Anything For An A

I did not know what I was in for as I knocked on the Professor’s door that night. I needed help with the upcoming mid-terms and was in trouble if I did not pass them. I could have been out of school if I failed. I was about to find out what it was going to take to pass. I was wearing my tight jeans with the rips and studded belt with a black shirt that showed off my left arm tattoo sleeve, and I had just had my hair dyed blue so I was looking even more like my true Emo self. I have a pierced lip and right nipple piercing, as well as the holes in my ear.
He answered the door in a white shirt and jeans. His short wavy hair was pushed back and it showed off his long slender neck. He led me down the corridor to his kitchen where he had paper and books at the table. He invited me to sit and he poured me a cup of coffee and got right to the point.

“Well Dominic, you are in a pickle.”
“I know, Sir.”
“You’re in my home, call me Rod,” he began. “You have to score at least a B on the mid terms or you’re out. Are we clear on that?”
“I understand, and will do whatever I have to do to pass this class, Rod.”
“Good, that is what I like to hear,” he sat next to me and smiled. “I think there is a simple way to help you score a big grade, Dom.”
“Oh please tell me, Rod, I am desperate to make it work.”
“I know.”
He ran a finger along my tattoo and smiled. He complimented my ink and said he liked yong men with tattoos. He stood up and pulled out a bottle of whiskey and topped off my coffee.
“Ever suck a cock, Dom?” he asked seriously, sipping his drink. “Cause I think there is only one way for you to pass my class, and it doesn’t involve studying.” He finished his drink. “You’re pretty. I do find you Emo twinks very fuckable.”
I sat there stunned for a moment. I was not gay, but I was not without some experience with men.
I wanted to pass.
“I have been with a couple of guys,” I said sheepishly.
“I bet they loved your pretty mouth on their dicks didn’t they?”
I shrugged again, smiled and bit my lip. If I was going to do this, I was going to enjoy it. “Mostly I was the top,” I said.
“Not this time; tonight you are my bitch, got it?”
“Like I said, I will do anything to pass. So what do you want?”
“Take off your shirt.”

I did and he played with my nipple ring.

“Damn boy, I can’t wait to fuck your tight little ass.”
“Then lets get to it,” I said as I stood and stripped off his shirt. I threw it as he undid my pants and yanked them down, leaving me in my blue briefs getting hard. He rubbed my dick as I licked his nipples.
“For an old guy, you’re pretty fucking sexy,” I growled between licks.
He sat me on the edge of the kitchen chair and commanded me to unzip his pants. I did so and let them fall to the floor. He wore no underwear and I gasped as I looked at his nine inch cock; it was not even full on hard yet!
“You like?” he smirked.
“Holy fuck, Rod!” I started jerking it off, feeling it grow to over ten inches as it became fully hard.

“Suck it, you pretty little boy,” he commanded.
I spit on the end and took as much of it into my mouth as I could and grabbed the bottom and sucked and jerked him at the same time.

“Oh fuck, you are a good little cock sucker, aren’t you?”
I kept up my pace and he moaned his approval, even complimenting the seven inch hard on I had protruding from the left leg of my undies.
After about ten minutes of fellatio he told me to stand up. Licking my nipple ring he turned me around and tore my briefs off and ordered me to spread my legs.
“Time to feel the joy, boy,” he said as he pushed his ten inch cock into my ass and started to quickly drive it in hard and deep. He grabbed my hair and just hammered me like I was a piece of meat and he was tenderizing me.
“Jerk yourself off, boy,” he groaned as he grabbed more hair.
I grasped my dick as tight as I could and began masturbating as he jackhammer fucked me. It was rough and he was calling me all kinds of dirty names, but I liked it. It was exciting knowing that I had been making someone this crazy with desire, knowing all I had to do was please him and I would pass. I was so turned on I was jerking harder than I can ever remember doing before. I came hard, really hard, all over his kitchen table.
“Oh, fuck yes. I love how much you come!” He pushed my face into the table and my cheek went right into my own spend. He kept it pressed there for a minute or so and then pulled me back to standing and licked my come off my face.
“You ready for a nasty load in your ass, boy?”
“Yes, Rod. Fill my ass!”
“Here comes the fun!” He sent what felt like epic amounts of semen into me. Pulling out, he pushed me to my knees and had me lick his cock of the remaining spooge.
He smiled at me kneeling before him and told me that I had earned an A. But I would have to provide weekly services.


(Image Source: Bad Boys)

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  1. jvkswm

    i wish I had a teacher like that

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