Battle Of The Dominants

Don (9:08:05 AM): Say, what would you do to me if I
came over, like, right now?
Nikki (9:08:35 AM): remember that ass beating I said
you needed….
Nikki (9:08:44 AM): and why are you up so early
Don (9:09:06 AM): I’m up this early all the
time….I’m a morning person
Nikki (9:09:15 AM): fuck that…….
Nikki (9:09:31 AM): <—night owl
Don (9:09:34 AM): I have observed that about you….
Nikki (9:09:42 AM): what?
Don (9:10:02 AM): that you are a) a night owl; b) NOT
a morning person
Nikki (9:10:41 AM): well my muse hits at night just as
playtime does…how many are looking to get off at 7am
before their morning coffee
Nikki (9:10:52 AM): I win ty very much
Don (9:11:16 AM): so, you looking for it this AM?
Nikki (9:11:21 AM): If I have a reason to get up I’m
up other then that you never see me until 10 or 11
Nikki (9:11:36 AM): sex
Nikki (9:11:38 AM): yes
Don (9:11:48 AM): ready for me yet?
Nikki (9:12:07 AM): As I said the other night when am
I not ready for you?
Don (9:12:25 AM): Well, get showered and I’ll be over
in just a bit…..
Nikki (9:12:39 AM): how did you know I was on my way
to the shower?
Don(9:12:51 AM): didn’t…. guess I’m lucky that way!
Nikki (9:13:11 AM): whew. I was beginning to think you
knew me to well already.
Don (9:13:25 AM): maybe I do!
Nikki (9:13:31 AM): cut that out.
Don (9:13:44 AM): okay……get ready…. should I
find you already naked and in bed?
Nikki (9:14:23 AM): Now take your time or you’re going
to get here and I won’t even be dressed yet.
Nikki (9:14:29 AM): is that what you want?
Don (9:14:37 AM): don’t WANT you dressed!
Nikki (9:14:48 AM): well I’d still be in my robe
Don (9:15:02 AM): fuck the robe. I want you bare assed
Nikki (9:15:23 AM): well you take to long and you’re
going to find me that way back in bed asleep.
Nikki (9:15:28 AM): and fuck you!
Nikki (9:15:32 AM): I like robes…
Don (9:15:39 AM): AND, I want to see a dildo in your
Nikki (9:15:50 AM): don’t have a dildo.
Don (9:16:03 AM): a vibe?
Nikki (9:16:09 AM): nope Vinnie died.
Nikki (9:16:15 AM): I still miss him…
Don (9:16:16 AM): nothing?
Nikki (9:16:19 AM): right.
Don (9:16:29 AM): damn it… we’ll have to fix
Don (9:16:42 AM): okay, I’ll be over in just a
Nikki (9:16:43 AM): now, now no cussing.
Nikki (9:16:49 AM): take your time.
Nikki (9:16:55 AM): but not too much time.
Don (9:17:33 AM): okay… I’m gone
Nikki (9:17:51 AM): I mean standing outside the
bathroom door when I get out could get you punched.
Don (9:18:04 AM): LOL…. me, the cat burglar…..
Nikki (9:18:13 AM): lol ya never know.
Nikki (9:18:18 AM): bye off to my shower.
Don (9:18:22 AM): okay move along…..
Nikki (9:18:27 AM): bite me.
Nikki (9:18:30 AM): out.

Nikki heads off to the shower, wondering what this
encounter will bring.
She exits the shower dries off quickly and does her
Slips into her robe and walks into the bedroom.
Nikki sighs in relief that he isn’t here yet and slips
out of her robe lays it at the bottom of the bed and
slips under the covers as she was instructed to do.
Don walks in and pulls the covers back off Nikki.
She looks Up at him “What did you do fly?”
“Why wasn’t I supposed to?”
Nikki pulls the covers back up over her naked body.
“What are you doing?” Don says as he pulls the covers
back off her.
Nikki again pulls the covers back up on her.
Don pulls them back down and drops to his knees.
“Give me that pussy”
Nikki grabs Don’s hand a pulls him to the bed.
“Come here.”
As Don comes into the bed he lays on top of her, his
lips meeting hers.
As soon as his tongue enters Nikki’s mouth she feels
her pussy become wet.
Don slides back off Nikki to where he was standing
before and kneels down on the floor.
“Now give me that pussy.”
Nikki slides her ass to the side of bed.
Don’s arms wrap around her legs and come up to
slightly part her lips.
Has her lips open his tongue lightly brushes against
her clit.
The brief stroke of his tongue against her clit sends
a rippling sensation through her body.
Suddenly Nikki is very aware how aroused she is hopes
like hell she doesn’t squirt in his face the next time
his tongue strokes her clit.
Each stroke of his tongue becomes firmer, once he
reaches the nub his tongue licks quickly over it
causing Nikki to cum.
His tongue still licking fiercely across her clit, as
she nears orgasm again he sucks it into his mouth as a
loud moan escapes her mouth.
Nikki’s hips pressing down against the bed in effort
to move away from his mouth, needing to catch her
breath. As Nikki tries to scoot up the bed Don’s hands
wrap tighter around her legs. His tongue still works
her clit, licking and sucking it into his mouth.
Nikki again tries to move away from his mouth.
As she becomes closer and closer to orgasm she tries
to move.
Nikki realizing she can’t fight it anymore bucks her
hips up into Don’s face and cums.
Moans “Don”….then asks him to stop.
After her repeated requests Don finally stops.
Stands steps out of his shoes and drops his shorts and
boxers and removes his shirt.
Steps forward and rubs his cock on Nikki’s 44 c tits.
Nikki’s mouth comes up and licks and sucks each one of
his nipples into her mouth and then drops her head and
sucks his cock into her mouth.
Don pushes Nikki back to where she is laying back down
on the bed.
“Let me add some flavor to that for you.”
He parts Nikki’s legs and slides his cock into her
He moves his cock slowly in and out of her.
“You like my cock don’t you?”
“Do you like the taste of your pussy on my mouth?”
“Do you like it when I fuck you slow or fast?”
“Don’t move.”
“No I want you to cum on my cock.”
“Don’t Move”
“I want you to cum all over my cock and balls.”
Nikki now struggling to speak asks again.
“Don’t move”
Don’s pace quickens, Nikki unable to speak or move
cums hard.
Don slides his cock out of Nikki’s pussy.
Nikki rolls away from Don and half way across the bed.
“Where are you going?”
“I don’t know.”
Don laughs and lies down on the bed with his head
towards the foot of the bed.
“Suck my cock.”
Nikki complies and drops her head to his cock and
sucks it into her mouth again.
“Do you like the taste of your pussy on my cock?”
Nikki doesn’t stop to answer Don and keeps sucking
his cock into her mouth.
Don smacks her ass.
“Lick and suck my balls.”
Nikki’s head drops as she licks and sucks his balls
into her mouth.
“Get on your knees so I can play with your pussy while
you suck my cock.”
Nikki gets onto her knees and Don’s fingers start
rubbing her clit.
Nikki still sucking Dons cock as his fingers rubs her
clit and fingers her.
One finger comes back and enters her ass, causing her
to moan.
“I bet you’d like to have my cock in there wouldn’t
Nikki is so caught up in the sensations she is feeling
that she can’t answer him, nor was she going to take
her mouth away from his cock long enough to do so. As
Nikki feels herself come closer to orgasm she tries to
move away.
Don’s fingers thrusting in and out of her pussy and
asshole bring Nikki to orgasm and cause her to suck on Don’s
cock into her mouth as hard as she can while she moans
with her lips around his cock.
Don moves up off the bed and tells Nikki to give him
that ass.
Nikki slides to the side
of the bed and gets onto her
hands and knees.
Nikki says slowly knowing that every muscle in her
lower body is still tighter then hell after having cum
so much.
Don slowly slides his cock into her ass, as he does he
“Nikki your ass is so tight.”
He continues to slide slowly in and out of her ass.
“You’re ass and pussy are so tight.”
As Do
n slides out of her ass he slides his cock back
into her pussy.
He slides in and out a couple of times and then tells
Nikki he wants to jerk off in her mouth and walks
backwards away from the bed.
Nikki leaves the bed and drops to her knees in front
of him placing her hands on the back of his thighs.
Don begins to stroke his cock.
“Help me.”
Nikki drops her head, her lips wrap around his cock
and she begins to suck.
Don helps to thrust his hips pushing his cock in and
out of her mouth at the pace he desires.
Don’s hand comes up to pull his cock out of Nikki’s
Nikki knows what he wants to do, but has plans of her
own and sucks down on his cock as hard as she can
knowing he would cum in her mouth.
Don moans and cums, after Nikki swallows.
She gets up and gives Don a hug.
They both lay on the bed for a few minutes and talk.
Don says: Me dominant you submissive.
Nikki doesn’t say anything but knows it’s going to be
hard giving into her dominant ways, but also knows
it’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun getting there…

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