Annette's Attack

Annette loved having her own business but always hated leaving work late. The darkened parking area always frightened her. She thought for the umpteenth time that she must really get more lights or hire security or something as She sped up to get to her car parked in the empty parking lot. She got the distinct impression that she was being watched but did not see a vehicle or person in site. She actually considered running back to the safety of the locked building behind her but she has reached the point of no return. She had finally reached her car and was just riffling through her purse to grab her keys.

Johnnie hid in the bushes just to the left side of her car. He had watched her for weeks– awaiting the opportunity. He knew her schedule and habits and he adjusted his own schedule accordingly. He was building up enough nerve to grab her and pull her into the bushes to have his way. He pulled the knife he brought along from his boot and crept slowly towards Annette.

Annette had finally found her keys and was unlocking the door when she was grabbed from behind. “Oh my God!!” she screamed out into the still night. She struggled but she was outweighed by at least 100 lbs. Her petite 5’1″, 105 lb.frame was picked up as easily as one picks up a pillow. She struggled as best she could but there was no competition she was beaten even before she began the battle.

Johnnie finally spoke “Stop or I’ll kill you!!!” Annette saw the moonlight reflect off of the knife he placed to her throat. She stopped cold in her tracks. “Open the door and get in!!” he commanded. Annette remembered from her training not to get in the car. She launched the keys as far into the underbrush as she could. Johnnie just chuckled. He was going to put this bitch in her place. “Alright then I’ll fuck you where you stand” Johnnie announced. Annette’s mind went into overdrive. How could she stop this man from raping her? “I’ll give you anything you want. Take my money, my car anything just please don’t hurt me” Annette pleaded. “Hurt a sweet little thing like you no were going to have fun! Trust me you’ll be begging for more.”

Annette now knew like it or not she was going to get fucked. She took a look at her attacker. He was decent looking. He stood about 5’10 or 11″ tall. He was maybe 115- 120 lbs. she couldn’t be too sure. He had sandy-blonde hair and she couldn’t make out his eye color in the dark. He had a crooked but pointed nose –probably broke it a while back she thought. No tattoos or scars that she could see. If she lived through this she would be able to tell the detectives what to look for.

Johnnie forced Annette on to her knees. He knew exactly what Ms. Big Boss Lady needed to show her men were in charge. He showed her the length of the blade and slid it down the side of her face. “We don’t want to mess up you face now do we?” he asked her while unbuttoning his jeans. “There will be no tricks, now will there?” Annette nodded in understanding. She watched as he released his boner. She gasped at the sight of it. She never remembered seeing a penis as huge or perfectly formed as the one touching her lips. She marveled at the sight it was 10 inches long (at least) and about 4 inches thick. “Grab it and suck it bitch” Johnnie commanded. She grabbed onto it and felt the throbbing vein pulsate against her hand. She licked the head of it and was now intrigued would she be able to fit this monster cock down her slippery throat. She took as much of him as she could. She slid along the head being very careful of her teeth. She bobbed her head and took more and more of him each time her little head bobbed down. She felt the head of his cock reach deep into her throat and heard him say no bitch had ever been able to deep throat him before. She kept up the pace praying that he would orgasm so that she would not feel him rip into her cunt with his cock. “Yeah bitch suck it harder” She felt him start to fuck her face back and she knew in a matter of seconds she would have a mouth full of cum. She suckled his dick full throttle now. She felt as blast after blast of warm goop hit and slid down her esophagus and his dick went flaccid in her mouth. “I knew you would be a great cock-sucking bitch with that pretty little mouth of yours!” he pulled her up by her arm and ripped the buttons on her blouse.

He can’t still be horny she thought as he broke the clasp of her bra. But she felt his dick come alive even as she thought it.

To be continued, comments welcome…

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