Antony's Slave Pt. 4

Part Four

The air seemed to stand still.

Antony’s dark gaze searched Alyssandria’s face.

“I would be careful what you wish for, girl,” Antony said softly. His eyes lingered over her heaving breasts. “I am not in a mood to be teased. If you offer your delicious pussy to me, expect me to take it.”

Alyssandria bowed her head. “I know what I’m doing.”

“Do you? Do you really?” in an instant she was on her back against the mattress. Antony was now completely naked as was Alyssandria herself. She felt his cock, hard and eager pressing against her stomach. His lips were a scant inch from hers.

Alyssandria wrapped her legs around his waist. “Fuck me, Antony.”

Antony dipped his head. “As you wish.”

With one thrust, he was inside her tight little pussy. Alyssandria screamed in pain, and Antony groaned.

“A virgin,” he muttered. “I really bought myself a virgin slave.”

Slowly he withdrew, and sat up on the edge of the bed. Alyssandria rolled away from him and began to sob.

“I am sorry, Alyssandria, I did not realize–I thought you were just playing hard to get–I did not know that virgins existed in Rome anymore.”

She didn’t say anything. Antony crossed the room and took a long drink of wine. “Well, what’s done is done.”

He brought the glass her and forcibly turned her to face him. “Drink this.”

There was a silent fury in Alyssandria’s eyes. She refused the drink, but Antony knew this game. He held her nose until she opened her mouth for air, and then he poured the sweet wine down her throat.

This was not the way she envisioned giving herself to him. She didn’t know it would hurt. He said that it would be pleasurable. It was nothing of the sort.

“I never care to do that again,” she said through clenched teeth.

“Well you better get over it, because I’m about to mount you again,” he said with another belt of wine.

“No, you’re not. You’ve gotten what you wanted. You were inside me–“

“That hardly counts–with you yelling like that—it wasn’t nearly as fun as I thought–“

“Well it hurt! Haven’t you ever fucked a virgin before?” she demanded.

“Of course, but they were all proper Roman ladies–they didn’t scream and yell–they just took it!”

“Well, I am not a proper Roman woman,” she snapped.

“No kidding,” he muttered into his wine as he took another swing. “Well, you can’t refuse me now. The damage is done and I might as well show you want you’re missing now that you’re broken in.”

“No thank you. I’ll just sleep on my pallet, and you can have the bed.”

“No, from now on you’ll be sharing my bed. I’ve fucked you–taken your virginity, you’re bound to me now, at least until we get you to Cleopatra’s court.”

She bristled and tried to get off of the bed, but was stopped short but Antony’s big body as it blocked her from returning to her bed.

“Do you think I jest?” he demanded. “You are still a slave, virgin or not!”

“But you violated me!”

“Do you think anyone cares? You could go and tell every man on the ship and do you know what they’d all say? They’d pat me on the back and say well done. You are nothing to them. You are a slave, less than human. Just because your hymen was broken by me doesn’t mean I owe you anything. I could call them in here and they could hold you down while I get my satisfaction, which, Alyssandria, I will get.”
The last was said with a bit of evil in his voice.

“You mean–men and women do that all the time–and no one cares? That’s worse than beating me. If you wish to gain your satisfaction that way, I’d prefer it.”

“You’d prefer me beating you rather than fucking you?” he asked incredulously. “Was it really that bad?”

She looked away. “You made me bleed.”

“That’s how I know I was inside you. I wasn’t prepared, Alyssandria,” his voice was slow and steady. “I didn’t really think you were a virgin, but I know better now. I promise this time it will be better.”

“I don’t want to do it again.”

“You really didn’t do it the first time.”

“You were inside me, I felt you.”

“But there’s more to it than that.”

She didn’t say anything.

“Give me one more try, that’s all I ask. I promise it will be better and if you don’t like it, then you will never have to do it again,” it was a big promise. A promise, as a master, he could break if he so wanted.

Maybe the wine was kicking in. Alyssandria didn’t know what caused her to nod her head but she did.

“Ah, now there we go. Come here love,” he said quietly. He dipped a rag into a the wash basin and took Alyssandria by the hand. He washed the tears from her face.

The room became hazy once again, because after the rag was done washing her face, it began to gently wash her neck. Alyssandria tilted her head back. The rag was dropped to the floor and was replace by Antony’s tongue as he began to kiss her skin. He trailed from her neck to her breasts and began licking her nipples one right after the other, swirling his tongue around him until they puckered at him.

A soft moan escaped Alyssandria’s lips.

“I could have kept fucking you forever,” he said against her swollen nipples. “You were tight, so pure. And the fact that no other man had ever been between your legs–oh, Alyssandria, what do you do to me?”

She didn’t answer because at that moment he nipped at her nipple and his fingers found her clit already straining for attention. He ran a finger along her slit. She shuddered.

“Would you be mad if I told you that I wasn’t crying because you hurt me?” she whispered in Antony’s ear. “But because you stopped and I thought you were disappointed.”

He smiled against her skin. “I know it hurt, you don’t have to lie to me. Your body isn’t used to me.”

“It did hurt,” she admitted. “It was so big.”

That earned her another smile. “Well, this time, I won’t just jam it in there. There are better ways.”

With that he scooped her up and laid her on the mattress. This time there was no gentleness when he popped her nipple into his mouth and sucked savagely. She arched her back and moved her silky thighs against his rough manly ones.

His finger was back, applying pressure to her clit, rubbing it gently. The memory of Antony’s cock tearing into her was forgotten and replaced by the feeling he was giving her at that moment.

“Oh, Antony,” she whispered to the crown of his head, as he moved from her breasts to her navel.

His tongue was so skillful and delightful in what it was doing. Alyssandria’s eyes were closed and the heightened sensation of Antony going down on her body was enough to send her off to her first orgasm.

She felt his breath on her pussy and her eyes popped open. “Antony, you’re not going–“

“Lie back and enjoy it.”

She did as she was commanded and closed her eyes again. Antony spread her pussy lips open and drew his tongue up her entire pussy in one long lick. She gasped loudly, causing him to smile as he drew circles over her clit, then he sucked it between his lips and she cried out.

“Antony–Antony, I’m cumming!”

Which is precisely what Antony wanted so he kept licking and sucking until a flood of Alyssandria’s juices flooded his mouth. She was still quaking from her orgasm, when he positioned himself between her legs. Dipped into her juices, he rubbed his iron cock with them and slowly, he slipped inside her, much more easily than he had the first time.

“Oh!” Alyssandria said quietly.

“Better?” he commanded, deeply embedded in her hot pussy.

“Much,” she smiled, shifting a little, and a new pleasure ignited in her. “You
said there was more than before?”

That was the encouragement Antony needed. In a brisk stroke, he began to move inside her. Alyssandria’s eyes rolled back in her head and soon, she was meeting his thrusts and wrapped her legs around his wa

Antony took the time to flick her already sensitive clit and he drilled inside her. Alyssandria’s innocence was forgotten as Antony began to lose himself inside her tight little cunt. He felt his own climax coming and began to move quicker, knowing that he should move slowly to the new cunt, but not being able to stop himself. Soon, he pumped the last few times, knowing that she was close. When her pussy began to milk him, Antony lost control and erupted in her.

“Fuck me!” he shouted as he collapsed still hard inside Alyssandria.

It was a while before either of them could move again.

When he did manage to lever himself up on an elbow over top of her, she was smiling. “Now, why couldn’t you do that the first time?”

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