Barbie's GanBang

Barbie’s Gangbang At A Biker Bar Ends With A Surprise!

A triple penetration! I wouldn’t have thought it was possible. I’d seen Dp’s and even double vaginal and double anal in porno films, but never a triple! Here was Barbie, my wife of 15 years being triple penetrated on a cum stained mattress in the back of a biker bar! There were 2 cocks in her ass, one of which was mine, and another cock in her pussy. It had taken several minutes and trying various positions in order to make it work.
It wasn’t as if we had any trouble fitting 3 cocks into her………all her holes had been stretched………… more than a dozen guys over the course of the last hour and a half.

I had taken Barbie to the biker bar on a dare…………that she wouldn’t be able to take on more than a half-dozen guys in one evening. She had confided to me that one of her fantasies had always been to have sex with a group of guys. I had shared with her my fantasy of WATCHING her have sex with a group of guys………….the more the better! I wanted to see her take on as many guys as she could …………maybe 25-30! “You can’t be serious”, Barbie said to me, “you want to WATCH me get fucked by a group of men?” “I’m damned serious,” I said, it would be a real turn on to see you get fucked…….by a group of guys. I’d like to see you used like a slut…….get fucked by as many men as possible and of course I want to see you take their cum!”….. I knew the way to get her to do that was to tell her that I didn’t think she could. Barbie is always up for a challenge and she’ll give it all she has, especially if I think she can’t do it.
“Barbie”, I said, “”you’ve never had more than 2 at a time, at that only occurred for the first time a week ago, I bet you wouldn’t last more than 5-6 guys!” “We’ll see about that that!”, Barbie replied………….”now leave me alone and let me get dressed”.

I had laid out her outfit on the bed……….a pair of black leather thigh high, spike heeled boots with silver chains, a leather micro mini (the absolute shortest I could find……hell, I’d seen belts that nearly covered up as much as that little piece of material) and a black leather bustier along with a matching studded leather choker. Barbie had gone to the day spa earlier in the day and had gotten waxed and had a manicure. She sported a new hairstyle……a short platinum blonde page boy….and when she emerged from the bedroom 45 minutes later……………she looked like everyman’s walking wet dream!
Barbie had taken time to get her make-up just right………heavy on the mascara and wet luscious looking lips (Barbie is blessed with naturally full lips….Angelina Jolie – eat your heart out!) Barbie is 5’4″ and about 130 lbs……….not a stick thin model, but not what you’d call chubby either………just right in my book, with natural 36C tits and beautiful green eyes……….dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, she never fails to turn heads………..dressed in the outfit I had laid out for her………….guys were going to be tripping over their dicks! The 4 inch heels made her look taller and the 7-8 inches of bare thigh showing above the tops of her boots and the bottom of her micro mini were gonna turn heads…….no doubt! Her black leather bustier was low cut and barely held her boobs in……….she’s have to be careful, her nipples were almost showing and if she bent over, somebody was going to get a clear view of her bare ass and pussy, as I had “neglected” to lay out any panties for her to wear. “Christ”, Barbie hissed to me, “I look like a fucking whore in this outfit”! “No”, I said, “you look like every man’s walking wet dream……….let’s go!”

We arrived at the bar and from the moment we walked in every man’s eyes were on Barbie. “Snake” was the first one to come up to us…….he eyed Barbie lustily and turned to me. “I’m Snake,” he said, not offering his hand and eyeing me coldly. “What the hell, dude,……..what are you thinking bringing your woman in here dressed like that? “Well, I said, “we were looking for a place to have a drink and maybe a little more”. I introduced Barbie to him and he politely took her hand and looked at her hard. “Well, “he finally said, “come on over to the bar and let me buy you both a drink”. We followed Snake to the bar and he ordered a bottle of tequila and 3 glasses,.he poured us all a shot and we all downed our shot. “Now,” he said, what the hell do you want?” Barbie spoke up before I could get a chance…”I’m only gonna say this once………mind your manners and speak politely….or we’re outta here………I’ll tell you what’s up…….I’m horny, I’m dressed to fuck and that’s what I’m looking to do… husband Paul here wants to watch me fuck a bunch of guys……I can do that here…..or somewhere else! Now what’s it gonna be?

Snake tilted his head back and let out a roaring laugh, “well, I gotta give you credit, you got brass, Barbie”. I think we can help you out, but I gotta warn you, once you fuck the first guy…’s gonna get out of control. Every guy in the place is gonna want a piece of you”, Snake continued. “That’s fine by me, Barbie said, after all that IS the general idea!!”
Snake looked at me and said, “well, you gonna be O.K. with that? You really want to watch a bunch of guys fuck your woman…… might get a little wild!?” “Yeah, I said, I want to watch her get used like a whore……..just one thing, when Barbie’s had enough, we walk outta here….it’s her call”. Snake replied, “well this isn’t some swinger’s club, where no means no and you can just walk away anytime you want to……..once she starts….it’s gonna continue ’til the guys have had enough….understand?” I looked at Barbie………..(maybe she was about to get in over her head). “I’m a big girl, Barbie said, I’m willing to bet you guys will be calling it quits, long before I’ve had enough!” she gave me a wink and said………..”let the party begin!”

I left her at the bar with Snake and a couple of other guys and went to the men’s room, by the time I had returned a few minutes later, the bottle of tequila was nearly empty…….knowing Barbie I figured she had matched them shot for shot. Barbie was pushed up against the bar, her little micro mini up around her hips and Snake had two fingers in her ass and was rubbing her clit with his thumb! Barbie had a cock in each hand and was jacking off the guys standing on either side of her. Snake had pulled up Barbie’s top and was hungrily sucking on one of her nipples. Barbie had her head tilted back and her eyes closed as I walked up to the bar and watched my wife get finger fucked by Snake……….Christ, he didn’t waste any time……..he already had his fingers in my wife’s ass! Snake stepped back and said the Barbie……O.K., you little bitch………..on your knees…..time to suck some cock!” Oh, Oh……..I saw Barbie’s green eyes flash…….she let go of the cocks she had been stroking and took a step toward Snake. She kneed him right in the crotch…….pulling back at the last moment, just hard enough to get his attention. “Don’t EVER call me “bitch”, Barbie said. You can call me a slut, a fucking whore or whatever else you want………..but I don’t respond to “bitch”…….UNDERSTAND?” A few tense seconds went by as Snake slowly straightened up. I thought for sure he was gonna bitch slap her for that. Snake threw his head back, laughed and roared……..You got brass, Barbie…… really do………..O.K., have it your way……..”now get on your knees you cum loving fucking slut and suck my dick!” “That’s better, Barbie replied as she slid to her knees in front of Snake and unzipped his pants. She took his semi-hard dick in one hand and proceeded to give him a wet, slurrpy blow job right their in front of the bar. Several guys gathered around to watch. Whew! O.K., it looked like Barbie had set the ground rules and for the moment seemed to be holding her own………I walked outside and gave my buddies a call. “Steve, I said, call Ken and
get your asses down to that biker
bar we talked about…………Barbie’s gonna do it!” “You’re fucking putting me on, Steve said. “No, I replied, Barbie’s on her knees right now in front of the bar sucking cock”. “You’d better get down here pronto if you’re gonna catch the action, I got the feeling things are gonna start moving pretty fast!”

By the time I had gotten back inside, they had lifted Barbie up on the pool table where she continued to suck cock. Barbie was on her knees and Snake had again pushed Barbie’s little miniskirt up revealing her bare ass. Snake got up on the pool table and moved around behind her. Barbie had a cock stuffed down her throat and Snake spread her ass cheeks. He slid the head of his cock across her pussy lips and then up and down the crack of her ass. “Nice, he said, really nice!” He penetrated her from behind and sunk his now stiff cock into my wife’s wet pussy. After fucking her for a few minutes , he spit on his fingers and worked a couple into her ass. After lubricating her with his spit, he grabbed the shaft of his cock and jabbed the head of his penis right at my wife’s waiting asshole. With a gasp, Barbie spit the cock from her mouth and screamed………”you fucking bastard!”, as the head of Snake’s cock penetrated her backdoor. “That’s right, Snake replied, I’m a fucking bastard and you’re a fucking slut…….now suck those cocks while I give you the ass fucking you deserve!” They were several guys waiting in turn to have Barbie suck their cocks. The first guy shot his load down my wife’s throat just as Snake really began fucking her hard. Barbie was sucking cock for all she was worth as Snake continued to fuck her ass. After nearly 10 minutes of hammering away with his big cock he pulled out of her ass and jerked his load off all over my wife’s ass. Several more guys took turns in Barbie’s holes and cum dribbled from her each time a cock was withdrawn from her pussy and ass. How many more could she possible take? Nearly a dozen guys had used her as a cum receptacle before Barbie finally took a break and headed to the ladies room. She passed by me sitting on a stool at the bar having watched the spectacle and said…..”well, it that that what you wanted to see?” “Oh, yeah, I said………that was fucking incredible!” “Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet,” Barbie replied before heading off to the ladies room.

Barbie returned a few minutes later having cleaned up and touching up her makeup. She was more or less dressed again (in what little she had come with) and Snake asked her if she wanted to see the party room in the back. Barbie said she did. Snake led us to the back room. There was another smaller bar and a raised stage with a dancer’s pole in the corner. Snake asked Barbie if she would perform a little for the guys before continuing………Barbie said “sure”. Barbie gave a little strip tease over 2 numbers, before my buddies, Steve and Ken arrived. By the time they had gotten there, Barbie was naked except for her thigh high boots and leather choker. A couple of guys had dragged out a yellow (cum?) stained mattress and heaved it on stage. Barbie was laying on the mattress masturbating and fingering herself when Steve and Ken walked in. Barbie had worked a couple of fingers up her ass with one hand and a couple of more from her other hand into her pussy………she laid there on the mattress and gave everyone a good show of both holes as she slowly worked her finers in and out. They walked up to me and said……..oh my God!, you weren’t kidding!” “No, I said, now grab a beer and watch the show, I think Barbie is up for round 2″.

Several guys who had been stroking their cocks now moved in on Barbie and before long she was fucking again for the crowd. It wasn’t long before she was joined in a DP with 2 of the guys. She was sitting astride a guy, his cock buried deep in her pussy, when another guys moved in behind her and pushed his cock into Barbie’s ass. Barbie never broke stride, accepting his cock in her ass as the other guys continued fucking her pussy. While they DP’d her on stage on that filthy mattress………I walked over and pulled out my cock and gave it to Barbie to suck on. She looked up at me with a big smile on her face and before taking me in her mouth, said……”is that what you wanted to see honey?” “Oh, yeah, I said………….that’s better than any porno I’ve ever seen! A live fucking gangbang starring my beautiful fucking slut of a wife!” Before long Barbie told me she wanted me inside her too. I took turns with the guy who had his cock in my wife’s ass……..the sight and feel of my cock in her ass along with the other guy’s cock in her pussy was absolutely incredible. Then Barbie said…….”I want both of you in my ass at the same time!” “What?, I said, you can’t be serious………..Oh yeah I am, Barbie said……and his cock in my pussy too! “Now shut the fuck up and for once……just do as I say!”, Barbie wailed. Well, it took multiple tries and various positions, with the guys around the bar cheering us on before we finally managed to triple penetrate her. 2 cocks in her ass and 1 in her pussy at the same time. Barbie was screaming, we all were getting ready to cum and the guys around the bar cheering us on…….and then I just exploded..I pulled out of my wife’s ass and jerked the biggest load of my life all over her tits. I told Barbie……..”well, you have three holes and two hands…better get busy!”The other 2 guys came and then it turned into a free for all……guys lined up to fuck Barbie…it didn’t matter what hole…..she wanted cock and turned into a fucking machine! Guys were fucking her pussy, her ass and stuffing their cocks down her throat. At one point she had a cock in her pussy and cock in her ass, and one down her throat while she jerked a cock off in each hand. 5 at a time…………holy fuck! Barbie didn’t even seem to take notice of Steve and Ken until they stuffed their cocks into her. She just kept fucking and fucking…..taking everyone balls deep in what ever orifice they chose. By now some guys had lined up for a second turn at Barbie…..she had taken on at least 2 dozen guys before she once again took a break. I finally had lost count of how many men she had had sex with……..over 30 by my last count, figuring in the ones that had fucked her on the pool table.

Now Barbie sat up on the edge of the mattress and guys gathered around her. She kept babbling……….cum, cum, I want to see cum and guys started shooting the wads all over her……….a big circle jerk, with Barbie being the recipient. Cum was flying everywhere and Barbie opened her mouth and extended her tongue and guys shot their load, Barbie using her fingers to gather up the cum into her mouth and rolling it around on her tongue, before letting it dribble down and off her chin…………what an incredible sight! My cum covered, beautiful fucking little slut of a wife enjoying every drop!. As Barbie sat there at played with the all the cum from the cum bath she received, someone threw her a bar towel and Barbie mopped us as much of the cum as she could. I brought a glass of water over to her from the bar and gave her a kiss…..her lips still tasting salty from all the cum she had received. Just then Snake brought in a big black German shepherd on a leash. “This is Roscoe, Snake said as the big shepherd poked his nose down by Barbie’s crotch. “Roscoe’s going to perform with Barbie on stage, he said. My jaw dropped and I looked at Barbie……..”you can’t be serious”, I said. Barbie piped up and said…………well I’ve been fucked by everything else…….why not? It’s just a doesn’t matter what it’s attached to!” with that Barbie leaned back and spread herself and the big shepherd started licking Barbie’s well used pussy…cum still oozing out. Barbie looked up at me and smiled and said……..”you can watch…or NOT, it’s up to you!”

With that Barbie laid back and closed her eyes, a big smile forming on her lips as Roscoe lapped away at her pussy with his big long tongue. Barbie then got on all fours and the big German shepherd
mounted her from beh
ind, giving new meaning to phrase………fucking doggy style. With his paws over her shoulders, his bright red cock unsheated, he started humping her. Barbie reached back and spread her cheeks and Roscoe’s dick slipped right into my wife’s well used asshole. I sat their with my mouth hanging open, not quite believing what I was seeing….my cum covered slut of a wife enjoying being ass fucked on stage by a dog, surrounded by a group of bikers dudes looking and cheering her on. It wasn’t long before Roscoe shot a load of his doggy cum into my wife and a cheer went up from the guys. I had always heard that a dog stays coupled for several minutes after copulating, as his dick head swells up and it makes it impossible for him to pull out until it goes down. Maybe that wasn’t really true or maybe it was because Barbie’s ass had been so well used over the course of the last several hours, but Roscoe’s dick popped right out. Cum dribbling out and staining the already filthy mattress. God, what a sight…… absolute fucking slut of a wife getting fucked on stage by a big German shepherd!

Both Barbie and Roscoe lay there panting hard. I gathered Barbie’s clothes……….her miniskirt and top and pulled Barbie to her feet. I think that’s about it I said………I can’t imagine what else you could possibly fuck! My buddies, Steve and Ken and I took her home and we fucked her til dawn……in everyone of her well used holes until Barbie finally passed out…………….later that morning I woke up next to Barbie and wondered if it had all been a dream until I noticed the scratches on Barbie’s shoulders from Roscoe’s paws and the smell of dried cum on her. I gently woke Barbie up and took her into the shower and helped her bath with the biggest hard on I’ve ever had in my life! I asked Barbie later when she wanted to go back to the biker bar………..”oh we’ll go back again, she said…………..just not anytime soon……..I won’t be able to walk for a least a week!

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