At the club

I sat quietly all by myself waiting for someone to come into the bar area. I arrived a little early at the club so I could change or better yet transform from a guy to a hot babe. My legs were waxed and were silky smooth. I wore my tight red dress and today no stockings to show off my legs. I walked slowly around trying to get use to my new high stilettos.

Now I sat at the bar waiting for someone to come in and talk to me. Soon the place was picking up and a guy sat beside me and made small talk, then his fingers began to slowly move up and down my knee as I sat cross legged. ‘Your legs are so smooth’ he stated.

‘My whole body is smooth’ I replied. The guy was a large man over six feet tall and heavy set. He grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch while his eyes never left mine.

‘Like that?’ he asked

‘That depends does it like to fuck a hot ass?’ I asked back. He reached down and pulled my dress up looking at my panties I was wearing.

‘Are you Tanya the whore?’ he asked and I smiled with a gentle nod. He pulled me off my seat and we went into a nearby room where he pushed me into the room and closed the door behind him. ‘I like a good whore’ he said while undoing his pants and letting them fall to the floor. He stepped out of them and moves over to me, then pulled me close to him with both of his hands on my ass forcing me to kiss him. I could feel him move my dress up and his fingers maneuver into my hole, pushing deep aided by the lube I applied earlier. He moved us to the wall where he pushed me up against it still holding my ass with two fingers inside my hole and still kissing me. Slowly he lifted my leg and pulled my panties to a side, then forced his hard cock into my willing hole. I could feel the tip popping in and out of the entrance to my man pussy. Then without warning he forced his hard cock deep into my ass as I let out a slight squeal.

‘Oh that’s nice and tight for a whore’ he said lifting up my other leg over his arm as I now hung dangling over his two arms with his cock in my ass as if I were on a pole. He began fucking my ass harder and harder and with each thrust deeper. I loved every inch every thrust I would let out a small squeal of both excitement and from the slight oncoming pain. He bounced me up and down like a rag doll, then when I was a deep as I could go he did a bunch of small thrusts until he came hard and deep inside my ass. He groaned loudly. ‘Ohhh what a fucking whore, love that ass. Ohh fuck!’ then he lifted me off his cock and let me down forcing me to suck his cock clean before he would leave, even giving me a small bit of post cum. Once I was done cleaning his cock he put his pants on and open the door and left. I adjusted my dress and walked out behind him and back to the bar where I was sitting before. I felt great having cock in my ass once again, but the night was still young.

I sat at the bar and watch the TV play gay porno as some guy jerked off sitting on the chair watching the TV. In the corner were two guys one dressed as a woman the other as a guy and he was getting a blow job from her, then he came and told her to swallow the whole load which she did. He pulled his cock out of her mouth as I watched intently then slapped her with it. I moved over to the couch where no one was on it and sat down crossed my legs when two guys sat beside me one on each side. One took out his cock and pushed my head down for a blow job, I wanted to accommodate so I did my best. The other guy was soon fucking my ass. He wasn’t as large as the guy I had before but was defiantly horny as he fucked my ass merciless. Son the guy I was blowing was lying down forcing me to deep throat him with every thrust. Then he was about to cum and pulled out of my mouth slowly placed his cock on my upper lip then exploded his large load up my nose. ‘Snort it in bitch’ he yelled before shooting a second load. The other guys fucking my ass pulled out and blow his load all over my ass and legs before pushing his cock in and out of my ass until he was done. I coughed as I tried to control the cum up my nose as it ran back down my throat. Next thing I knew his cock was gagging me as he finished shooting in my mouth. ‘You are a fucking whore. I love that!’ he said. They got up and left to the next room. I was dripping with cum and a trans came over to help me she began licking the cum off my ass and legs while slowly pumping my cock hard. Then she kissed me and began sucking the cum off my face. She carefully moved me to my back and began sucking my cock then licking my ass and pushing her finger into my hole. My cock had grown hard and with a finger in my ass I could not contain myself when she began sucking my cock again. Begged her to stop as I was about to cum but she wouldn’t. I came a large load as she kept finger fucking my ass and sucking my hard cock until nothing was left. But I never went soft so she kept sucking my cock and fingering me. For a long time she tried to get more but there was none. Then she said thank you and she too left.

I walked out of the room to find a man with no cloths on and a big hard cock standing in the hallway. ‘Hey cunt let me fuck you’ he said I moved over towards him when he pushed me into a room as I tripped over the mattress on the floor and fell onto my back onto the bed. He was on top of me before I could get up and lifted my one leg up and thrust his hard cock into my ass without even aiming. There was still a little lube inside my ass as he plowed away on me. He took both of my wrists and held them in his one hand, fucking me faster and faster, once he had them both tightly secured he started telling me what he wanted to do.

‘I’m going to tie you up and fuck your ass raw, you fucking whore. Your going to be my cunt for the rest of the night. You will service who I tell you to and when I finish you will thank me understand cunt?’ he asked

‘Yes’ I said enjoying his temperament

‘Its yes sir you dumb cunt’ ‘yes sir’ I cried back wanting more cock with each of his thrusts.

‘Tell me your name’ he ordered ‘Tanya, Tanya the whore sir’ I replied tiring to comply with his request.

‘Your name from now on is cunt, and instead of saying yes sir you will answer this cunt will obey’ he said fucking my ass harder than and as deep as anyone had gone in me. ‘Understand?’ ‘This cunt will obey’ I said and then he stopped and pulled out his cock and moved on top of me forcing me to deep throat his cock as he face fucked me. With his knees on my arms I was helpless as his hand pulled my head up and his cock shoved deep down into my throat, I was at his mercy. After a few minutes of this that I was not enjoying he stopped and got up off the bed. ‘Do this cunt have anything else to wear for me?’ he asked

‘Yes this cunt does’ I said up on my elbow and facing him. ‘Go and change into something like lingerie now’ he ordered pointing to the door ‘This cunt will obey’ I said and got up and walked out of the room. I went to my locker and changed into a sexy lingerie piece, black with black stocking as my nipples stuck out in between the lace. I walked back to the guy with no shoes on. He liked what he saw and pulled me onto a bed in the common area then tied my hands together over my head. He draped me over a half wall and began fucking my ass once again. Someone else moved in front of me and the guy who was fucking my ass ordered me to suck the cock in front of me. As I sucked one cock another would fuck my ass after being fucked for over an hour my ass was soar and raw and full of sperm. I was moved to the swing and tied face down with my legs spread far apart and was fucked over and over.

The night was late and closing time was near so mostly everyone had left when the owner came over to me. He began fucking my ass all over again and came quick enough deep inside me. He pulled me off the swing and moved me over to a new part of the club and hooked my hands over a large hook. I could barely touch the floor. I could tell everyone had left but the owner. For the entire night he fucked my ass and made me suck him time and time again and each time he came but after a few minute was ready to cum again. He would cum in a cup and make me drink it before shoving his cock back into my mouth. He then attached a penis pump onto my cock and turned it on making me cum three times as he continued to fuck my ass. As morning arrived he made me drink my own sperm before letting me clean up and change. As we walked out of the club he handed me a card with his name and phone number on it. ‘Tomorrow night you will come to my place until I am satisfied’ he said then left.

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