Are lawyers good are what?

I had just finished another grueling week of school as a veteran on the GI Bill, and was looking forward to a weekend of relaxation and drunkeness. I had received a message from my attorney to call her back. I had contacted this attorney about an automobile accident I had been in during that summer before returning to school. She had said she would take the case to help me get their insurance company to pay some hospital bills I had incurred.

I called her back on the number she had given me and she answered the phone. I was surprised because it was her home number instead of her office. She invited me over to her place to “talk” about my case. I got the directions from her and then drove across town to find her apartment. About an hour later, I knocked on the door and she answered.
“Hi Dee!(I changed her name to protect her virtue), how are you?”

She smiled and said, “did you have any problems finding my place?”

“Not really, I had to stop for gas on the way over”, I replied.

“Why don’t you come in and relax” I entered her apartment and sat down at her dining room table where she had placed some legal files. She closed the door and then asked if I’d like something to drink.

I said, “Sure what do you have?”

“Water, Coke, Beer, Vodka,…..What would you like?”

“Hmmm, a cold beer would be great.”

She went to the refrigerator and pulled out a Coors. She reached into a cupboard and pulled out a glass and then offered both to me. I gladly took them from her and poured the beer into my glass. She joined me at her table and opened the folder that was on top, then proceeded to read some papers. She took her glasses off and looked at me and smiled. “I brought this work home to finish up this weekend. Do you mind if I turn some music on the stereo?”

“Of course not, but I thought you wanted to talk about my case.”

“Oh, of course I really do need to talk to you about your retainer.” She got up and turned her stereo on low and then left the room. She came back a few seconds later and asked if I would mind if she changed into something more comfortable.

“Sure, go ahead.” she still had on one of her business suits that she wore while she worked downtown. I turned the folders over to see what was in them. I guess I was curious about what she had done legally already. I noticed that of the 3 files my name wasn’t on any of them. I turned them back over and placed them where I had found them.
She came back into the room wearing only a smile. Dee was 26 and maybe 5 foot 2, and 110 pounds. She had these cute and pert creamy white little breasts that were begging to be sucked. Her nipples were sticking up in the air above these beautiful big brown areolas. Now uncovered, they must be b-cups, I thought. I hadn’t reeally noticed them under her professional attire. Her private hair was a beautiful silky brown that matched her long tresses. Which was now flowing down to the middle of her back, after being unpinned from off the top of her head. Any way that was where it was when she had left the room about 5 minutes ago. A tiny waist and a gorgeous looking bottom as she pirouetted in front of me. “Do you like what you see?”, she asked in a sultry voice.

I hadn’t had a woman in quite a while and my manhood jumped to attention in my tight fitting blue jeans. She must have noticed that I was saluting her beauty, because she came over and sat on my lap. She gave me an open-mouthed kiss with her tongue seeking mine. She took my hand in hers and placed my index finger in her mouth and started to suck on it. With her other hand she stroked my growing hard-on. She stood up and beckoned me with her eyes to follow her into her bedroom. I was hypnotized by her beauty and followed her into her bedroom. She wiggled that cute little bottom as she led into her boudoir.
She turned to face me after reaching the foot of her bed. She pulled my shirt over my head and unbuckled my belt. She yanked my jeans and boxers down below my knees and then playfully pushed me onto her bed. She knelt in front of me and started to lick and kiss my bulging 7 inch erection. It felt so good to have those luscious pouty lawyer lips giving me such pleasure. I knew I was going to cum instantly if I didn’t stop her. “Oh God!, Dee! Oh Shit, you’re making me cum!” I shot my load into her mouth and she sucked me dry. Licking her lips as she looked up at me and said, “My favorite food is vitamin C-men!”
I pulled her onto the bed and my 6 foot 3 inch and 200 pound body. Her pussy was already dripping with juices and I hadn’t even given her any cause for this. I rolled her over onto her back and remedied this as I licked and kissed her soft thighs. I worked my way up to her sexual treasure box with kisses and licks. She moaned softly as I tongue fucked her for the first time. She was rocking her hips back and forth as I continued eating and drinking her juices. Her clitoris jumped out of its hiding place as I gave her labia more and more kisses. I gently blew on it and sucked on it until she quivered in orgasm! “Wow….that was just so fucking good….Oh!,.. God!,.. dont’t stop now!,” she panted. I gave her little bottom a pinch and stood up so that I could remove my pants and shorts. I had to sit down so that I could remove my boots first. She started to play with my penis to get it ready for more, as I was taking off my socks. I got my jeans and boxers to the floor as she rolled over on her tummy facing me.
“Do you like this?”, as she caressed and squeezed my flacid cock. Like I had said earlier that I hadn’t been with a woman for a while, it only took her about 30 seconds before I responded. My erection was ready to go. She got on all fours on the bed and her ass faced me. “Do me doggy-style, please!,” she begged. I placed my hard dark pink knob against her soaking wet lips and pushed it into her gently maybe an inch or so. I slowly pulled all the way out and then did it again, …and again, …and again. The tease was on until she jammed her hips backward and engulfed my rod completely as my balls slammed into her ass. “You feel so good….Hmmmm…give it to me hard and fast baby……;” She was breathing hard and I knew she was about ready to cum again. That rhythmic motion that is ever so wonderful for both the partners was continuing to drive her happy. She screamed as she came again and started to whimper. Her pussy tightened around my shaft and squeezed as she was having these orgasmic contracions that shook her whole body. She collapsed under me onto her stomach. I clenched her into a bear hug and rolled onto my back. She ended up sitting on my lap with her back to me and my penis was still deep inside her. She got up and turned around so that she could face me and then impaled herself on my penis. “It’s your turn now!” She rocked backed and forth and up and down as she was riding my hard-on. “I’m not getting off until you do!” After a little more of this deep penetration, I could feel the beginnings of my own climax. I tensed and grabbed her ass tightly as I erupted deep inside her. She rode me until I was soft and slid out her wet pussy. My penis was ever so wet with both of our sexual jisms.
She laid down next to me and asked if I’d like to take a shower with her and then go get out and get something to eat. I said, “Now that I’ve had my dessert what’s for dinner?” She laughed and said, C’mon let’s get into the shower. I followed her into the bathroom and we climbed into the tub together. She turned on the water and took a bar of soap and rubbed it into a thick lather in a washcloth. She turned me around and washed my back and legs. She soaped me all over my front as well but had deliberately left my penis alone. I returned the favor and washed her as well; also not washing her little sexpot. She had me get down on my knees so that she cou
ld shampoo my hair. I did the same for her. We giggled as we
continued to wash each other. She took the washcloth and slowly lathered me into another erection. “Would you like to play some more?” I responded by giving her pussy a little cleaning and some more attention. I couldn’t resist this temptation and plowed my hard manhood into her from behind as we were both standing under that warm spray. We both came again after some heavy grinding.

“I thought you were hungry?”, I asked.

“Yes, I am and you have fed me what I was really hungry for!”

“My pleasure is obviously yours!”, I laughed. We turned off the water, climbed out of the tub and started to dry off.

“I’ll order us a pizza if that is okay? Besides, I don’t want to have to get dressed and put up my hair to go out. I would like hanging out in my nightee, and maybe watching some tv.”

“What nightee? All I ever saw was a smile on your lips.” She put on a robe as she left the bathroom.

“Do you like my smile? I always wanted to seduce a hot looking guy and never had the chance until tonight.” She called and ordered the pizza and then brought me another beer. “Well do you think I succeeded in my seduction? or do you want me to give you another try?” She walked over and gave me a long kiss. “I was hoping you would spend the night. But maybe we should fill our tummies first.”

After we ate the pizza and had a few more drinks we turned out the lights and went back to bed. We finally fell asleep sometime much later and she surprised me in the morning but that is another story.

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    Well written story. Above average ( at least in my opinion)

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