Casino Magic

I was Looking out of the window at work on a lunch break, my thoughts turned to a familiar subject, I wanted to get fucked by another man, you see I am married but desperate to act out my fantasy. I love my husband and want him to secretly watch me get pounded, watch my face as another man shoots his spunk all over me.

I’d made up my mind to come clean so to speak about my fantasy to my husband. As soon as I got home from work that evening I popped the question to Dirk. To my surprise (and delight) his eyes lit up and after a short pause he agreed with the proviso that it had to be with a complete stranger, he was adamant that he would only be watching to ensure my safety.(yeah right I thought)
I couldn’t believe he actually agreed, just the fact that he did made me wet as my mind raced with slutty thoughts.

Where will it be? who with?, when? Were all questions I had running through my head.
How do I find someone willing to do it? How do we actually make my wildest sexual fantasy come true?
After some debate and more than a few glasses of Cabinet, We agreed it had to be somewhere classy, not seedy or desperate; my husband came up with the idea of trying a casino. Plenty of well off bachelor or adulterous types spending too much money and time at the Casino meant it should be easy pickings for a flirtatious horny bitch like me.
The scene was set, I would dress to kill one Saturday night, my husband would play at the opposite end of a roulette table to me and watch the honey trap unfold….I couldn’t wait.

The night duly arrived; I wore a silky black dress with a low cut back, all the way down to my toned, tanned lower back arch to the point where the tops of my buttocks were ever so slightly visible.
I liked to keep fit, and enjoyed Yoga and Pilates lessons which did wonders for my pert buttocks and flat stomach. The dress had a plunging cleavage which outrageously revealed my pert full breasts and my ever present juicy nipples, six inch black patent leather stilettos completed the look, I looked like a classy dirty bitch that was on a hunt, a man hunt.
Entering the casino we went our separate ways, Dirk straight to the bar for a gin and tonic, me to the roulette table…no time like the present I thought.
Looking at the gamblers fixated on a colourful wheel it didn’t look too promising, two aged ladies with more money than sense, a desperate Asian fella that needed feeding up and some fashion tips and a large middle aged gentleman with a cigar and a losing disposition.
After I played a few turns of the wheel, more out of boredom than thrills the object of my affections joined the table, mooching alongside me he motioned to the croupier “£500 in chips please” and tossed a wad of £50 notes onto the table.
I casually glanced at him, stealing a look at the stranger that could be fucking me within the hour.
He was tall, with Italian good looks, short well trimmed hair and silver well cut suit complimented by a silver shirt and silk silver tie. God he looked good, my heart started to race, this was my stranger, this was the man I want to fuck me. The smell of his aftershave was intoxicating I breathed it in deeply and my head filled with images of the two us in a sexual embrace, this of course made my pussy wet, I did not come out with any underwear and could feel my wet lips sliding against each other every time I changed position….Jesus calm down I thought, he may be gay for all you know.
I purposefully and seductively leaned across the table to place my chips in front of him; he looked down, his eyes taking in my prostrate back as I bent further over the table. I saw him pause on my tight arse and a grin flickered across his mouth as he raised he eyebrows in appreciation of my ample assets.
“Good luck” he said as the wheel began its hypnotic spin, “and you” I replied relaxing ever more into my man eater role for the night.
“I’m Joe, pleased to meet you” he countered, holding an outstretched hand, no ring and a firm handshake I thought….yessss.
“Pleased to meet you Joe, I’m Natalie, this is the first time I have been to a casino, I don’t like gambling really”
“Then why come” retorted the Italian Adonis.
Lowering my voice I decided to go in for the kill, I couldn’t risk this gorgeous hunk leaving before I had the chance to pull him “I have just had a massive argument with my husband” I lied ” I am going to teach him a lesson and make him jealous”.
Joe looked momentarily taken aback, had I blown it already…damn I thought.
“What do you have in mind” queried Joe as he casually lost a stack of brightly coloured chips on the latest spin of the wheel.
“I’ve always wanted to be fucked by a stranger” I purred, quick as a flash he came back with “well I’ve never met you before, do I qualify?
I briefly held back the answer, wanting a little doubt to creep into his mind before looking him straight into his dark brown eyes and smiling “Yes you do”.
Without further hesitation Joe took my hand and led me through the casino to a reception desk, my god I thought this place has a Hotel, I couldn’t believe my luck, in no time at all we were turning the key and entering room 146, a sumptuous penthouse suit. I hoped my husband had stuck to the plan and followed my every move, by now he should be in the hallway waiting for me to usher him in.
Joe jumped into the shower to freshen up as he put it so I took my chance, I opened the door and sure enough my fella was there, his eyes wide open and obviously aroused judging by the bulge in his suit trousers.
We found a built in Louvre wardrobe in the bedroom, the perfect place to keep an eye on proceedings, and Dirk dutifully stowed himself away.
The scene was set and my heart was racing, it was so exciting and my fantasy was about to come true I thought
Joe came out of the shower, dried but still hot and clammy, I turned my back to him staring at the oversized bed and its luxurious black satin sheets and gold silk pillows.

I felt his hand on my shoulder; it sent a quiver all the way down to my moist inner thighs. I could feel his already erect cock brushing my flimsy black dress. Without turning round I reached behind to grasp his meat, oh my god it was thick, I could barely get my hand around it. He groaned with desire as I slowly pulled the throbbing cock back and forth.
What was my husband thinking, was he red with jealous rage or was he as turned on as me, I glanced across to the Louvre door and mouthed the words I LOVE YOU hoping that he would understand my desire for unconnected sex.
I turned around to face the gorgeous Joe, dropping to my knees to come face to face with his massive manhood. I flicked my tongue over the enormous bulging helmet. “spit on my cock” he begged, so I complied, my white saliva covering his throbbing head.
I continued to wank the now lubricated monster cock, using two hands to grip the 10 inch prick and pulling down with some effort, god it was glorious and I wanted it in me.

I broke off our masturbating embrace and delicately slipped out of my dress as it fell to the floor. Knowing the best angle for my husband to voyeur at my impeding penetration I positioned myself on the bed, reaching out with my arms fully extended too firmly grab hold of the headboard, this was going to be a hard ride and I was not getting off!
Like some ancient gladiator going into battle, Joe joined me on the bed, kneeling before his eyes were transfixed on my well groomed pussy, trimmed neatly but showing off my pink wet lips and my slightly open wet pussy hole that was begging to be filled.
Joe lifted up my tight arse and gripped his dripping thick tool, wielding it like some warlord about to commence battle. He pushed his bell end into my opening; I instantly shivered and felt the heat of his desire. “You are stunning” he said in a hushed voice, I smiled in acknowledgement of the compliment, but I was not here for a conversation, I wanted to be ridden
until I ran out of love juice while my husband wanked himself into oblivion as another
man fucked his wife senseless.
Joe waited no longer, with a growl he pushed his cock into my stretching cunt, deeper, wider he pushed as it filled my wet pussy to the brim, I was in raptures as the waves of pleasure darted across my body liked forked lightning.
He started to ride me slowly at first as my cunt adjusted to his massive gorgeous cock then faster as my groans turned him on more and more.
I grabbed my pert tits, pulling and tweaking at my erect nipples, I stretched them to my mouth and licked them vigorously as Joe
pummelled my ever excited cunt.

“Come on you big bastard faster, fuck me harder” I demanded as the sweat started to build on his muscular pecs, his mouth was aghast as the sight of me getting hammered and loving it was driving him into a frenzy, without warning he grabbed my throat with his strong hand, squeezing tighter and tighter as he approached the point of no return.
The feel of tightness around my throat released more endomorphines from my brain, my body was awash with pleasure and ecstasy as this stranger who I had only just met was fucking me in front of my husband.
Tighter and tighter he gripped my throat, I started to wheeze, all the while hissing “yeah, yeah, harder you fucking big prick, come in me, hard as you like”
Thinking I was in distress my husband opened the Louvre door but I waved him back in unbeknown to Joe, who was approaching climax
Gasping for breath, my clit was on fire, the intensity of feeling in my pussy was incredible, the harder Joe fucked me the tighter his grip became, I felt like passing out but my impending orgasm was saving me, my pussy muscles started to spasm, my eyes rolled in my head, my cunt was an explosion of love juice and sensation, still the stranger fucked deep into me, himself groaning “take my huge cock you filthy fuckin bitch, yeah I’m coming ahhhhhhh ahhhhh yeahh” as he exploded his thick creamy semen into my sopping pussy. Oh my god that was incredible, it was just too much and I shot my stream of love juice all over his throbbing prick, the whole night was an orgasmic turn on, my hubby wanking himself to the best porno of his life and topped off by the ramming of my life…I collapsed in a juddering heap trying to catch my breath, my pussy throbbed, recovering from the onslaught of his monster cock. Totally satisfied, I watched him redress
“Thanks for the ride babe, you were something else” he grinned as he left the room.
Glad that there were no awkward silences or silly goodbyes I looked across to the wardrobe where Dirk was now standing, totally naked with his fist firmly wrapped round his gorgeous cock.
I wanted to finish him off and “thank him” for his gift to me I motioned him across to the bed. Dirk straddled my face, his balls gently brushing my chin. I opened my mouth and inhaled his sack in. Sucking and slurping on his big testicles, he moaned with pleasure.
I gripped his familiar and always dripping with pre come bell end and teased his jap eye (he always liked that)with my thumb, squeezing harder and harder. My sucking was so loud I thought the next room would hear, fuck it I thought as I pleasured and wanked Dirk.
I guess all the action had set him off like a firework as the more I gripped and wanked him the more he bucked and rodeo fucked my fist, I let him shoot all over my face and eyes as a special treat, looking up at him when the last drops of jiz had landed on my lips, I was covered in it but it felt warm, it felt good.

We both showered and hastily left the casino, giggling like school kids and we ran out of the foyer into the cool dark night….and what a night.

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