At A Concert

Its saturday night. You are on your way to a concert with your boyfriend. You’ve been dating for a few months now, and the relationship is beginning to grow sour.

The charming and attentive man he was is now fading, and he’s more into sports and his friends, than paying attention to you. The attention he used to give you barely made up for the fact that he was lousy in bed… now, you are having to struggle to find a reason to stay in the relationship.

You enter the arena with him, find your way to the seat, and as you walk down your isle, you are walking towards me… I catch your eye immediately… I’m older, but not old… sexy as hell. Wavy black hair, light brown eyes. Well built. Your heart leaps and you are not sure why.

Our eyes meet, as you walk over and sit down next to me. You are striking and you feel sexy. Black short skirt, white low cut top. You take off your black jacket and put it on your lap.

My hand is at my side, and it is pressing up against your side… weird seats… but FUCK.. i’m touching you and I don’t even know you. You find yourself daydreaming about me bending you over and fucking you, right there in front of everyone.

What do you do? How should you react? Should you move away from me… but you cant. you are so fucking horny. Its been forever since you’ve been fucked by anyone that knows what they are doing, and you just feel the sexuality emenating from me.

I’m with a beautiful woman, and you begin to wonder if you are misinterpreting my violation of your personal space, but, fuck, you don’t really care… you need to feel me inside you tonight, and you are not going to fucking let anything get in your way… not your bf, not my date, not this concert or these 15k other people.

All your insecurities fly right out the window, when, after your bf has a few drinks, and is not paying much attention to you, I begin to move my hand up and down the outside of your thigh.

Holy shit! You are thinking. Is this really happening? This is so fucking erotic.

My hand slides up over your thigh, under your jacket, and you tent the jacket up a bit, so no one can see my hand beginning to move towards your pussy.

My hand slides up and down the inside of your thigh and with each pass, moves closer to your pussy. Then I touch you. My hands feel so perfect… so smooth, so confident, and you cannot believe how bad you want me, a total stranger.

You move your hand over to my thigh, and under the jacket that sits on my lap, as I begin to separate your pussy lips with my fingertips… your pussy gives up its wetness, you are soaked from the 20 minutes of sexual tension and fantasy that was building.

Your hand reaches my cock long before it gets to my crotch.

you slide your hand up over my thigh, and down my pant leg, you find my hard cock… Its thick and long, and your heart fucking leaps out of your chest when you touch it for the first time.

You begin to rub it, as my fingers, now wet from your pussy, begin to rub your clit and slide a bit into your pussy, but more to tease then to penetrate you.

I lean over and whisper in your ear “come, follow me.”

That was all you needed… you are lit…. your pussy is aching for me. You cant stand it for another second. You watch me get up, count to 20 in your head, then tell your BF you have to pee.

It the corrodor of the arena, you find me waiting for you. I push you up against the wall, and into a groove in the cement. I kiss you and press myself against you. You feel that cock pressing against your pussy, as my hand runs up your thigh, up your skirt.

“I’m going to take you in the bathroom and fuck you now.” I whisper in your ear. My voice is so fucking sexy, and the confidence, the dominance just makes your knees give out. I hold you up against the wall, as I pull your hair back and kiss your neck.

Follow me. I say, as I take you by the hand and we go right into the mens room. 10 or 12 people watch us as we walk past the sinks and into one of the back stalls.

I shut the door behind me and I push you down onto the closed seat. I hold your hair in my hand as I unzip my pants with the other.

“Open your mouth,” I say as I take my hard cock out, and begin to rub it across your lips. You can literally feel your pussy dripping down your thigh, you are so fucking desperate for my cock inside you.

I force your mouth open wider, as I deliver my cock to you. You begin to suck it, and I’m surprised you can do it with such skill, being so young. You can tell that I’m loving it. I’m vocal, and I dont seem to care that we are in a public place.

I’m rubbing your hair, holding it back, holding your head in my hands, and guiding your mouth onto and off of my cock, my shaft, you taste my precum as it begins to leak out, and you know how fucking excited I am.

Then I pick you up and make you stand on top of the toilet. With one leg, I lift it over my shoulder and I begin to eat your pussy.

You are running your hands through my wavy hair and moaning as you feel me sucking on your clit with better skill then you’ve EVER felt…. “What the hell is he doing that feels so good.”

Then I begin to slide my finger up inside your tight wet cunt, and I moan as I do. For that reason, you know that I am getting more pleasure out of sucking on your pussy than you are… which is saying a great deal.

I’m going to make you cum… you’re going to cum, right there in the stall, your arm across and into the next stall, the other hand on my head, you begin to ride my mouth, like you were riding a horse,

Grinding your pussy harder and faster across my face, your clit swelling, your pussy running down my face, your tight wet cunt beginning to squeeze my dominating finger as it fucks you harder, deeper…. “OH FUCK, I”M GOING TO CUM,” you scream.

You cum hard, harder than you recall in recent memory. It seems to last forever, and time slows down.

Then I pull you down from on high, and I pick you up and begin to fuck you against the wall, wrapping your legs around me.

My pants are down, and your the first time, you have your hands on my ass. It is firm, muscular, and it is so damn hot as you feel it thrusting with each penetrating move of my pelvis.

Fucking you slow at first, but then harder, faster, deeper, pounding your little pussy as I fuck you against that bathroom wall. the pipes are rattling, the stall walls are rattling, and you could not be more turned on.

You are so good… You cum so well, and I can feel your pussy begin to squeeze me again as I whisper in your ear “Cum for me, baby…. cum on my cock, squeeze my cock, you hot little bitch.”

Then I take you down, bend you over, and fuck you doggie style, as you hold on to the little handicap bars on the side walls.

Your skirt lifted up, my pelvis slapping against your ass, my balls slapping your clit, and my cock pounding you like there is NO tomorrow.

I’m gonna cum baby, i scream in your ear, as you feel my cock thicken, lengthen and begin to throbb…. the intensity with which I fuck you, the depth grows in strength, in passion… you feel totally dominated, and yet, totally safe and sheltered under my powerful command.

“cum for me one more time baby,” I say as I pull on your hair and slap your ass… CUm for me… squeeze my cock with your pussy… squeeze my cum out.

You feel me beginning to cum in your pussy, and you just go fucking nuts… You cum so hard, you are screaming, rattling the stall, practically pulling the walls down, as you feel my thrust, my cum filling your pussy, my cock pounding you deeply, and I scream.

It does on for at least 60 to 90 seconds. Its by far the longest and most intense orgasm either of us has ever had, and you can’t believe what just happened
. It is surreal.

As we walk out of the stall, there are 8 – 12 guys just applauding and cheering, and you dont give a fuck, because you just had the m
ost unforgetable sexual experience of your life.

You don’t even care that there is cum running down your leg, and you just stop in front of the sink, hike up your skirt, and wipe your leg as I continue to kiss the back of your neck.

“I’m mark, by the way. ” I say as we exit the restroom.

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