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I wish I knew what it is about you that I find so irresistible. What it is that fuels this seemingly insatiable desire. Why it is that I can not totally quell this constant state of arousal…?

I stand before you wearing nothing more than a look that suggests…unabashed lust…desire driven by the thoughts that play themselves out…over and over in my mind. Fantasy…of the highest order…Fantasy that finds its way into this time and place…and becomes seemingly…so real.

I am what I call…pleasure bent. Down on all fours…my elbows support me while my tits press on a tilted table…my ass is a display! My back swayed…to better display it. I turn my head to glance over my shoulder…my eyes find yours…and an unspoken dialogue passes between us. I know that you are stroking your cock with one hand and pulling on your balls with the other. I know that you want me…but it is too soon. Still looking at you I reach back with my hand and begin stroking my clit…but the combination of all that is involved forces me to look away from you and pull my hand away. I will not give in to the moment…for I know that when I finally do submit…it will be sublime. We take ourselves to the very edge…only to retreat…time and time again…each time drawing just a little closer…and each time that desire that urge to submit becomes more intense.

This self inflicted torment yields such mind blowing results…that once discovered nothing short of that experience will ever be enough to suffice.

Your hands are on me now…holding my hips…I feel the tip of your cock brushing slightly on my pussy as it throbs and bobs. You pull back on my hips and I feel you slide into my willing sex.

What words can be used to truely convey what is felt when a man and a woman are joined together in sexual congress?

We will soon be unable to refrain from release so you remove your member from mine. You begin to lube my ass with one finger…sliding it in a little deeper with each thrust. You add a second and begin the process again. By the third finger I am to a point of frenzy and buck back wildly.I shamelessly yell out to fuck me in the ass. You put lube on your cock and I try to relax and to slow my breathing down. You then insert a string of beads and leave the rest to dangle like a pull toys string. You place your hands on my hips…find the mark and you slowly penetrate me…I push back…eager to meet you…we then lose all restraint and are fucking…hard…fast…deep… We are consumed by wanton desire. When at last our orgasms begin…wave after wave of ultimate bliss is all that there is… and before the last wave subsides you pull on the beads slow…so slow…and we find ourselves riding that wave back into…bliss…time after time.

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