Being bored at work can be "hard" to ignore

It was one of those days that seem to go on forever. It was rainy outside and there seem to be an overload of non-existent customers. In the shop that I work at you didn’t see too many customers as it be, but today it seemed that I hadn’t had a one all day. I was so bored. The store manager was on vacation so I didn’t think that he would mind that I close the shop up early. As I got up from my desk to go lock the door, the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen decides to walk in. I greet him like any customer, “Hello, if you need any help let me know and I’ll be glad to assist you.” I decide then that what I need is a quick get away, he is not only good looking, but makes the mind wonder else where too.

The customer walks around and picks up a book or two, oh yeah, by the way I work at a boring antigue book store, nice part-time job, but it can get very boring. He looks older and sophisticated so I decide to take a seat back at my desk and wait. This may be awhile. I hunker down and start doodling on some paper near by, the clock ticks by slowly as I seem to start feeling anxious for this guy to hurry up and find what he is looking for and get out. I had just about given up when he asked me to come and help him decide which book is more realistic. How should I know, I was thinking, I’m just the part-time help. But I got up to go and help him decide so I could finally end my boring day.

“These two books are said to be very accurate on the pleasures of women, but which is the better of the two?” I suddenly awoke from my hurry and let me get out of here into hurry and let me disappear. You see, I’m what you would call a “Fun girl” but only for everything but sexual content, on that, I know nothing, and I was quickly trying to figure out how I was going to explain this to this gorgeous guy.

“Sir, I’m really sorry but I’m just the part-time help and I really don’t know anything about any of these books in here.” There, that was a good answer, or so I thought.

“Well, I see.” He almost seemed like I had just crushed his hopes, but then he looked up at me and with a sly grin stated, “Well I think we shall just have to try something out of each book to see then won’t we?”

I really thought he was joking so I started to laugh but he silenced that little chuckle that I was forming by a deep, toe-curling kiss. That woke me up. I started to turn but was stopped by a firm grip on my arm. He asked “Why run?” My only response was silence. He turned to a page in one book that showed a drawing of the woman kneeling on her knees while the man entered her from behind. I looked at it and thought well duh that’s doggy’style. No sooner did that thought cross my head then I found myself on the floor on hands and knees. He said, “Your not too entirely busy to help a customer decide are you?” A little smirk growing wider on his face. “Of course not, what did you have in mind?” “Only a little test trial, I am quite turned on just by your outfit, the least you could do is help a man release some tension.” He said this and was already caressing my ass that do to the sudden drop to my knees, my skirt had barely been covering. I looked up at him and couldn’t resist he was so gorgeous and I was already turned on from when I saw him walk in the door.

“No problem, let just lock the door so no one can walk in.” I said
“But that’s half the excitement, not knowing if we’ll get caught.”
I couldn’t resist any longer, I reached over and pulled his head towards me for that first ice-breaking kiss, but he pulled back and said ” No, No, I’m in control of this show.”

He softly caressed, and softly aroused. His lips were so soft and also his hands, they felt so confident with every inch that he explored across my body. From my legs to my shoulders, as he made his way over every inch he had also taken every speck of clothing off in the process. I was much too turned on to notice though, he was doing such a great job. His hot breathe on my neck slowly moved towards my taunt breasts. As he lingered for awhile on each nipple, suckling until they were red and moist, his fingers found a moist spot of their own between my legs. He gently yet firmly was massaging my clit while popping a finger in and out every once in awhile to get a moan out of me. I thought I could take no more of this when his mouth started to travel south.

With one hand steadily massaging my clit, his tongue went in to explore the moist heat that was radiating from my pleasure haven. He was good, oh he was real good, before I had the chance to catch up, he already had me working towards my second orgasm. Without even knowing how turned on I was, he had me spinning, while helping me up to the table next to us so he could enter my body while I was still recovering from the first orgasm. He stood my up, leaned me belly forward onto the table and entered me so slowly, I didn’t really realize what was going on, until he started moving. Slowly at first, in and out, all the while he still managed to be caressing my clit. Sending me into shockwave after shockwave, I climaxed so strongly and so unbelievably quickly, that he sent his heat racing into me without much notice to him either. We stood there for a moment in stunned shock, both of our hearts racing, trying to catch our breath. When we caught up with ourselves he asked, “So do you get to pick which one we try from the other book, we still do have to compare, I want to know honestly which book is better.” I looked at him with a grin and said, “I think we better lock up and take both with us to my place to finish the comparison.” With that we got dressed and I locked up and he had both books in his hands as we walked to my house.

The rest will have to wait.

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  1. daru

    the story which i read just now is very errotic

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