Can’t Pay the Landlord

Lisa thought she had found the perfect apartment: 12,000 square feet, a great view, and the landlord was a total pussy. It had been eight months since Lisa payed rent and the landlord still hadn’t done anything. Little did she know that everything was about to change….

Lisa woke up around noon and admired herself in the mirror: 40DD tits, long red hair, fat lips, and a big round ass; pretty good for a 23 year old. She heard someone knocking on her door, so she got up and walked over, still naked. She opened the door slightly, peeking her head out. To her surprise it was her landlord : a women a few years older, also with 40 DD tits, a round ass, and long Jet black hair. Before Lisa could say anything, the landlord shoved a rag in her face and Lisa passed out.

When Lisa awoke she was chained to her bed, naked with her legs spread, and her landlord (named Mary) standing in-front of her with a huge strap-on that had to be at least 9 inches.
“What are you doing?” Lisa asked.
“I’m going to fuck your brains out,” said Mary.
“You can’t! That’s rape,” said Lisa.
“You should have read the apartment contract,” said Marry.
“Why?” asked Lisa, very worried now.
“It says if you don’t pay me, I can do just about anything to you, ” Mary said, “like making you my fuck toy.”

She then shoved the huge strap-on into Lisa’s tight pussy; she screamed as Mary shoved it deep into her and twisted her nipples.
“How do you like that bitch? ” she yelled at Lisa.
Lisa started to cry from the pain, as her boyfriend was only 7 inches. Mary finished fucking her pussy and shoved the strap-on into her ass while she made out with Lisa. She then pulled out the strap-on from her ass.
“Clean my strap-on you dirty whore,” Mary yelled at Lisa as she shoved the shit covered strap-on down her throat. Lisa gagged on the big strap-on that was covered in her own shit. Just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse, Mary took off the strap-on and sat on Lisa’s face, her big ass blocking her mouth and nose. Lisa was forced to lick her ass then her pussy. Mary squirted all over Lisa’s face, then made Lisa drink her piss. Finally, Mary got off Lisa and let her breathe.

As she left, she stuck a but plug in Lisa’s ass and a vibrator in her destroyed pussy. Mary left the door to the apartment open so anyone could come in and fuck her pussy. “This will cover the first month,” Mary said before leaving. Lisa sobbed as she orgasmed for the first of many times that day. She could already see men lining up to fuck her outside the door. She was just glad that she took her pill today because she knew that none of them would be wearing a condom.

To be continued…


(Image Source: A Wizard of Ass Studio)

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