Attraction – The Parking Lot

Our moaning intensified as we kissed, bit and groped each other in the parking lot. The darkness of night, the cold wind and his deep voice added to my excitement. I hoped someone was watching us, the thrill of possibly being seen, of others getting off by watching electrified sex for me. He pulled back from our kiss, and stared into my eyes and at that moment I would do anything and everything he wanted. He led me to the back of the car, roughly grabbed me by the waist, lifted me up and slammed my sweet ass on the trunk. The coolness of the metal felt good against my thighs. Ian’s hands slid up my thighs pushing my skirt up over my hips the whole time his eyes locked on mine; my breathing heavy with excitement, my tits rising and falling with the rhythm. His finger tips hooked the side of my black lace panties, pulled them slowing down my hips, my thighs, my legs and finally liberated me of them. He inhaled my scent closing his eyes and reveled in the sense of smell. “He’s so fucking sexy” I screamed in my head. He slipped my panties into his pocket and locked his eyes on mine once again. Clamping his hands on my thighs he yanked me closer to him, spread my legs wide, leaned in and said “I know you want me to fuck you. I know you want to feel my cock deep in you right here but I’m going to make this last all night. I’m going to make you scream.” I gave him a devilish smile and breathlessly said “It’s whatever you want it to be baby.”

Ian slid his hand down between by breasts and popped the top buttons of my silk blouse forcing my left tit out of my bra. He fingered the hard, erect nipple while his other hand slipped between my legs gliding in my wetness. I threw my head back breaking our stare and his tongue and lips slid down my neck, between my tits, his tongue glided over my left tit circling my nipple. He sucked my nipple into his mouth getting it slippery and wet while two fingers were busy thrusting in and out of my pussy. I started to grind my hips on his fingers, moaning loudly, ready to jump out of my skin. Through our moans and heavy breathing, I heard a whispered “fuck!” From the corner of my half lidded eye I saw Dex watching a few feet away and in his drunken state he started to rub his crotch. “Damn I forgot all about him!” Ian was lost in my torture to notice another man watching us as he inserted a third finger in my wetness. He popped my right tit out of my bra and begins teasing the nipple to hard erection. His fingers slipped out of my wet pussy glided to my hard clit flicking his finger tips rapidly against it causing my body to shiver. My thighs shaking uncontrollably, cum building up to eruption, as I begged him “fuck me baby” in a hoarse whisper. Dex moved closer to us now staring like a hungry animal not being allowed to feast, knowing his place as a low growl slipped past his lips. Ian’s fingers abruptly stop massaging my clit and he slipped his wet fingers into my mouth as I greedily suck my taste from his fingers. He whispered “lick Daddy’s fingers clean.” Pulling his fingers out of my mouth, he kissed me, licking my taste from my lips. A grunt escapes Dex now only a foot away. I pull back from the kiss and whispered in Ian’s ear “we’ve got company.” Ian looked over at Dex with a hard, territorial sharpness that took the situation to a whole new level. “What the fuck do you want?” he said to the Dex. Primal males staring each other down, fucking HOT! “The pussy is mine” and all of a sudden I knew there was an understanding between the two. This should get interesting. As to prove his point, Ian grab my thighs spread them further apart while lifting my legs onto his shoulders, the light glinting off of my stilettos and forced me to lie back on the trunk. He buried his face between my legs and started sucking on my clit. I closed my eyes moaning and thrusting my hips. Blowing, nibbling, and sucking my clit he parted my pussy lips with his fingers and then I felt his mouth kissing my hot wet lips. Cold hands grabbed my tits and started pinching my nipples. The sensation was indescribable! The man I’ve wanted sucked the sweetness from me, his tongue darting in and out fucking me with his tongue fingers massaging my clit while the other man, played with my tits and sucked on my nipples. Then I knew I wanted them both at the same time. I wanted to be fucked every way possible.

I reached over with one hand and teased Dex’s dick out of his fly while my other hand played in Ian’s hair pushing his face deeper as he sucked, licked, and explored me with his tongue. “Fuck me baby. Fuck me now” I moaned. Ian raised his head from between my legs to scope the situation my hand on the other guy’s dick and his dick throbbing between his legs. He shoved the regular back and yanked me to my feet. It appeared his jealousy was going to win this one. Dex backed off his hard dick gleaming in the dark while Ian shot daggers at him with his eyes posturing to protect his territory. He grabbed my arm roughly leading me to the passenger’s door, unlocking and opening it and shoving me hard into the seat tits jiggling with his roughness. I leaned over to look at him and was met with his hard cock staring me in the face the head slick with pre-cum. I grabbed it by the hilt and slid it into my mouth sucking it hard. “That’s it baby, suck it hard. Take it down your throat” Ian groaned. He put his hand on the back of my head and forced me to take him deeper, thrusting as he pushed. Tasting his saltiness made me hotter than I’d ever been before and I slid my hand between my legs to play with my wet pussy.

Dex couldn’t take watching anymore and snatched open the driver door, slide in the seat and his hand met mine between my legs. “Damn! She’s practically gushing!” Dex said to no one in particular. I spread my legs wider as he shoved three fingers in my snatch fucking me with his fingers as I rubbed my clit hard. Ian still ramming his cock down my throat, Dex thrusting his fingers deep as he could go and me rubbing my clit hard. My thighs shook wildly as I exploded. Ian took one last deep thrust down my throat and pulled out. Ian turned me around on the seat, yanked me onto my knees so my pussy and ass were in perfect position to take him. He slid his fingers through the cum still gushing out of me and massaged it into my ass. I felt his thumb slid into my hole as he rubbed his big, thick head against my pussy lips. I looked up to see Dex stroking his cock in my face a heavy bead of pre-cum defying gravity. I stuck out my tongue in time to catch it as it dripped from his head and he slid his cock into my mouth. At the same instant Ian thrust all nine inches of his rock hard dick deep in my depths. An animalistic grunt vibrated deep from my throat. Dex grabbed both sides of my head and jammed his cock deeper down my throat until I thought I would stop breathing. Ian was banging my pussy hard, I could feel his balls slapping against my clit as he yanked his thumb out of my ass and slide two fingers in. “Damn if I knew I would be fucked this damn good I would have never teased him so long” I thought to myself. I exploded again squirting hard, my pussy walls clamped down hard on Ian’s girth which made him ram me harder. Dex was groaning “fuck!” as he snatched his dick out of my mouth and shot his load in my mouth and down my chin. I couldn’t stop gushing, and started to scream. Dex slapped his hand over my mouth as Ian pounded me harder, my body going into wild convulsions as a vicious orgasm ripped through me. Ian pulled out to the head stretching my lips, watching the cum ooze out of me. He ripped his fingers from my ass, clamped his hands on my waist and jerked me hard back on his dick as he rammed deep shooting his load as he growled.

I collapsed across the front seats gasping for air, feeling thoroughly pleased. My pussy throbbed from Ian’s big cock and my legs felt like butter. My breathing finally returned to something close to normal. I dragged myself back into the passenge
r’s seat, pull the
door shut licked Dex’s cum off my lips. I watched Ian as he walked to the drivers’ side his face and hair glistened with sweat as he tucked his shirt into his pants. I closed my eyes and melted into the leather seat completely relaxed. Suddenly I heard deep voices exchanging words but felt to yummy to care. “Boys will be boys” I thought to myself and smiled. The words got harsh and I opened my eyes in time to see Ian’s fist connected with the Dex’s face and hit the ground. Ian got into the drivers side slammed the door, pissed off he grabbed me by my hair pulling me close he kissed me roughly and then said “I’m the only one that’s going to fuck you! You like to be watched that can be arranged but another man is NOT going to fuck you! I told you your bullshit ends now!” He glared at me; our faces inches apart as he stated his authority. I gave him a devilish grin, wiped the sweat from his cheek, kissed him and slid back into my seat. He reached over yanked my blouse closed, started the car and peeled out of the parking lot leaving a groggy Dex unsteadily getting to his feet.

to be continued…

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