My Annual Doctor Appointment

Time for my yearly check up with Dr. Woods. I love my doctor, I have been seeing him for several years. There has never been anything sexual with us, but I have caught him staring at me at times. Any woman would know how that is when a man looks at them a certain way. I also know any woman would love to be his patient! He is 6 foot 2, brown eyes, and silky wavy brown hair that you would love to just run your fingers through! Muscular with 6-pack abs. I’ve heard many women talk about him, but none I knew conquered him yet.
This appointment was going to be different; I was making my husband go as punishment for what he did a few days ago. I had gone with him for his appointment and he embarrassed the heck out of me! My husband and Dr. Woods are buddies since high school and could nearly pass as twins. My husband went a little overboard at his visit discussing our sex life with Dr. Woods! I was ready to kill him, and I also saw Dr. Woods looking at me in a different way then normal. So as punishment, he was going to witness this exam! But little did I know, that was already in the plans. I was in my gown and on the table waiting when Dr. Woods came in. He shut the door behind him and I heard it click. He and my husband exchanged a quick look that I really didn’t understand.
“Where’s your nurse?” I asked.
Dr. Woods replied, “She had to leave early, I thought that would be ok since your husband was going to be in the room?”
I said, “Sure, I guess so.”
I laid down on my back and put my feet in the stirrups, and was ready to get this over with for another year!
Dr. Woods saw my clean shaven cunt and commented, “I see you keep yourself well groomed!”
Without thinking I blurted out! “Yeah! I always want to be ready!”
Oh stupid me! Why would I say that? He then looked up and looked me in the eyes and just smiled at me.
A smile most women would have killed for!
Then he said, “Just close your eyes and relax.”
He had my husband come over and hold my hand. With my husband holding my hand and by my side, my eyes closed, he began.
It felt different, usually it was cold with lots of gel. What he was putting up in me was warm, soft, gentle, and moving around in all the right places. By this time my husband was stroking my hair. I still had my eyes closed. Then I felt something more up in me. It felt so good, so warm, but it was on my clitoris! It startled me, I must have jumped a little.

My husband whispered, “It’s ok, just go with it, doesn’t it feel good?”
At that moment I realized it was Dr. Woods’ tongue tickling my clitoris, and my husband saying it was ok!
Wow! A dream come true! I was going to make the most of this!
I reached down to touch his soft wavy hair, and run my fingers through it, another dream come true!
He was good with his tongue! And was really getting into it. Just thinking about it I had my first orgasm. Between the doctor and my husband, they both licked me until my juices were flowing and dripping from all the enjoyment. I opened my eyes and saw them both with my cunt juice dripping from their chins. They were begging for more, and who was I to deny them of this? So we all three went to the sleep study room that had a king size bed in it, which was much more comfortable! They both picked me up and gently placed me in the middle of the bed like I was a queen, or a prize! I watched them both undress. Their bodies were very similar, muscular and in good shape, but when I looked at Dr Woods’ cock, I was in shock! It was at least 10 inches, where my husband is about 7. I got all excited just thinking about both of them inside me! And was already starting to cum again. They noticed and both went between my legs and started sucking and licking me until I scream from another orgasm!! It was so good!
I guess they loved my cum juice, they wanted more. So I told them to earn it.
My husband put his fully erect cock to my lips and I started sucking on the head of his hard cock. I could taste his so familiar pre-cum in my mouth. It was always so good. I wanted to taste the doctor’s big hard cock, so I told him. So while my husband shoved his hard cock into my cunt and began fucking me, I began sucking on that 10 inch monster cock. I ran my tongue up and down it! It tasted so good, so sweet, almost like candy! I began to see how much I could put into my mouth.

My husband was fucking me so hard I began to cum again, as if on cue, they both got between my legs and started licking me again until I cum! The doctor pulled himself up and slid his massive cock into my cunt! Slowly at first, he knew I wasn’t used to such a big one. He finally hit bottom and it felt so good. We were rocking to our own rhythm, and I could tell he was about to blow! Just then my husband told him to turn over with me on top of him! I knew what was coming, my husband and I enjoy anal a lot, but never like this!

I was so juicy and turned on, I could feel my husband climbing on. His cock was well lubed and he slowly put the head in my ass as the doctor continued to fuck me in rhythm as all 7 inches of the best cock ever entered completely into my ass!! It wasn’t long before my husband was fucking to my rhythm. I was sandwiched in between and and it felt so exhilarating. I was on cloud nine with the doctor kissing my lips and my husband kissing the back of my neck. We all came at the same time. It was great. I can’t wait for my next appointment!

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