Broken Leg

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I had been talking to her for about a month on one of those Internet dating services. She’d sent me a mail that had me in a raging hard-on, but after that it was an occasional flirt or very short e-mail. I had pretty much given up all hope.
On night, while at my station after a meeting (I’m a firefighter), I was walking down the stairs with the company president when my ankle twisted out from under me and I hit the floor hard. I got up, in a little pain, and kept going. The next day I saw the doctor, and was diagnosed with a broken ankle. I ended with a cast from my toes to my knee.
I decided to write her one more time, saying “Have you ever had sex with a man with his leg in a cast? I thought I would make one more attempt, since I now have a broken ankle”. what had happened. She mailed me back asking what I was doing that weekend, maybe we could hook-up. We did meet, at my place.
She came over and I let her in. I hobbled on my crutches to the bedroom, where there is a king-sized bed. I stowed my crutches, and striped naked save for my cast. She entered, and striped to her sexy underwear. She crawled into the bed, next to me, face to face. We started kissing. I then started to lightly stroke her all over as we kissed. After about a minute, I carefully removed her bra and began to gently fondle her perfect breasts.
After a few minutes, I gently slid my hand down her back, to her perfect ass, and started fondling it. As I did that, I started kissing down her front, working my way to her breasts. As I did, she moved up in the bed as far as she comfortably could. As I gently kiss and suckled her breasts as I carefully removed her panties. I then continued to massage her wonderful ass, then I moved my hand around to in front, and start caressing her outer labia. She spread her legs in response, to give me easier access. I continued my gentle attack of her breasts, while gently rubbing her labia. Then I carefully let my finger slip between her labia, but not entering her vagina, I continued to rub carefully. About a minute later, I kissed my way down to her heavenly area. I took a moment to savor her aroma, and the view. She pulled her legs up to give me access, and I gently kissed the inside of both thighs, working my way down to her heavenly ass, then her heavenly pussy. I then began to kiss, then lick, then gently suck and tongue fuck her pussy and clit. In a few minutes, I gave you the best orgasm in a while.
To show her appreciation, she pushed me onto my back, intending to ride me, but I grabbed both ass cheeks, and pulled her up so I could kiss her, then I pulled her up further, so I could suck her nipples, all the while I’ve maneuvered a finger to lightly rub her pussy. She reached between her legs for my cock, which was rock hard. This is my signal to release my grip on her ass. As she fucked my brains out, my hands gently worked her body, including her breasts. As I drew near to my own orgasm, I reached down and start rubbing her clit, so we both explode at the same time. When we finally finished, we rolled to our sides, and I pull a blanket over us so we could take a nap together. When she woke, she found my hard cock nestled between her legs, resting against its favorite place. She decided to take advantage of it (of me). She started rubbing her pussy across my cock-head, so I reached around and gently grabbed her breast and started kneading it. She arched her back, enabling me to enter her. I gently slid in and out of her a few times, but I had to have my tongue on that pussy. I pulled out, and she gave a disappointing groan. I quickly repositioned myself, and she got the picture. She rolled onto her back as I placed my face between her legs. She placed her feet in the middle of my back. I quickly attacked her pussy, sucking, licking and tongue fucking her. While one hand fondled her breast, I also started to finger fuck her, while I used my mouth to pay attention to her clit. I then reached off the side of the bed, and grabbed a G-Spot vibrator that I had bought just in case I got lucky sometime. I turned it on then off, and she raised her head at the buzzing noise. Her eyes got big, and so did her smile, I knew I was doing the right thing. I carefully coated the toy with lubricant and slowly pushed it into her, she moaned. I twisted the control, turning it on. I started working on her clit with my mouth, while gently working on her pussy with the vibrator. She started moaning regularly, getting louder and louder. Soon, she began to scream in ecstasy and squeezing my head with her legs as a ferocious orgasm wracked her tender body. As she came down from her orgasm, she gave a long pleased sigh.
After recovering a moment, she thanked me, saying that she had just had the strongest orgasm ever. She then told me she was weak, and couldn’t ride me again. I rolled her on her side, and had her bend at the waist. I snuggled up to her ass, and carefully slid my hard-on into her wonderful pussy. I slowly slid in and out, working her breast with my left hand. She was moaning with each penetration. Being my leg was in a cast, I couldn’t go too fast, but it was good. As slow as it was, we both were enjoying the feeling, and we both erupted together. We fell asleep again.
What happened when we woke is for later.

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