Bradly and Jennifer part 2.

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Brad and Jenn part 2

It was near the end of June and Jennifer and her girlfriend were washing her jeep after they went four wheeling in the hills this past weekend.  Brad was watching his older sister Jennifer and her friend washing the Jeep.  He couldn’t help but think back to last month when his own sister gave him his first blow job ever. He would stare out the window at her and close his eyes and remember how good his sister sucked his rod. Just then Jenns friend Tiffany walked in, Brad jumped off the bar stool and tried to act cool.

Tiffany said “I’m so sorry Brad with a giggle heheh I didn’t mean to scare you.”
Looked like you could use some sleep.

Brad acted like he had no clue to what she was talking about.
And she looked down and said ummm what’s that?

Jennifer walks in just then and says” what’s going on”? And Tiffany giggles pointing to Brads shaft
seems his little flash back made him very large.

Jennifer smiled at them both and said’ my brother is very hard, Tiffany you must have gotten him hard with them hard nipples poking through the bikini material. Which was a white bathing suit and Tiffany did show off a swell tan.
Tiffany was about 5’2 and maybe 100lbs when wet very small hot girl. Tiffany looked at Jennifer and nudged her elbow Jenn smiling like always and says, Tiffany has a crush on you Brad. Tiffany just lowered her head.

Brad then said really, Tiffany now lifting up that face and showing the sparkling white teeth. Yeah I do Brad.
Jennifer pacing around the two of them like she owned them.
I just remembered something Brad. What Bard asks’ You owe me remember, ‘”Oh yes I do.” “I’ll do anything for you, sis!”
   “Then maybe it’s time you saw my pussy,” she  said, and Tiffany’s to. Tiffany being so shy she kinda stood there then tugged Jennifer on the shirt pulling her towards the next room.

Jenn says to Tiffany what? Tiffany whispers to Jenn “I’m a virgin.”
Jenn lets out a huge laugh and rolls her eyes and say “yeah right” No really Tiff states.
Dang, Jenn said well do you want my brothers huge cock to take that sweet cherry for you?
Tiffany says well yes but I have never been with a girl either.  Jenn tells Tiff neither have I but we could really have fun.
I have been reading these stories online at and many people on there do all kinds of hot things to each other I read a story late last night I came so hard Tiff really. It was a story about this Brother and sister.
Her name was (Ashlei) 21 and her brother 18 how he and her played she jerked him off and everything. I read that it feels great down there when you do these things. So Tiff you want to get wild with me and my brother? “I think so Jenn”

Jennifer yells in the other room tells brother Bradly to go upstairs and get ready that the two of them wanted to play. Few moments later in came Tiffany and Jennifer came in Tiffany decided to sit in the corner. Jenn went right up to Brad and said,
“Then maybe it’s time you saw my pussy,” she  said, licking
her lips. She leaned over him and  kissed him, sliding her tongue into his mouth. He sucked on her tongue as she licked his teeth and teased his tongue.
     Then she broke the kiss and looked him in the  eyes  as she
said:  “Lift my shirt up, Bradly.” He looked at his sister on her knees before him in his bed. She  looked  even  prettier  than he remembered her to be, and he felt her beautiful, green eyes drawing him closer.   He got on his knees  before  her  and very slowly lifted up her shirt.   She instinctively spread her legs as he lifted her shirt, while sliding
her skimpy panties down.   She held her shirt up, watching him. He was fixed to her crotch  as  he  asked:  
“Is that your..pussy?”.
     She  answered  with  a  whisper  :  “Yes,  Bradly  that’s my
pussy.   Like  it?  ‘  He stared at his sisters perfect triangle, made of short, curly, soft-looking flaming red hair, proving her to be a real red head. His voice was filled with awe as  he  muttered:    “Oh yes, sis. It’s so *beautiful*!”
“Brad, will you do something for me then?”, she asked, slowly moving so she could lie on her back, removing her panties. “I’ll do anything you want  me  to,   sis. *Anything*!” 
She parted her shapely white legs, exposing her sex to him. “Then lick me.   Here.,” she said, rubbing  her  pubic hair.

As Tiffany looked over from the corner with excited expression,
Jenn noticed one of Tiffs hands were no where in sight.

Without  a  word, Brad laid himself down between her parted, shiny sweat covered thighs.   He began to carefully lick up and down  her wet cunt lips, making her shudder. “Is something wrong?”, suddenly he got frightened.

     “No.   Please don’t stop!” Relieved, he again let his tongue play along her  wet lips. Then  he pushed it in between, parting them.   Her fingers reached down and held them there. She felt so perverted, letting her brother lick her between
the  legs,   but most of all, she liked it more than anything else she had ever encountered.   Her breathing was heavy as he began to lick suck around her hole.  She tasted wonderful here, even better than her mouth tasted.  Brad examined his sisters pretty, pink pussy as he ate her. Her interiors were exquisitely designed, soft, wet warm walls placed
tight  together.  Brad felt  his cock grow again as he imagined what it would be like to stick his penis in there.
“Awe,” he groaned as his prick drilled  its  way  into the rough sheet.

“Brad.   Are you okay?”, his sister gasped. “It’s just my..”  His voice trailed off. “Is your cock hurting, Brad?”
“Yes”,  he muttered as he began to lick her again. “Then get up,” she said, lifting his head from her wet pussy
with the last of her willpower.   “On your knees, that’s it.” She grabbed his already rock hard cock and masturbated him quickly. He gasped, as his sister stroked him hesitation rubbing her wet, girlish slit. “OK, you’re ready now, Brad. Fuck me!” fuck your sister good. He looked at her with a sparkling eyes. “Come on now, Brad.   Fuck me, now!   Come into me!”   He looked down as he began pressing his hard throbbing rod against his  sisters  cunt  lips.   Suddenly, he was inside her.   “Ohhhh!” , his sister yelled. “Are you OK, Jenn?”, he asked with cracking voice.  

His sister  was silent no words,   she just laid there, shaking.   He saw blood running out of her pink but now red cunt and down his cock.    Freaked,   he said “I’m hurting you, I’m pulling it out!” NO!”, she cried.   “Don’t take it out,   please!    Fuck me, Brad.   Won’t you please fuck me!   Do it to me now!” He began slowly pumping his cock into her, carefully sliding it in. Tiffany now was shoving her 3 fingers in and out of her own slit moaning and saying oh brad fuck your sister for me, Fuck her good. Make me cum Bradly.
     “Faster!”, Jenn moaned. He obeyed and started fucking his sister in a faster tempo. The  blood  coming  from  her cunt made it easier for him to fuck her, and his hard rod grew even more.  She began tossing her head wildly from front to back, as the wonderful feeling in her pussy only grew and grew.   She had never been this horny before, besides the stories and masturbation, but she was sure she was making  up for it now.  Her pussy convulsed as she let her juices gush out.   He felt her cunt squeeze his cock in a tight grip, and she screamed loud. “Fuck me harder, Brad. Harder!”, she pleaded. As he did this, his sister lifted her shirt even higher, exposing her gorgeous breast. “These..are my…tits, Brad,” she stuttered while her brother fucked her pussy.   “Do…them?”Oh yeah, sis! Oh yeah!”, he moaned, devouring  his sisters big tits with his widely opened eyes.”Suck them, Brad.   Suck them!” He bent over her
, still pumping her cunt,   and  took  a tit into  his  mouth.   They  were big, soft and well shaped, and
her large pink aureola invited his kiss.   The nipples erected in his mouth  as  he  sucked them off in turn, his sister moaning loudly
under him. “Stop, Brad. Pull it out.   It’s too  dangerous” ,   she said suddenly………………….

To be contiuned……………….

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    very hot story. It made me wet. excellent.

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