Back at the Book Store, Part 1

“Hello, Will.”

The voice on the telephone sent a shock wave through me, followed by a rush of warmth. It was her! I couldn’t possibly mistake that throaty, confident tone. Three weeks had passed since my exciting afternoon with Angela, and now suddenly she was calling. I was speaking with her.

“Darling…” I breathed while an old frump stood on the other side of the counter, holding a copy of Milton. I turned away from the customer. The hell with her.
“Angela, where are you? When can I see you?”

“I’m just down the street, but I wanted to warn you before I walked in. Is this a good time?”

“Any time’s a good time for us, baby,” I whispered into the phone. “I’ll close the shop as soon as I get rid of the two customers who are here.”

“Okay. I’ll finish my coffee and be there. Ta.” The phone clicked.

“Young man!” the frump said imperiously, tapping her book on the counter. “Is this the most complete collection of Milton’s works that you have?”

“Yes…yes…it’s got all his shit in it,” I said irritably. “Do you want it?”

“WHAT?!? Well, I never…” She left the book on the counter and stomped out. I grinned.

“What do YOU want?” I challenged a long-haired fellow who was browsing.

“Like, man, I don’t know. I’m just looking.”

“Well, look some place else,” I said rudely. “I’m closing now.”

“But, man, it’s just two-thirty.”

“Fuck that. I’m closing. Out.”

The hippie’s mouth fell open. “This is the last time I’m coming in here.”

“Good,” I said and followed him to the door. I locked it but stayed right there, watching. When I saw Angela approach on the sidewalk, my heart lurched. She was wearing pants today and a mannish jacket, with her long brown hair tumbling about her shoulders. She didn’t have to touch the door. I unlocked it and swung it open.

Angela gasped in surprise, then smiled. “What service!” she said.

“Oh my God, I’ve missed you!” I exclaimed, pulling her into my arms, then pushing the door shut behind her and locking it. Our tongues embraced and stroked. I felt her ass through her loose-fitting trousers. When our kiss finally broke, we were both breathing hard.

“I’ve missed you, too,” she said, and touched my cheek with her fingertips. She gave me a very quick kiss on the lips. “Can we go in back?”


We no sooner had entered my dusty back room than Angela was on her knees on the carpet. It happened just like that, I swear. She unzipped my pants, reached inside, and took out my slack penis which immediately turned stiff in her hand. “Ooh, myyy…” she purred appreciatively, and began licking the head of my cock.

I was in bliss. My hands gently ruffled her hair and caressed her. I groaned, “Ooh, Angela…!” and she began to pump her warm, sucking mouth up and down on my dick. Her encircling lips worked lower and lower as I felt myself glide into her throat. She didn’t gag. She wanted me just like this. She made whimpering sounds of pleasure which were mostly muffled by my cock. I writhed, and she sucked my cock harder, bobbing her head. My fingertips caressed her sweet face.

Finally she raised her head, trailing a string of saliva from my passion-red erection. Her warm eyes were a bit glassy because she had taken me so deep. I helped her to her feet and kissed her soulfully, tasting myself in her mouth. I worked a hand in between us and felt her tits. They were innocent of a bra.

“Baby, I want you bad!” I said in a husky voice, starting to strip the jacket off her. She helped with that and with her blouse, which exposed her bobbing titties. My hands wrapped themselves around the satiny mounds, my thumbs brushing her hard nipples, bending them to and fro.

Putting her head back, Angela breathed hard. Her eyes were closed, and I kissed her eyelids. I kissed the tip of her nose. I fastened onto her sweet mouth again, and we kissed deeply while I gently massaged her full, resilient breasts. Finally I gripped a nipple between each thumb and forefinger, pinching just hard enough to make her gasp.

All this while, my cock projected upward from the fly of my slacks, and Angela had her hand curled around it, stroking slowly. She dropped to her knees again. Sweet baby, she couldn’t get enough. I let her lick my dick down and up, then take some more sucks on the throbbing head of it before I brought her to her feet once more and guided her to the old leather couch. I took off her low-heeled shoes and she unfastened the top of her pants so that I could pull them down. She wore a simple white thong, and I pulled that off of her, then arranged her bare legs as I wanted them, with her knees up and well apart. I dived into the inviting V of her thighs.

“Ooooh, Will…” she purred, her hands in my hair. I licked her pussy thoroughly, thrilling to her fresh womanly taste and scent. I sank my tongue into her slippery hole and fucked it in that fashion, then caught her small labia, first on one side and then the other, tugging them with my lips, letting them snap back, and tugging them some more. Finally I centered on her clit and sucked it hard. She screeched and bumped against me, pulling my head to her. I flogged her clit with my tongue and twisted my stiff middle finger into her cunt. I stroked my finger in and out of her wet pussy while she moaned and writhed.

My cock felt as if it was about to explode, but I kept working on her orally and by hand, adding another finger to my invasion of her love channel. Curling them upward, I felt for the spot that would trigger her response, and she hissed, “Yessss! Ooh, THERE! NOWWW!” She came, bumping and squealing. I kept finger-fucking her and sucking on her clit until her orgasm subsided, then sprang to my feet, my super-stiff passion-pole whipping about.

“Darling…darling…” she purred and kept staring at my dick while I undressed. Finally I fell upon her, first to hold and suck each of her luscious tits, then to glide down to her belly button, and finally into her muff again. She was very wet now, and her sex-flesh was slippery. I held her legs up in the air and wide apart as I licked her sweet pussy all over, waggling my tongue across her clit and plowing it through her soft and wiggly folds, then crossing the short bridge to her other aperture. I found her anus as dainty as before and licked it lovingly. She gasped and let out wild little cries.

I raised my head and quickly rolled her onto her tummy. What a beautiful bottom she had, womanly and perfectly formed. I kissed both cheeks of her delightful ass and licked between them, then boosted her hips into the air and let my cock enter her pussy. “Aaaahhh,” she said, then “ooooooo!” as I went all the way. The deep thrust made my scalp tingle.

I fucked Angela in long, steady strokes, my balls swinging against her clit. Her ass was so high that I was able to stay straight up on my knees, and I could play with her buttocks, pinching and parting them to look at her cute little asshole. I gave one butt-cheek a slap to see how she would take it, and she said, “AAH!” sharply. I slapped her other cheek a little harder. “OOH!” she said, “Dooooo that!” I spanked both ass-cheeks alternately as I stroked my cock in and out of her pussy, and she writhed, bumping back against me.

“Oh, God! Oh, wow! I love it!” she exclaimed.

“I love to fuck you, baby!” I growled. “Your snatch is so fucking goddamned tight! Ooh, Jeee-zus, that feels good!” Suddenly I increased the tempo and she gasped, then let out a full-throated moan, and I could feel her cum again. I pulled out and flopped her over because I was almost at the point of cumming myself.

“No! No!” she protested. “Let me sit on you. I want to sit on you. Please!”

We changed positions, and I stretched out on my back, holding
my cock straight up like a flagpole. She mounted me and fitted her slippery socket onto my knob, then worked herself all the way down. Sh
e was hot and tight around me, and I growled because it felt so fucking good. As she started to move, her clasping cunt stroked my cock excitingly. I grabbed her tits and squeezed them, her erect nipples tickling my palms, and I enjoyed feeling her full boobies quiver in my hands. When I let them go, they bobbed up and down while Angela rode me hard.

“Ooh, yesss…yesss…yesss,” she panted and began moving faster and faster, which was about all I could take. “No rubber!” I yelled, and she suddenly realized the risk, pulling off me. But she didn’t merely let me shoot in mid-air. Her hot mouth descended on the head of my cock, her lips wrapping themselves around it, and she sucked me as I came. It was wonderful. Never in my life had I reached such a full and complete climax. I was gratified from my scalp to the soles of my feet.

Angela raised her head, smiling as she swiped a bit of semen from her lips. She had swallowed the rest, something which my wife had never done. In fact, my wife hadn’t given me oral in six months. We hardly even fucked any more.

Angela snuggled down beside me on the narrow couch, but we had plenty of room. She was warm and soft and totally loving. We kissed, and I knew that I loved her. I had to keep her in my life. I couldn’t let her get away again.

Just as I was about to tell her that, she ran a finger around my mouth and along my cheek while looking me intently in the face. “What’s the story with you and your wife?” she asked.

“I wish I knew,” was my quick reply, then, “No, I don’t. I’m going to ask her for a divorce.”

She settled down again, beside me. “Do you have kids?”


“How long have you been married?”

“Three years.”

“Were things bad right from the start?”

“No,” I said. “Or at least, I didn’t think so. But then she started acting disinterested…”

“Will, I hope you won’t take this the wrong way, but sometimes men aren’t very smart when it comes to figuring out women. I’ll bet I could do it.”

I rose on an elbow to look at her. “What are you saying?”

“Invite me to dinner at your house,” Angela suggested. “I could be an author on a book tour or some such. Make up any story you like. Just let me meet your wife.”

I was dumbfounded. This was the woman I wanted to leave my wife for, I didn’t want her to be my marriage counselor. Or…was she trying to promote some kind of threesome? I had suddenly recalled something she told me when we first met, that she had experimented with lesbianism.

“No-no,” I said firmly. “Angela, I’m amazed!”

“Easy,” she soothed, and gave me a quick kiss. “What do you have to lose? Your marriage stinks now.”

“Yes, and I want out of it.”

“Not so fast.” She let her hand trail down my body and began caressing my cock and balls. “There may be another answer. You loved your wife once, and maybe you can again.. I think you also love me. I’m not committing myself to anything because I haven’t met your wife. But if you chose her, she must be attractive. Will…maybe you can have both of us.” Her eyes twinkled. “Think about THAT.”

A menage-a-trois? It was insane! But Angela began manipulating my dick and I couldn’t think clearly. “You know you’d love it,” she murmured, and was licking my lips, then kissing me with her tongue. “Let’s give it a try.”

As my cock became hard once more, I was in no state to grapple with such a proposition. All I knew was that I needed to fuck Angela again. And as we started getting it on, she said between kisses, “There’s something you have to know about me, Will. I’m a switch-hitter. I need both cock and pussy.”

It was crazy, I thought. What had I gotten myself into? But I wasn’t about to back away. Not now. I couldn’t…

(Author’s note: Please watch for Part 2. As always, readers’ comments and criticisms are invited. Thanks for your responses to my previous stories. They have assisted and inspired me.)

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  1. diannadiva71

    Hi There,

    I was hoping that you would get into the 3 some idea. I was going to suggest that to you but it seems as though you have already done that! I’m looking forward to reading part 2. Take Care, Dianna

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  2. sex_bunny

    i think your great but why don’t you have a threesome and have her fuck the wife and him…that whould be great.

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  3. Jingellica

    I’m (im)patiently waiting for the next installment. Not going to make suggestions – I’m sure you have an idea of where and how you want these characters to develop. Wish you the best!

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  4. nice

    well appreciated writing…keep it up.

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  5. Mike

    Hay… I love your storry! Its great… it also has alot of actual literature! Write more!

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  6. kelly

    good story! Yeah, do the threesome idea

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  7. nurselori

    I love the story so far. I hope the wife likes angela, alot.

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  8. horney

    good storys keep up the good work

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