At the intersection and around the block

Today on my way to work I notices a young woman in the car next to me. She glanced my way, then she took a long look at me, then she got the biggest smile on her face. She motioned for me to roll down my window, I cracked it slightly, not having a clue who she was, or what she wanted. She explained through the opening that she recognized me from one of the adult sites that has pictures of me, and just this morning she was masturbating to my picture. I was embarrassed, excited, and instantly aroused.

After the light turned green we both proceeded on our separate ways to our jobs. I was excited all day, this gorgeous black haired, olive toned, woman was excited by my photograph alone to be getting off to my picture. I had numerous erections at work thinking about her, she had these light brown eyes that just sparkled. I could not really she her body, but the way she carried herself it was clear that she was comfortable with her body, and honestly that is the sexiest body a woman can have.

So after work I was trimming the hedge on the side yard, and to both of our surprise, on the sidewalk the caramel eyed beauty is walking by. She sees me and says, “OH my god we are neighbors?, I can’t believe I told a man whom I thought a complete stranger, what I did with his picture, and he is my backyard neighbor!!” We both had a moment of awkward silence. I smiled at her and told her that she had really made my day. I was not looking forward to going to work, and her comment had me smiling all day.

She just smiled as her eyes sparkled, and then she offered me to come over for dinner. I accepted her invitation and quickly finished up my yard work, I took a shower and put on my favorite shirt and a comfy pair of jeans, walked around to her home, and found myself on her door. I thought to myself, how can you have not noticed this beautiful woman in your neighborhood. I rang the bell and she promptly opened the door and I entered her home.

She pushed the door closed behind me, and as she reach past me she brushed against my arm with her clothed breast, I could feel her hardened nipple press through her blouse, my shirt and into my arm. She smiled and again her eyes glistened. We both smile and then we both realize that we have not introduced ourselves, I tell her my name is Justin and she tells me her name is Sarah.

We walk past her home office computer area and I see the web is at my site and I realize that she was on-line when I rang her bell. She has me sit at the table next to her and she has prepared a salad. We both slowly begin to eat and have small talk, about half way through our salads, she looks at me an tells me that she want me in every way and want to do to me all that I have posted. My cock is stiff as a board as she reaches down and glutches her hand around the shaft of my cock through my jeans.

In a flash we are naked at her table and she is stroking my cock and grasping my balls, we are kissing and our hands are exploring every possible part of one another. I know that I am going to experience fantasies of mine that I have never been actually felt. She kisses me and slowly works her mouth down until her hot breath is upon my throbbing erection, she reaches over to the table and pours some of the olive oil from the dressing decanter in her hands, and says,”Oh yes, I am going to do it all.”

She pushes me back onto the table and as her lips slowly trace up and down my cock, she is also tracing her oiled fingers around my ass. As she slowly slides my dick into her mouth, she is also sliding one, two, three, then four fingers into my ass. I have not had a woman do this to me and am entranced on the sensation, as she pumps her mouth on my dick she also pumps her fingers into my ass. It takes maybe 4 minutes of this, I feel her wrestling my balls with one hand, using her mouth on my cock and with three finger of her other hand pumping my ass, I feel my orgasm can no longer be contained. She sucks and pumps and pulls, the sensations are too much I begin to pump out an incredible orgasm. She releases me and then pushes me back, then she kisses me, her mouth full of my seed, our tongues twirl into one another savouring the creamy jism.

She then pulls me up and tells me she wants me to see her site. She takes a firm hold of my cock, then she takes a pair of handcuffs and shackles one side around my cock and balls and places the other side around her wrist, she smiles at me and says, “How you like it?”, I can only smile, as she has clearly read my fantasies. We then approach her computer, on the website she uses the mouse and and clicks “home”. The page load and the default picture on her site is a familar image, it is a photo of one on the most beautiful cock I have ever seen, in fact I believe it to be the one that I commented, the only cock photo on any site I have ever left a comment on. I realize that what I thought to be the one cock I would like to have, is on a woman’s profile, then she points to her profile, it says “couple”. She looks at me and says that Nick will be home in a bit, and my comment about how “I would love to have that gorgeous cock to suck and have pumped in my ass” was going to come true.

She removed the handcuff from her wrist and took me to a bedroom, she had me lean of a weight bench she then attached the other side of the cuff to the leg curl bar. She then offered to blindfold me, to which I declined. She told me that Nick would be home later, but she was going to prepare me for him. Sarah left the room and when she returned she had a harness on with a veiny dildo, she applied lube to it so I could see, then she walked behind me and told me to relax as she was going to losen me up. She slide in slowly then equally slowly eased out completely, then shoved in slightly harder and quickly slid it out. Three more times we had her carefully bury the shiney, veiny cock into my now willing ass. After the third time she began to rhytmically pump, she took a firm hold of my hips and sank the cock into me, causing the cuffs to make a jingling sound, I did my best to push back the feeling was so erotic, so lustful, and so right.

About 10 minutes elapsed and I heard a door open behind me, Sarah said, “Rick what are you doing here?” I thought for a moment, didn’t she say his name was Nick? Then the guy said well Nick and I were at the party and he invited me and a few others back here for a drink. Sarah began to laugh, never missing a stroke, well Justin it appears that you will soon discover what I already know. The thing is the gorgeous cock that you want, well actually there are two of them, Rick is Nick’s twin brother. She continued to pump my ass and told Rick to make me an honest cock sucker. Rick undressed and stepped before me and there was the smoothest, straightest, 8-9 inch cock I have ever seen. He held the head to my lips and told me to suck it nice. I did my best to work my mouth around it, I fondled his balls and licked and sucked, he actually had dried cum on the entire shaft of his cock, as I hungrily sucked and pumped my mouth on it, he asked if I loved cum maybe he has some more for me. Just as I felt the first jet of cum spray into my mouth and my tongue begin to taste another man’s cum, the door opened again.

It was Nick, “Sarah,” he says, “why were you not at the gang-bang?,,,, Oh I see…. Well a few of the folks are here now, so I guess we can continue here.” Sarah laughs, don’t worry honey we are warming him up for you. Nick walks over a gives me a wave hello, as Rick is slamming his cock into my mouth, pumping what feels like a cup of cum, totally filling my mouth. Nick says.”Hey it’s the neighbor”, Sarah says, “Yes and the same guy that said you had to most gorgeous cock on the website.”

Rick slowly pulls his cock out but then I feel it twitching, and he pumps two more ropes into my mouth. Sarah slips out of me and quickly kneels down so she can kiss me with a m
outhful of cum. As we are doing this Rick says, ”
Hey is Kelly coming, I bet this cum eating boy would do it.” Sarah says, “He sure fucking will, get her here.”

A few minutes later Kelly comes in, she is tan, freckled, and has short dark red hair, she quickly disrobes, and Nick states that she must have had 30 guys pump her pussy full tonight, and this guy(me) is going to eat her cum filled pussy, like she has fantasied about , she has had women do it, but really wants a man to do it, and tonight I will,

As my tongue parts Kelly’s pussy, cum oozes out and I lick with long deep licks, savouring they heat, the cream, the unique that each twirl of the tongue provides. About the fourth extension of my tongue I feel heat, then pressure as Nick punches his smooth cock deep into my ass.

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  1. ramblinray1970

    very,very,hot storyhad me wishing i could join them. sounded like my kind of party.

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