Birthday Gift Follow-up

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Like I said earlier after giving my wife the 10″ cock of my friend for her birthday, just because I thought she deserved it. I couldn’t give her 10″ and I felt she should experience one. Nice husband right?
Anyhow he showed up the next night a little skittish with the beer worn off all of us and just kept some distance. I kept my distance from him also, not knowing how to approach the situation, I mean the guy just fucked my wife last night in front of me and I kind of brought it on or rather ok’d it.
Anyhow 1 beer led to 2 and 2 to 6 and so on. The wife came home from work and joined us in having some beers. She was being very quite towards him and rather affectionate to me. Lovey dovey on the couch to me and stuff. Finally I mentioned the last evening, ” Were you ok with it I asked the wife” “Only if you were she replied”, I guess the beers were working on me because out came “Yeah I thought it was neat”. How about you Greg? Sure he replied after a slight pause and watching me for a reaction.
I started it again when I told my wife that it was a 10″ incher for her birthday, “no way she said (she couldn’t remember she said) was it 10 inches. I told Greg to show her, she doesn’t believe me. He wasn’t moving in the chair till I coaxed the wife to check it out; it’s ok with me. “Greg, I said, stand up” He did, I told the wife to check it out again. She got up and pulled his zipper down and he pulled his cock out, the frigging thing was as long soft as mine was hard. He stroked it a bit and it started to stiffen up when I said to my wife “help him out”. She held his cock gently and started stroking it, it stood right up. She had that glassy look in her eye again saying “Dam, no way that fit in me!”
I said “It did too”, by this time I knew the were going to fuck again weather I was there or not, if they were playing me with the no way, couldn’t fit shit I didn’t care I wanted to see my pretty wife sit on this 10″ cock again.
I started talking her into it again, saying “Go ahead try it, I bet it fits and you’ll like it ” kind of stuff, I think she was just waiting for my approval.
She took her pants down and her underwear, stepped out of them and stood there still holding his cock. He unsnapped his jeans and slid them and his underwear down and stepped out of them also. I said lie on the floor Greg. He did and right away the wife straddled him and started working that cock into her, it only took a couple of pushes on his part because I bet she was sopping wet!
So ok the point was proven right? She got it all the way in her pussy, it was supposed to stop there right? 20 minutes later with her working up and down on his cock, with her Cumming around 8 times She finally got up and he got up again, she came over to me I guess to make sure I didn’t feel left out, got my cock out of my shorts while I sat in the chair, proceeded to suck me till I dumped a load of cum into her mouth which she lapped up, didn’t miss a drop.
Mean while Greg got dressed while this was going on and was sitting back on the couch, I asked aren’t you going to pop tonight? He sheepishly said on the way home I will, I have this problem that I can fuck all night but cant cum till I do it to myself, either jerking off or whatever. It’s always been that way.
He’s has a good 2/3’rd of a good thing, big dick, fuck all night, but can’t experience the Cumming with a lady, Dam that sucks!
Oh well, he’s gone out of the picture, moved far away. The wife and I suck and fuck like young teenagers again, and I was the husband that gave his wife a 10″ cock as a birthday present. If you’re a lady reading this would your husband do that for you?

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