Carla the Love Pet

Carla the Love Pet
by Mortimer Snerd

When I was about 25, I had a friend who owned a large pet store. I’ve always
been an animal lover, so I found myself hanging around the store quite a bit,
helping out occasionally. My friend sold an amazing variety of animals, not just
the usual dogs, cats and fish. There were rabbits, ferrets, hedgehogs,
armadillos, large exotic birds. There were also a lot of things that I never
understood why anyone would want for a pet, like snakes, tarantulas, and giant
centipedes. And there was a single chimpanzee, whom he had named Carla.

The chimp was about 11 years old, and as far as I knew, she had been there
since the store opened. Many local municipalities have laws against keeping
certain exotic animals (especially large ones), so this is not too surprising. I’m
not really sure what my friend was thinking when he acquired her. But she had
sort of become the store mascot, wandering freely most of the day, tagging along
after the help, and occasionally lending a bit of a hand in caring for the smaller
animals. She was very bright, and I don’t really think anyone had any intention of
trying to sell her, at this point. She had become a familiar fixture around the

One day, both of his employees suddenly quit, leaving my friend in a bind. He
was supposed to be the “best man” in someone’s wedding, several states away,
in just a few days. That would leave him with no option now but to close the
store while he was away. Torn between two obligations, he asked me if I would
be willing to man the store for a week, while he was away. “You already know
most of what has to be done,” he said. “I’d be really grateful.” Well, working in a
pet store wasn’t what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, but I was between
jobs at the moment. I was also between girlfriends, so I really had no social life
to speak of. I told him I’d do it. “I really appreciate this,” he told me. “I owe you
big time, and I’ll make it up to you when I get back.”

He put me on the payroll, and we arranged for me to work the next few full days
at the store, just before he had to leave. When the last day came to a close, he
handed me the keys, thanked me again, and left for the wedding. I was on my

My first day by myself passed easily. I let Carla out, and she followed me around
the entire day, helping whenever she could. She seemed to understand a lot of
what was spoken to her, almost to the point of being eerie… but she was actually
a real help to me. When the day finally ended, I locked up the front and went
back to the office to put the money in the safe. Carla, whom I hadn’t thought to
put back in her cage yet, followed me into the office. So I turned to her and said,
“What do you think, girl? Did we do okay?” She responded by stamping her feet
a few times, and doing what I think of as “cooing”, that simian vocalizing that
sounds like soft laughter. I’ve always assumed they do it to indicate
understanding, or possibly agreement.

On impulse, I said, “Give me a hug!” Carla then surprised me by jumping up and
wrapping herself around me in a full-body hug… and I mean a full-body hug. Her
arms were long, and easily reached around my back, but her powerful lower
limbs were like a second set of arms, and they locked her whole body tightly
against me.

I was a little startled, but Carla was obviously just trying to express her affection,
so I held her that way for a bit, patting and stroking her furry back.
(Chimpanzees are shorter-legged than humans, but they make up for it in torso
length, which made this feel like hugging a small woman.) I didn’t think anything
of it, the way you’d hug a good friend on occasion and not give it a thought. But
after a few minutes, I noticed that with Carla holding on as tightly as she was, our
crotches were pretty well pinned together. And the heat of her body against me
was giving me a hard-on. This was interesting…

Thinking back, I recalled reading somewhere that chimps reach full sexual
maturity somewhere around the age of 10. Carla had grown up away from her
own kind, always in the company of humans, so she had passed through
adolescence without having had any opportunity to follow her raging hormones.
In other words, she was hot to trot, and I was accidentally providing the closest
thing to sexual stimulation that she had ever experienced. With this thought, my
hard-on grew of its own accord, and as its pressure mounted on her warm crotch,
Carla started to rub herself against me. I had never entertained the thought of
having sex with an animal, but despite any “taboo” reservations, it was definitely
crossing my mind now.

Trying a little experiment, I started rubbing my now fully-erect dick against Carla’s
warm body. She responded immediately, cooing and matching my rhythm. At
that point, all those hang-ups melted away, and suddenly I wanted to give her
what she wanted, whether she was of a different species or not. Prying her away
just enough, I went to undo my pants, when I noticed that they were wet in two
places: down low, from Carla’s awakening juices, and just above the tip of my
dick, from my own stimulation. We were both ready for this!

I had just succeeded in tugging my pants down about halfway to my knees, when
Carla regained her leverage and yanked herself back against me. This time,
though, my exposed erection automatically settled into the warm, moist crevice
between her pussy-lips. My legs almost buckled from the rush of heat, and Carla
immediately began rubbing up and down again, only with new intensity.
Breathlessly, I said, “Does this feel good to you, girl? It does to me, too!” SO
good, in fact, that I couldn’t wait any longer. I took ahold of Carla by her little ass
and lifted her straight up a few inches, pulling my throbbing dick down between
those silky lips and slipping its pulsing head underneath her, all in one motion.
Finding the entrance to her vagina was easy, and I desperately began pushing
into her. We were both pretty wet by this time, so all of a sudden, I found myself
sliding full-length into the hottest, most pleasurable pussy I’ve ever experienced
in my life!

Carla cooed excitedly, grabbed my ass with her lower “hands” and thrust herself
hard against me, driving me in so deep that I thought I’d come out the other side.
Time seemed to stop for just a moment – here I was, locked tight to this creature,
buried in her hot, animal cunt, it was unbelievable! — and then we both started
humping furiously, neither of us could help it. Carla’s thrusts came much faster
than mine, but she quickly slowed down to match my rhythm. As hard as we
pumped, though, I still couldn’t feel her cervix. Her tight, virgin hole felt endless,
drawing me in deeper with each frantic stroke! The feeling was so incredibly
intense, I came like a freight train after only a few moments, shooting wave after
wave of my semen deep into her furry body. Carla continued to ride me for
several minutes, and since I had no idea how to gauge a chimp’s orgasm, I just
kept pumping, making sure she had time to come as well. Besides, I was in no
mood to cut this encounter short! As she finally wound down, my mind began to
think up a way that we wouldn’t have to.

Carla finally let me disengage us, and I gently set her down. “Carla, you’re very
good!” I told her, as I pulled my pants back up, tucking in my still-erect (and very
wet) member a
s best I could. “Would you like to come home with me?” She
acted excited and seemed to understand, so I took her hand to lead her out to
my car, intending to take her home for the night. Why not? All I had to go home
to was an empty apartment. Carla had been toilet-trained years earlier, so she
wouldn’t be a cleanliness problem. What she would be was a night full of great
sex. which she obviously wanted as much as I did!

Carla wasn’t too comfortable with wearing a seat belt, but she endured it for the
short drive. Slipping her into my place easily in the dark, I turned on some lights
and gave her a quick tour. She knew what the bathroom was, but I had to
explain the bedroom to her. I told her it was where we could give each other
more “hugs”, and that seemed to click. My dick was already getting hard again,
but before taking Carla into my bed, I thought it might be good to clean her up
some. So I undressed and took us both into the shower. She didn’t seem to
mind as I shampooed her from head to toe, and rinsed her off under the warm
spray. Then I asked her for another “hug”, and she eagerly leaped into my arms.
Supporting her by the hips, I slid myself easily back into her still-moist hole, and
we fucked for the second time (just as hard as the first), standing there under the
warm shower spray.

After drying both of us off (Carla needed three towels to dry her fur), I led her into
the bedroom, where we climbed under the covers and had more sex than I
thought I was capable of in one night. Carla didn’t seem to care what position we
tried, she just cooed happily and humped me again and again. When my dick
needed a short rest, I used my hands to pleasure her and explore her body.
Although her hips were narrow like a young girl’s, her labia and vagina were built
pretty much like a woman. And as I said, she was so deep that neither my dick
nor my fingers could find the cervix that must be at the other end. (Later, I
satisfied my curiosity with a long-handled stirring spoon and a tape-rule: she was
a little over 10 inches deep! Those male chimps must be well-endowed.) I
eventually figured out how to spot her orgasm when it came, and that added to
our enjoyment. We banged each other’s brains out well into the wee hours of the
morning, until we both collapsed from sheer exhaustion and fell into a contented
sleep, in spoon position.

The next day, I made sure we got to the store early enough that nobody would
see us, and opened up for business as if nothing had happened. Carla was her
usual helpful self, and the store was moderately busy. All day long, all I could
think of was taking Carla home again, and it seemed that the day would never
end. But finally it did, and I whisked us home for another night of sexual
abandon. We repeated the shower scene, coming together like eager new
lovers, and then climbed back into bed for a repeat of the first night’s experience.
Over and over we rolled, me on top, then her on top, then doggie-style, then on
my knees with her wrapped tightly around me . our fucking was so natural, it felt
more right than anything in my life ever had before. And I wondered why in the
world I’d had any hang-ups to begin with. What could possibly be wrong about
this? Carla seemed happy, I was happy, and we didn’t even have to worry about
her getting pregnant, no matter how much of my semen poured into her eager

The week passed by in a blur, days at the store and nights with Carla. I found
that she wasn’t inventive at all, but she was a quick learner and eager to try
anything. For instance, I taught her how to do me in her mouth by sucking on her
finger, then having her suck on my finger (without biting!), then giving her my
dick, which she took without hesitation. With her elongated jaw and those
generous lips, it was the best oral sex I’ve ever had. Carla even seemed to think
of my semen as some sort of treat, a reward for a job well-done. I had never met
a woman who seemed to love everything about me so unconditionally. And so
hungry for sex. as early as the second night, she would jump into bed before
me, anxious to get started. In the shower, she could hardly wait to leap up and
impale herself on my grateful love-pole. By the third or fourth night, she started
helping me pull off my clothes. And after we dried off, she began taking my hand
and tugging me toward the bedroom, making no secret of what she wanted. She
even started making the first move, climbing on top of me as soon as I lay down.
She would surround my fast-returning erection with her moist labia and rub us
into a frenzy, until I couldn’t stand it anymore, grabbed her by the hips, and thrust
myself up into her. This was a complaint I had had with every girlfriend in the
past, that she always wanted me to initiate things. Carla had no such
reservations about going after what pleased us both, and her simple honesty was
refreshing and endearing. One morning, I awoke early to find her with my
quickly-hardening dick already in her mouth, all on her own. I stroked her strong,
furry back as she brought me to a slow, dreamy climax. Then she cuddled up
next to me as we fell back asleep, my fingers lazily playing with her as I
pondered my good fortune.

Somewhere around the fifth night, I finally threw my last inhibitions overboard.
Carla was stretched out next to me, with her feet toward the pillow and her face
over my crotch, contentedly nursing on me. and it occurred to me how she had
accepted everything about me without question. I realized I owed her the same,
holding nothing back. I lifted up her hips, swung her over me, and finally took her
in my mouth in “69” position. She had a heavy, musky scent down there, even
after showering, which I found pretty exciting once I got used to it. Carla seemed
to like this best of all, sucking on me for all she was worth and pushing her hips
excitedly against me. Her pussy juices began running freely down my chin, and I
drank them in with the same eagerness she’d shown for my own fluids. We gave
to each other completely, quickly reaching a new level of intense mutual
pleasure. As I exploded into her mouth, and she spasmed in mine, I decided I
had found the perfect partner: no games, no dishonesty, just perfect enjoyment
of each other’s bodies without reservation. I wanted to keep Carla with me for
the rest of our lives. Rolling her to the side and turning us face-to-face, I took her
in my arms and hugged her tightly. My still-throbbing dick (sucked dry, but still
slippery from her saliva) found its own way into her pussy-lips, and she wrapped
those 4 powerful arms around me, gripping me by the ass cheeks and pulling me
deep into her silky, simian cunt. On impulse, I kissed her on the lips, and she
surprised me by kissing back, lightly at first, then more deeply as she figured out
what I was trying to do. The taste and smell of our combined sex was
intoxicating, as we continued to kiss, man and chimpanzee locked in total union.
We began to pump, lazily at first, but then more feverishly, and I rolled on top of
her. We truly made love, that time, both of us coming to an exquisite, prolonged
peak at the same moment, then just lying in each other’s arms, spent for the
night. As I drifted off to sleep, I vowed to find a way to make Carla mine forever.

When my friend came home, he thanked me over and over for helping him out.
“What can I do to repay you? Name your price,” he said. “Give me Carla,” I
responded. “Done!” he said. And with that, our life togeth
er began. I took Carla
home and never returned her to the pet store. And I never went back to women.
I had found my perfect Love Pet!

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