Are lawyers good or what?

Are lawyers good or what?

Part II

It all started with a phone call a couple of days later when Dee (again I changed her name to protect her virtue) asked me if I could meet her for lunch. She gave me the name of a restaurant downtown and told me to meet her in a half an hour. I agreed and said that I would get there as soon as I could. I drove my Pick-up as fast as the speed limit would allow me without getting pulled over by the Colorado State Patrol. I made it to this Chinese Place and asked if there was a Dee already sitting? I was led to a dark quiet corner where she was waiting for me by the maitre’d. She was sipping a glass of white wine and smiled as I asked her if she had been waiting long.

She replied, “Oh, hi Curtis. I’ve been here only a few minutes would you like to get something to drink?” She was sitting on a booth type bench next to the wall and motioned me to join her. I slid in next to her and gave her a little peck on the cheek as the waiter had arrived and asked me the same question. I said that I’d like a cold beer as I picked up the menu and asked Dee what she recommended.

She giggled and said, “Is that all you have for me? Just a little peck on the cheek was all I gave her. I hope you can do better than that for your lunch.”

“What do you have in mind? I asked as I was realizing how private our table was in this establishment. She turned towards me and gave me a kiss on my mouth with her tongue wetting my lips. This was a kiss that promised much more as well as a greeting that new lovers share with each other. I responded in the only way I knew how and that was to return her kiss with as much passion as she was giving me. It took only about three seconds of our 20-second kiss to put a rise in my manhood. Plus the fact that her petite hand was rubbing me gently in my groin area under the table clothe. I got the hint and put my hand on her thigh. I slowly traced her panty hose with my hand up and under her skirt and up towards her honey nest. My goal was to tease her as much as she was now teasing me. I was surprised to find the top of her stockings with garters holding them up instead of her having on panty hose. I pulled my hand away slowly because the waiter was returning with my beer. We ordered a chef special #5 for two and the waiter left again.

“Wow! You have on the sexiest outfit that I could imagine Dee! I wonder what these look like?” I commented with a heavy voice.

“What are you talking about?” she said coyly, smiling at me. “Maybe I’ll model them for you later when we have a little more privacy. Perhaps up in my office. Hmmm…What do you think about that Curtis honey? Would you like to look at my lingerie in my office?”

I continued my search up her skirt, as I hadn’t finished teasing her sweet love canal with my hand. I found a wet and naked pussy just waiting to be petted. No panties were under her skirt or her garters. “So what should I do about this situation? Did you plan this to be a little dessert before our lunch? I continued petting her moist vagina and finger fucked her with my index finger. I was making little slurping noises with my fingers as she was about to orgasm from my ministrations to her sweet vise. Her love juice was literally pouring out. She moaned softly as she tightened her legs together against my hand.

Sighing quietly she relaxed a bit and said, “That felt so good!”

“Did you dress this way this morning or when you came into the restaurant?” I asked.

She replied by opening her purse that was sitting on the table. She took out a pair of her Haynes and handed them to me as she said, “No I took them off before you walked in here. I just wiggled out of them just for your pleasure. So what do you think of this restaurant?” Before I could answer she had crawled under the table and unzipped my fly. She took out my rock hard member and started kissing and licking it.

I was still holding her panties and noticed that they were a little damp. And that she was probably wet with lust before I had arrived. I was now doing the wiggling as she intensified her sucking. The waiter had come back and was placing our food on the table as he asked if we needed anything else. I was holding her wet panties in one hand and was about to cum at the same time. I responded throatily…”Uh, No thanks.” He took his serving tray; and left our table. “Oh! Shit…., God Dee!… I’m cumming.” I didn’t shout this but said it loud enough that she heard me. I felt that I must have given her a quart of sperm as she continued to drink it all in to her mouth. My penis kept contracting and squirting, I must have shot my load down her throat because she then licked me dry.

She giggled and then climbed back into her seat. “You didn’t need to announce it lover boy because I felt your shaft tighten as I was licking you. I knew you were about to reward me for my efforts. Do I have any of your love jism on my face?” She took her linen napkin and was wiping her mouth. “I guess I got all of your vitamin C-men where it belongs, right here in my tummy!” She was patting her stomach as she said this. She said it was my turn to do the same for her and that I should get under the table.

I put my hand back in her lap and asked if she wanted to eat first before I gave her a little tongue lashing of my own. She smiled as she handed me my glass of water and asked if I would put some ice in my mouth first. How could I say no when she had just swallowed all of my cum. I ducked under the tablecloth and lifted up her skirt. There was her juicy and moist pussy just begging to be kissed into orgasm. It only took me about 2 minutes before she clamped her thighs hard against my head from licking and kissing her clitoris. She quivered and shook as I tried to suck up all her sweet love juices.

“Thank you sweetie! That was incredible! I didn’t know that being in public would intensify my pleasure. Just knowing we could get caught made it more fun!”

We finished lunch and returned to her private office, which was located on the 23rd floor. She told her secretary to hold all her phone calls for an hour. She closed her door and locked it, then turned around and faced me. “Do you want to finish what we started? I really need your big cock deep inside me.” She walked over towards me and started unbuttoning my shirt. At the same time I unsnapped and slipped her skirt down to the floor. Her garters and stockings were all the clothing she had on below her waist. I removed her blouse and bra to free those cute little milk jugs that needed to be sucked.
She dropped my pants at almost the same time and we were both naked except for my socks and her hose. We embraced in a deep kiss as we danced slowly in that wonderful rhythm that is a prelude to sex. We moved over to her couch and I laid her down on her back before crawling on top of her. We fucked slowly at first because it felt so good. She was really dripping wet with all the action I was giving her tight sex box. She was already cumming again. Her hands were clenched around my back as she clawed me with her nails. I rested inside her as she shook with her own deep pleasure. When her breathing slowed down from the heavy panting I started giving her that long stroke action again. She wanted me to flip her over onto all fours and do it Doggie style. Who was I to complain, she go on all fours and I plowed my hard and deep pink knob into her soaking wet cunt. God she felt so good! This was all I could think about just before I was to shoot my load of hot stuff deep into her womb. She backed up against my legs trying to impale me even deeper inside her. Then she pulled forward to far and I fell out of that super tight pussy. She shook her cute bottom in the air and giggled asking if I needed directions to find my way back into her. I leaned forward but my aim was a little too high. Instead of her delectab
le sweet tasting snatch I had inadvertently put my cock into her anus.
It was really wet from all of her juices that had been dripping out of her pussy while I was riding her on top. From the angle I had placed her in I realized my mistake as well. I only got my dick’s head into her ass about a half of an inch. God she was really tight back there.

“Do you want to fuck my ass? I’ve never done that before have you? I have some KY jelly in my purse along with the spermicidal for my diaphragm. She reached over to her desk, grabbed her purse and took it out and handed it to me. I opened the tube and gave a large squirt onto her ass. I rubbed it around her little brown eye and gave her a bit of my finger up there as well. She said she was ready to go for it if I was. I slowly pushed and pulled my penis into and out of her ass. It was the tightest hole I had ever been inside of. After a few minutes of this I knew I was going to explode. I maybe had only 2 of the 7 inches of my hard thick rod in her ass before I exploded into an orgasm. I collapsed on top her forcing her down onto the couch. I kissed her neck and told her how great a lover she was. My salty jism was now seeping out of her ass just a minute or so later after I pulled out of her. She rolled over and said God that felt good and that was the first time she had ever had a penis in her ass. I admitted it was my first time as well and had enjoyed it and looked forward to trying it again sometime if she was willing.

“Oh God, Curtis I am willing. You know He made us with 3 different holes that you can feed your penis into and I have now had you in all of them. Yummm! I can’t wait to have you do that again.”
But again that is another story.

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  1. JulieHypnotic

    Hello, I read both parts of your story and my favorite was the public sex. That was very hot. I do wonder what it would have been like if you had included more of the scene around the scene, if you know what I mean. Fear of being caught, excitement level induced by “lunching” in a public place, perhaps even a waiter’s knowing smirk, etc. That would have heightened the naughty, delicious, taboo intensity that I felt. Nice job!

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