Beth Part 2

When Beth and I fianlly started to talk she said how her father had given her so much grief about sexuality.
“it’s no big deal,” I said, ” My mom did the same thing.”
Then she out her head on my shoulder and said I was the only one that understood.
She was so cute and vulnerable at that point. I kissed her gently on her cheek and she turned a kissed me right on the lips, then stuck her tongue down my throat. I could not hold back and kissed her back. She said that even though she loved her husband, I was her best friend. Go figure. I slowly moved my hands to remove her bathing suit top. She flinched for a second then let me do what I had to. She had very tiny breats, but I realized with huge nipples. Her bathing suit top was heavily padded. As soon as I saw them, I immediately put my lips on her nips. She moaned and said, “I’m not sure this is the right thing.” I stopped right away and told her it was her choice.
She got up and removed her wrap and bathing suit. “I want you if you don’t think I am too gross.” She had a bit of cellulite on her legs but quite frankly she looked great. I did not know what to say so I said, “I’m all yours.”
Since I was wearing only a bathing suit and t-shirt, she took off my suit and looked straight at my cock. “It’s bigger than I thought.” she said. I was surprised, since I never thought I was big. “I love sucking cock.”, then she blushed and said, “I never even say cock.” Beth reached down and grabbed me. She took me right into her mouth. She sucked me like nothing I had ever felt. I told her I was about to cum and she just laughed, “Go ahead” I came like never before and she drank every drop. “Thanks” she said “and you can return the favor later”
Not to be outdone, I gave her a huge kiss and began playing with her breasts. She moaned and asked if I could please her.
I pushed her back on the couch and started to lick her wet pussy. She stopped me and said she was shy. I looked at her straight in the face and said’ “You just drank my cum, what else is there?” She said that she was not used to being pleased.
At that point I just held her hand and said, “You are beautiful and deserve more.” She put my hand on her pussy. I started to play with her as her hips began moving. Then I lowered my face into her pussy and sucked her clit. She laughed for a second and said’ ” I never let anyone do that,” That was all I needed a began to lick and suck her with all my might. She came like a race horse. At that point I asked her to lean over the couch. With a shy look in her eyes she asked why. I just said to give you the best. Reluctantly she bent over the couch. Her ass was so great, I couldn’t wait. I licked her pussy, then stuck my tongue in her ass. Beth screamed, “That’s dirty” No, I said and told her how beautiful her ass was. She told me that she trusted me and then stuck her ass in my face. I licked her ass and told her to finger herself, She had never done that, so when she did, she came like nothing I had ever seen. When she came she asked me to fuck her ass. I was in heaven. I put my cock against her ass and she pushed back. She was so wet that it wnet right in. She moved so gracefully and just enjoyed every second. She came and I came in her ass. She then asked me if we could do this again. I smiled and said “Any time”

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