lizzie’s legs twitch as she licked.

Pulling her second hand from Lizzie’s wet vagina, she trailed her index finger outside of the lips, then down over the thin skin below them. She didn’t stop until she reached Lizzie’s ass-hole again, and then made small wet circles right on it.

Lizzie arched her back as she felt this, her breath getting deeper, more sounds coming from above.

Andrea could feel Lizzie’s climax building as she kept moving her fingers within, inner muscles gripping her hand. As Lizzie moved up and down, for the first time she probed with the tip of her circling finger, Lizzie’s ass.

Lizzie felt funny, feeling her lover’s hand go that way. It was strange and unusual, but felt so good with her hot, wet mouth and gentle teeth on her clit, her other hand stimulating her nether spots. She moaned louder, wishing the finger would go in, maybe this time, but dreading that it could, or even might, if she weren’t careful with her exuberance.

Andrea felt the backside hole tighten, felt Lizzie’s body stiffen as her finger swooped a little in, then away and around. That’s okay, she thought to herself. Just a little more work and it should work; she’d done this enough times she was curious, if a little morbid.

Lizzie felt the wet finger working its little wiggling way into her ass as her hips thrust forward. The finger only wiggled, really. It was her involuntary thrusting down that was making it go in, she realized. It kind of hurt, was definitely uncomfortable, but somehow it didn’t matter with the rest of what was going on. The licking was kind of numb due to her concern with her rear. The finger thrusting kept her going, really, but without the licking on her clit, she would have stopped moving.

Andrea stopped moving her finger for a little while, let the licking kick back into action. Her own cunt was wet with anticipation, dripping as she knew how Lizzie was probably feeling—pretty good, despite the doubts she could feel with her hand.

Lizzie began to feel comfortable again since the finger stopped its motion. It wouldn’t go any farther, so this was okay. The thrusting finger was bringing her cool, tingly waves of ice over her body, mostly in her toes and ankle. Shivers made her back arch, her hair stand on end. She could feel a hot, crimson flush on her face. Her eyes rolled somewhat back into her head as she arched her back more, a groan escaping her clenched teeth. Her climax was coming.

Andrea could feel Lizzie’s insides tightening as she flicked her fingers inside. Her jaw might be a little tired,
but she would not stop her mouth’s ministrations now. That would kill the climax, as she well knew. However, her finger was bec
oming bolder now, as Lizzie gave a slight scream as it went inward toward the second knuckle. The first knuckle was already history.

Lizzie felt violated, really. There’s already so many ways to fuck, have sex and make love, what was the use of this anal intrusion? Yes, she liked it, and it brought her over the edge faster than you could say “knife,” but it hurt, too. Almost hurt, too, anyhow.

Andrea felt Lizzie’s climax as she rode her mouth, fingers, and other hand. The musky scent of her juices covered her hand in a rush, and her other finger that was positioned back there took a turn for the better, if it could be said. The finger in Lizzie’s ass was up to the knuckle now, too, like the fingers in Lizzie’s vagina. No, she wouldn’t stop and take it out, not yet. She pushed it in so that it was caught firmly. She kept licking with the broad section near the tip of her tongue, lapping.

Lizzie screamed now, her climax overcoming her fine sensibilities. Breathing heavy, the icy wash came over her body, centered in her loins, around her asshole, in her toes and ankles that moved up to the back of her calves, and up her back in one big wave. Her mouth opened, wanting to scream hard, but her throat was chocked with the force of it all. It passed down her spine. Her eyes flew open, still feeling Andrea’s sucking tongue. Could still feel Andrea’s finger in her ass. Could feel the inner fingers recede from her cunt. She gave a great sigh and let it all go, feeling languid now. She heard a chuckle, then the licking increased, making her twitch, feel the remnants of the climax all over again. The finger in her ass slid out easily as her clit was licked, taking her mind off latent embarrassment. Now she could settle.

Andrea retreated from Lizzie, leaving her to the afterglow. She went strait for some strong scented strawberry body wash, and stuck her finger straight into the bottle. Then she did it again twice more, making sure her finger was immersed in the stuff. Then she washed her hands.

Tomorrow would bring more great moments of ecstasy. She could hardly wait.

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