Blindfolded 3 some

My girlfriend and I were having a great night but I didn’t know that she had something else in mind that was going to happen. We get home from dinner and she tells me to get the blindfold and the rope out so I did. And I waited for her to get out of the bathroom. She comes out and puts the blindfold on me and ties my arms above my head and my ankles spread apart.

I am already excited; she sees this and starts sucking my cock like it’s going to be the last time. Slow deep throat with lots of suction. Then the door bell rings and I said, “Shit, untie me,” but she just told me to┬árelax that she will get rid of them. But come to find out that she knew exactly who it was. She had met this man and she says she instantly knew that I would like to suck on his cock and have him fuck me.

She comes back saying it was a jehovah but says nothing about the guy behind her. And I still can’t see. She tells me to turn my head and open my mouth so I obey thinking she might put her clit or a nipple in my mouth. But no this guy’s cock took no time to find its way in my mouth. I couldn’t really move so he started face fucking me. When he was completely hard I could barely take him down my throat. Then I felt a warm sensation on my cock again; my girlfriend got so turned on with watching me suck this man’s huge cock that she just had to suck mine. She sucked so good that I came hard down her throat. Then she told the guy to cum down my throat and that she wants to see me swallow a huge load of hot sticky jissm.

This made him hornier so he really started to face fuck me and slamming his cock down my throat and I hear him grunt and his cock got even bigger and a rush of hot cum splashed in my mouth spurt by spurt more and more and I kept swallowing as much as I could but some still escaped. He is now twitching over me because I’m still sucking his cock trying to get every drop out of him.

My girlfriend came up and took the blindfold off me so I looked at the guy and the cock that I just sucked until completion and it was huge. It started to get soft but it was still 11 inches long and 3 inches around. I looked at my girlfriend and I asked her if she still  has more plans she said yes. And while still tied up she told me to get on my hands and knees so I obey and she puts on a rubber gloves with some lube and starts to finger and stretch my tight asshole, first with one then with 2 up to 4. Then she removed her hand and slid in my plug until this guy was ready. And by the way his cock was standing at attention, he was.

My girlfriend puts more lube on her hands and starts stroking his cock for him. He asks about a rubber and she tells him that she thinks it would be hot as hell to watch him cum deep in my ass and then watch it drip out of the gaping hole. So she is stroking his cock slowly while she pulls out the plug and helps him line up to my hole. She spreads my cheeks and watches intently as his cock slowly disappears deeper and deeper in my colon. I’m in ecstasy and couldn’t care less what anyone else is doing as long as I’m getting my ass filled the way it was then I was good. She tells him to speed up and to fuck me harder. So he does but tells her that if he keeps it up that he is going to cum.

She tells him to slow down so he does and then she slides under me and started sucking my cock deep and hard and fast again like she was on a time limit and I cum so hard in her mouth that my ass tightens up around his cock and he explodes deep inside me. He starts to get softer and his cum starts to ooze out of the gaping hole. He finally slides out of me and my girlfriend instantly puts the plug back in its place. The guy gets dressed and leaves. I ask her who he was and she said, “I don’t know, just some guy that I saw the huge bulge in his pants so I gave him our address and told him to come see us if he liked fucking another man.”

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