Anothe Dream about Joan

Another dream about Joan
By Rick

I had another dream about Joan. I saw her Saturday at the restaurant we had bought our niece and nephew there for dinner before they went to college. Joan was even better looking Saturday than she usually is. I suppose that could be just the fact that I appreciate her more since I have been thinking about her. She is a very vivacious woman with a great smile and eyes. I just wonder why it has taken me so long t o appreciate her. Anyway here is the dream.
Joan and I agree to meet one afternoon for some reason she wants to do a video of us. She says that it is just something that would be a turn on for her. I agree and we think that the best place for us to do this would be at my house. The chance of getting caught is a turn on for both of us. We set the meting up for a Wednesday. My wife has an appointment that day and her husband won’t be home until late. Some times things just click.
“Rich I don’t know why but playing with someone else just makes me feel like a kid again.”
“You know Joan it does the same for me! The fact that you are younger than me helps in my case. I guess it makes us remember our unattached days. What ever the reason as long as things are good for the both of us and we are both enjoying each other why not continue?”
“I’m enjoying myself so I’ll see you Wednesday at your place at three.”
Wednesday came and I set up the camcorder in my bedroom and was ready when she came at three. I had her park her car in the garage so my nosy neighbors wouldn’t see it.
I let her in and gave her a glass of wine and we went right up to the bedroom. I turned on the camcorder and videoed her taking off her clothes and she videoed me taking mine off. The I put the camcorder on a tripod and we were making out on the bed. I was sucking on her nipples and fingering her and she was stroking my cock. She came twice before I had a went down and sucked her clit and tongue fucked her.
“Rich you can eat me whenever you like. Live it!”
“Well I love making you happy and I have always loved the flavor of pussy. You’re the best tasting woman I know.”
“We French women always taste great!”
“May We Madam! That’s all the French I know.”
“That’s ok as long as you know how to get me off you can speak any language you like.”
She came very hard at that point. Her hips were gyrating and her nipples as hard as rock and she pushed her nice wet pussy harder into my face.
“Shit that’s nice! It beats the hell out of watching TV!”
“Remember to smile for he camera , I said, pointing to the camcorder.”
“I forgot about it for a second. This is a testimony I love having Rich suck on my pussy it makes me cum and feel great!”
We both laughed and I continued to finger her pussy and suck on her clit until she said uncle and needed a rest. Then I put a condom on and she pushed me down on the bed and got on top of me and rode my cock with her facing the camcorder. We both came at the same time and when my cock was so limp I couldn’t keep it in her any longer she got off of me. I took the condom off and flushed it down the toilet. I took the tape out of the camcorder and gave it to Joan.
“Thanks that was a huge turn on we have to add to this tape next time we’ll do it out doors maybe in the woods. Will the battery last long enough to do that?”
“Yes it’s good for a couple of hours.”
“Oh shit I have to get going I have things to do when I get home.”
She got dressed and gave me a good bye kiss and left. I put everything away and put the sheets in the washer before my wife got home. I also cleaned up the wine glasses and took a shower. She got home later than I thought she would.
“What’s in the dryer dear?’
“Oh I did the sheets I know how much you like clean sheets.”
“Your such a good husband.”
“I try dear.”

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